5 favorite fashion discoveries in 2023

fashion discoveries

Happy Winter, friends.  With five days until Christmas in mind, I decided to write about my 5 favorite fashion discoveries in 2023.

Of course, these are personal to me, but there is great value for you to also think back over this past year.

I understand that I have a library of photos to help me remember my fashion discoveries.

This makes an amazing tool, so for the coming year, I would like to encourage you to snap photos of what you wear in the mirror before going out and start your own file.

We can learn so much from those photos…and I will talk more about me later.

But, for today, I realized that 2023 was a year of fashion discoveries.

Some of these happened as results of mass shopping as Mother-of-the-Groom and for our cruise.

I hope you will enjoy my five favorite fashion discoveries  in 2023.


fashion discoveries

The opening dress and this top are just a couple of the several pieces I now own made in Italian washable silk.

It was by far my favorite fashion discovery last year and began at a local San Antonio boutique, Elizabeth’s Boutique.

Italian washable silk clicks many boxes for me.

It is flattering to wear and keeps me communicating all of my style adjectives (creative, polished, approachable, joyful and current) in a very warm climate.

It does not wrinkle and looks quite elegant even when the air is over 100 degrees outside.

I now own nine pieces and wear them often…all year long.  

This has been a fabulous fashion discovery for me.

Also, through the wedding experience and through the NAS, I discovered the value of working with an on staff Nordstrom Stylist…plus it is fun.


fashion discovery

I love a fashion discovery that helps me with my autumn color palette.

So, when Nordstrom introduced me to Eileen Fisher’s color called Woodland…such a wonderful green.

I shared it with you in this post about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

2023 was more confirmation that I look my confident best wearing my best colors in the autumn palette.

When I stay true to those colors, I believe it helps me glow and look a little younger.

This fashion discovery became a new favorite color last year.

On the Eileen Fisher webpage, there are a few items offered in Woodland….EF WOODLAND PIECES.


fashion discoveries

I think while shopping for the wedding and desiring a few more polished items at affordable cost,  I was led to discover Banana Republic Factory.

This fashion discovery did give me a few polished pieces that could be purchased at very low prices…depending on the sale.

This linen maxi served me well for a couple of special events and I believe I paid $45 for it at the time of a summer sale.

I appreciated in 2023, this new fashion discovery for me featured many warm color options.  The quality is also very good.

Returns were easy…I just took them to the Banana Republic store at the mall to return…though they will tell you they prefer you mail it back.



fashion discoveries

Though I was already familiar with Clara Sun Woo when I began to work for them, they joined my fashion discoveries when I saw how well their clothing works for a warmer climate.

These were also pieces which traveled with me…no wrinkles, great comfort, rolled up small…and fit my style messaging.

How perfect they are for travel was definitely a big discovery. 

In this picture, the two foundation pieces are Clara Sun Woo.

I will have new looks for you soon.  


fashion discoveries

Finally in 2023,  my fashion discoveries included confidence returning to wear shorter lengths on top.

It has been awhile that I have had that confidence and hopefully it will return and stay strong next year.

In the past, I would have selected a larger version of this kimono, but with new confidence discovered I purchased the shorter one.

I do fear that I have a challenge on the horizon with my pants…I have been sitting with little activity for over 6 weeks…I am so fearful of a spread!

We will see and the moment I am cleared to workout…I am there!

fashion discoveries

My fashion discoveries in 2023 took me to new boutiques and new shopping experiences locally.

I loved the customer service and the new fashions discovered at these boutiques.

I know I have done five, but I must add…the EASY SPIRIT BALLET FLATS…once I discovered them, I purchased two colors…the gold is pictured above.  Very comfy ballet flats and right now with this link they are $27!!!

It is also a beautiful gold…now some of you may have just made a fashion discovery!  You cannot beat that price.

Those are my top five fashion discoveries for 2023.  What fashion discoveries did you make this year?  Would love to know….please share and throughout your day….


