2024 Fashion Trend: Sand

2024 fashion trend

Happy last Saturday of February, everyone!  Today we are discussing a 2024 Fashion Trend: Sand.

Since the beginning of the year, Saturdays on this blog have been all about learning the 2024 fashion trends to keep us current with our style.

Today is another color 2024 fashion trend…and this color is called SAND.

Many styles I have seen give me flashbacks of the Coastal Grandmother trend with soft neutrals and this sand color as a focus.

I am actually more drawn to these colors this year than I was during the Coastal Grandmother time.  

So, I have noticed the trend in most retailers.

So, get your cozy on with a warm cup and let’s receive some inspiration for this 2024 fashion trend called sand.


2024 fashion trend

This photo is from Talbot’s current catalog which calls them Nuanced Neutrals and says: “Strike a monochrome tone with beautiful, sophisticated neutrals. Tailored pants, pretty details, and textural layers. The epitome of quite luxury.”

Retailers have called this color sand, tan, oatmeal, beige, and even neutral to identify the 2024 fashion trend.  It is lighter than camel.

Jodi Kahn, Neiman Marcus Vice President of Luxury Fashion said, “On trend are light, gentle, and easy. Look for shades of white, cream, stone, or other soothing neutrals.”

Perhaps that is why I am drawn to it this year…after recovery…soothing is a big draw!

As I said, I have seen this 2024 fashion trend in many places…here are a few of the pieces:

For those of you who like this color, is your preference to pair it with a true white or a creamy off white?  Would love to know your thoughts?

I think it matters …do you?

This same 2024 fashion trend vibe is evident in the TUCKERNUCK SUN BAKED COLLECTION.

Finally, on this subject, I began today with a photo of the new catalog from Karen Kane…here are the pieces which reflect the featured 2024 fashion trend…all sold at Dillards


2024 fashion trend

I wrote earlier in the week, that I went to JJILL and the 2024 fashion trend of polka dots had hit there big time.

Here are the JJILL dots in this slide show:

And other dots on the scene here in this slideshow:


Let us know what you think of the 2024 fashion trend…it is called a trend because this lighter color is set to be here throughout the year….and make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I love this color trend. As someone who cannot wear white or even soft white near my face this is a great light neutral for me. I noticed it last year and grabbed a few pieces. I find them versatile. I have my eye on the military style jacket at J Jill which was not in stock yet at my store. I like how its paired with a tee in a slightly darker shade. I need to check colors in person as colors don’t always show true online or in catalogs. I do wear white & off white pants in the summer and I think a sand colored top with either of those would be a fresh look. I guess I missed the coastal grandmother thing but I do like light neutrals in hot weather so I’m thrilled to be seeing this color around. And I would love to see a sand shirt with off off white polka dots.

  2. I have always loved a navy polka dot dress but now that I have gray hair I feel that I would look dowdy. How could I freshen the look? Also, sand is a great color and the picture of all the layering in sand is a favorite look but with my gray hair I would look washed out. How can I add color around my face and still have the layering with the sand color?

  3. I bought some sand flared jeans for spring, but I won’t be able to wear the head-to-toe look. I like it, but light colors completely wash me out. I plan to wear chocolate, navy or black with mine, with forays into some bright summer color when warm weather arrives. I like crisp white with sand, but again, I struggle to wear bright white. One of my worst colors/items is that white button down shirt every list has as “essential.” I wasted some money there over the years, as those shirts languished in the closet, so I would say, yes, the kind of white you pair with sand matters a lot. I also think the tone of sand matters … the Talbots sand looks a little pink to me, whereas I prefer more of a dark off white or golden-leaning color.

  4. Hi, Pam. I love this sand color when I see it. However, I am very light-skinned with cool tones and have salt and pepper hair. I think this color washes me out. I think I look better in bright colors, especially jewel tones (bright pink and royal blue, green, plum, red). Does anyone else struggle with this? Maybe I’ll just put on a sand outfit and walk confidently, what do you think? 😍

  5. Hi Kathie! Thanks for starting us off this morning. My JJILL also did not have that jacket, but I ordered it and will feature it if I like what I see. On the website, it looks great! I also am a big fan of this sand color.

