2024 Fashion Trends: Light Wash Jeans

fashion trends

Happy Saturday, everyone, are you warm?  I hope so.  Let’s continue our discussion of 2024 Fashion Trends with Light Wash Jeans.

Last Saturday, we began to discuss the fashion trends for 2024, in a talk about WINDOW PANE PLAID.

I want to inform you of the fashion trends, because no matter your age, we can look current and fresh by keeping the trends in mind.

Sometimes, it is just a matter of pulling out a garment from your closet that is now on trend…and sometimes we may want to freshen our wardrobe with one of the 2024 fashion trends just to look current.

So, get a comfy spot, and  join me today, as we discuss….light wash jeans.


fashion trends

In order to stay informed, I was reading an article in  on current fashion trends last week in Who, What, Wear…one of which was light wash denim.

Then I received this circular from Land’s End, and sure enough, light wash denim was on the cover.

fashion trends

I also stopped by Nordstrom Rack, and found several racks of light wash jeans.

The light wash jeans are in fashion trends, but so are all the different pant lengths and widths.

Anything goes from wide leg, slim leg, capri, full length….but this wash will bring you current for style.

Here are a few of the 2024 fashion trends in light wash denim currently on the market and with several brands (some on sale):


fashion trends

One of the 2024 fashion trends is larger cuffs on pants, and we will see all sizes.

I have my eye on these JJILL HIGH RISE STRAIGHT LEG CUFFED JEANS in either the three colors offered…I like all three, so I am currently conflicted!

And I really like the cuff of these jeans.


fashion trends

Of course, there are fun ways in the new fashion trends to accessorize your light wash jeans.

For example, VIVIA has added a beautiful denim blue to the popular MARGOT SQUARE-TOE FLATS.

And in their new arrivals, see ROUND TOE WOVEN KNIT LOAFER in the multi-blue tweed…how cute would they be with your jeans?

Or consider a step up…with the POINTED TOE BOW LOAFERS in denim navy.  I could see these with a dark denim skirt or dress.

Talbot’s has added fun in their new arrivals with the BLAIR BALLET FLATS in the color combo called fresh water/spring leaves.

Also, consider the BRITTANY SLIP ON SNEAKERS or the very fashion forward SOREL KINETIC IMPACT II LACE UP SNEAKERS in honey white…a great warm palette color!

One final reminder with 2024 fashion trends is that SILVER ACCESSORIES are in this year…..and silver would also look great with light wash jeans.

Here are a few silver shoes, but more will be coming out over the next few weeks:

I also promised one of you (Hi Celia) that I would find some gold casual shoes for you.  Here are a few I found….I also love and wear gold…even if silver is one of the fashion trends….

So, it is your turn….light wash jeans…do you or would you wear them?  Please explain your answers.   Also, what do you think of the fashion trends mentioned in this post…..are you in? 



By Pamela Lutrell

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fashion trends



  1. I have always worn light wash jeans, as well as very dark wash and every wash in between. I don’t think they are ever out of style because they are in the stores every year. I prefer full length straight, and can’t imagine not having them. I know for marketing purposes they have to come up with trends, but these jeans have been around forever! I find them easier to style in the warmer weather, only because I prefer lower contrast in outfits, but I’m someone who will always have some in my closet. I also received the Lands End catalog and would like to hear from anyone who has tried their jeans, regarding fit. That’s a garment I never buy online due to always searching for the perfect fit, and I wonder if LE are true to size, or if they vary either way? The prices are very low, so I wondered…

  2. Happy Saturday, Karen! I also would like to hear from any of you who have worn the Lands End jeans! Declaring light wash on trend just means we will see those selections brought forward in merchandising.

  3. Pam,
    Thanks so much for this post. I’ve been looking for comfortable flats that are not pointy toed! I would definitely wear the light wash jeans with the cuffs. I now wear boyfriend style cuffed jeans because they’re so comfortable and figure flattering on my 70+ body!

