2024 Fashion Trends: Merlot

2024 fashion trends

Happy last Saturday of January 2024!  Today we look at 2024 Fashion Trends:  Merlot.

This is the third post on the 2024 fashion trends which I have been learning of in traditional fashion magazines.

The first of the 2024 fashion trends was WINDOWPANE PLAID, and the second was LIGHT WASH DENIM.

There are many trend colors for 2024, but today the first one I have witnessed in stores is MERLOT….that was the color the magazine highlighted.

However, it comes with many names….bordeaux, dark cherry, burgundy, chianti, fresh syrah, oxblood….to name just a few….reach for the wine later!

Personally, I have always referred to it as burgundy or maroon.

Please tell us if you have a different name for this shade of color.

But, let’s talk about merlot as  one of the 2024 fashion trends.


2024 fashion trends

As I said, once I knew that merlot was one of the 2024 fashion trends, I have seen it in many places for merchandising displays.

This was at the front of our neighborhood Nordstrom Rack when I was there last week.

Just by observation, many merlot pieces are currently on sale.  Which makes me wonder if this is a 2024 fashion trend for early in the year?

Perhaps these trend colors evolve through the seasons.  

But there are some lovely items on the market in this color.  For example, accessories:

And for clothing:

2024 Fashion Trends

This display was on Instagram, and it Is a boutique in Italy.  The account is martinelli.roma.

Again, when we something is declared an official trend in fashion world, it shows up everywhere.

This Is one of those colors that have many different shades associated with it…some go more red and some do not.

However, for those who like to stay current….if you have burgundy in your wardrobe…pull it out!

You will immediately be among the 2024 fashion trends.  It does help us to look youthful and engaged.


2024 fashion trends

As new collections hit the racks, we begin to see how some of the 2024 fashion trends will play out.

Here are some new collections you may want to be aware of:

Frank & Eileen Italian Sophisticated Sweatpants

Athleta New Neutrals

VIVAIA Slide-in Sneakers made with Sugar Cane

Tuckernuck Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Collection

Ann Taylor Mariner Inspired

Chico’s New Spring Arrivals

Talbot’s New Arrivals

JCP Matching Sweat Sets

Eileen Fisher New Arrivals

I did not see any merlot here in any of these collections…another reason I think this may just be Winter 2024 Fashion Trends…but I will watch it.

Personally, I do wear the color often because it is in my color palette. 

Let me know…do you enjoy learning of these 2024 fashion trends…have you found this to be helpful?? As always, I like to hear from you!

Now, go forth and……………………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

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2024 fashion trends

I hope to see you tomorrow…bring your own cup of JOY



  1. Coming from a family of Aggies, you know I’m going to call this “maroon,” and that my closet is full of it. I also like the slightly redder “merlot,” as well as the more purple version. All these are in my palette and I find myself wearing them often, although I had no idea they were currently on trend. It’s hard for me to think of these shades for spring, but I wear them from late summer through winter. I loved all the examples you found for us, especially those gorgeous bags! Once upon a time I splurged on a Coach “Rhyder” bag in “black cherry” suede and smooth leather. It is still the most expensive bag I have ever ownedt, even from eBay, so for all the years I’ve had it I’ve been “saving it for good.” This post has inspired me to get it out and actually use it. I’m enjoying this new Saturday focus so much, and while catching up on last week’s edition I ordered that appliqued blouse from Chico’s using your link. I’ve always loved clothing with interesting textures, and I can’t wait to wear this piece. I got the black one first, but if I love it I plan to also purchase the ivory version.

  2. I adore that mannequin from the Italian store.I love the colour of the skirt so much. That is my kind of style as it looks classy and timeless.Also, merlot sounds so much better than burgundy and maroon.Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Happy Saturday, Lorri. My Aggie son also wears a lot of maroon. I am glad you like the Saturday focus!

  4. You are right, Julie…Merlot does sound better. The boutique in Italy always have great displays in Instagram. They know how to do it right! Happy Saturday.

