Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Good Sunday morning, ladies!  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home.

Sunday Mornings at Home is a weekly lifestyle post featuring different information every week.

Today, we are going in my kitchen for a recipe review…we are going to go in my closet for warm home wear…and we are going to meet a reader in her favorite coat.

I also want to discuss something that came up last week.

So, I hope you have a warm beverage…a cozy spot…with a soft blanket…and are ready to read Sunday mornings at home.


Sunday Mornings at home

This is not just a bowl of plain pasta…though it looks that way!

Allow me to tell you about Mr. B’s favorite foods…pasta, pasta, and pasta.

Because he is a trail runner, he is often able to eat carbs….much more often than I am.

Typically, at home, I cook with Barilla Protein Pasta which has more protein than others. 

But, I have been looking for simple pasta recipes that are not as heavy…so he has lighter options.

That was when I happened upon Ina Garten’s Lemon Capellini.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Three ingredients…that is it!  So, why not give it a try??

The hardest part of the recipe is taking the time to obtain the Lemon Zest…you do the entire lemon.

But, it is really good…very refreshing and flavorful.

Now, I thought it was better with the addition of fresh grated parmesan on the top of the dishes.

This is easy to have on hand when he says…I want pasta…again, that is often…sigh…the rewards of running.


Sunday mornings at home

First of all, something new!  I recently found this gold crossbody at Patricia Nash’s clearance sale.

It is sold out now, but I love this little bag.  I new favorite.  You can check out more from Patricia Nash Designs at this link.

The day I picked up this bag was a flash sale and it was marked down into the 60s…probably why it moved so quickly.

I have been asked to keep closet diving…here is something I wear at home when the weather is cold.

Sunday Mornings at Home

It is a comfy, oversized, Bryn Walker sweater in green.  Just go to Dillard’s and search Bryn Walker for similar looks.

These houndstooth leggings from JJILL in the past are also very warm and comfy.  I think these new Fit Breathe Cotton Leggings at JJILL are fun too.

Sunday Mornings at Home

One day I needed to run to the post office, so I put over this my navy peacoat and Love’s Pure Light Scarf.

I felt comfortable to run in and out of the post office, but I would not wear this outfit out of the house for anything else…maybe to fill the car with gas!Sunday Mornings at Home

Now, meet Sandra, from our blog community.

After my trench coat post this past week, Sandra sent a picture wearing her favorite trench….

She and her husband were visiting Bejing here and she wore her London Fog black trench purchased in 2000.

She says this is still a go to coat for her, and I believe she found it at Dillard’s and recommends their petite department.

I am sorry this picture could not be enlarged…it would have been too blurry.

Thanks for sharing Sandra!

Remember,  I would love for you to send home decor, holiday decor, recipes, clothing shots, display shots….all from your world.  The audience loves it.

Just send your images to

FASHION NEWS: ON February 14, Apple TV+ will feature a documentary called THE NEW LOOK, the creations of fashion designers are their survival during WWII.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Yes, my Joy ornaments are packed away again waiting for next year’s Season of Joy.

But, I assure you that my own personal joy is stronger than ever.

Someone questioned that last week…just based on the fact that I was not wearing colorful accessories in recent pictures.

My joy comes first from my relationship with the Lord.  And, joy is still one of my style adjectives that I express in many different ways with my clothing.

It might surprise you to learn that I have been more joyful lately than I was at the end of last summer.  

I think it is because, I have been forced to sit down longer…have more time for pondering and planning…and move slower with more purpose.

Two foot surgeries will do that.  Yes, I am very ready to see the doctor at the end of next week and hopefully hear that the boot can come off.

But, I am grateful that I have had this time to think more…enjoy more time at home…rest…and be thankful for all that I have.

This is helping me to be stronger and I believe helping me to do more for you.  And experience more JOY.

No one need be concerned about my joy.  I hope you all are experiencing your own joy at high levels going into a new month this week.

Anything you would like to ask about in this edition of Sunday mornings at home?  I always love to hear what you are pondering as well.

