2024 Fashion Trends: Polka Dots

2024 fashion trends

Happy February Saturday, everyone.  Welcome today to the 2024 Fashion Trends: Polka Dots.

On Saturdays, we have been learning what to watch for this year in the 2024 fashion trends with the intention to dress current.

For each Saturday, we have learned what the fashion professionals are declaring as 2024 fashion trends.

If you go shopping soon, you will literally be seeing spots before your eyes…the polka dots trend is just about everywhere.

So, get comfy and cozy and let’s discuss….this 2024 fashion trend….


2024 fashion trends

A traditional definition of official polka dots says in Wikipedia:

The Polka dot is a pattern consisting of an array of large filled circles of the same size. Polka dots are commonly seen on children’s clothing, toys, furniture, ceramics, and Central European folk art, but they appear in a wide array of contexts. 

This is a classic pattern, however, now that it is one of the 2024 fashion trends, you will see It everywhere on displays and in merchandising.

There is no better place to see this demonstrated than at Chico’s…where all of these pictures were taken.

To see all of the collection from accessories to dresses, just click on CHICO’S POLKA DOTS.

2024 fashion trendsMy favorite was this POLKA DOT CARDIGAN BLAZER.

But, alas…it is in black.

Now, here are a just a few of the polka dot fashions I found for you at other retailers… in this slide show….


2024 fashion trends

I only own two garments with polka dots.  This cardigan is from Chico’s last fall and I still really like it.

Then I have a wonderful evening coat that is gold with big black polka dots…I have not worn it in a long time…but I do still like it!

Now, that I know it is on trend, I may just pull it out to wear to a special event that is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Do you own any polka dots?  Do you wear this print?  Please share.


2-24 fashion trends

I noticed this 2024 fashion trend on Instagram recently.

Many women are wearing large…some really large…flower pins on their jackets…dresses…capes…on anything.

2024 Fashion Trends

Once again, I am inspired by the Italian boutique on Instagram…martinelli.roma.

Many women are wearing them much larger than I am in my picture above at the eye doctor….. here is a slideshow to demonstrate the trend….but I only put the ones I really believe we would wear…there are larger ones in this 2024 fashion trend:

This should get your mind moving and hopefully in a fun, inspirational way.

I feel as though many of the 2024 fashion trends are very feminine…bows, dots, flowers, etc.

What do you think of polka dots and large flower pins as 2024 Fashion Trends…meaning…you will see these styles often this year.

Please share…and I hopefully will see you tomorrow…and I will tell you what happened at the foot surgeon’s office visit….see you for Sunday Mornings at Home!


By Pamela Lutrell

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2024 fashion trends


  1. Thanks for letting us know that polka dots are in style. I have a navy blue dress with polka dots. I had had it for quite awhile. I was wondering if it is still in style. It is knee length with cap sleeves and is a wrap dress. I haven’t wore dresses in quite sometime.

  2. I love polka dots!
    I would buy the Chico’s dress if it was navy or brown. The dots on the dress are the size I wear.
    I like the flower pins on other people. Happy Saturday!

  3. Hi Brenda, take out the dress and enjoy wearing it! You will be current and fresh with your style!

  4. I hope there will be more designs in navy with the dots! I might even join in at that point!

  5. I saw a beautiful red rose fabric flower pin at JJill the other day. I’d wear them in a minute, but I also wear brooches. I think they add a nice accent, and I’d go bigger, not smaller!

  6. Oh, if only the designers liked olive or brown! I would love a polka dot dress. I have hung on to a Talbots cardigan for 15 years that IS brown with creme medium sized dots. It is a bit shabby now but still wearable. I have a polka dot skirt that doesn’t match it, but it mixes well. Yay! Your dressy jacket sounds great, Pam. Can’t wait to see it.

  7. I love polka dots. They are happy without being too fussy. I’ve had lots of polka dot blouses, dresses and sweaters over the years. Right now the only polka dot item of clothing I have is a red bathrobe with white polka dots. When I got rid of all my black clothing some years ago one item that was really hard to part with was a black linen blouse with camel polka dots. If the trend really catches on maybe we’ll see polka dots paired with something other than black or navy. With the right color and right scale and not too much contrast I’d definitely be on board. The flower pins are not my style. I like them on others if they are worn as the only noticeable accessory.

