Quince Washable Silk Style Tips #2

Quince washable silk

BRRRR….Good morning, ladies…I hope you are warm.  Let’s continue discussing Quince Washable Silk Style Ideas.

This is third post meant to demonstrate the benefits of Quince Washable Silk garments.

I am coming to this party late, but once I arrived, I just wanted to stay…I am a fan.

Now, I own five pieces of Quince Washable Silk and I will style the last one for you soon.

But, today, let’s discuss how I arrived at a washable silk garment most would purchase for a professional wardrobe.

Get warm and cozy…let’s talk….


Quince washable silk

Quince washable silk is offered in so many different styles and that just makes me smile…and more of a fan.

Someday soon, I hope to try a dress…but back to the blouse.

When I was a working professional in an office, I loved to wear an occasional bow tie blouse.   I most often wore one with a blazer and pants.

So, when I saw this Washable Stretch Silk Tie Neck Blouse, I immediately wanted to try one.

It comes in five lovely colors, but I decided I would get more wear out of the ivory.

This is a way to elevate a casual style.  My style tip is to try it with a casual jacket or topper, such as the barn jacket I am wearing it with here.

I can see wearing it with vests and jackets for that messaging I like of polished, creative, approachable, joyful and current.

When the boot is gone, I will wear it with a slim leg denim or jegging.

I do not believe this is too professional for my life at all, and I will enjoy wearing the style in Quince washable silk which handles our warmer weather well.

The fabric feels cool to wear.

Yesterday, in a comment I was asked about wrinkles because comments on the Quince site said that was a problem.

So far, this has not been my experience. But, as I wear the pieces more and as the weather heats back up, I will let you know if it does become a problem.

I have only worn what I purchased a couple of times, and wrinkles were not an issue for me.


Quince washable silk

For this blouse in the Quince washable silk, remember the bow dictates smaller accessories.

The bow is large and does not need to compete with other large accessories.

I also have to remember that my glasses and nails are accessories as well.

With my love of creative/dramatic style, I have to practice watching not to overboard with accessories.

Quince washable silk

I really like this ivory bracelet with a touch of bronze…it originally came from a favorite boutique.

I like that it pairs well with the Quince washable silk blouse.

Quince washable silk

I wanted to wear a brooch, but again, it needed to be small.

So, I chose this little bee that originally came from Talbot’s.

Talbot’s does not have spring brooches up yet…but this little bee was in a spring collection…and it was a gift from a special young lady to me.

You will find QUINCE ACCESSORIES on their website.

It includes this Italian Leather Crossbody Bag, which is offered in eight colors.

I think my main style tip today is to look for ways to keep the professional clothing you liked.

You do not necessarily have to move all of them along…keep what you love and style the pieces In casual ways.   

This is especially true if you join me in desiring a more polished look.

washable silk

Yesterday, a friend asked me about my complexion.  I am still using and quite taken with skincare By Brian.  Make sure you read my initial post, Regenerative Skincare & Makeup by Brian: A review.

I will have more to write about it soon, but I think his products are amazing!

This completes this week’s style tips with pieces of the Quince Washable Silk…tomorrow we go back to looking at street style…our Wednesday focus for this month.

Until then…stay warm and cozy…and make sure you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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washable silk



  1. As a charter member of Team Overdressed, I have continued to wear my favorite blazers since retirement, although I typically dress them down a bit with a turtleneck, jeans and riding boots. I have always loved bow blouses too, and you’ve inspired me to dig out a few of my favorites! I have a thin, v-neck blush sweater with sheer sleeves that has a bow at the neckline, and also a beige silky blouse with black polka-dots. Either would be a great look for my early spring wedding meetings with my 2024/25 brides, paired with a black pencil skirt or pants and a classic cardigan or blazer. I also love your bee pin, and can’t wait to get the ones I ordered from Macy’s after your recent post. With Valentine’s day less than a month away, it’s time to get our heart pins out and find new ways to wear them. I was very pleased with the price and quality of the Quince cashmere sweater I ordered based on your post about them, and can’t wait to try their washable silk. If you ever find a source for pieces similar to your green wedding outfit please alert us. They used to carry a similar dress at Pinto Ranch, but it’s been out of stock for a couple of years.

