My must-see Talbots new arrivals


Talbots new arrivals

Happy February Friday, all!  Today, let’s keep the fun going as I show you My Must-See Talbots New Arrivals!

Before we get to the must-see pieces in the Talbots new arrivals, I want to let you know that I was still in a boot when we stopped by Talbots, so I am just trying on tops this trip.

I will return soon for pants.  Also, the majority of what I did try-on were the relaxed, athleisure, T by Talbots tops.

Finally, Friday’s have become book review days, but I wanted to get these Talbot’s posts to you because of the sale that starts today for Classic Awards Members….


A Classic Award Members event begins tomorrow (Feb.2) and continues through Feb. 11

During that time you will receive 25% off your purchase with an extra 5% off if you shop with a Talbots Credit Card

Plus, earn 3X Style Points & 100 Bonus Style points

Also, I am in the middle of reading a book…will have that review next week.

So join me now to see what I discovered in my must-see Talbots new arrivals…it was a fun shopping trip…


Talbots new arrivals

In this Talbots new arrivals styles, this jacket and tank were both labeled as must-see by Leigh & me.

It is designed perfectly for those of us who live in warmer climates and also are available in indigo blue.

First a note on sizes in this T by Talbots new arrivals, Leigh Ann is wearing Petite Small, and I am wearing Misses XL.

The color is Bright Tangerine.

Talbots new arrivals

This is the COOLMAX SNAP BUTTON SWEATER.   The Coolmax knit is designed to be cool, dry, and comfortable….and it is comfy.

The RIBBED RACERBACK TANK in the same color was a tank which impressed both Leigh & Me.

The remainder of Leigh Ann’s must-see pieces for petites were in yesterday’s posts: Love Talbots New Arrivals for Petites.

Now, here are the tops I thought you would like to see…..


Talbots new arrivals

First from the new arrivals, let’s look at the top in the first picture.


The navy insets on the sides make this top very flattering!

This is also available in a skort, the PERFORMANCE INTERLOCK SKORT.

I absolutely love, love love the new T by Talbots jacket I have on here.

It is the PONTE PLEATED BACK JACKET in indigo blue.

Paired with these PONTE STRAIGHT LEG CUFF pants in the Talbots new arrivals, this would be the cutest travel or casual outfit for your spring wardrobe.

The ponte knit is excellent…and it is not heavy at all.

I ordered the pants so I could see how they fit at home….will, of course, let you know.

And this outfit would pair so well with the BRITTANY KNIT SLIP-ON SNEAKERS in the color blue iris/blue sky.  (That shoe in black & white is super cute as well!)

Talbots new arrivals

Another fun T by Talbots top in the Talbots new arrivals would also look cute with those pants I just mentioned.

This is the COOLMAX CREWNECK SWEATER in a bi-color indigo blue stripe.

Online, you can see the button detail in this design.  

Just a moment to compliment Talbots on their customer service, and writing our names on dressing room doors.  Makes me feel like a friend when they call me by name.

Talbots new arrivals

Still in that cozy state-of-mind with T by Talbots new arrivals.

This is the COZY CRUSH MOCKNECK JACKET in the color aurora blue heather.

A beautiful color for those cool palette ladies. 

Talbots new arrivals

This top gets us in a springy mindset with a lovely yellow color.

This is the RIBBED CREWNECK TEE in a color combo called white/brilliant gold.


Talbots new arrivals

For those who love green as much as I do, there are many ways to wear green in the Talbots new arrivals.

This cardigan is sooooo cute.  It is the PATCH POCKET KNIT CARDIGAN in Ivory/Spring Leaves.

Talbots new arrivals

I also paired the tank and scarf with the great ponte jacket I mentioned earlier if you are not into stripes.

This is the 180 TWO-WAY TANK in Spring Leaves, and the BLOSSOM IKAT SILK SQUARE SCARF in spring leaves multi print.

Those are my must-see picks in Talbots new arrivals, including, the ones here in the slide show:  ( I will return to try on pants very soon!)

Let us know if you have any questions concerning Talbots new arrivals…and remember the sale today for Classic Awards Members…I so appreciate when you use my links to shop.

All you need do, is use my links to get to the Talbot’s website, and then anything you purchase there is accredited to me….THANK YOU!

I hope to see you tomorrow for another 2024 Fashion Trend…until then, make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Talbots new arrivals


  1. I loved every single thing in this post! I find the T by Talbots line a go-to for my style adjectives. I particularly liked that green striped cardigan, but for some reason, that bright grass green is not my best (it might just be preference … army green more neutral and thus makes me happier, but it may also be the usually subtle difference between a vibrant autumn and a blue autumn). But I have yet to see a shade of green that doesn’t look fabulous on you. I hope it comes home with you in the sale.

  2. I love the Wild Tangerine color. I’m torn between the sweater you and Leigh Ann are modeling and the jean jacket in the same color. I will need to try them on and see. Glad to see some bright greens and yellows amid all the deep navy. Green is a great color for you. I have the toggle cable sweater, #10 in your slide show, and love it. Its 100% cotton, very well made and true to size. Probably too heavy for San Antonio but a good weight for cooler climates. Thanks for another look at Talbot’s new styles.

  3. Love you in so many of these tops that you’re sharing! What a fun shopping trip. The T by Talbot print and the brighter green striped top with navy blue and green scarf! Both are so flattering. Beautiful!

  4. Thanks Paulette…I had fun trying on these tops and look forward to returning for the pants. The new arrivals are great!

  5. I practically live in Talbot’s T! Since I have retired and lead a very active, casual lifestyle I find the pants, tops and skorts meet my needs; the jackets often outperform some of my expensive golfwear. It was raining here yesterday and I ran up to Talbots to return a few items and to try on some pants; the Palm Desert store I frequent is by far the best Talbots store I have ever shopped. Excellent customer service!

  6. FYI – the extra 5% off your Talbots purchase is only from 2/2 – 2/4. Also, if you want the ultimate customer service experience book an appointment in store! This is true one on one personalized service. Highly recommend!

  7. I am a Talbots shopper from way back
    This was a great way to showcase the clothes
    Well done! Thank you

  8. I also recommend it, Sonja. They do a great job! For those who shop online, I appreciate you using my links…so helpful.

  9. You have been a harbinger of spring for us and the groundhog did not see his shadow! Hope that reaches as far north as possible!

  10. Great try on yesterday! The sale is starting today, 2/2/23. I was unable to read my mail yesterday. The only green I can get away with is a very dark cool green. But you look wonderful in any shade of green. We are having a more mild dry winter here in southern rural Colorado. It is very grey, 54 degrees F and we are expecting rain/snow mix tomorrow afternoon and night. We need the moisture! I’m looking forward to hearing about your foot.

  11. Well this is confusing. The Talbots website says the 5% off if you use a Talbots credit card is only through 2/4. I just received a card in the mail though that says the 5% is through 2/11. So I called the store and they were confused as well but after some discussion with management it is supposed to be through 2/11. They think the website is saying it’s only through 2/4 because the weekend is a preview for awards customers only. The sale opens to everyone on 2/5. Sorry for the confusion!

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