Chico’s new arrivals elevate winter outfits

Chico's new arrivals

Happy Monday, ladies!  Today, come shopping with Leigh & Me to see how Chico’s new arrivals elevate winter outfits.

Chico’s new arrivals for January provide many ways to elevate our winter outfits and take them throughout spring as well.

We stopped by the location in the Quarry to go through the sale racks, but kept being draw away by Chico’s new arrivals we liked.

So it was the new arrivals that went into the dressing rooms with us.

We were both so thankful to see the amount of navy blue on the racks…fits right in when we want to elevate our own winter outfits.

So, let’s get this week going with Chico’s new arrivals!


Chico's new arrivals

Chico's new arrivals

Both of Leigh & Ann & I fell hard for this jacket!  We love everything about it.

This is the FAUX LEATHER CROPPED JACKET in Stonewear Solid…actually a perfect off white…more like a creamy color.

It is a beautiful faux leather that is not shiny or heavy.  It is very lightweight and for some climates would take you through to summer.

Leigh Ann is showing the details on the front with seaming that keeps the garment from being boxy,

Chico's new arrivals

The fit is enhanced by the buttons on the side.

This jacket also comes in navy blue.  Both of us believed, we would get more wear in the off white…longer into spring…and for more situations from casual to dressing.

Chico's new arrivals

I could see this new arrival jacket as enhancing winter outfits with jeans, athletic wear, trousers, dresses, or skirts.  

It could be very versatile.

This was my gift card purchase to myself ….the gift card was a Christmas gift from family!

Leigh Ann is wearing a size 0 and was very happy with the fit as a petite.

I am wearing a size 3.


Chico's new arrivals

Chico’s new arrivals in Zenergy will help any of us elevate our winter outfits…and they are fun.

Leigh Ann is showing you a new Zenergy outfit (pieces sold separately) and we both really liked It.

She is wearing a Size 1 in the Zenergy Double Knit Top which mixes fabrics and is a fun elevated style.

In the pants, she is wearing size 0 in the Zenergy Double Knit Pant.

This double knit that they are doing in new arrivals for Zenergy is so comfortable and gives athleisure a touch of chic.

Chico's new arrivals

In Leigh Ann’s picture in the FAUX LEATHER CROPPED JACKET above, she is wearing these pants and the Zenergy Double Knit Top above.

These Chico’s new arrivals have combined to elevate winter outfits in a way that speaks to a more casual lifestyle.

These pants are also amazing.

These are the Petite Ponte Side Stripe Pant, and Leigh Ann is wearing a Petite 0.5.

These pants do two things to create a slim silhouette.  They are high waisted…on purpose…this is a new style and it pulls up high almost to the girls.

And the small stripe elongates the leg when it pulls the eyeline down.  The leg has a slight flare…it is not a wide leg pant.

Styling it just the way Leigh Ann did with the faux leather jacket elevates winter outfits in a special way.

Both of us liked this pant…a lot!

The shirt that Leigh Ann is wearing in the very top picture is in the Chico’s new arrivals.

It Is the Striped Ribbed Henley Tee in classic navy, and she is wearing a size 1.


Chico's new arrivals

A reminder that I am only trying on tops while I am in recovery…just too hard to take the boot on and off.

Chico’s is one of the few places that gives us many new arrivals with the rounded hemline…which is very flattering for those like me who are fluffy in the middle!

I loved this top because of the fabric comfort, original desire, and the rounded hemline.  It does elevate winter outfits and speaks to those of us who have “current” in our style adjectives.

Again, this is the Zenergy Double Knit Top. And I am wearing a size 3.

Chico's new arrivals

Chico's new arrivals

I know there are still some in this audience who love the comfort of oversized style.  In the Chico’s new arrivals, you will find something that could be worn all year long.

This is the STRIPE ZIP COLLAR SWEATER PONCHO and it is lightweight and comfy.  