  8. When my mom and dad were married in 1947 it was a second marriage for both and mom wore a navy / white polka dot dress very much like the one shown. I own 2 shirts that I love; a white with blue embroidered dots and a navy with white embroidered dots. I also have a black/white polka dot golf skort I wore for a golf tournament themed polka dots & pearls. Every now & then I place either a hot pink or black floral pin to a blazer; never fails to receive a compliment.

  9. I am with you, Deborah! Bring us more color options with polka dots in warm palettes!

  10. I think the polka dots and also the flower pins are a way of embracing joy again. I was watching a shopping channel last night and noticed the flower pin on a blazer, came with the garment in the same color. I like polka dots and I don’t usually wear jewelry pins because anything pulling down around my neck drives me nuts. But I’d think about a pretty flower pin to break up the drabness of a solid color sweater.

  11. I ordered two from Etsy, Babs. Let’s see what I do with them…I agree that they make me smile!

  12. I’m probably going to pass on the dot trend. The way the eye moves around on a dotted garment, few seem to flatter me. I will likely buy an inexpensive flower pin for summer. When wearing fewer layers, I’m often looking for bold accessories to help with my Interesting adjective, and I think it would look good pinned on a bag, straw hat, or tote as well as on my lapel area. I too am finding fashion very feminine. Bows are on everything, even jewelry. Ruffles. And still the puffed sleeves, a trend I thought was going to be a quick fad. While many women look wonderful when wearing all of these, that is very much not my style, which veers to the sporty side of classic. It’s a good time to be on a low buy :).

  13. I did pickup two gauze shirts last year with polka dots. Now I’m very happy that they will be in style! I love pins! But not the over the top ones in these photos. I prefer something smaller that enhances my clothing rather than screams here I am!
    Love your posts and look forward to each one.

  14. For some they scream here I am…for others they scream, I am fun and joyful. Another reason why our style adjectives speak to each unique woman.

  15. Yay! I love polka dots. I’m a winter and all these blacks are perfect for me. I mentally wandered through my closet. I have black pin dot summer weight black pants…and a white scarf with black dots. Why have I never worn them together. Come on spring!
    The flower pins a charming. They are the perfect accessory for a blazer – or even an overcoat when winter just seems so long.

  16. What a cheery post! 😊 I love smallish polka dots though currently only have one blouse in this print, black dots on a white ground with some flowers scattered about. I’m glad to know stores may be offering some fresh items. I would love a summer weight scarf in a happy variety of colors. As to the floral pins, they are lovely, but for me only the very smallest would do. Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday!!

  17. I have a feeling we will see more polka dot scarves in lighter weights soon. I will keep an eye on it. Happy Saturday, Connie.

  18. My eye likes symmetry, so I prefer small dots. The large dots placed on different levels on the lapel of the Chico’s jacket would drive me crazy. If they were directly opposite they would look better to my eye. I like the idea of using a flower on a purse or hat.

  19. Love the Chicos dotted jacket you’ve shown with dark jeans! Really eye catching!
    (I like your polka dotted cardi too, Pam!)
    I think the newer greens might look nice with white polka dots, and oranges or reds too- with white dots. I’m guessing the navy is truly the classic and that’s why we see more of it.

  20. Love the Chicos dotted jacket you’ve shown with dark jeans! Really eye catching!
    (I like your polka dotted cardi too, Pam!)
    I think the newer greens might look nice with white polka dots, and oranges or reds too- with white dots. I’m guessing the navy is truly the classic and that’s why we see more of it.

