Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Good morning!  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home with Tux and me!

Sunday mornings at home is my weekly lifestyle post which includes a little bit of everything…never the same.

I invited Tuxedo to start us off today, because this picture says….it is spring in South Texas.

Whenever he wants to walk, he grabs this bone and follows one of us around…and with warmer weather, this is what I see most often right now.

He knows things have improved outside.

Today, in Sunday Mornings at Home I am going to focus on springtime…though the calendar does not make it official until Tuesday, March 19.

Here the birds are singing while I type, and the days are longer with more sunshine.

Yesterday, when I got in the car after grocery shopping, the thermometer registered 100!!  I was not happy.

Of course, it was only 77 outside, but I am not ready to see 100 on anything.

I pray this summer will not be the same as last summer…it was brutal.

But, with the cooler temps of spring beginning…let’s look forward and think about it in Sunday mornings at home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Our blog community member, Lorri, has been featured often this week…because she reaches out with good information.

Lorri wrote: “I thought you or your readers might enjoy seeing this early sign of spring in north Texas.  I am honored to be the current custodian of these heirloom bulbs, which came to Texas in a covered wagon with my daughter’s paternal great-great-grandparents.  They came from Tennessee to settle in Maypearl, Texas sometime between 1902 and 1905.  It makes me so happy every time they survive another winter, especially since they usually bloom so early that they get frozen before they can fully blossom. This is the best showing we’ve had in several years.  I know you enjoy working in your yard, and hope your foot is recovering well enough to allow you to enjoy it this season.” 

Lorri….I LOVE THIS STORY!  Thank you so much for the picture and the heritage behind it…very cool.

My plan is to work in the yard…but we will see how it goes.

Sunday Mornings at Home

I decided it was time to bring home the daisies.  One of my very favorite springtime flowers.

I agree with Kathleen Kelly, Meg Ryan’s character, in You’ve Got Mail…daisies are the friendliest flower.

There are also quotes around about how daisies are the most joyful flower…maybe that is why I am drawn to them.

Sunday Mornings at Home

If you are looking for ideas for home decorations, just take a little trip to Marshalls or Home Goods…they have lots of inspiration….and cute ideas for Easter Baskets too.

And, remember to share your new home decor or gardening ideas or spring outfits or recipes with the blog readers by sending them to

That is how Lorri made her mark this week…all images must come through the email and not the comments below.

Sunday mornings at home

Late winter and early spring in Texas means RODEO!  

Here is one of my five-year-old grandsons doing his first mutton busting…and he said he wants to ride again.  I am proud of his bravery at five.

Just click the link and his ride should pop-up in a separate box….our little cowboy….

Sunday mornings at home

Of course, springtime means Baseball!

When I taught high school journalism, this accomplished young man was Editor for a time of the high school newspaper I began at our school.

This is Garrett Lloyd a member of the Chicago Cubs…and the reason I support their team…though I still am a Rangers and Astros fan.

This was always Garrett’s dream and I love to see young people achieve their dreams.

Let’s Play Ball!


Sunday mornings at home

I have not begun to remove sweaters and heavier jackets just yet…but it may happen next weekend.

This is an outfit from my closet this past week.  Most days were in the 80s…after freezing last weekend.  The linen jacket has the typical wrinkles in it.

I love spring clothing, because it is still comfortable to wear jackets and blazers and that will always be one of my favorite styles with my jeans.

Here are a few spring arrivals that caught my eye this week….I put the Cole Haan shoe first because of the toe box…not often easy to find one like this….

Make sure you stop by tomorrow to see Leigh & me go shopping at Talbot’s…and it will be the last day for 25% off on new arrivals.


Sunday mornings at home

Several of you are in recovery, or about to be, or caring for someone who is…and I want you to know that I understand the tough times.

During recovery, it is so easy to slip into self pity.  

I have battled it recently with gained weight, slow recovery, fatigue, and an increase of ugly comments on the blog…still not sure what that is about but I did block and delete several this past week.

