Quince Washable Silk Style Tips #1

washable silk

Happy Monday, everyone!  Let’s think warmer weather…why don’t we?  I want to show you Quince Washable Silk Style Tips and this is the first one.

I only recently became a new fan of Quince Washable Silk, but now I am all in.

My first post was at the end of December called QUINCE WASHABLE SILK: LOVE IT!

And, I really do love it for it’s quality and price….so I purchased four additional pieces.

The closet was recently cleaned out big time.  Items were sent to sell, and items were donated to Goodwill.

I always want to pass along clothing before I purchase more. 

So, let me tell you why I replaced a few tops with washable silk.


washable silk

Though it is quite chilly outside right now, I always remind myself when shopping in January that the majority of my life is spent in very warm weather.

Quince washable silk is perfect for warmer climates.  

The pieces I currently own do not wrinkle…and wash well…I put them on the delicate cycle with Woolite, and hang dry.

Quince prices are also the most reasonable I see around on items which have high quality and style.

I prefer the polished look of washable silk over linen,  Now, that I know that, my purchases will reflect it.  

In fact, Quince helps me to style my looks to speak my style adjectives of creative, polished, approachable, joyful, and current.

Also, if you are a warm color palette (Autumn) lady, now is the time to pick up your colors before the pastels begin to take over!

Finally, according to a review on Business Insider, they wrote:

“By using high-quality materials in classic silhouettes, the San Francisco-based brand claims to be the exact opposite of fast fashion. But what really sets Quince apart is that it has some of the lowest prices we’ve seen for clothing made with luxury fabrics, which are on average 50-80% off traditional retail costs.” 


washable silk

When I saw this 100% Washable Silk Pajama Tank in the beautiful shade of elephant gray, I knew I wanted to give it a try…but not for pajamas!

My style tip is to use it as a layering piece, and it comes in seven colors and is still at the sale price I purchased it.  I like this neckline better than some of the other tanks offered in washable silk.

The fabric is actually sturdy and not flimsy like you might expect sleepwear to be.

Wearing sleeveless tanks and camisoles has been a part of my personal style for a very long time.  In warmer climates, it just makes sense.

With a beautiful layering tank or cami, I can easily wear a light topper and not get too hot.

This DKNY topper has made it through many, many closet purges.  I do not wear it that often, but when I do I smile…I have always liked it.

Though I am personally trending toward shorter jackets and toppers right now, I still love this one and it looks so nice styled with the gray cami.

Going into spring, this will be a fun outfit to wearl  The necklace was a recent $19 purchase at Chico’s In their jewelry sale items.

I am glad I own it, but you can buy it right now for $9.99! This is the Beaded Infinite Magnetic Necklace...it is beautiful and for a style like this one it draws the eye line down for a slimmer look.

The other Quince Washable Silk tanks and camis can be found at QUINCE WASHABLE SILK TANKS AND CAMIS with lots of colors, necklines and on sale!

Just remember, when a description says pajamas…the style tip is the think bigger…no one will know I am wearing a pajama top….unless they read my blog!


washable silk

Quince washable silk for women and men is Included in the recommended gifts for Valentine’s Day.


I also want to use this opportunity to tell you that the floral industry has titled 2024 as the Year of the Peony...a flower I know many of us love.

If you are ordering flowers for any special people, please consider using my link at 1-800-FLOWERS.

There are lots of ideas and ways on their web page to tell people you care.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I styled QUINCE WASHABLE SILK today…I will have another style tip for you tomorrow.

Until then, stay warm…..and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

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washable silk



  1. You are so correct that we folks who live in areas which have more warmer temperatures than cold more often wear sleeveless tops with a topper garment…or at least I do. That’s my usual outfit during spring, summer, and fall. Did you buy this pajama top to wear as pajamas or did you think it might be used for other than bed? I will be investigating some Quince pieces other than cashmere sweaters.

  2. Hi Celia, I wore it to wear as a cami. I like the neckline and the color and thought…that doesn’t have to be sleepwear! My sleepwear of choice is actually the Cool Nights by SOMA…I do not wear sleepwear like this. But, I was willing to take the risk and return it if it felt too much like PJS…but it doesn’t. The material is excellent for a cami. Thanks for asking.

  3. I love a light soft cami to wear under cardis, even if it’s labeled a PJ top! Can you tell us what size you are wearing? I know you usually wear L, but I never know if I need to size down (I am usually a size 10, M).

  4. Hi Sue, Quince is one brand where I need to size up. So, all of the tops I am wearing are XL. That is a good fit for my size 16 curves right now. Also, I prefer the stretchable fit for my larger body…but if I were a 10 that might not be the case. You may be able to wear the Medium, check their sizing measurements.

  5. I love washable silk, and as I go into spring, Quince will be on my list. I often wear pajama “parts” as clothes, particularly on cruises. Do you find your top wrinkles? On many of the reviews of various garments on the site, people say it does, and some have posted pictures showing it with more wrinkles than linen.

