2024 Fashion Trends: Sky Blue

2024 fashion trends

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to the weekly report on 2024 Fashion Trends with today’s trend being Sky Blue.

What I do is watch what is showing up in stores and then research to determine if something is a trend.

Recently I read about 2024 Fashion Trends in Who What Wear.  The author, Maxine Eggenberger, wrote:

Style Notes: Since attending the shows back in September, I’ve recapped well over 10,000 runway outfits (11,542, to be exact) to discern the looks I’d include in this, our bumper spring/summer 2024 fashion trends overview. Some take more time to spot but others jump off the page. And the pretty palette of sky blue was impossible to pass by. According to Tagwalk, light blue looks were up 19% from spring/summer 2023, with 54% more blue looks featuring in the most prevalent designer collections in each city (said prevalence is based on the share of traffic generated by a designer compared to the total traffic of the city). In short, the big names went big on blue. 

“Like a breath of fresh air, this breezy shade offers a much-needed dose of serenity to the spring/summer palette,” says Natalie Munro, Who What Wear UK news writer. “Fresh and calm, the soft shade injects a youthful edge that can make your styling feel both spirited and sophisticated. On the runways, Alberta Ferretti and Versace favoured monochrome looks, whilst Stella McCartney and Proenza Schouler wove light creams and whites into their cool-blue styling that I just can’t get enough of.”

To further confirm this colour shift, fashion shopping destination Lyst reports that searches for blue pieces spiked 125% in the two weeks following Fashion Month. Coincidence? There’s no such thing.

Sounds like soft, lighter shades of blue are on trend!

This is not my blue…my best shade of blue for my palette is called Kingfisher blue, but I know many of you wear this blue….

Here are some selections I have recently discovered and the dress at the top is in this slideshow…..


2024 fashion trends

Perhaps the lighter shades are the current trend, however, I still see denim blues everywhere.

Just click CHICO’S DENIM BLUE and you will find everything there in this color.


2024 Fashion Trends

When I saw this SINCERELY YOURS SILK BLOUSE on the cover of the Johnny Was catalog, I wondered if this type of print would be in the 2024 Fashion Trends.

So, far I haven’t seen anything like this any where else, except….

2024 Fashion Trends

This top at Chico’s…and I cannot locate it online. So, if it is not readily available…this is not a trend.

But, I am watching and will let you know what I learn!


2024 fashion trends

For many, this is a three day weekend, so we will see President’s Sales around with some new product introductions.

For example if you like fashion forward styles…look at this new trench coat at Banana Republic.  It is called the SABBIA OVERSIZED ITALIAN TWILL TRENCH COAT.  Looks pretty special.

I also like the CAMBRIA CAPE COAT.

Reportedly, there will be President’s Day Deals at Nordstrom, J Crew,  Macy’s, and Everlane. 

Talbot’s and Chico’s have been adding more into their SALE category, and have sales on new spring pieces. JJILL has new spring arrivals as well.

And there is a fun PRESIDENT’S DAY SALE on at Anthropologie.  Alot there not of interest to most of us, but a few cool items left.

As always, I am hear to keep you informed of 2024 Fashion Trends…that might very well be in your closet right now!

I know some of you have already discovered that.

Thanks for being here and let me know if you have questions on the 2024 Fashion Trends!


By Pamela Lutrell

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This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

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2024 fashion trends



  1. This is a beautiful blue and I can definitely wear it, and have been seeing more blue in different shades this year, so far. I love dresses and have quite a few from Talbot’s, and like the tailored look of the one you featured. I’m looking for an ice blue handbag, just for fun. Accessories are a good way to incorporate a shade that may not be something you’d wear near your face, though it’s definitely my blue in this case! The writing on clothing would not appeal, though I’ve seen some of that in stores, just not very often. It seems that Johnny Was, to me, is not so much about trends as it is its own fashion identity. It always surprises me how much I like that brand, but I truly do!

  2. I like Johnny Was too, Karen. Johnny Was and Farm Rio always have pieces I like. You are right that accessories are a good way to participate in a color trend. Thanks for starting us off today!

  3. These blues are lovely and I see them everywhere. So many pretty items especially at Chico’s and they are tempting. However not for me as I’m a warm autumn and other than jeans I no longer wear any blue, including navy, at all. I’m not sure about writing on clothes. Certainly not advertising like the collar on the Chico’s shirt. The print on the Johnny Was shirt is different and attractive though I think I would prefer that the words are more of a scribble. Writing in other languages can also be an different twist. Seems this was a trend quite a while back. It will be interesting to see if it becomes popular again and if so, will it appear in any combination other than black & white? My Christmas gift cards are getting moldy in my wallet. So far it doesn’t look like there will be much for a warm autumn for a while.

  4. Spring is a challenge for us warm autumns…but I always do see a few things out there. Will be watching for you.

  5. Yes, please Pam, find some blues for us warm autumns! I am envious of those who can wear any of these beautiful blues. Plus, navy is flat on me, washed or feathered jeans are not my style. I am always surprised that there isn’t more marine or other autumn blues and warm teals this time of year. I would appreciate your keen eye! You showcased some pretty items today.

