Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Good morning!  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

Sunday Mornings at home is a weekly lifestyle post that is always different…never the same.

Today, I have a special message and request for all my blog readers at the bottom of the post.  I need your input.

It is cold this weekend in South Texas, so a warm beverage is on the menu this morning.

However, they say…”they” being the weather experts, that next week we will hit the 80s.

Sometimes it is hard to know when to put coats away….when to plant….etc. 

This time of year a freeze can happen one moment…heat the next.  That is South Texas for you.

As I said, today, we are cold…so get cozy and let’s begin Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Last week was fun for me fashion-wise.

I was able to dress up for a couple of reasons and I enjoyed it…despite the need to wear my Brooks Sneakers everywhere.

This is an old Chico’s outfit that I tossed on Friday to run errands. I am glad that I have kept it in my closet…love the merlot color also.  (BTW.. CHICO’S SPRING SALE IS ON)

I only share this because a few asked me to share from my current closet…and this would be from about four years back.

While out and about, I did find a women I believed embraced a little San Antonio Style.

Sunday mornings at home

She was working at Marshall’s and I loved how her garment sent a message of artistry, creativity, fun.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Though a petite woman, she still looked stylish and fun in this oversized, long top over leggings.

And she wore this outfit with great confidence.  You go girl!

Sunday Mornings at Home

Besides her outfit, I saw many lovely decorations for spring while in Marshall’s.  Gets me excited for blooms on the horizon.

Sunday mornings at home

As we look toward seasonal changes, please remember to send your recipes and home decor images for springtime.

Send them to and I will share with this amazing community of women…who loved the holiday decor from this audience.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I made a commitment to you to share different price points and brands with clothing.

During my shopping for this Mother-of-the-Groom, many asked that I do more posts from higher end retailers…this is the group I call SHOP QUALITY AND SHOP LESS.

Then there are the thrifty fashion lovers, who desire assistance with their budgets and want affordable options.

I love both groups and love shopping for both groups.

But, for the life of me, I do not understand why some of the comments get so ugly!

When I posted recently a couple of higher end brands, some members of the other group literally went on the attack.

One woman even impugned my integrity.  That was when I wrote a long comment back to her.

Her implication was that bloggers are not honest and only say what will sell the products to make them money.

There may be some like that….BUT THAT IS NOT ME.  Why would someone be this ugly?

Sadly, when we posted about our Old Navy shopping trip on Friday, it began with an ugly comment.

Of course, I can do what I have done for 14 years and ignore the grumpies.

What I want to know is…how does this effect those of you who read daily.   Would these type of comments keep you away?

If I discover that is the case, then I am going to be forced to block individuals who speak unkindly and with anger.  Of course, I will notify them.

But if you can ignore it and even look at some of the things they say with a sense of humor, then I will let it go.

But, as I said….I just don’t get it?  Why would the price or the quality of clothing make some so angry?

As Deborah wrote in her comment on Friday, “It is up to us shoppers to weed the garden!”  Well said1

Not every brand is for every woman…and if not for you…just come back tomorrow.



Sunday Mornings at Home

I have been cooking for grandchildren, so it has been a busy weekend.

When I stand for long periods, the foot does still swell and become painful.

However, I had some teeny weeny steps of progress at PT last week.  My big toe moved for the first time!  Hurray!

And I was able to balance on one foot without holding on for a few seconds.

PT continues next week, and she has cleared me to walk for ten minutes in the neighborhood (no treadmill).  With warmer weather this week, that will be easier to accomplish.

Slow and steady will win the race.

Any thoughts you have on Sunday Mornings at Home?  Would love to hear…if I do not jump quickly into the conversation, I am with family, but will eventually join in.

Now, make sure to…………..


By Pamela Lutrell

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

And remember to send your recipes, home decor or street style from where you are with pictures to 

Send to email and do not try to put in comments! YOU are the best.

Sunday mornings at Home


  1. Love the lady from Marshall’s. She’s fabulosa!
    So glad to hear about good progress in the PT department. I’m currently in PT, too, for hip arthritis. I’m a big fan of PT.
    As for recent comments, of course I noticed some edgy ones. I didn’t see anything really ugly, but I did hope you weren’t feeling hurt over them. To me it was a classic case of you can’t please everybody. It’s hard to discern when to take a tougher approach toward some commenters. Your job should not make you unhappy. For now I’m on the side of “ignore the grumpies.”

  2. Hi Pam, for me it was hard to NOT notice the ugliness of some comments made last week. I’m glad you said something. One of the many reasons I love your posts and readers responses is the positivity. I have stopped reading other bloggers due to negativity on both bloggers and audience comments.
    And to answer your question, yes for a hot minute, my first thought was, “Oh no, I going to have to stop reading if the negatively continues” but fortunately that thought past quickly. Those few people might have been having a bad moment and took it out in their responses. I’m not making excuses just giving them a pass and in my opinion, maybe a polite warning, which you did in today’s post will do the trick.
    I am currently in a 12 week bible study, studying the book of James. Tomorrow, “Taming the Toungue”. There is a lot of every day advice to live by in this small chapter of the Bible.
    The woman in Marshall’s is rocking that outfit! I am adding approachable as an adjective for her outfit. Enjoy the day with family.