  2. Have fun digging out your bow blouses! I gave mine away and now I am happy to add this new one! Stay warm up there in North Texas!

  3. I can’t wait to see what your next silk piece is. You look lovely in the bow and gave great tips on accessorizing it in a more sedate way. I was encouraged to hear Lorri mention that she was happy with a Quince sweater. Has anyone else purchased one? I am curious about the sizing (regular size vs sizing up or down), does it look neat or oversized, whether there is a lot of pilling, and how it might have compared to Jenni Kayne’s if that was a consideration. I know it is much less than Jenni’s but it is considered a duplication. Many thanks!

  4. I hope someone can help, Deborah! Does anyone own Quince sweaters? We would love to hear what you think!

  5. My only Quince piece is a recent purchase through your link … the crescent bag, which can be worn crossbody or shoulder. I absolutely am in love with it. I’d been eyeing the Clare V one for ages, but it’s way more expensive, so I decided to just order this one and take a look. The quality is excellent, and the value outstanding. The leather is luxe, and the stitching is flawless. It hits all my adjectives too, because it’s both casual and polished, and is also a very current, yet classic style. I follow another blog whose host says the sweater mentioned by Deborah LM is not Jenni Kayne quality, but is extremely nice at a great price. I’m now curious about their nonstick cookware!

  6. I’ve been a Quince fan after receiving my first cashmere sweater. I am now impressed with the variety of items now available on their website for women and men, as well as for the house or travel. They even have maternity items though I’m far removed from that stage of life. You’ve shown us two lovely silk tops that you’ve found very usable and easy to care for. Just yesterday I saw another blogger wearing a slip skirt and cashmere sweater. She also modeled a multi-tiered dress. A different blogger has shown her leather handbag and knit blazer so Quince is getting its name and products out to the general public. And they are advertising on tv so I hope their prices and service remain as desirable and efficient as it currently seems to be. Your tie blouse is so pretty and brings a bit of elegance to your attire. Thank you sharing your purchases and thoughts about each for us. It helps to hear this from someone we trust to tell us the truth.

  7. I also saw the television ads and increase coverage with bloggers…I like you hope that does not drive up prices. I hope to also try a dress in the spring. Thanks Celia.

  8. The blouse really elevates the outfit to a professional look and overall it projects your approachable adjective because of the unstructured jacket. Good advice about keeping the accessories smaller when one element like the bow really stands out. I’ve caught myself changing the earrings I planned to wear for a simpler pair when wearing a statement necklace. Never really thought about the why but it makes sense. I have a dramatic-minimalist style so its a balancing act for me. Love your bracelet. I don’t wear one in the winter as I’m usually wearing a sweater with the sleeves cuffed. Then I forget in the spring to put one on. I will be sending you a photo of something for Valentines Day. The frame for the item arrive today so once its hanging up I will share it. Its something that means so much to me. Happy Tuesday.

  9. I love the Quince garments, but I don’t think I can embrace the bow blouse. It takes me back to the 1980s office attire I wore with suits! But the v-neck blouse is definitely going in my Quince cart! Thanks for styling these lovely pieces for us.

  10. My favorite Quince sweater is their Eco-Knit Milano Stitch Mock Neck Pullover. (A swoon worthy soft texture.) Waiting for more colors, currently have all 3 colors. At a fluffy 5’3” and short waisted this is a throw on and go sweater. Perfect length, perfect weight (for SoCal), no tucking, no fussing with fit while running errands. Also my love of their 100% European Linen Short Sleeve Shirt is legendary. I own 5 colors. Again a perfect fit for me. Because the linen is thick it doesn’t wrinkle like a flowing thin garment. However, for some reason the white shirt looks more wrinkled so I don’t reach for it.

  11. I have the Quince Baby Alpaca Cropped Cardigan in my usual size. It’s not that cropped, hits below my waist. So soft! I love it. Pam, you are so right about wearing professional clothes in a more casual way. As a member of Team Overdressed, I like doing that.