However, in a “self-pity-moment” I clearly heard….BE THANKFUL.

Since that moment, when the pity party shows up, I begin to thank the Lord for all my blessings.

And the self pity melts away.

To the woman who wrote that religion has no place on this blog.  I agree. 

I am not into religion at all…but I do have a living, thriving, relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

That relationship is everything to me and all that I am about.  There is no way I could leave it out. Jesus also was not into religion.

This blog was begun with a heartfelt desire to help women be their best over 50…inside and out.  You cannot be your best without faith.  I just believe that to be true.

So encouraging you to grow in faith is key to who I am.

Recovery has its challenges, but I thank God for this time to grow closer to Him in a new way.

If you have any comments on Sunday Mornings at Home, then please share….and throughout this day…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at home


  1. Agree 100% with all ❤ faith, without it I’m nothing. Love baseball, strong connection to my parent that I do not have with me anymore. Daisies are so happy. Thank you for your time and hard work to help me and so many others .

  2. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your blog every morning. A relationship with Jesus is what gets us through our days. Your grandson is so brave and cute. It is cloudy and cold in KY this morning, but warmer days are forecast.

  3. I would like to say that your blog is perfect in every way. What some people perceive as imperfection, I recognize as personality. Thank you for helping me greet the day.

  4. So true that a relationship with Jesus gets us through…especially during these challenging and difficult times. Thanks Cheryll!

  5. All of you help me greet the day! I am so thankful for every one of you. Happy Sunday, Deborah!

  6. Thanks so much for your Marshall’s posts. I will look for home decorations for Spring. Like you I love my jackets and would love your ideas for lighter versions for the summer to wear with the brutal humidity here! I currently have a Zenergy jacket from Chicos that I can wear over tanks.

  7. Actually, I am working on this idea, Susie. Great warm weather minds think alike! Hope to do something soon.

  8. Pam, This is your blog so if you want to remind us to appreciate our gifts through faith then you continue to do it, critics need not subscribe! I am in the Northeast with a sunny but 25 degree Sunday morning so seeing daffodils, baseball and a white linen jacket was just the thing to remind me that Spring will be here soon. Thanks for all your hard work, and hope you continue to heal and thrive.

  9. Jesus is my strength and savior; I grew up with him and he has brought me through many bad moments. This time of year is always special to me and reminds me of his sacrifices throughout his life. I know I can endure because of him. It is definitely Spring in SoCal; I sat on the soccer field yesterday looking up at snow covered mountains whle it was 70 degrees where I was. The mallard ducks on our pond are mating and laying eggs. Soon we will have ducklings! A sure sign of Spring here!

  10. Daisies have always been such a favorite for me too! They were the flowers we used in our little church wedding almost 56 years ago. They are the decoration on the everyday dishes we have used daily since getting married. When I open my iPad every morning, your blog is the first site I open. You always give me a boost, a spark of good attitude to start my day, and I realize that one’s attitude definitely determines whether a day will be good or bad. Loved seeing little Colton attempting to ride the mutton…he is brave to try. I just heard that our weather will be more like May or June rather than like February, but surely this is not the end of cold weather. I’m not ready to expose my arms and legs! But I am looking forward to joyful flowers like the daffodils Lorrie is growing and preserving.

  11. Spring will come, Nancy! Blessings! I hope the ones who cringe when I talk of Jesus will not leave…they need Him!

  12. I live in western Montana and we’ve had very little snow this winter. I noticed that my daffodils are coming up already! I hope you can get out and work in your garden soon.

  13. Good morning Pam! Here in Southern New England we are registering only (brrrr) 24 degrees but a bright blue sky and sunshine is our gift! i do feel it!
    I’m an optimist by nature, so it saddens me to hear that some folks feel the need to spread negativity onto your blog! As somebody mentioned, this is your blog and to delete or block such meaness is certainly your right. We are here to hear your voice really!
    We will have a taste of spring this next week and it will be cherished!