  5. I too have this colour in my closet, but edge closer to a dark raspberry in some cases. I was so excited to see that skirt, then realize it was in a store in Italy, alas not for me. The fabric looks very rich, unlike some of the similar ones here. I think I will go and switch my jeans right now for a pair of merlot pants to go out this morning.

  6. Maroon by any name washes me out if I wear it near my face. I wore it in high school because “Burgundy” was very popular in the 60s but have avoided it ever since until I bought a pair of Talbot corduroy jeans in a color named “Shiraz”. They are quite dark and have just enough brown in them to go well with my autumn sweaters and look great with a golden (not metallic) sweater. I would wear that gorgeous Italian skirt in a heartbeat. I think of this as a winter color. I do wear “Cranberry” which is a warmer shade, without the blue influence. BTW, as far as trends I am seeing a lot of blue in stores. Not that this is new; it seems to come around this time every year.

  7. Good Saturday morning. I do not wear burgundy, but I remember having a deep velvet blazer in that color that I wore constantly in college. I also remember window shopping in Paris in 1974 and seeing a gorgeous back buttoned dress tipped in pink with a pink collar. It was memorable if I can remember it after all these years. That Italian boutique is delicious. I will follow it. I love when you share sites. Interesting that Bessette’s name came up. I watched a video on utube last week about her style. I’m not sure that I agreed with every single item displayed in that offering. She did wear minimalist clothing and now with the luxury trend, it is not surprising to revisit her style. She is right up there with Jackie O, Audrey, Grace, Diana, etc. Have a great day.

  8. Good call, Diane. Wear them now. I wish I could link to that skirt. If I see something similar, I will.

  9. We will see a variety going forward. Right now I have been using guides from the fashion magazines, but I am certain I will break out on my own as I see trends showing up in many places. Thanks Kathie

  10. What you are showing are variations of “Viva Magenta” which is Pantone’s 2023 colour of the year.

  11. Good morning Pam,
    When I first read your post at 3 am this morning I did a virtual tour of my closet and said, “nope” I do not have any thing merlot, but as I was getting dress and looking for an outfit I saw a merlot tunic from Jjill (purchased years ago) that I wear in fall and winter. My one and only merlot color. The display from Italy is well put together and the dark sage bag to the right would add a nice pop of color to the outfit (IMO).
    On another note, I have a old, black, unlined EF trench coat that survived a closet purge when I was getting rid of clothes that where not in my pallet. I never liked the belt strings and after reading your trench coat post this week I cut off the strings, wore the coat with a scarf in my color and love it! As others wrote it never occurred to me to cut the strings. Have a great weekend!

  12. I love the shades of ” wine” you’re featuring and like many women, decades ago I labeled this color MAROON – that was it. Now I tend toward calling it WINE or follow the descriptive word on the garment- if there is one. Burgundy or Merlot I’ve seen and heard most often. I use WINE. Btw- Love the Italian pieces!

  13. Being a Florida State Seminole this color is called garnet. Go garnet and gold! It’s not a good color for me but I put that jersey on every game day.
    I’d be ordering the Italian outfit right now if it wasn’t literally in Italy.

  14. Merlot, as you call it, is a favorite color for me too as a gray-haired winter. In fact I need to order the burgundy…my preferred name…cashmere sweater while I’m thinking of it. I noticed in the opening picture from Nordstrom Rack, the blouse had ties at the neck and sleeves as bows apparently are in, and the pants appear to be more leisure wear which definitely is in. I do need to go find those burgundy or maroon items I already own, and wear them.

  15. While giving a nod to the entertainment factor of trends – the whys, wheres and hows – most of us follow our hearts and seasonal palettes, and our closets reflect that. Fun when the same or similar colors are marketed by many names over the years! Maroon and burgundy sound more serious than merlot, ha. School colors maroon and gold. In my cool palette I love the term berry, which spans the seasons. Cheers!