Make sure this week that you……


By Pamela Lutrell

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This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

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Sunday mornings at Home



  1. I don’t mean to upset anyone, but I almost never feel joy and neither do I seek it. I do feel pleasure and contentment sometimes, but mostly I am very realistic and stoic. Surprisingly there is a real upside to that. I never shrink away or give out platitudes when people want to tell me about their hardships. People seem to like that I am ok listening to their problems.

  2. Why would that upset anyone, Linlee? The joy I have comes from my relationship with the Lord. It is a deep trust that I know he holds me and everything around me in His hands. It is not a superficial optimism, but a trust that He is there through any storm and He will help. It is a contentment that his promises are the one thing that cannot be taken from me. Life on this earth is short. My desire for you and everyone here is to find joy amidst the optimism. You do not upset me. You encourage me. There is a verse in the Bible which tells us to be quick to listen. Keep listening.

  3. I like your explanation of what you mean by joy ! Too often it is used for what is fleeting . For me the most important thing about God is that He is THERE ! Whether I am aware or not , whether I am praying or not , whether I am reading the Koran or not . (Yes I am Muslim) .

  4. Yes…He is there…His Holy Spirit is everywhere…we only need to invite Jesus in.

  5. I have often said that I do not understand how people who do not have faith in God get through the trials of life. In those middle of the night times when you are too worried to sleep it’s the comfort of prayer and knowing God hears our prayers that makes everything all right. For we know that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord. This Romans 8:28 verse has sustained me throughout my life, through the tears as well as the triumphs. As my Mr. B said this morning, we are truly blessed.

  6. We are truly blessed, Celia. I too have those nights where prayer sees me through. The power of prayer and trust that He hears and answers is so important. He may answer in different ways but He always answers.

  7. I will definitely try the pasta recipe. I love anything lemony and pasta is my favorite thing! I agree with addition of parmesan and if I had any on hand I would throw in some fresh parsley. I’m also looking for some quick recipes. Sometimes cooking every night can feel like such a drudge. Thanks for the suggestion!
    Let’s hope the boot can come off this week! You’ve been a real trooper through this very trying ordeal. I’ll be thinking of you and sending all positive thoughts your way! I do believe choosing Joy is a choice we have. So many have so much to be joyful about and just don’t embrace it. I find Joy in every sunrise and sunset..reminds me there is something much greater than myself!
    Have a lovely Sunday and good luck at the doctor’s appointment!
    Linda Ann

  8. Hi Pam. I typically spend the month of January in periods of reflection and spending a lot of downtime. My husband, the energizer bunny, cannot understand sitting and reading for long periods of time! But for me, it is a peaceful time and brings me joy. Refills my tank after the busy holiday season.

  9. Yes to fresh parsley in that dish…yes to sunrises and sunsets…and yes to hopefully moving forward with a new foot! Thanks Linda.

  10. I also am an Energizer Bunny.,. But with new perspective. I have learned so much through the sitting down of this process. And I applaud your January peace!

  11. Good morning, Pam. Hold on to that joy. You are an inspiration to all of us. Our Deacon read the poem this morning by Mary Oliver, “I Worried.” Check it out. It’s a good message. Happy Sunday. 😇

  12. Yesterday, I removed the big poinsettia from my front door that had been out there since right after Thanksgiving. The plant still looks beautiful but now I need to get ready for Spring, Lent and Easter. It helps that I live in a warm climate and the nurseries are full of pretty geraniums. February is actually one of my favorite months; no birthdays, no holidays, no rushing. Time to reflect and slow down. Lent begins on February 14 and it has always been an important period in my life as I think about Christ’s suffering. It brings me great Joy to know my foundation in the church is as great now as it was as a child.

  13. Love your comment, Linda…especially about February. Thank you for sharing your joy this morning!

  14. This is an excellent subject. One book I would like to recommend is Choose Joy by Kay Warren.
    She was still able to find joy because of her own relationship with God even when going through a dark time. I read it a few years ago but she also talks about joy.

  15. Thank you for sharing that by slowing down you’ve experienced more joy and peace. I found that happiness comes and goes but my joy is in the Lord who is always with me even in my darkest days. I’m studying the Bible in a Year and finished Genesis this week. What struck me with the story of Joseph that even in slavery the Lord was with him; Joseph’s trust in God sustained him and he prospered. I take a gentle heart-centered yoga class three times a week. It has helped me slow down, discard worrying about what I can’t control and focus on opening my heart. I hope you get good news from your doctor this week. Happy Sunday.