  6. Hi Mary, have you ever had your colors done…do you know if you are a cool or warm woman. It is difficult to make those suggestions without knowing your complexion or eye color. Yes, gray hair does matter…but you will be surprised at how knowing your best colors changes everything.
    If you go to take this free color quiz on Kettlewell, it will help you…https://www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk/us/colour-quiz#/questions/4869807. Let us know what you discover.

  7. Hi Pamela,
    It’s been a while since I’ve read your blog. I have some catching up to do! This neutral color trend is very soothing. We use it a lot here year round in CA, at least I know I do. The Talbots pieces are nice so there goes the budget hahaha. Anyway, I just want to say a sincere THANK YOU for all the work you put into this blog. I appreciate you. 😊
    Take care, Sandra

  8. I fell for that essential white shirt for years and wasted so much money because it never looked good on me. Once I had my colors done and discovered I am a vibrant autumn women I knew why the white did not look best on me. It is not essential for all women…wrong message. I wish all of us who wasted out money had it back. Fortunately, there are lots of places to find the sand or oatmeal shades and you are right …some are lighter than others. I like to wear olive green with my sand.

  9. I’m still living and loving my neutrals from last year! I feel at home in them.
    There will always be room for a pop of color, but neutrals are just so easy!

  10. They are Paulette…I agree with you…with my style adjectives I always accessorize with jewelry, scarves or color. Thanks for joining in.

  11. I love this “sand” color! is such a great base that you can dress up or down. I have many pieces in this shade that I wear with white or off white pants. I have it, or shades of it, in tops, jackets, blazers, pants and am looking for a great bag.
    My main problem is the shoe. I have a very narrow foot with a very high arch and that makes it’s difficult to find shoes. I have seen so many in this “sand” color that I really like but they don’t make many narrow shoes.
    Love your posts and always find a tip or a style that I fall in love with. Have a wonderful weekend! We’re having our Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and I think you’re having the same in San Antonio this weekend? Beautiful weather for it!

  12. Yes, Rhoda, it is rodeo time…just wrote a little bit about it in tomorrow’s post. This is the last weekend and I am watching a little one today while the family goes to the afternoon performance. I have always loved rodeo and today’s weather could not be better!
    Have fun in Houston.

  13. I am pleased to see there will be more of this color family available this year. I think of this like the “white bed” Pottery Barn featured for many years: a mix of whites, creams and sand in linens, cottons, textures. While I don’t care to look like a big, cushiony bed, I do love the idea of layering the colors as opposed to being a matched set. I always make sure the shirt I choose is not whiter than my teeth or the whites of my eyes.

  14. LOL…since I have been on my tush so much, I feel like a big cushiony bed! You made me laugh again, Connie.

  15. Love the look but for me, the ‘sand’ needs to be trousers with white near my face. I would go with a softer rather than an optic white. I like navy and black with sand as well, altho’ that’s not the coastal, quiet look. I need to replace a couple of pairs of white/off white cotton pants, so maybe I’ll join the sand look this year. I also need a pair of well-fitting shorts, and sand could be a good choice … although, when push comes to shove, I usually opt for navy.

  16. I am a “winter”, so it would need to be a cool shade of sand for me to consider it. I think the shade of sand influences the white paired with it. Yellowish sand would look better with a creamy white. Cool toned sand would probably look better with a bright white. I could see myself wearing a neutral jacket with a cool turquoise tee or blouse.

  17. I just love this look. Like a few have mentioned, dressing in all light colors washes me out, too. I am a deep autumn. I, too, wasted $ for years looking for the perfect white shirt. Now I know I need what I call ‘dirty white’ which could be oyster or buttermilk. My sand needs to be warm, but as a deep, bold autumn I always have to have a deep on me. If I had a warm sand jacket, for instance, I would have to have a deep piece underneath, in something like deep olive or dark brown, or at least a color of medium value, like a spicy coral. I am hoping that if this sand is really trending, there will be warm and cool shades readily available. Back to the sand and white look, it is such a lovely look for spring and summer. Now I am picturing a warm sand suit, spicy coral top, deep brown jewelry, shoes, and bag!