By Pamela Lutrell

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fashion discoveries



  1. Good morning Pam,
    This was a really good read! I thought of this last week, Bryn Walker and Lantern pants was my best fashion finds this year. That is actually 2, you introduced me to the Bryn Walker name and lantern style of pants. This style is very flattering and comfortable due to my daily, fluctuating “spread.” I know this style is not for everyone but I absolutely love them. I ordered EF’s (over Thanksgiving through your link) lantern pointe pant for the colder weather. 3rd would be cost per wear, I now use this term a lot, and do not just buy because it is on sale. Thanks for all you do for us and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope your recovery is going well. Betty

  2. Pam, I was so struck by how absolutely stunning and vibrant you look in these outfits! My fashion discovery this year was Athleta. With my significant weight loss, I’ve discovered new silhouettes as well, but have ironically also discovered I’m not so sure anymore how things look on me. Before, I had a style uniform of sorts that made me feel confident. I think I’ve finally hit a bit of an understanding of my new casual, retirement lifestyle, and part of that has been finding elevated athletic wear I can add to the mix and even wear substitute teaching. While I’m not buying much now due to continued weight loss, when I do, I feel it’s a chance to really hone in on high quality pieces (by the way, this was my overall takeaway from -your- post). I guess this is more a resolution than a discovery, but maybe it is, in the realization that I love fashion, but do not need so many clothes.

  3. Hi Betty…sounds like you had fashion fun! For the right woman, Bryn Walker is so much fun. I am glad you are enjoying it.

  4. So glad you have hit that new understanding for your retired life, Linda. I believe that is something many are seeking here. Sadly, the surgery has resulted in the return of some weight for me, but I will be back at it as soon as the doctor clears me to go!

  5. Hi Pam! I can see how your choices reflect your adjectives, and truly do look like “Pam Style”! I have been hesitant to try silk because of past experiences, but it seems to be made differently now and you seem to like it. It IS very pretty! I have made some style changes this year, and revamped adjectives as a result. 1) more neutrals with limited signature colors, 2) tailored garments that stand the test of time, (no more oversized) 3) discovering my best length for tops is high hip, skirts just to the knee, and pants always full length 4) proportion, based on ‘the rule of 3’s’, 5) shades of grey, my best neutral. My closet is much more coordinated and manageable now. I’m glad you did this post, because I think evaluating seasonally, and especially at year end is a helpful exercise and keeps us current. It’s nice to see shorter lengths in tops are back because it does elongate the legs!

  6. Good observations, Karen. One of the reasons I am wearing shorter lengths is because it elongated my legs. I have rejected many silks, but this Italian washable silk is a winner for me…especially during high heat times when there is more of a challenge to look nice.

  7. What a great re-cap of your fashion discoveries! I would like to find a solid color blouse or two in washable silk. The drape on you is very flattering. Through you this year, I discovered Macy’s newer On 34th line, which is polished without feeling corporate. I hope to add a few more pieces from their line. I also gave in to my love of scarves and discovered through one of your carousels a beautiful line of Fraas scarves that are substantially sized and meticulously finished. The patterns and colors are gorgeous. I think they were a Nordstrom or N. Rack order. And style-wise, after treating myself to another of your carousel suggestions, I am loving wearing my little pearly tree brooch. It was so inexpensive on sale through Macy’s and your link, but it has brought me daily joy, whether I wear it, or just admire it atop my dresser. 😁

  8. It makes me smile that I helped so much with your fashion discoveries, Connie. I hope you will keep enjoying them!

  9. Hi Pam, lovely outfits on you – all of them! We are season opposites, with me being a summer, so the EF Woodland color would not work for me. On you, it is gorgeous, and the silhouette looks awesome too. A suggestion for workout – have you tried chair yoga? Might be a good fit during your rehab.