  4. Not for me. I like washed jeans, but the light wash is too light. I like to wear a lighter colored top than my bottoms and the light wash is so light white is my only option. I like white but pants in my wardrobe need to go with more than one top color.

    I look for a medium wash denim.

  5. I don’t have any light wash jeans, but I’m starting to like them. Great for spring. The J Jill cuffed jeans are so cute. The light sunflower color is different and interesting. Maybe with a pale sage green top? What do you think.? I also would like to hear about the Lands End fit of jeans. I find their other clothing to be generously sized.

  6. I too have every color wash, and wear my light wash jeans in spring and summer mostly. To me it’s more about the weight-jJill has some excellent denim in lighter weights that I can wear in summer. Lots of the heavier, thicker denim is just too hot! Looking forward to spring and wondering if anyone has tried the Vivai flats? I’d love to find some ballet type flats that I could wear a moderate amount of time walking-a couple of hours-without foot torture!

  7. I have decided to go by the store, Marcia. I want to see the Sunflower color. I will report back!

  8. It would be helpful to hear if you can walk that long in the flats. Thanks for asking Susan.

  9. I am in for the light wash jeans and like all the different widths.
    Also silver accessories are already in my closet, am sure I will have to get a couple more.

  10. Someone asked about the fit of Lands End jeans. I love them. For one thing, Lands End actually lists the rise of jeans in their size guide, and the rise changes proportionally with size and category, such as petite, regular or tall. I am 5’6 yet my body is very long from waist to crotch, needing a 12 inch rise. I find Lands End high rise tall jeans are perfect, and I’m happy to pay my tailor a little to shorten the legs. First time in my life I can be comfortable in jeans. Lands End, I do love you!!

  11. In Vivaia, I have both the Margot square toe flats and the Samantha loafers. I’m so impressed! They were comfortable right out of the box and then molded a bit to my foot. I had worried that I might “walk out” of the Margot because they are cut low, and most ballet flats are a problem for me that way, but I never have. As for walking/standing, I wear them to substitute teach, and they are comfortable. Although they imply you can, I would not wear them for serious walking, such as touring or a whole day of shopping, but I can definitely wear them for errands, Costco, walking a couple of blocks, etc. The sole is supportive, but it is a dress shoe and thin. After wearing them dozens of times, they look brand new. My foot is on the wider side of medium, and I tried both the wide and the medium, and the medium fit me better. I now consider them my go-to dress shoe and flat. I hope this helps! As a blue autumn, I remember we learned dark wash jeans are more flattering, but I wear light wash sometimes because I like them. I particularly like them with navy and dark or crisp colors to balance their inherent casual feel. The cuffs are interesting, because I’ve read/seen twice now that they are out of style. For me, in an ankle jean, I avoid cuffs because my legs are short at 5’5”. Often I just buy a pair of regular length jeans and cut off the hem where I want them, making a raw hem.

  12. In the past I’ve shied away from light wash but I finally realized some lighter top colors just look better with the light wash. I also used to think they made one look bigger….but I’m over that!

  13. I’ve always thought of light wash denim as being very casual and worn only in warmer months where dark wash denim is more dressy and worn all year. My only light wash denim is an old, many-washed pair which I wear around the house and would not wear going anywhere. However, I’ve thought of buying a light wash jeans anyway to wear in the summer so nice to realize I’ll be on trend. I do not like the wide-cuffed jeans but do like the one you featured from JJill. And I do appreciate all the gold as well as silver shoes in a variety of types you’ve spotted for me! You’ve given me much to think about when I can be on my feet wearing both shoes again. I see several I’d like to try. I noticed some items from Macy’s and just yesterday we were told that our closest Macy’s in Tallahassee is closing. So sad.

  14. It really has to do with fit of the jean more than anything. With a great fit, the light wash can be just as flattering.

