Quince Cashmere: Cozy Perfection

Quince cashmere

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Welcome to another Quince review I have titled… Quince Cashmere: Cozy Perfection.

Quince cashmere is now a member of my confident, strong style for 2024…it is cozy perfection.

A few weeks ago I promised to order a couple of items from Quince to review for this audience….and I fulfilled my promise.

My first review was of Quince Washable Silk and here is the link:  Quince Washable Silk: Love It!

Quince has won me over with quality fabrics, affordable prices and great fit.

So let’s discuss Quince Cashmere….


Quince cashmere

This audience specifically requested that I review the Quince Cashmere.

I agreed, but living in South Texas, I was apprehensive. 

Would I wear it often in a warmer climate…would it be cozy and comfortable…would it make sense for me to own cashmere.

Well, the obvious answer is YES….YES…and YES!

I ordered the QUINCE CASHMERE BATWING SWEATER in the burgundy color…it comes in 8 colors so that was a tough decision.

I went with the batwing for comfort since my surgery recovery has been all about comfort!

Now that I know how soft the Quince cashmere is and how cozy it is, even in this climate, I am seriously looking at the QUINCE MONGOLIAN CASHMERE V-NECK in camel for a better fit.

That one comes in 13 colors and is only $50…which for cashmere this nice is an amazing price.

As I said about the washable silk, I love the colors…deep, rich and beautiful.

I prefer a V-neck on me for elongating my look, and for confident Pam-style.

Even with this lovely boot on my foot, I feel strong and confident in Quince.

Happy to have the brand in my wardrobe family.


Quince cashmere

Full disclosure…I have not washed my new Quince cashmere yet.

But, I have worn it twice and it will go to the washing machine soon….so I will let you know if I discover something that you should know.

Right now, I am a fan and feel very strong wearing Quince Cashmere.

Just click here for more pieces to enjoy….QUINCE CASHMERE FOR WOMEN OVER 50.

Of course, I want to know any comments or questions, and throughout this second day of 2024, make sure that you……


NOTE: On Sunday, I will share more about the scarf I am wearing In the first photo.

By Pamela Lutrell

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Quince cashmere



  1. Thank you … this was good to know. Cashmere and fine merino wool are helpful in a winter wardrobe in Ohio, giving warmth without overheating (many public places pump heat like crazy), and yet being lightweight. I enjoy batwing sleeves, as they fit my “interesting” adjective. But I agree, a v neck and a more trim fit is usually more flattering, and a wardrobe classic. There is a reason to own both. I look forward to hearing how the sweater washes, and if it pills continuously like other cheaper cashmere. I know this won’t be the quality of a high end sweater; I just want to know if I will get enough wear out of it. I’ve had some cheaper cashmere from Nordstrom (their brand), which turned into tissue paper very quickly and was a major disappointment.

  2. I will report back, Linda, as soon as I wash it. So far, I am very impressed with the brand.

  3. You chose a great color in the Quince sweater. One I love but alas cannot wear near my face. Glad to hear the quality is great and I look forward to hearing how you feel about it after washing. I have my eye on a couple styles but I’m not in love with the colors they are featuring at the moment. Most of them are too cool for me. I’m revisiting my adjectives. I realize that I wrote style adjectives rather than how I want to be perceived. So far I have artistic, current, confident (or strong, not sure which I prefer) but I’m missing something. I know I prefer garments that have clean lines and are not fussy. I don’t wear print per se though I will wear something with a graphic element and occasionally stripes that are not high contrast. I spent too much money a few years ago on scarves I never wear. They just felt too fussy and seemed to overwhelm me. I love jewelry and wear mostly artist made pieces. People, even strangers, often comment on my jewelry. I want to thank you again for the work “strength” as it is helping me focus on my goals for the year. Happy New Year.

  4. You are welcome, Kathie. I personally believe confident and strong are the same for style adjectives. Dressing with confidence is strength. The reason I have polished with creative is to give a simple foundation to my creativity and keep me under control. The wonderful off the charts artistic styles are not me. You might think about what adding polished or classic to your mix might do. Get ready for a cool color explosion. I have seen it in many new arrivals. Another good reason to shop the clearance sales.

  5. Just for an FYI, and everyone does it differently—I hand wash sweaters in mild detergent (like Woolite), then put them in my washer on a gentle spin cycle only. Then I take the item out and block it to dry. A lot of times it will require a tiny bit of steaming or ironing on wool setting. I never have to dry clean sweaters using this method. I would NOT put them in regular washing machine agitation, even on a hand wash cycle, as cashmere does pill over time, and you have to have a ‘sweater shaver’ to make them look new again.
    Just what I have learned about my sweaters over the years-and I have lots, mine and my husbands’.