  10. I think my favourite fashion discovery this year has to be shoes with more of a square toe-box compared to almond or pointed toe ones not only for appearance/versatility but for comfort as well. As to washable, no- iron silk it runs a close second as I do not like wrinkled clothes as in linen (I am wrinkled enough, thank you … ☺) as detest having to be a slave to an iron or having to constantly steam. Also it is cool to wear and looks polished even paired with denim. -Brenda-

  11. My very favorite fashion discovery is when I find a luscious yarn and knit up a new sweater. I find that new sweater designs are a year or two ahead of fashion finding the creative design elements. My next favorite fashion find was a Klimt raincoat with his The Kiss in front with the coat back and sleeves in black. The coat is by Galleria and I found it at a local boutique. I always find inspiration from you, Pamela!

  12. You look vibrant in your best colors. I think your shorter kimono jacket is so flattering. Glad you are embracing shorter jackets. You look great in this style. I will second the suggestion for chair yoga and/or chair light hand weights. Are your stitches out yet? My fashion find this year was to branch out from slim leg jeans & pants. I never embraced the truly skinny jeans or leggings but was wary of the trend toward wider legs. I tried bootcut and love the style. I’ve opted for straight leg jeans and cords this year and like the more relaxed fit. I even bought a pair of trouser jeans but still feel a bit odd in them. But I felt odd in the first pair of bootcuts so I expect to get used to them.

  13. Hi Pam, This was a fun post. You’ll have me on the lookout for washable silk now. The only piece I’ve owned was an Eileen Fisher tee a few years back, it daid have a really nice feel to it. I especially like that Clara Sunwoo cobalt blue dress. I also discovered Banana Republic Factory this year. I’m pleased with their quality and it’s fun to watch for pieces to come out in new seasonal colors. Returns by mail have been super easy and free.
    I’m really hoping to focus and refine my closet this year, reading your blog will help me do that!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  14. Loved this post! Didn’t have time to comment. I have made some of the same discoveries! Can’t wait for new year tweaking of the blog. It has been a great week here.

  15. Love all these finds on you .!im going to weed out my closet after christmas ,
    I ordered gold ballet flats ive been wanting to get but had to get wide as they were out of my size in med.
    hope they fit. Thanks for link . Im an autumn too so i loveto see what you get . but im a petite , only 5’2”
    ,youve inspired me to wear more scarves and try some new brands.
    Do trychair yoga its easy and fun or just a beginning yoga class .also inermittent fasting has really helped me to keep weight off and just not snack affter dinner or emotionally eat . Its very helpful and can work even with ww .
    Thanksfor all your tips!

  16. You helped to get me back into jeans! I have embraced the trouser jeans from Chicos. The 12P or 2P is my perfect comfort size. I also branched out in color. I have a dark brown pair of jeans with matching tee and boyfriend cardigan. For Christmas I have a pair of Chicos velveteen jeans in very dark green with matching tee. I live in rural Colorado and jeans are all you see. The weather has been sunny and warm for this time of year but it is supposed to snow Saturday night and Sunday here. I have enjoyed going outside in just my jeans and flannel shirts. They are all new from LandsEnd sales earlier this fall. Perfect for our lifestyle which is casual comfort and simple styles. Enjoy your family Christmas and keep on recovering. Don’t worry about extra pounds. When we stop eating all of these holiday foods and start moving again, the pounds will roll off. Chair yoga is the only one I can do now. I think you would enjoy it.

  17. Great fun, Pam. I think what I really practiced this year — and am adding pieces slowly — is a column of color. Gray is my fall/winter neutral. I adore your boutique finds. Like you, I’m focusing more on quality and natural materials. The broken ankle got me into wide leg pants, and since many are high-rise, I’ve enjoyed adding a couple of the shorter sweaters that are on-trend this year. I’m short, so the cropped look is good for me. I’m walking now (short distances), so even minor tasks like prepping veggies are fun. Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube is great. I do the relaxing neck and shoulder yoga.

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