  21. I like that cardigan so much but it is black and white. If it was navy, I would probably order it. Thanks Paulette!

  22. I just happen to have a straw hat that a large flower would look great on! I don’t currently have anything in polka dots. As I was looking through the slides, I thought of pictures of my mother in the 1940s wearing a dress just like the the DKNY one. I could wear the small dots but none of the Chicos dots were in petite. I would also like a nave blue field with small white dots not black. Black just sucks the color out of my pale face. I liked the Talbots white sweater with small gold dots. Very cute! The large flowers wouldn’t work for my casual clothing but on my hat yes!

  23. Love the dots!!! I actually have a classic white shirt with black dots I purchased last summer from The Loft, they are on the smaller size and just do perk up a plain white shirt…I also have a flower pin from years ago, have never worn, but pinned it on a black blazer that I’l be wearing today. Great post!
    ps. Some accessories should never be given away, they always come back…..

  24. I agree, Nancy…there are so many things I wish I had not given away…oh well, no more regrets!

  25. I am not a huge fan of polka dots, & like Kate, I prefer symmetry, so the big ones are definitely not for me. The black Ann Klein top with the multicolor polka dots is something I would consider because it reminds me of confetti. I think some of my dislike of the pattern has to do with an elderly grade school teacher I had way back when. She had a navy dress with little white dots that she wore at least twice each week, so in my mind, polka dots will always be associated with someone very old as she seemed to me at my very young age. It’s silly, I know, but there you have it. The oversized flowers are just not my style as they just seem a bit overpowering. I might try a smaller one for a feminine touch.

  26. Becky, I get it. The reason I have never worn a lot of polka dots and only own two pieces is that so many of the garments make me feel old! I feel the same way about many florals. So I get it.

  27. Currently only have two polka dot patterned garments in my Spring/Summer wardrobe (both a cotton blend) one being a fitted black blazer with white polka dots and the other a long sleeved relax-fitted shirt in white with black dots. As to flower brooches/pins; glad to see the return of them and just may try making a few which might be fun, as years ago took a special interest course in Millinery where the creation of flowers in various fabrics was also taught. i.e.: Using silk/satin/organza/taffeta/leather/felt etc. -Brenda-

    Footnote: Was browsing a few of your latest postings (that I had missed) and do hope you don’t mind me adding to ‘ Style Tips For A Long Trench Coat’ and the issue of their belt; they might also wish to consider at the point of the belt loops — a) opening up the garment’s side seams ‘to accommodate’ its width b) then position it so that a portion is inside and its ends drawn through the openings c) then cinch at the front (or style to your liking). This will also retain the belt rather than discard it plus offers a solution if one does not wish to accentuate a full waist.

  28. The trench coat shown would be a classic without the large dots. With the dots it says I bought this in 2024. I can’t afford pieces that become dated. The dress at the top of the post looks more like a classic piece. I love lapel pins and I love flowers so that fad I would go for if the flower’s size was petite like me.

  29. I’m glad to see polka dots are having a moment, as I’ve always liked them. I just got a new JJill aqua v-neck sweater with small navy dots that I love. Dots and stripes are about the only prints in my current closet, but I prefer smaller dots no larger than a dime. You might try Boden for dotted items in autumn colors. I have a gorgeous Boden sleeveless dress in cinnamon with cream dots and also in navy with white dots. I also have a very ladylike Boden skirt that is teal with navy dots on chiffon. I will probably pass on the fabric flower trend, but I am buying more brooches, thanks to your recent post featuring some great ones from Macy’s! My goal is to move toward wearing mostly solid colors but to accent them with more statement jewelry. I feel like my style is in flux right now, and I’m trying to be open to new ideas as I reevaluate what I want to wear in this life stage. Now that I’m not longer caring for my mother daily and my grandkids are all in school or daycare, I can wear more of my good clothes on a daily basis. I’ve just taken on two new volunteer roles at my church, one in our front office and one in the food pantry. I envision wearing very different outfits for these, since I’ll get sweaty and dirty in the pantry, but need to look somewhat professional in the office. I’d love to know what others in similar roles wear to their volunteer positions. I’ll be looking for ways to wear my favorite polka dot pieces this spring!

  30. I will plan to talk about volunteer positions Lorri…like you mentioned, the type of position would dictate the type of outfit.

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