I did size down.  This is a S/M.  And despite being oversized, I found it have a good fit for a poncho.

This would also be a great layering piece for winter outfits going into spring.


Chico's new arrivals

Remember, there is strength when we care for how we look, and how we style our winter outfits…even when the cold wind blows.

Chico’s new arrivals certainly helps us to elevate winter outfits in very casual chic ways.

There will be more coming soon, and we hope to bring it to you …both of us, when possible.

Oh yes, and I also bought a necklace for $19….check out CHICO’S NECKLACES ON SALE.

Please leave any comments or questions about Chico’s new arrivals elevate winter outfits.  Until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Chico's New Arrivals



  1. So much fun to see you both out and about. I was happy to hear you took home that jacket! It says “spring” (as I am surrounded by 10” of snow).

  2. Wow…enjoy relaxing and gazing over snowy scenes. This jacket is a great garment for winter and spring. Both Leigh and I were taken with it!

  3. For one with a “fluffy” middle ( love that description!), and short (5’2”), I struggle between finding tops to adequate cover my middle, but not be overwhelmed with material. I have many tops from Chico’s and appreciate their making some shorter tops which though not petite -sized, are shorter in length. You’ve shown us so interesting tops and pants that I will investigate farther.

  4. Keep an eye on the rounded hemlines, Celia. They are your friend and Chico’s offers more than I have seen in other stores.

  5. I’m so glad you took that jacket home. If I were not on a no buy, it would be in my cart right now! I love Chicos faux leather jackets … before weight loss, I think I had about six of them. I saw the navy outfit with the faux leather patch pocket on the website yesterday, but I liked the top way more than the pants. Certainly Zenergy offers options for my adjectives of casual, polished, active, interesting, and aware. I’m looking forward to rebuilding my wardrobe. That said, I’m really hoping to have a more curated closet. Because of their quality and tummy-forgiving fit, Chicos basics and their athleisure will definitely be in there, though their regular line is usually too embellished and flowing to meet my adjectives.

  6. That top also looks good with the other pants that have the smaller cream stripe on them, Linda. I love this jacket…and the wonderful family members who gave me gift cards for Christmas!

  7. The faux leather jacket looks fabulous on you. So glad you purchase it with your gift card. I know it will be worn often. Chico’s faux leather is first rate. I have 4 of the jackets and one is at least 5 years old, worn often and still looks brand new. I like the styling in the new selection you and Leah Ann modeled. Curved hems are really flattering and I’m happy to see more normal sleeves. Navy is not my in my color palette so I’m holding onto my gift cards for now. Spring is still a few months away for us here. And perhaps Chico’s will pick up on Panatone’s peach color of the year.

  8. I am sure they will! They are really good about offering trend colors. Thanks, Kathie!

  9. I love that there is so much available in navy right now. The striped Henley top caught my eye this morning. My copy of the book on strength arrived late yesterday, so I will get started reading it today. Usually I just download to Kindle, but for this, I figured I might want to dog-ear certain parts for repeat readings. Thanks again for the recommendation. I needed a kick-start in this particular direction.

  10. I prefer to read books like this with pen in hand. I have already written all over it! I hope it helps you Connie!

  11. “I don’t need another jacket” i say as i walk into Chicos for leather jacket. 💗
    So happy to see Leigh Ann with you out-and-about. Selfishly I enjoy seeing the petites on her, my Chicos does not carry petites.

  12. She is happy to help us when she can…and when we are both in town at the same time.

  13. Love that jacket on you! Like Celia, I am 5’2” but fluffy in the waist so Chicos 12P or 2P fits me very nice. It is 21 degrees here today and very windy with a dusting of snow on top of our couple of inches two days ago. This is winter in Colorado! Navy blue is a color I wear often and I love soft fabric clothes. I live in my Chicos soft trouser jeans every day.

  14. Good choice for days when you need comfort and warmth. Enjoy your winter, Sydney!

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