  14. Good morning Pam! Here in Southern New England we are registering only (brrrr) 24 degrees but a bright blue sky and sunshine is our gift! i do feel it!
    I’m an optimist by nature, so it saddens me to hear that some folks feel the need to spread negativity onto your blog! As somebody mentioned, this is your blog and to delete or block such meaness is certainly your right. We are here to hear your voice really!
    We will have a taste of spring this next week and it will be cherished!

  15. No real spring here yet, in northern IL. We had snow on Friday! It’s supposed to warm up and even though I like snow for my birthday, I don’t see that happening. Oh well, maybe 2028. And — Go Cubs Go!

  16. Pam, it made me smile to see Tux first thing. He knows what’s going on! Your messages are perfect. Filled with faith, joy and love. Just what we all need. Happy spring!!

  17. As I am currently in a state of recovery from hip replacement this week, I want to not miss anything the Lord has for me in this period. Without faith; without Christ I am nothing, so let us just pray for those who don’t know this assurance. You remain faithful to your calling. Loved seeing your little guy from beautiful North Central Texas this morning.

  18. We are heading into a heat wave of 70 degrees this week! Our winter has been so mild. I don’t like hot weather fashion nearly as much because I like the dark autumn hues of my palette and I love to layer. Some warm-weather looks will be much appreciated. Looking forward to them. Your grandson was indeed brave … loved that! Finally, I say, just keep being you. We love your blog just as it is, and Sunday morning posts are my favorites.

  19. Happy Sunday!
    Daisies have always been my favorite. They made up my bridal bouquet 46 years ago! Such a simple and happy flower! I understand it’s tough not to get on the self pity train. About a month ago I finally got Covid after 3 years of successfully avoiding it. While the symptoms weren’t as severe, the lingering fatigue has really gotten me down. I love to walk, even in the cold weather, but haven’t had the energy to get out there. I’m trying to stay positive and have set March 1st as my turn around date! Pity party is over and I’m focusing on all that’s good and right in my world!

  20. Yes! Let’s do that together, Linda! This week my goal is to go to the gym on the days I don’t have PT…we will see if I make it happen. I will think of you on Friday! We can do this.

  21. Another great post. I have a personal relationship with God and that has nothing to do with “religion”. Nuff said about that, now I was just this past week checking my inventory of jackets and blazers. I have like 10 tanks, but at m age, I need something to cover my arms. Also have a collection of linen long sleeve shirts to combat the heat of August. Like you I am so looking forward to spring and a bearable summer.
    Right now we are savoring that beautiful two weeks of perfect weather that happens in spring and fall. lol.

  22. Yee-haw for Colton!!! I am a lifelong fan of rodeo, and love seeing the little buckaroo rodeos at the fair. As it turns out, I also am a fan of baseball, so will watch for your young Garrett. It’s fun to have even the slightest extra reason to cheer. 🎉 My garden fills with the daisies I planted 20 years ago, but usually just now start growing and not until June do they bloom. They make me happy, and neighbors seem to enjoy them too.

  23. What a handsome little cowboy and since our temperatures are still hovering around the mid twenties, seeing the daffodils and daisies are encouraging that Spring will eventually arrive for us here in Canada. (We also still have snow on the ground and as our Winter Carnival festivities just came to a closure, shall only now be taking down a large porch planter (of seasonal foliage) which was part of my Xmas decor.) As to the subject of fashion I am looking forward to Spring though if anything like previous years it will be short lived with summer shortly behind it but as currently editing/refurbishing my wardrobe, on the most part plan to opt for long sleeved tops this year that will carry me through both Spring and Summer. (i.e.: Will just roll/ruche their sleeves when/if necessary but will suit the need of sun protection or being in air conditioned environments.) Last but not least; appreciating all the hard work that you put into your blog Pamela. -Brenda-

  24. So much to love about this post, Pam! The beautiful daffodils remind me of spring on the coast where I grew up. I’ve always loved them, but like you, daisies are also a favourite. As a retired teacher, hearing about your former student achieving his dream resonated with me. It’s always a delight to hear that one of my students has gone on to be successful in their chosen field. And then, I love the fact that you boldly share your faith on your blog. It is, after all, your blog and you are free to share whatever you want. I feel sad for the woman who criticized you for that and especially for the fact that she doesn’t understand the difference between religion and a relationship with the Lord. I also appreciate your words of wisdom about living through recovery. I will be having a treatment on March 11 to destroy a large tumour on my liver. I’ve been told that I will probably experience nausea and fatigue for a couple of weeks after that, so I hope that I can remember to be thankful and hang onto joy during that time!