  15. I know that I am sad about every store closing. I hate to see the brick and mortar go away and hope it never does. I am so glad you found the gold selections to be helpful, Celia. I enjoyed doing that for you. You and I are both having to wait patiently as we see all of these incredible shoes hitting the shelves!

  16. Happy weekend, Pam. High of 23 degrees here today. I like light wash jeans as well, although I have never had white ones. (I have white denim shorts.) I don’t like big cuffs. I read that large cuffs (2+ inches) cut your legs and make you look shorter, which at 5′ 2.5″ is not a look I’m going for. I’m willing to try the wide-leg drapey look after having to wear wide-legs to accommodate my ankle boots.

  17. LOL…I just smiled at how many of us are wearing recovery boots, Maeve. I hope your broken bone is healing well. You are write that the cuffs can cut off length on petite women. I think I like the JJILL cuff because it is not too large…but I am not petite.
    The wide leg pants being on trend really helped me through my two surgeries. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Regarding Lands’ End jeans— I have bought 3 pairs over the last 6 months and I like them very much! The quality of the denim is very nice, a bit sturdy but comfortable, and the jeans hold their shape all day, even through several days wearing. I find them a bit curvy and I need a straight fit, so I go up a size, from 6 to 8, and then have my alterations tailor take them in a bit (only $8) in the thighs for a nice slim fit but not tight. I find that to get the fit I like, a few dollars spent on alterations makes everything right! These are favorite jeans, and most worn now.

  19. Very, very helpful Sharon…you ladies, rock. When someone asks for help…there you are!

  20. I like the look of light wash jeans especially in spring and summer. But I don’t wear them anymore. To my eyes they don’t look good on me with my autumn palette tops. I prefer a light colored jean — tan, light sage, etc. I have a lot of colored jeans. I have my eye on the J Jill jeans in their Light Barley color which is a good neutral for me. I have a pair of Chico’s jeans I bought last year are a match to J Jill’s Sunflower color and they work well with many autumn colors. I’m an 8P and find J Jill jeans fit me perfectly. I also have good luck with Talbots in the same size and Chico’s in a 1P. I wore Lands End jeans way back in the day before they were purchased by Sears. I tried them again a few years ago but didn’t have good luck with them. I found them tight in the waist. I’m eyeing the Easy Spirit gold flats. So cute. I looked at the VIVIA loafer that come in so many colors. I love the look but wonder about arch support. Has anyone tried them?

  21. Read Linda LM’s comment on the shoes and see if that helps. Maybe she or someone else will talk about the arch…they do have so many fun colors.
    I am going to wear an off white/ivory with my light wash jeans and I also wore green with them last year. I like them better now that I know how to pair them with my autumn palette.
    Thanks for sharing, Kathie.

  22. What helpful bits from the ladies this morning! As an avowed Lands End shopper for swimwear and young men’s clothing, I have shied away from purchasing jeans through them but now may do so. As to light wash, I have fond memories from the late 80’s when I loved to wear my jeans roller blading. ☺️ I also rocked a jumper-style dress and a long skirt in those fabrications. Might be fun to pick up a new, refreshed version – the straight legged with cuffs showing some ankle would be my choice. I’d pair that with a white tee and a happy colored cardigan (pink, yellow, green) for springtime. About the Vivaia shoes – I bought two pair ahead of the holidays several months ago, in wide. I wore the super cute black and cream tweed version to an event where I was on my feet quite a lot, and was ready to get out of them once home – too much right out of the box for my hammer toe + bunion. For now I will just wear out to dinner or a movie, short jaunts. Pretty sure owners of less troublesome feet would be very happy, and they are SO darned CUTE!

  23. I would say the Vivaia is quite supportive for what it is … a flat, thin-soled shoe, and more supportive than it appears at first glance. It doesn’t have the high cushioned, molded arch like a sneaker or a shoe like Vionic. The insert is removable (for machine washing the shoes), and I think there would be room in there for a thin orthotic instead. My shipping was free, and so was the return of the wide width ones I tried initially. It cost nothing to try them, which I appreciate.

