Winter Outfit Ideas for Women over 50

winter outfit ideas

Happy Tuesday!  Today, I am sharing winter outfit ideas for women over 50, from what we are actually wearing.

Winter outfit ideas can come from our own surroundings and watching the street style around us, and from watching Leigh & Me.

Today, I have a little of both.

Both Leigh Ann and I dressed for our recent shopping out of our closets.

That means we cannot direct link to all of the garments, however, since this is for winter outfit ideas, I have created slideshows with garments similar to what we are wearing. 

I hope you are inspired and motivated by seeing what we actually wear, and receive winter outfit ideas of your own.

So….let’s get started…..


winter outfit ideas

On this day in San Antonio, it was a little colder so a peacoat and sweater were completely appropriate.

My pants do not match like I like them to, but often the pants I go to right now have everything to do with the boot and how much time I have to take it on and off.

My winter outfit ideas do show you that it is perfectly fine to mix black, navy, and brown in one outfit and it works.

As you know, I love to wear brooches more this time of year when I have on coats and jackets.  I choose brown to go with the brown sweater.

Now, allow me to explain the sweater.

I recently told you that I was going to try some affordable brands and that is how the Quince posts happen.

I also decided to try a couple of items on Amazon…not the top brands.

I ordered this FIXMATTI Stripe 2 Piece Outfit.

I have not worn it as a set yet, but I really like the sweater and have worn it at least three times.

The pants…that I really like…at the Talbot’s T by Talbots Ribbed High Waist Flare Leggings.  

They are so comfy, look nice and I have worn them often.

My green crossbody is a beautiful BRAHMIN bag I found on sale at Dillard’s last year.

Here is a slideshow with similar items:


winter outfit ideas

Loved Leigh Ann’s winter outfit ideas!

She said this is all past Ralph Lauren purchases and past Chico’s jeans.

I found similar items In a variety of places, but the best place for a sweater or top underneath is currently JCP, and that is in the slideshow.

I looked and looked to get close to this scarf…love it so much…but could not get that close.  I did find a few options.

Here is a slideshow with similar items to Leigh Ann’s outfit…I also included Chico’s denim currently on the website, and you can click through those pictures to find more….


winter outfit ideas

The best winter outfit ideas are topped off with winter colors on our well-groomed nails.

I love my new taupe color from the brand Gelish and the color is called,  SHAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!  z

It is a nice light brown/gray.

winter outfit ideas

Leigh Ann’s is a bit more fun than mine!

The brand is LeChat Mood Polish, and the color is Dragon’s Breath.

Depending on what the nails are up against, it does change colors around the bronzy hue.


winter outfit ideas

This winter outfit idea comes from my allergist’s waiting room yesterday.

I confess to sometimes becoming a full fledged spy!

This woman waiting with me is petite, sliver hair, purple print on the sweater, denim….but it was the shoes I was interested in.

I was not familiar with the brand, but for an athletic shoe, I liked the look….and right now…comfort is key!

So, I found them…..these are the CLOUDMONSTER RUNNING SHOES, and they come in many combinations of colors.

I am linking to Nordstrom above.  But here is a Zappo’s link CLOUDMONSTER in a variety of colors.

I hope you enjoyed this Winter Outfit Ideas for Women over 50 post.  The intention is always to get you thinking about what you will wear each day.

Make sure you saw Leigh Ann and I shopping JJILL NEW ARRIVALS, and CHICO’S NEW ARRIVALS.

Let us know if you have questions…….


By Pamela Lutrell

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

And remember to send your recipes and home decor with pictures to  Send to email and do not try to put in comments! YOU are the best.

Winter outfit ideas


  1. The scarf on Leigh Ann is beautiful! I am a Ralph Lauren fan and would love to see you gals head-to-toe in Ralph Lauren. Hint — Dillard’s or Macys sells RL.

  2. I would love that too! Great idea. I have been a Ralph Lauren fan for many years. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. It’s fun to see you in your own clothing. Glad you had a winter day. It was 0* here this morning! Tomorrow it might hit 50*. Our temps are as varied as our clothing needs!

  4. So true…the days I need to bundle up are few. I think we are expecting those days next week.

  5. Love your peacoat and what you and Leigh Ann are modeling; both would fit in up here today, just right! However heavy rain and a warm/up is predicted for later this evening. You’ll then need rain gear up in our area! It’s been a Topsy- turvy weather pattern!
    I too like the idea of a brooch or scarf to create interest on these wintery days!

  6. You both look great! Good choices. I recently decided to pull out my white jeans and pair them with a Grey sweater and silver metallic loafers. A classic winter outfit.

  7. I know too much rain is a problem, but I wish we had more here. I would love to need a waterproof trench coat. Sadly we just don’t have enough. Enjoy yours…light candles or a fire and stay cozy.