  18. Although most colors in the sand range are not good for anything worn near my face, I do wear it in bottoms & accessories. I love the look of white with these colors & think it looks wonderful on those who can wear it in tops. I am starting to get on board with some of the polka dot looks, but the navy midi dress with the white dots just screamed old lady to me. I’m sure there are a lot of lovely ladies who can pull this look off & look fabulous, but I am not one of them.

  19. I really like the sand and white combination, but it is not my best colors. I have seen several women wearing it, and they have looked great .

  20. As a summer, I don’t think sand it going to work for me except perhaps in a linen-like pant that sort goes to rosy brown. In my colors, the closest color I suppose is called mushroom. (I don’t think that is sand, though). No matter, it is still great for you warm-toned ladies and gentleman and I love some of the options shown. One thing I do know is that for these shades that can vary from warm to cool, you have got to try them on and see them in natural light. And for those who do have their colors done, it can be revelatory. However, as the consultants say, they are tools not rules, so sand might still work for some cool toned people.

  21. SO MUCH great stuff in this post, and my shopping list got longer with every slide I clicked! I am another survivor of the Essential White Shirt myth; now I wear ivory instead. I agree that having your colors analyzed is worth every penny, as it helps prevent shopping mistakes that become “closet orphans.” Thanks for providing a free alternative for your readers. I can wear “sand” if it leans toward the warmer golden tan, and a few years ago I started buying summer pieces in those shades, so I should be all set this year. In January I bought a new ivory gauze top from Karen Kane with sand and tan embroidery that I think may be one of my all-time faves once I have the elastic removed from the sleeves. I’d rather roll them up or have them loose at the wrists in our heat. I bought the “barley” cropped jeans last year when you featured them, and have since bought another pair on eBay, so I have those as good basics on the bottom for this neutral trend, along with a sand/ivory striped shirt I got on sale at Target and a sleeveless linen top from Kohl’s. I think tan/ivory/navy are going to be my capsule wardrobe color scheme for Charleston in June, especially with the great ideas I’ve gotten from you today. Please report back on the JJill military jacket when you get it – pretty sure I need that if it pairs well with olive green. I can see it over our new olive twill Chico’s shirts or summer neutrals. Wondering how it would look over the navy dotted dress I bought last week, which you’ve featured here? I was tickled to see that I already own several of the dotted pieces you featured, or something similar, which has inspired me to dig into my closet before ordering anything else. Now I need a cool, rainy day to spend combing through my five closets full of clothes!

  22. I discovered that I am an Autumn. The list of colors is pretty close to what I have been wearing. It was fun and interesting. Thank you. I will think of ways to wear sand and add autumn colors.

  23. Well, my sand colored jeans that I planned to wear today, wouldn’t close at the waist by 2 inches! I tried my cream just to see, and same. These were Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in 12 short. So I tried on my black jeans in 12P by Liz Claiborne, all from JCP and they fit, even a little loose fitting. I love sand tones on the bottom, blue tones on top. I took the free color test and verified that I am a cool summer. I can’t afford the clothes from the UK that they offer, much too pricey for this retired Colorado girl. I prefer stripes to dots but usually wear solids in cool blue tones with my tans.

  24. Tans or those in the brown family definitely come under the umbrella of my favourite neutrals for summer wear. Also wear different shades of white and also black however do avoid navy as feel it ages me, though I love it on others. -Brenda-

  25. I bought the Talbots scarf pictured. I was lucky enough to thrift a Talbots coat in the same color. Personally, I would wear this color with cream, ivory or another off-white. I’m a summer with a lot of shades of beige in my hair. Love this sophisticated, classic color!

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