  16. I certainly follow my color palette and burgundy is in it. I feel like we are going to watch this deep Merlot wash out into spring pinks as far as trends go.

  17. For years I wore cordovan penny loafers to St. Rose and I loved those shoes! Was that a dark brown with a hint of red? I remember the mothers at the school asking the nuns to please change the dress code to black shoes because red/cordovan was difficult to find. It’s a tough color for me to wear around my face; my skin tone is much too yellow.

  18. I call this burgundy or wine, and it’s a staple in my blue autumn wardrobe. I think it’s one of the most flattering, versatile colors for me. Maroon or oxblood I also love, but I would say have more brown/orange in them than burgundy, and true maroon or oxblood are harder for me to find. There is a fig color that’s like a brown/eggplant/burgundy color, and if I can find that, it’s a true favorite. I love burgundy with very warm amber and with tan accessories. I also love it with navy, where it can be dressy, dark and moody, or go nautical with stripes in the spring. I wear it with black bottoms too, but if the color is too much on the red side, worn with black it veers goth to me, which would not fit my adjectives. I think there’s a version of this color that works for almost everyone.

  19. Growing up an Alabama fan who then married a Mississippi State fan, I have lots of Maroon and Crimson so this trend is easy for me. I actually love both shades because the bright red is too much for my skin tone. Love the Saturday posts.

  20. This is a lovely color in my opinion. I drove a Toyota Celica in this deep burgundy and always thought it was such a pretty car. I’ve had wardrobe pieces across time as well, a favorite being a sweater skirt that always worked for winter dress-up. Currently I have a pair of jeans in merlot, and a summery blouse with some merlot flowers on a pale pink background, but that’s it. Lighter colored blues, greens, and lavenders are more flattering for me.

  21. Linda is right, there is a version of this color for most palettes. I can wear the dark cooler tones away from my pale face. The bags and shoes appeal to me the most. Neither of the mannequins would work for me. Have a great weekend everyone!

  22. Hi Pam,
    I bought a pair of pants this color a few years ago and it was called “Red Velvet Cake “. It gave me a good chuckle and I had to buy them!

  23. I was just thinking about trends, and how to wear them. I think a touch of a trend shows you are paying attention to fashion. Some trends will date you. Anyone remember fancy sweatshirts? Grommets? Military inspired looks? Extreme high/low hems? The trends you have been showing feel more timeless. I love burgundy and Bordeaux leather goods are classics.

  24. The 2024 Pantone colors have something called “rooibus tea,” which is lighter and maybe a little more pink.

  25. I have a leather jacket in wine that my husband purchased for me several years ago. I wear it often & always receive compliments on it. I had a purse that was in a similar color, but alas, I am very hard on handbags, & it had to be retired. I did receive a St. John’s Bay fleece top for Christmas in a color called “rich ruby”. I don’t know if anyone else remembers the brand Aigner from back in the day, but the signature color was burgundy. They specialized in high quality leather goods. I had a pair of their loafers & wore them for years.

  26. I agree that there is a shade for everyone. The displays are only there to demonstrate the color is trending and to inspire those who like the styles.

  27. I personally think it will morph into pink. Harper’s Bazaar called the trend Merlot.

  28. Aigner is still around! A brand out of Germany, they still sell beautiful luxury items.
    Thanks for mentioning something new, Becky!

  29. Becky, I remember the Aigner brand and had many pairs of their shoes, including a beautiful pair of burgundy pumps. They were so well made and lasted forever if cared for properly. Unfortunately, those were all in narrow widths, which I could no longer wear after I gained 68 pounds having a 6 pound baby-LOL. My feet became medium width permanently. Thanks for a happy memory of the shoes I used to wear before surgery!

  30. I do like the Fashion Trends. I do have a print blouse with the Merlot color. I will wear it tomorrow with the merlot sweater I purchased this past winter.

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