Petite New Arrivals at LOFT


petite new arrivals

Happy fashion Friday, all!  Today, Leigh Ann agreed to show you petite new arrivals at LOFT.

All new arrivals are currently 30% off at LOFT, and some 40%.  Also, the selections drove us to the smaller misses sizes at times.

Just remember, Leigh Ann is petite and does wear petites, but we note the sizes below when we had to go a different direction.

We agreed that some of the new arrivals would be good for cruising around the globe, or enjoying warmer weather ahead.

Leigh Ann owns petite garments from LOFT and likes to wear them…the fit usually is very good.

So, let’s get going and find some spring styles in the petite new arrivals at LOFT.


petite new arrivals

Both of us have enjoyed the elevated designs of Lou & Grey at LOFT.

So, that is why we headed to Lou & Grey first to see petite new arrivals.

However, with shorts, Leigh Ann prefers the lengths she gets in the misses sizes.

Leigh Ann looks great in shorts, so we started with these Lou & Grey Colorblock Wanderweave Shorts in size M.  

She paired the shorts with the  Lou & Grey Tiger Stripe Soft Jersey V-Neck Tee in a size XS, and it does come in petites.

This top is 40% off.

Then she topped of her outfit with the Lou & Grey Windbreaker Jacket in the color Cosmic Hibiscus, and size Small. 

Look at this link for more Lou & Grey Petite New Arrivals.


petite new arrivals

If I could wear these pants, I would…so flowy and fun…perfect for a cruise.

These are the Petite Fluid Pull On Wide Leg Pants in Striped Twill…the green color is called fresh thyme.  She is wearing the Petite Medium.

petite new arrivals

LOFT styled these pants with the Petite Geo Twill Relaxed Shirt...which is a cute shirt on its own.

However, Leigh Ann & I felt like it looked too much like a pajama set, so she tried it with another top…that we did like.

This is the Lou & Grey Scubasoft Elbow Sleeve Tee in Whisper White and she is wearing a size small.  The petite only comes in a green color, called silver palm.


petite new arrivals

This is a cute little casual slip-on dress in a color that shines on Leigh Ann.

In Texas, we were dresses like this throughout the summer heat.

This is the Lou & Grey Seamed Scubasoft Pocket Dress in this beautiful blue color called Lush Cobalt.

She is wearing a Petite Small.

petite new arrivals

This dress is already a little hot for South Texas, but good for most of you.

It is the Button Pocket Shirt Dress and Leigh Ann is wearing a size Small.

Because of the sleeve design, they are not easy to roll up….just in case you need to know.

petite new arrivals

I thought this display was cute.

This is the Villa Barcelona Everyday Crew Tee with the Tweed Collarless Jacket in orange.

The tee has more orange in it than it appears to online and looks nice with the jacket.

petite new arrivals

Headbands were throughout the store and must be popular right now.

There were stripes, solids and seasonal….including shamrocks!

These were the petite new arrivals we believed in the store would fit the lifestyle best of women over 50.  

LOFT has many, many styles for younger ladies.

But, we always find something that will look good on Leigh Ann!

By the way, shopping with Leigh & Me will be at Talbots on Monday! Make sure you shop with us!

If you have any questions about the petite new arrivals…let us know…and make sure throughout the day to….


By Pamela Lutrell

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petite new arrivals



  1. Good Friday Morning! Thank you to you and Leigh Ann for styling some petite and other items from Loft. I was not familiar with Loft until you made store visits and showed me petite styles which I usually need. However, I’m wondering if others get the message online that this is an unsafe site…” We do not recommend that you use this site.” I’ve found that Loft is quick to deliver my items, and I tend to wait until they have ship-free day. I wish that there was a store close to me, but my closest store is more than 100 miles away so I will continue to order online.

  2. Good morning. I didn’t get that message that Celia did, although I did get it a few days ago on an unexpected site. Leigh Ann is adorable. It was fun to see the color mix. I have a Loft at my mall. I should look more carefully. I usually walk in and right out. Thank you!

  3. Hi Celia, I just checked all the links here and I use Norton on my system. These are showing safe from my end. Happy to help you with petite inspiration!

  4. It does take time to walk around and find the styles that work…but sometimes it is worth it! Thanks Deborah!

  5. I always enjoy seeing Leigh Ann (such a pretty, natural style she has), and at 5’5”, I occasionally opt for petites. I’m always looking for tee shirt dresses like the cobalt one, because we too wear them in what are surprisingly steamy Ohio summers. They are not always easy to find, especially because so many have really terrible prints for some reason. Those headbands are -huge- with the younger set. I substitute teach part time at a large suburban high school, and I see dozens of them a day, along with Mary Jane shoes, LuLu pouches, and all of a sudden On Cloud sneakers, clearly making inroads on Nike and Hoka.

  6. Thanks for the field reporting, Linda. I miss teaching high school…they kept me informed!

  7. Thank you to you and Leigh Ann for showing petites. At 5’2” regular sizes hang way too long in the sleeves and too long for wide leg pants and jeans. We are having some false spring days right now in Colorado and can get out in jeans and a jacket over a tee. We will have more winter in March. Shorts don’t usually come out until May. Of course, summers have gotten longer and way hotter here too. So the summer wardrobe tends to be worn longer. The green shirt dress really is cute on Leigh Ann. But I see the problem with the sleeves. It would be too hot here as well very soon on the calendar. I love the cobalt blue dress! A perfect summer dress with sandals!

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