  6. Thanks Susan. I also use Woolite…hand wash or delicate cycle and hang dry. In fact, most of my clothing has never seen a dryer!

  7. I’m glad you found the Quince cashmere to be a good value. And I’m glad to see the burgundy color which I have been debating to purchase in the v-neck. As a person who is often cold I’m pleased to find this brand which is lightweight but keeps me comfortably warm. I also want to buy a navy sweater but am debating crewneck vs v-neck as my skinny neck already bothers me which is part of why I often wear a scarf.

  8. I know…sometimes those decisions are tough but you can’t go wrong with a great scarf!

  9. I’ve heard so many good things about Quince cashmere items I’m curious to see how it launders. I mainly have my best cashmere sweaters dry cleaned, but have hand washed a few of them, letting them dry flat on big towels. It’s time consuming. I notice here you’ll use your washer, imagining gentle cycle? ( Anxious to hear how that goes. ) Pam, you look lovely in this color and style!

  10. I’ve been a fan of the Quince linen shirts for several years. Great structure, texture, thickness and fit.
    Recently on the Quince website I found their “cashmere 101” link. A great one stop read for caring for cashmere. You are the second one today to mention the linen shirts. I have decided to try them in the spring.

  11. Good morning. Like others, I am curious. Will the new v neck be tailored or slouchy? (I own a few tailored that I never seem to reach for anymore.) How will they wash? (I read differing opinions on wash vs dry cleaning. I have done both.) How will the pilling be? I am really interested in the cardigan that is touted to be a dupe of Jenni Kayne, but like Kathie, not too fond of the colors. I really wanted a rich brown but this is very cool, more of summer’s brown. I have a batwing sweater that seems to overwhelm me. You look great in yours, Pam. I think mine was one size fits all- a red flag obviously, and I am not as tall as I used to be. I ordered a stretch silk last week in brown that I am still waiting for. I hesitate to order a sweater until I look it over. I am tempted to order the cashmere cardi in ivory but worry that it is a big block of not my best deep color for a deep autumn. Are there any other deep autumns that struggle with that. I have given so many ivory sweaters to my light spring daughter. Pam, might you be trying a cardigan ?

  12. I think I am too small for Batwing but love the sweater on you. The color is gorgeous. I, too, am waiting for you assessment of laundering Quince. I’ve picked out a couple of cropped sweaters I’d like to try.

  13. Quince is the best. You might also want to check out their linen shirt line. Easy to wear and wash, always looks crisp. My favorite white linen shirt. I also like the cashmere t-shirts, only complaint I wish they were in v-neck, a look that wears better on me..haven’t needed to wash them yet. Pam, your choices suit you so beautifully , the burgundy is gorgeous….

  14. Does the Quince sweater run TTS? According to the size chart I am between an XL and a 1X. I have seen other bloggers feature the Quince brand and I would like to support you Pam.

  15. I had not planned on purchasing a cardi because I have so many and our cold weather does not stick around long. I am going to wash this top since we are focusing on lowering costs and see what happens. I also am waiting on that brown top!

  16. Thank you, Nancy…so kind! I will try the linen in spring…thanks for pointing it out.

  17. Thank you Ellen! I really appreciate the support. I am wearing an XL here and it fits well. I am a size 16. I hope that helps.

  18. Is the cashmere itchy??? I used to wear a silk long-sleeved tee under cashmere because I could never stand the itch. Interested in hearing about the washing, alsol

  19. I find that hand washing as opposed to dry cleaning makes cashmere softer. I purchased the Quince navy crew neck for my sister for Christmas. She loves it!

  20. Not at all! It is soft and I would not have even considered wearing something underneath.

  21. Pam, I recently stumbled on a book called Laundry Love by Patric Richardson. It had a lot of good ideas on how to safely wash ANYTHING, if you want to check it out.

  22. Pam, you must have heard me deciding to look for a new cashmere sweater in the post-holiday sales! The Quince v-neck looks perfect; now all I have to do is narrow it down to one or two colors! I am eyeing the camel and crimson, but sure wish the looser fit v-neck came in these colors. Perhaps I should just size up in the regular v-neck. You definitely need to hand-wash cashmere to prevent pilling, and that seems to hold true regardless of the price point, unfortunately. I’m excited to learn about this brand, both for silks and cashmere. Hoping you’ll report back on the linen later in the year if you decide to try it. I usually regret buying linen, since it wrinkles so badly, but with our Texas heat I seem to keep buying linen and cotton and hoping for the best.

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