  6. Wow, that has not been my experience. If that begins to happen, I will report back. The pieces I have recently purchased have not been in our heat yet, and that might change things. But, right now, I have not had a wrinkling problem at all with these new garments which I have only worn a couple of times. I really will come back if I see that change.

  7. Hi Phyllis, I use Refresh on my dryer. I wash with Woolite, hang dry, and then refresh in the dryer to loosen the fabric…when I care for these garments this way there are no wrinkles and they look as if they were ironed. I tossed them into the dryer on Refresh right out of the package where some folds were there. In my opinion, the washable silk looks much more polished than linen.

  8. That is a nice outfit on you, and you are so right about the lengthening effect of the necklace. Please put the flower shopping link on your links page, too, as I’m sure to need the reminder later on. I typically make my own arrangements from grocery and garden, but my mother still loves the thrill of a delivery person at her door with a big armful of happiness. 💐 Made it to the halfway point in the Dr. Lyons book yesterday, and I am so enjoying her thorough explanations which guide you through the WHY of her recommendations. So often a plan just says to do this or do that, and after so many years and conflicting opinions, it has sometimes left me unsure. I am all in on her, and find it very motivating. STRENGTH!

  9. Thanks for two things…the idea to add that to my shopping page and for your experience with Forever Strong. Glad you are enjoying the book!

  10. Pam, you look wonderful in your silks! I’m a summer but still find your top and topper very attractive. It is 7 degrees and heading down today. I’m going to wear my cuddle duds today! They are considered long underwear but on really bitting cold days staying in, they keep me warm. Stay warm girls!

  11. I am in my Spanx Air Essentials…and when I attempted to venture out it felt like 22 degrees with a little ice o the driveway. I decided to stay inside and slip in my boot! Enjoy those Cuddle Duds…they are soft.

  12. Good afternoon. I ordered the short sleeve silk shirt in the dark brown, and since it is so cold here, I doubt that I will be trying it out for a few months. I also ordered up a size. I am happy to get your good report as well as your laundry recommendations. I wish they had more of a variety of deeper colors on the pj top. I like that shape as a layering piece, too. Even though I am a deep and bold autumn, I don’t have the elephant grey as a choice in my palette. I have never understood what color it is. A brownish grey or a regular dark grey? I have a pewter that I need to look at more closely. I like the construction of the silk shirt inside and out. I will wear mine in the spring when I want to lighten up my deep colors. I have stone jeans and ivory jeans, ivory cardigan, ivory sneakers, two tone light brogues, and brown gladiators. The deep brown shirt will give me what I need for color balance with my dark hair. I will add brown bangles and earrings. Unfortunately ( because I love the look on others), I look really boring in all light colors without a bit of depth even if they are in my palette. I really would like to try one of Quince’s cardigans. I am wondering if anyone else has, but I am late in writing this. It is difficult to ask a question at the end of the day. Thanks, Pam.

  13. Hi Deborah! I am posting another Quince top tomorrow…maybe you could ask early then. If I remember, I will ask. I think elephant gray is just a deep dark gray. Maybe with a little brown but it is more gray. The topper I have on is a very light gray. Hope that helps

  14. Pam, the tank looks great with your outfit. No one would guess its a pajama top. I did order a brown short sleeve silk blouse from Quince when you modeled your green one. It fits perfectly in my normal size and is very well made. We have several months of winter before I’ll be able to wear it. I plan to wear it with off white capris. I’ve always liked the look of a dark top with white or off white pants or skirt. I check out Quince every now and then but find that most of their colors are too cool for me. I like the look of their sweaters but in some styles the sleeves look very long on the models. I have narrow shoulders so unless I buy petite sizes I need to turn up the sleeves on everything. So I’m a big fan of bracelet and 3/4 sleeves. I did suggest they offer a 3/4 sleeve blouse.

  15. Thanks for suggesting that to the brand, Kathie. I wish I knew more about the sweaters and cardigans. If I discover some new information, I will let everyone know. I am also looking forward to wearing that brown blouse!

  16. Since my first foray into Quince was successful with a v-neck cashmere sweater I love, I look forward to trying their washable silk pieces. As you mentioned, they are usually perfect for our Texas weather (this week being the exception, as we are falling into single digits tonight.) I share your dislike of linen that wrinkles, and I’m determined to stop buying it this year. Every closet purge finds more linen pieces leaving my closet, so why do I keep buying them??? I keep falling for the hype, but the only linen pieces I love and wear often are t-shirts and one sweater dress from Banana Republic Factory I’ve had several years. Thanks for exposing us to new-to-me brands like Quince! Just wondering if it is pronounced like the Spanish number five, or like Quincy?

  17. I like to explore new brands…hope to do more! I think it is pronounced just Quince…but good question!

  18. Pam, that long topper on you is STUNNING – not just the color but the whole “package”. You look really good in a longer length.

  19. Thanks Michele…I love that topper! It is a very confident look for me…something about it hangs just right.

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