  6. Hi, Pam. I used to shy away from blue, cause I truly love pink, green and other colors. Lately I’m loving blue and like the light shades since I have a cool skin tone. Love No. 14 in your slide show! With white or cream bottoms, tres chic! 😊 Happy weekend!

  7. I love blue in all shades, but the light ones don’t suit me, even when I thought I was a winter. Almost all pastels wash me out. Preppie is supposed to be coming in strong, and I think we are seeing that powder and sky blue to go with the pinks and kelly greens and Nantucket red. Blue and white stripes seem to be literally everywhere I look this year, and I hope the short brown run we had isn’t coming to an end already. I always find summer dressing challenging. My solution is often a light bottom with a rich or dark top or tee, and sandals that expose a lot of the foot. Turquoise/teal and coral are good summer shades for me, when I can find them.

  8. Good morning Pam, I’m so happy to hear that sky blue is on trend as I’m usually never on trend, and any shade of blue is my color. Although I’m not purchasing any clothes now without a lot of thought as I don’t need anything, I did order some items from Brian and saved 65.00 with your code so thank you to you (and Brian). I admit that I am negligent with skin care and wear minimal make up. I’m really looking forward to trying the navy mascara. Have a great weekend!

  9. These pastel blues are a challenge for cool Winters as well. I love the look of Talbot’s Kate sweater, although the reviews have not been encouraging. I wish I’d checked out Anthro earlier in the season: amidst all the sheer fabrics, there were some really nice sweaters. I don’t like writing on clothing much but do like it when it becomes the pattern, as on the Johnny Was top. p.s., Call me old school but I find the BR styling with unzipped pants and half-clothed models unappealing. Talbot’s seated models are odd as well. Don’t most of us want to see the clothes styled as we actually wear them?

  10. I have items in my closet arranged by color, and I’ve realized my most often bought color is blue…navy to light blue and many shades in between so I’m ready for blue as a trend. I do not have a light blue pair of jeans so will be on the lookout for a pair which I think of as spring and summer jeans. However, in todays world where white jeans are worn all year, I suppose light blue jeans are also year around style. I’m not a fan of written script on items of clothing just as I do not care for particular logos on my clothing. Hope you and Mr. B have an enjoyable weekend.

  11. Hi Betty, you will feel so great taking care of your skin. Probably better right now for your confidence than a new blue shirt.

  12. I believe that is why there are so many bloggers, Maeve! But I do not style or own colors I don’t wear so it helps to show mannequins and catalogs. But I do my best to show you a variety of styles.

  13. You are right about “everything goes” with jeans in every shade all the time. Thanks for mentioning it.

  14. I love blue! Any shade! I bought a Haze blue short sleeve tee, a long sleeve and a turtleneck tee, all are light weight and very light blue, from LandsEnd. I got them last fall. I’m a cool summer with white hair with silver streaks. I was a blonde and have always loved blue. I don’t care for lettering on my clothes and rarely wear prints. I’m short and busty. About ten pounds over weight and 79. I love my casual clothes for my casual lifestyle with denim jeans in white, cream, light wash to dark. I do wear trouser style jeans as they are so comfortable to wear. Chicos jeans fit me in 2P or 12P. I always buy on sale as my budget is slim. Thank you for this preview of spring. I’m looking out at 3” of new snow this morning. The mountains are glorious with snow! And we have bluebird skies too!

  15. DeborahLM check Talbots for a cotton sweater that might be Marine Navy. They call it Admiral Blue. I will take a Kettlewell top to the store to see if it matches.

  16. Like the other autumns here, the blue trend isn’t for me but it’s fun to see what others are enjoying. For the past several years I’ve had the best luck finding items in my palette at JJill, although not necessarily in the season I actually wear them. Since we have very little actual winter or spring weather in Texas, I have stopped worrying about which colors are “correct” for which season, and just focused on which fabrics work best for our climate. I find that wearing colors in my palette always garners me compliments, even when I’m not feeling or looking my best and I continue to narrow my palette to fewer colors that I really love. Investing in color analysis in 2014 has completely changed my relationship with my wardrobe for the better, and confirmed that my instinct are generally good. If I want to wear a color that doesn’t flatter me, I can always incorporate it in accessories or pieces away from my face, but I also believe we should wear what we love, regardless of any arbitrary rules. Probably the best thing I’ve learned since turning 60; prior to that I was always fearful of doing fashion “wrong.” I appreciate that you write and shop with an awareness of color theory. As a fellow “autumn” you always find pieces that work for me, too.

  17. Please do block the negative people to the extent possible. We, your loyal readers, do not visit your blog to absorb other people’s bad attitudes and vicious behavior. Please just maintain your sunny nature and kindness, and know you have lots of support. It’s OK to block the badness for the good of this cheerful group.

  18. I can wear most shades of blue, & this sky blue is certainly one of them. I have a sweater that I received a few years ago as gift & always receive compliments when I wear it. I am not a fan of writing on my clothing as it seems a bit too trendy for me.

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