  25. Thank you Pam for all of the positive encouragement you give us. Love the Cole Hahn loafers. I’m praying for those that have given you mean comments that they may stop, look inward, and change. Other bloggers have experienced the same, and shared about it. Just block them, and continue to be the special person that you are.

    Looking forward to the Talbot’s post—that is where I shop for petites—pants usually fit perfectly. Getting hot in Houston already, and not looking forward to summer. The over 100 degrees last summer did a lot of damage to our house (e.g., iron gate felt down because soil separated from the concrete, garage’s foundation started to fall for the same reason, and more). All had to be repaired, still doing renovations, and had to move out to a condo for a couple of months, which has been very difficult with my husband, who can hardly walk because of long-term Parkinson’s, and now memory loss due to a stroke. But, like you, I count our blessings daily! I believe that prayers do work and miracles do happen.

  26. It amazes me that anyone would suggest what you can and cannot have on your own blog. If one is truly trying to live a Christian life and have a real relationship with God the Father and His Son, then you don’t just turn it off for certain occasions. It permeates everything you think, say and do — and write. It’s nice that you share your living faith without being preachy, just a real part of who you are.

    Glad to see you are on the mend … it’s certainly been a lesson in patience for you. I pray the results are everything you are hoping for.

  27. I know I can find some short sleeves that are cool and cover your arms. Will get on it. Thanks Rhoda.

  28. Send us a picture when they bloom, Connie…would love to see one. Currently, Garrett os the bullpen catcher that warms up the pitchers. You may not see him…but he is there living his dream.

  29. Thank you Brenda. Sadly, our spring is way to short and quickly becomes summer heat. But, I want to enjoy the low humidity and temps in the 70s and 80s while I can.

  30. Elaine…just marked the date in March in my calendar so I can pray for you. I will pray specificially over the nausea and fatigue…and rapid healing. And that this I benign…but you may already know that.

  31. Dear Pam, I enjoy your blog because you possess more dimension than just fashion! Each post is a conversation which I might have with a friend that goes all over the place in topics. You are thoughtful, and encompass and share a full life experience. You inspire me and I thank you for each post.

  32. Last summer was brutal and did a number on our yard. I pray it will be easier this summer, and I join you in praying for your husband’s healing and returned memory as will as completed rennovations.
    Yes, prayers work and miracles happen every day. Thanks for sharing Elisa.

  33. You are so sweet, Ann. My relationship with Jesus cannot be turned on and off…you are correct. Right now, my prayer is for increased mobility, increased energy, and less pain. But, I know I will get there.

  34. Here in the heart of the Midwest, we are in that roller coaster time of year. It’s in the sixties one day & in the thirties the next. It might be snowing today but by tomorrow, we could have thunderstorms. We have to be very flexible with our plans & our wardrobes. Thank you to Lori for sharing her beautiful daffodils & to you for sharing your daisies. I, too, think of that line from You’ve Got Mail when I see daisies. It is such a sweet movie.
    True faith in Jesus is not a religion. It is who we are. I know it is hard to understand those are who are unkind & mean spirited, but as my pastor reminds us, “hurting people hurt people”, & sadly, we live in a very broken world. I know you will keep being your true authentic self, & that is a woman who stays strong & is smiling.
    Peace, joy & love to all.

