Quince Washable Silk: Love it!

 washable silk

Happy Wednesday, all…actually Happy Last Wednesday of 2023!  Let’s talk about the Quince Washable Silk: Love It!

I am really very excited about the Quince Washable Silk now that I have given it a try-on.

Last week, I shared this post 5 FAVORITE FASHION DISCOVERIES IN 2023.

My top favorite discovery were washable silk fashions I found a local boutique.

It was my favorite place last year for washable silk, until I recently gave Quince a try for basic styles in more neutral colors.

I told this audience recently that I would try Quince…and I did.  I ordered washable silk and cashmere.

Today, let’s focus on the Quince Washable Silk.


washable silk

I have really been into green lately, so I was drawn to the Quince Washable Stretch Silk Short Sleeve Notch Collar Blouse.

I like washable silk because it is cool to wear in a warm climate; doesn’t wrinkle; can be worn all year either as a main garment or supporting cast.

Once I placed the order at Quince it arrived quickly and I was able to wear this lovely green to a casual Christmas Eve dinner at a local barbecue eatery

This was the first time I have worn jeans in two months…and I was beyond excited….the boot is on, you just can’t see it.

I wore JJILL Jeans with a Banana Republic Factory linen jacket and my Talbot’s Joy Brooch.

The washable silk top was so comfy and just perfect for the evening…later it washed well.  (I did hang up to dry)

So I am a new fan!  

In fact, at their affordable prices, I placed an order for a couple more tops.

You can see all of the options at QUINCE WASHABLE SILK.

I promise to get to the cashmere top I ordered soon, but I did not want to delay to tell you what I thought of the tops.

Let me know if you have questions!

I am pondering…making notes…and working on so much for us going into 2024…


By Pamela Lutrell

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washable silk

I will share more later, but Christmas was a blast!  Hope yours was as well.



  1. I have only tried the Quince cashmere sweaters, but am certainly interested in the silk pieces as well as the leather jackets and purses. I also found my order to arrive quickly and well packaged. I’m happy to hear that you were able to put on your jeans and go out to eat. And I’m sure all those precious grandchildren provided such fun and enjoyment to your Christmas.

  2. I have the Quince baby alpaca sweater and the Ponte pants. Both are fabulous! Pam, you look gorgeous in that outfit. That grandchildren photo is priceless. Happy Christmas week!

  3. Thank you for sharing a new fabric discovery, Pam! And your adorable grandchildren! Love the young lady in boots and hat in foreground! Shes got spirit!
    It was a fun holiday for us too And it’s definitely the grandchildren who make it so!
    Happy too to see your healing is progressing! Cheers!

  4. Good morning! A new year is almost upon us. I am so excited to explore these brands with you. I love the vibe of that blouse and have my eye on the dark brown. I usually have a pulling across the bust. How does it fit? A reviewer said it ‘fit like a glove’ and that made me nervous. I am usually a medium and the large would be too big everywhere else. I hope to see you review the cashmere cardigans. I would love to see a Quince vs Jenni Kayne comparison of that iconic cocoon sweater. Happy to hear you are in jeans, even with the boot!
    Adorable photo of the children.

  5. Pam, thanks for the information. I have been thinking about these blouses too. If you don’t mind, what size did you buy? Did you use their size chart or take a guess? I’m so tired of ordering and returning! This is just the kind of blouse I’d love now and in summer too.

  6. I ordered the brown yesterday, Deborah! Make sure to use my link for the one with stretch. I have the same issue. The green I am wearing is an X large…that gives me a little room.

  7. I purchased the XL with stretch. It fits well over “the girls” and is not too tight but with a little room. I ordered three more tops in the stretch washable silk after trying this one. I hope that helps!

  8. Your grandchildren are absolutely darling. Thanks for sharing the fun picture. And very nice to see you in jeans again. Your outfit is great. I bet it was good to get out of the house with your family. Love the green shirt on you. I’m also eyeing the silk shirt in brown. Like Deborah I was a bit worried about the fit. But since they have a good return policy I will probably give it a try & will use your link. I have ordered from them once, a linen shirt. The quality was excellent but the shirt is more like a tunic on me This blouse looks like it might be a good length. I wish the website would give the length of the clothes.

  9. I am very pleased with the fit. The stretch washable silk fits well and on me I like the room the XL gives…not too tight, not too big, and a great length. The brown is on its way to my house! Can’t wait.

  10. I have been wondering about the Quince brand. With your recommendation, I ordered a top this morning and I’m excited!

  11. Thank you for shopping with my links, Jean. I believe you will be pleased with these tops.

  12. Thanks Lisa…today, I am focusing on the washable silk. Perhaps I can check out the pants another time.

  13. Hi Pamela, That’s a beautiful shade of green in the Quince blouse. I think I’ll order the very same one! I’m a winter, but that color works for me too. I’ve been wondering about their washable silk. Cute pic of the grandkids decked out in their red and green!

  14. I am excited. I ordered the dark brown in large. I am a usual medium. At least it is still free shipping, free returns. There is so much discussion on that convenience going by the wayside.

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