  8. Happy to see Leigh Ann again in posts and also happy to see you out and about. Hoping everyday your recovery becomes a bit easier. I so enjoy your blog, best wishes in the year ahead.

  9. Thanks for being here, Sherry! It is healing for me to be out and about . Helps me to stay hopeful and joyful.

  10. You ladies look very stylish! I would appreciate suggestions on wearing socks with nice slacks. I need warm feet.

  11. The peacoat looks fabulous on you. That’s certainly one of your best blues. Leigh Ann looks fashionable too. For many years I lived in the far north where winter lasted 6 months and our outerwear was more functional than fashionable. Our NC winters are milder so I don’t have to bundle up all the time. So I ordered that gorgeous copper color vest! Thanks for showing it. I need to find a good brooch for my red wool coat. The Norse one from etsy is interesting. Today we are having torrential rains and wind gusts up to 50 mph. The back yard is already a lake and its supposed to storm all day. A great day to stay in and finish cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen. Every year I hope to find a way to make my small kitchen larger. LOL.

  12. Hi Kathy, I wore a sick on my right foot yesterday because the pants were so long that the sock did not show. I only wear socks with boots or with pants that are long enough to cover. But if U lived in a colder climate, I might feel differently!!

  13. Italian and French street style are always interesting to watch, but nothing makes me as happy as seeing American women street style!

  14. LOL…I love it as well, Linlee! A few years ago I went with Mr. B on a business trip to Chicago. While he was in a meeting, I got an outdoor table at a downtown coffee…it was June…and took street style pictures. It was so much fun. I might try it in San Antonio sometime.

  15. My street style today is for a cold and blustery day up in Portland. I arrived by train last night, so didn’t want anything more than a simple carry-on, as I knew I would be here just one night. My youngest son is a car salesman and I am here to pick up the car I chose months ago, which finally arrived! Anyway, I needed to look good for him, in front of his colleagues, yet ready for the cold and wet. I have on dark wash straight leg jeans from Macy’s, my new lavender-tweed like crewneck sweater from Talbot’s, a charcoal vest with furry lining, and a charcoal/Grey tonal floral scarf. Finished with blue tennies, mainly because I needed the comfort and security on the train ride up yesterday. Boots pinch my troubled toes if worn for very long.

  16. I second the Ralph Lauren idea as I am fan of those classic looks. I was glad to see a St. John’s Bay fleece from JCP in Leigh Ann’s slide show. I am a big fan of the St. John’s Bay fleece. They are reasonable priced & launder very well.
    One of the items that I think can make or break a winter outfit is a pair of gloves. Gloves are a bit like shoes in that you notice them when they are shabby.

  17. Leigh Ann looks great in those colors, but the no socks look can’t end soon enough for me, lol! It is 34 degrees right now where I live. The forecast is for 27 hours of blowing snow. I am wearing a parka, indoors, as I type this!

  18. Thanks Becky! We don’t wear gloves often, but I agree with you. I love my leather pair and they still look nice years later.

  19. It’s always a treat so see you and Leigh Ann out and about, and I love your winter outfit choices! That blue coat is such a great color on you. Leigh Ann’s outfit is pretty much what I’ve been wearing lately. I only adopted the quilted vest look a few years ago, but it’s perfect for so many fall and winter days in Texas. I am smitten with the heart-shaped pin with the champagne colored stones and plan to purchase it as my valentine’s gift to myself! I also love your idea of showing us San Antonion street style. Your beautiful city is one of my favorites and it’s been too long since I visited there. Perhaps other readers could submit street style photos from our various locations. I love knowing what people are wearing elsewhere, especially since most of what I see here in the north Texas/Dallas-Fort Worth area is too casual for my taste. For example, I’m heading to New Orleans next week and I know it’s an “anything goes” city, but would still like to know what the natives wear out and about. Perhaps I can get some good street style photos to share with you while I’m there. I’m pretty sure their climate is much like ours so we might get some good ideas for winterwear. Here’s to our mutual survival of the Arctic temperatures predicted for next week! (lows down to 11, highs below freezing here in FtW)

  20. I would love to see street style photos from Dallas or New Orleans. Such fun. On my Instagram page today, Lorri, I mentioned you and Team Overdressed! On IG, I am pamover50feeling40…it is the first post in the bottom section!

  21. I wear Smartwool socks that I have had for years, most days. On warmer, 40s, I wear Worlds Softest Socks. Even in Sommer I wear a small short sock. I hate cold feet and shoes just feel terrible without socks. I wear socks that disappear like black, navy or dark grey with darker jeans. I wear fun strips with really casual outfits. I’m on the always socks team!
    I love your look today! I really loved all of the Anne Klein brooches. Beautiful, but I really don’t wear wool coats, all are puffer coats. It is cold here!

  22. I know it is! I have relatives and friends in Colorado. We all have to make adjustments for our different climates. Thanks Sydney.

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