  35. I also love daisies! Your post is a good reminder to treat myself to fresh flowers once we return from our vacation.
    I have a friend who will be having ankle replacement surgery in May (the part has to be custom made). I’m wondering what you would suggest that would be a most helpful gift after surgery? Plants need to be cared for and she will be non-weight bearing for 3-6 weeks and her husband will have enough to do without adding to his workload. We live 1400 miles apart, so I can’t bring a meal. Did anyone send you something that really perked up your day?

  36. Pam, I am so sorry that people think they can dictate to you what to write on your blog! Delete derogatory remarks and absolutely do not take anything said to heart. I love your blog and read it the first thing in the morning. I am disabled with a chronic pain disorder that is genetic. It keeps me down a lot but prayer keeps me going. I’m so grateful for my husband, my little Havanese dog, Trixy, and elderly cat, Molly. They all are beloved and keep me smiling. Trixy greats me everyday and acts the circus clown that starts my day with laughter. I so enjoy reading your blog and all of the comments. It is 64 degrees here and very windy in southern Colorado. The snow is gone off the mountains near us called the Green Mountains which are only 10,000 feet in altitude not like the high country ski mountains 2 1/2 hours away from our small town. We will take a short walk again today with Trix. She was spayed a couple of weeks ago but cleared by the vet for normal activities. She is a 9 year old rescue that we bought from a breeder that still breed her at 9. She is a wonderful addition to our little family. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Leigh Ann tomorrow as I wear petite sizes. Thank you for being you Pam.

  37. Happy Sunday. Loved Colton’s rodeo adventure and I’m proud of him for wanting to do it again. Also happy for your former student achieving his dream. I needed some happy news and your words of wisdom about faith and recovery today. My husband has pneumonia and RSV in addition to his other medical issues and its been a rough week for him and for me as well since he’s not showing any improvement yet. I need to look for joy. Its not spring here yet but there are encouraging signs. My hellebore plants are in full bloom. I’ve seen daffodils and crocus in sunny places. My wren is singing each morning. I try to keep his song in my heart.

  38. I haven’t had much time lately to read your blog. But today I made time because I especially like what you have to say on Sunday.
    Just keep on what you’re doing you really can’t please everyone. But thank you for taking the time ❤️

  39. A very special spring day today!
    The sun is shining, I took a walk and enjoyed our neighborhood flowers.
    Thanks Pam for sharing your faith, it encourages me that I can enjoy reading a post and comments where others have found a relationship with God is the foundation of joy and strength!
    I decorated our home for spring and Easter and love the change of colors and flowers.
    Blessings always

  40. I loved receiving a super soft blanket; excellent Bose headset to listen to soothing music and devotions; a tushy pillow for the chair I sat in so long; lovely scented hand lotion. Of course, those who brought food was the most helpful for Mr. B

  41. I like your statement of faith. Where would we be without faith to help us get through the tough times. I like your jacket with jeans.

  42. Kathie, I just prayed for healing for your husband and peace and rest for you. God is a great physician.

  43. I do not always comment but today I just wanted to say that you are true to yourself and that is why I read your blog each day.Pam you are positive and a breath of fresh air in a world where “keyboard warriors” just can’t help their fingers typing negative comments.
    Keep smiling and spreading joy and strength.
    God bless you.

  44. Late to the party, but I wanted to thank you for including my heirloom daffodil photo! I really enjoyed reading comments from others who have them coming up, as I didn’t realize they were so widespread in many different climates. I was so tickled to see Colton’s first ride! I used to raise and train quarter horses, and I rodeoed until my daughter was born in 1988. It’s a lot of work taking care of animals, but I think it’s really good for kids. Your early spring outfit with the linen jacket was perfect, and has me trying to figure out what to wear to work at my church tomorrow, when it’s supposed to hit 92 degrees here. I’m trying to pack for a short trip to Nashville next weekend, and their weather has been much cooler than ours, so I’m trying to figure out this week’s wardrobe for two very different climates. As others have said, this is your blog and you get to choose your content. I come here daily to enjoy this online conversation with friends, and I enjoy your writing so much. Here’s to increased activity as the days grow longer, and many of us are restored to better health!

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