  24. I like the light wash jeans. I think they add a touch of spring even when it is still cold outside. Although I prefer a full-length jean, I might roll up the leg to make it ankle length. Anything shorter make my already short legs look shorter. I really like the different shades of blue for shoes. I have always had a pair of navy loafers in my closet. I wear them to dress up jeans when I feel sneakers are a bit too casual. I also wear them with casual pants.

  25. I am glad you addd the part about hammer toes and bunions, Connie. That has influenced my shoe purchases for years and it does make a difference!

  26. I do wear light-wash jeans in the summer months, as an alternative to white. Light bottoms are not my choice for the winter months, due to snow, slush, road salt, mud from car doors, etc. For balance with my triangle body shape, if I go light, I wear light top to bottom.

    Today the cold snap is ending, so we’ll see temperatures hovering around zero, or your 32° F. Woohoo!

  27. Loving my easy spirit ballet flats in gold soooooo comfy and padding is good for older feet !

  28. Thanks so much for the information on the shoes, Linda. I think I will give them a try. Pam, when I let my hair go natural it turned out to be a warm white, which a very soft and flattering color for my complexion. But now ivory & cream tops look harsh on me, That was verified in my color & style re-rate. I can wear them only when mixed with another color like a cream and orange stripe. So I have a hard time finding light neutrals, J Jill does have a warm pale beige that I can wear.

  29. I found The Protein Revolution Cookbook an interesting read. High protein meals is their focus. Quite a few of their meals are 500 calories for each meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I ate that many calories a day, I’d have a weight problem. Please educate me so I can understand the benefits of this eating plan.

  30. I highly recommend you read the book, Judy. Dr. Lyon is the best one to educate you about her plan. I am making my own adaptations.

  31. A lot of my plaid flannel shirts are from LandsEnd. My light blue plaid one goes great with my Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans in 12 short. They are a very soft light blue wash but are a warmer weight denim for winter. My lightest weight jeans that I love are from Chicos in the trouser style, size 2P. I’m only 5’2” tall and my waist has thickened but my hips and thighs stayed the same. Landsend pants have too tight a waist for me or larger sizes have too much hips and thighs. I buy their shirts and tees but find their pants just don’t fit my particular shape issues. I can’t wear flats as I have serious pain issues and arthritis in my feet. I’m very happy with all of my different styles in Skechers including my two pair of booties I got for very cold winter days here in Colorado. It is up to 35F today here! Yay!

  32. As a deep autumn I find that ‘washed’ jeans wash me out. This morning I thought I would do a test. I put on a washed pair that I saved for gardening. They were of medium value. I tried them with a few of my tops. Blah. I decided that there is a reason that I seem to collect solid colored jeans in my palate. Then I put on my NYDJs in marine navy. Almost every top I held up pairs well with them. I like the faded look of washed jeans on others; especially cool toned people who sport silver so well. But my visual test told me that as a bold, deep autumn, I look better in the solids. To lighten up, I will wear the winter white or stone jeans and pair it with some deep in other pieces. Pam, I love the Jjill jeans you linked to, but the barley or marigold do not really look ‘washed’ (in the true sense) on my computer screen .
    I have lots of Jjill but I am returning a nice pair of sale jeans that said grey/green. I was hoping for lizard, but I see no green at all and they don’t blend in my palette. I really have to be careful with Jjill’s photos. They seem to use a filter. I will definitely check out what you linked to.
    Plus, Adorable shoes to slide into for summer! It will months before they would work here but it is fun to plan!

  33. Everything you mentioned here, Deborah, are the reasons I want to go see those colors. Often when you go to the store they look different just like you observed. I will report back.

  34. I just sent cuffed jeans off to Goodwill. As a petite, I don’t want to visually shorten my legs by chopping myself up. As a light summer color type, any shade of blue jeans are for me. I prefer a muted, tonal/monochromatic look. I wear a light wash jean with other light colors to achieve a low contrast look.

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