  12. With regards to Quince sweaters – I ordered 4 of them after two other bloggers recommended them a few months ago and this is what I discovered. I usually purchase my cashmere sweaters from Talbots and had recently ordered two so I could do a comparison. I am usually a size Petite L at Talbots but since Quince doesn’t carry petite sizes I ordered a Misses L and a Misses XL in the cashmere crewneck in heather gray for $50 each. I also ordered two of the Super Luxe Baby cashmere crewnecks in Misses L in brown and Charcoal at $99.90 each. I wanted a looser fit but not sloppy. I immediately was impressed with the softness of the cashmere versus Talbots and tried on the less expensive cashmere sweaters first. I started with the Misses XL which I thought looked small and it certainly was! Fit was more like a Misses Medium. I thought about not trying the large but took it out of the bag and it was quite a bit larger, around 4 inches in fact in width, length and sleeve length. It was the exact fit I wanted! A bit loose and I cuffed the sleeve . I also liked the lighter gray heather color. So obviously either a return that shrunk or mislabeled. I then moved on to the Super Luxe baby cashmere. Now this is some serious softness and a bit thicker sweater! I did think it ran somewhat smaller than the basic cashmere and I didn’t care for the colors ( brown had a greenish tint and charcoal was too dark). So I am keeping the basic sweater in heather gray and now am waiting for the raspberry color to come back in stock. I do like their return policy of 365 days and free shipping. As far as piling I can’t speak to that yet but my experience is that all cashmere pills. I use a shaver to remove the pills. I did return the Talbots sweaters and hopefully I’ve found my new cashmere supplier. Hope this helps.

  13. Really like the bow blouse. I bought one earlier this winter at Talbot’s. Okay it was not washable silk, but I am enjoying it. I liked your more casual jacket, will try that

  14. What is great about a bow blouse is you can wear it with a casual or casual chic jacket. Have fun styling it with a jacket like this! Thanks Audrey!

  15. Really like the bow blouse. I bought one at Talbot’s earlier this winter. Okay, it is not washable silk, Liked the casual jacket, will try that

  16. After reading all of today’s responses, I thought I might add to the information about Quince sizes. I too have several Talbots cashmere sweater in my normal size which is a petite medium, and they fit my 5’2”, 130 pound body well with plenty of length and correct sleeve length. As Sonja above said, Quince does not carry petite sizes so I had to choose between a small and a medium…I chose medium afraid a small would be too small. The medium fits fine through the body though a bit longer and wider than I prefer, but the sleeves are about a cuff too long. I’m going to order another one in a size small to compare. I looked for sleeve lengths to compare but they are not available. But basically the Quince medium is about 1 inch larger in chest, waist, hip measurements than the Talbot petite medium. And apparently the Quince sleeve must be about that much longer too. This may be like comparing apples to oranges but this was my situation and results.

  17. Happy to hear what many readers had to say about the sweaters. I am also going to look for Quince’s linen. This sounds like a good brand to trust.

  18. I purchased and recently received the Mongolian cashmere V-neck sweater from Quince. Too soon to know if it pills, as I have not yet worn it, but I am taking it to New Orleans next weekend and will report back. However, regarding sizing, I am a size 10 on the top, 12 on the bottom so I am toward the upper end of medium in most brands. I ordered this in a medium because I wanted to wear it under a sweater cape and wanted it to be fairly close fitting. I’m surprised to find it’s actually comfortably loose, not oversized, but not clingy in anyway. I am also fairly tall at 5‘8“ and it comes to the hipbone. I ordered some Banana Republic factory cashmere pieces at the same time and ended up sending the skirt back because it was thinner and not nearly as nice as the Quince. I did not realize they carried other things like cookware and was a bit surprised with those emails started showing up in my inbox but that’s easy to fix. As others have mentioned, cashmere will always pill, but if you dry clean it or hand wash it and lay it out to dry your chances are much better. I shave my sweaters with a cheap single blade men’s drugstore razor. Stretch it out on the ironing board and go slowly and you don’t even need a fancy sweater shaver. I will report back on how it wears photo returned from New Orleans. It’s very soft and warm, and I can’t wait for next holiday season when I can wear it with my sparkly cape from Chicos. as it’s an exact color match.

  19. Thanks for sharing, Lorri! I know all of these experiences with Quince are helping others!

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