Holiday Home Decor: From Your House to All

holiday home decor

Happy Friday!  Today, members of this audience share in this post Holiday Home Decor: From Your House to All.

On this first full day of winter, I thought it would be fun to begin with Karen’s home in Ohio.

She may not have an official white Christmas, but certainly enjoyed God’s decorations to celebrate this week before.

holiday home decorations

I am not sure if her dog likes it or not…but hopefully he runs and kicks up snow for fun.

Karen wanted us to know these are actually color pictures…they just look black & white during winter!

holiday home decor

I can only remember one white Christmas as a teenager in west Texas.

We loved every moment of watching it snow during our celebrations.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful snow with us, Karen.


holiday home decor

Kathie and I share a love of traditional Christmas colors and collections.  

I collect snowmen, Santas, and trees.

Her Santas are so much fun…and I love her artistic home.

holiday home decor

Kathie explains:

 I have a extensive collection of Santa.  Not all of
them are in the photos but this is most.

1. Santas on the mantel. L These are some of my favorites.

holiday home decor

2,  The bookcase with my treasured nativity set, assorted Santas, a
miniature “Night Before Christmas” I made back in the 80s, a cards and
photos featuring my pets from the past.

holiday home decor

3.  This ledge is on the landing halfway down the staircase just off the
entrance.  My larger Santas and reindeer.  The largest Santa is one I
made in about 25 years ago.

4.  My tree is an eclectic and I treasure the ornaments I’ve collected
over the past 50+ years.  Even “Bear” gets decorated for Christmas.

Thank you so much, Kathie for sharing your home with us…..lovely collection.


holiday home decor

I tried my best, Linda, to get your image to a larger size that was not pixilated.

But, I am you can see her beautiful mantel featuring the lamb with the trees for your holiday home decor.

For me, it is a lovely way to say we celebrate the birth of the lamb of God.

I love it and so wish it was larger.

Her holiday home decor also shows her different ways to have trees in smaller sizes…which works better for some.

holiday home decor

Sweet Suzette sent us her own message of JOY for the season amidst her own holiday home decor.

She shares my love of God’s joy during this magical time of year.


Holiday Home Decor

Mr. B says he saved Christmas….and I think he is right.

Thanks to his determination to get it done, a large majority of our decorations are out….not all, but many of the ones the children will remember.

holiday home decor

They always remember the living room mantel, because that is where their own stockings hang.

Each grandchild has a stocking with their names embroidered on it and “hung by the chimney with care.”

holiday home decor

Both trees are decorated, and he has not forgotten to water the real one.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting the homes of those who gather here on the blog….I know I have.

I hope throughout the year we can keep this going with projects and different decorations for other seasons…it is fun to see what you do.

You can always send your pictures and recipes my way to

I hope to see you tomorrow for a Christmas message and greeting from my family.


By Pamela Lutrell

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holiday home decor


  1. Such beautiful home decor, and beautiful lighting! I really enjoyed seeing these pictures! I collect old Santas too, and like to see the collections of others! These pictures look so peaceful and pretty, and this a great way to start the day, seeing what others have done! As for Moose, he LOVES the snow and bounds out of the house and does his zoomies around the yard in absolute delight! It’s so much fun to watch that I wish we had snow more often! He always makes me laugh with his boundless energy! 💙

  2. Thank you for sharing Moose and the snow with us, Karen. He made me smile as well. Happy Friday!

  3. How lovely everything was today. Filled my heart! Karen gets a lot more snow in eastern Ohio (the Great Lakes produce lake effect snow on their western end) than I do in western … we had only a glaze. But otherwise, that could be my condo, as we also face the woods. It’s beautiful when the sun sets among the trees. Clearly, Mr. B has done a great job as caregiver. As with my own two foot surgeries, our guys are the unsung heroes.

  4. Such lovely sights to see as I read through your blog this morning. Have always wondered what a white Christmas would be like, but we just don’t even think it’s a possibility down here in the south, do we? Today is my day to make two big pans of lasagna, some mini cheesecakes, banana pudding, and tea for our family gathering tomorrow. Busy day for me!

  5. What a treat! Thanks to Karen, Kathie, Linda, Suzette, and Mr. B. That clock in Kathie’s home is such a lovely piece.
    Happy Christmas weekend to everyone, near and far! 🎄💕

  6. Having once managed a Christmas store, I so enjoy the decorations that you and your readers have shared so a thank you to them. As to myself; I have kept decorating to a minimum this year as only have a small tree (which is actually my husband’s with Coca-Cola ornaments that he collects and is stored in the basement all year long fully dressed … ☺) however I did do the mantel which is very similar to yours in theme as has a lighted garland with artisan crafted reindeer (metal/wood or combination) in different poses and a lovely wooden hand-carved angel centered (recently gifted for my birthday) etc. Also I think your reindeer stocking hangers (purchased a number of years ago) are the same, however I did customize ours so they would ‘not’ be facing the same direction. (Cut, grinded and metal hanger re-soldered, then base re-touched with paint.) As to the outdoors keeping with the primitive/natural theme only have a potted arrangement of natural evergreen and birchbark branches with pine cones/faux berries/draped in fairy lights and a DIY (plaid) bow, plus used the latter also to create a front door hanger with three large pine cones and sprigs of mentioned. Last but not least; extending my wishes to you and yours for A VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS Pamela, plus to all your readers HAPPY HOLIDAYS to them. -Brenda-

  7. You are certainly a go-getter, Brenda. Wow to moving the deer in the right direction. I bought these years ago at Pier One before it closed. That is one store I miss at Christmas! Your husband is the first I have heard with a Coca Cola collection. That sounds fun!

  8. Oh I really enjoyed all of these photos. I love to see how other people decorate for the holidays. I’m thinking Karen and I must live fairly close to each other as we had a beautiful snowfall earlier this week in Ohio. It came a week too early for Christmas, though.

    Wishing you all a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

  9. Loved the look on Karen’s dog, Moose. When I lived up north I always thought of snow as the best dog toy ever, Lovely to look at the snow. Good memories but I am glad to be in the south now.

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