  16. Great post and great comments! A word of encouragement about your foot — this is from my own experience decades ago so it may not apply — when the walking cast came off my foot (had some fractures), it was very uncomfortable on the bottom of my foot when standing. It was as if it was not used to the pressure of flat soles. The encouragement part — over a short time (days or so) that discomfort went away completely. I just don’t want you to be dismayed if things feel funny when you ditch the boot and go back to shoes. It will be much much better with time! I wore what they called “oxfords” — tied shoes — for a while to protect my foot and give it support while the muscles strengthened with use (I walked a lot to get that foot strong). These days, a good athletic shoe would serve that purpose and be fashionable too! And after a while, you will be able to break out many styles of cute shoes. Hoping for good news from the surgeon for you!

  17. Thanks for all of this Kim! Very helpful. I am curious to see what happens on Thursday.

  18. I lost my health about ten years ago. I did a lot of poor me, I can’t ski down my mountains anymore, I can’t walk around the block without a rollator. It took me about 3 years to turn my dark nights around. My husband wrote his first book in the 1990s, Journey Beyond Words. I picked it up and just opened it in dark times and Jeshua just spoke to me through his book. It is mainly speaking to those who follow A Course In Miracles. But as a none practicing Jew, I found solace in the words. Because of my limitations, I am no longer an Energizer Bunny but am so much more introspective. I love looking out my windows at the mountains in all their different seasons and light. Now they are dusted with snow yet down in my valley it is sunny and 52 degrees. I laugh out loud more now than I ever did. My little dog Trixy greets me with so much joy every morning that I always laugh out loud. My husband’s constant love and the beauty around me raise my spirits even on my most painful days. Those prayers in the middle of the dark night of the soul brought gratitude for my life and all of it’s blessings.

  19. One thing I have been meaning to comment about for quite some time is that we may need help with depression at times in our lives. As we age, many people have problems with depression, myself included. Thinking positive does not help a chemical imbalance just as we cannot think our way out of diabetes or high blood pressure. My internist has been a great help, and I have benefitted from talking with a therapist. I agree with you that my joy comes from the Lord. I am thankful that He has called people with skills to help us mentally and physically as we age.

  20. This past year has been one of reflection for me & of finding out who I am. Your explanation of joy is spot on. While we may not always be happy, we can always find joy. My faith has seen me through many difficult times as yours has.
    I will try the pasta recipe because it does sound good. I believe it will be easy to cut in half as a whole 16-ounce package of pasta is quite a lot for one person even if though I do love pasta.

  21. I am not a believer in positive thinking curing all. I agree with you. I also have seen God heal depression, so I know that happens. Depression is a growing reality in our country today…very concerning. I am so sorry that you struggle with it, but glad you know the Lord to help you through.

  22. We sing, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”. It is a simple chorus, but one that reminds us of the source.
    Great to read the many comments today.

  23. I’m going to confess that I am a lazy person and buy lemon zest, dried, in a bottle. It’s nice to have to sprinkle into dishes for a lemony accent. If I have a lemon I will zest it, but I don’t always have one.

  24. Thanks for an easy recipe for those of us who don’t love cooking! One of my new year’s intentions was to cook and eat at home more, and I can’t wait to try this. I can imagine it going really well with an Italian seasoned chicken breast, or being delicious on its own. Either way, I’ll enjoy it with a big hunk of fresh Italian bread and some herbed butter. I’m in the “joy comes from the Lord” camp, and have found that to be true in my own life, but that thinking also kept me from seeking help from a qualified therapist for a long time. There are Christian based counseling and therapy services available, and I would encourage anyone who feels seeking professional help is giving up on God’s help to reconsider. As an Energizer Bunny type, I have had to learn to sit still during several seasons of illness in the past year. It would be a stretch to say I love it now, but I have learned to let it replenish me and to accept my physical limitations when I have them. It also helps me achieve my reading goals, which are ambitious this year. Hard to believe I have been retired for almost two years and can count the books I’ve read on one hand! That’s changing this year, and I look forward to more book recommendations from you and your readers.

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