  3. I find your posts to be helpful, uplifting, and inspiring. I am saddened by some of the ugly comments that I’ve seen, but they won’t keep me from reading your blog. Having said that — this IS your blog and I’d say it’s up to you if you want to block individuals who act badly. You have my full support!

  4. Hi Linlee, the one that attacked my character was the most upsetting and I was surprised at the anger. I can handle rude comments but not when they lie about me. I do not want this blog to be one surrounded by anger…rather a place of peace. I just this minute deleted a very rude comment.

  5. Please do not leave because of others rudeness, Betty. I am not going to allow this space to turn that way.

  6. Thanks Molly. If comments are helpful…even with different opinions…they will stay. But I encourage everyone to make sure the comment is helpful and not rude.

  7. It’s such a sad thing about today’s culture and social media that people feel they can be critical and mean with no repercussions. True that everyone has the right to an opinion, but common courtesy dictates what our mamas always told us…” If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything!”. You are such a kind, lovely, giving person that I understand your frustration when readers make statements that go against your nature, but I’d guess those of us who read what you say daily will not leave you because of these rude individuals. We will support whatever you decide to do even if it’s to ignore those people who grumble. I’m so happy for you that your PT is successful and your months of struggle in your boot will produce a good outcome. I’ve realized I cannot stand on my foot in the kitchen without much pain so we both realize that recovery takes time. Enjoy your family and do not stress over those few ugly individuals who probably are never happy. As I used to tell our boys when they were young…those people are just jealous, and sad.

  8. Pamela, so glad to hear of your progress after surgery.

    I am sorry that there are folk who feel the need to put nastiness out into your world. They have not spent time and effort creating the content, have not tried to accommodate many preferences, and yet they only contribute in a negative way. Please know that we value your work and content, and I will continue to read your blog daily. It is one of the first things I read and starts my day on a positive note. We look at fashion content to see what is available and how it is styled. Many things I would wear, some I would not, but that just means someone else will wear and enjoy the style. It is good to see what is in the world, we do not need to be negative if the items are not to our liking on one day. And I also appreciate the fact you include some family happenings, share your struggle with your recent surgery, etc., please know you are appreciated.

  9. I think the negative comments aren’t necessary. Everyone has an opinion but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t respect those of others. Let’s keep it civil ladies.

  10. The woman working at Marshall’s was stunning, the hair, the earrings, the outfit and the “comfortable” shoes. She definitely has created a style for herself. She looked like an individual who would help you (with a smile and sincerity) find that special something for your home!!

    Regarding the negative comments…When I encounter an individual who makes me step back I try to think about what sad things are happening in her life (financial, health, relationships, etc.) that makes her so angry and sad. This also makes me more aware of how I treat others. As I tell kids “they teach us how not to be”.

    You can not please everyone. Most of your followers look forward to your daily post which provides us with so much great information and resources🌺

  11. Thanks Celia. There has always been occasional negative comments, but I was concerned about the anger level increasing. It made me wonder why. I don’t understand getting angry over brand presentations.

  12. Thanks Irene. You are so right, some of the anger might reflect what is happening in their own lives. Maybe that is why the tone of anger concerned me so much and made me wonder what is going on. If a blog writes about something I can’t afford or isn’t my style, I just move on…I don’t get angry. Where does that anger come from?

  13. Thanks Ann. Anyone can say why they don’t like something if you do it constructively. I encourage those comments…that is how we learn. We can all do that without anger and an attack.

  14. I think that some folks’ mamas just didn’t raise them right! I operate on the principal (most of the time) that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all, unless someone is about to get injured or hurt someone else. You are always so positive, Pamela, and I love that about you! I’m glad you spoke out about the ugly comments, but I think you should just ignore them going forward. Some people are just happy being unhappy. Love the lady at Marshall’s and I’m so glad to hear of your progress. Happy Sunday!

  15. Pam, I love what you do. I read for wardrobe inspiration. The comment section often reads like a chat between women. An online presence these days means that faceless rudeness is acceptable. If i don’t care for something I usually scroll by. I follow another blogger who only posts positive comments and it does not come across as real. I am on the board of a volunteer organization and we are experiencing extreme rudeness from another member. She criticizes and demeans others in our meetings and I am wondering if as we age we lose our filter. For some women it seems important to be in charge and verbal. I, for one, reach deep down in my soul and say bless her heart. If their comments are over the top, delete them. They won’t be missed!

  16. I read your posts daily and a few others. I rarely read the comments. It doesn’t mean I like everything you show but I like you!! I really enjoy your shots around SA. Be proud of what you do!!

  17. I love the variety of content you provide and am very happy you are finally recovering. I’ve read that several other bloggers I follow block and remove certain readers due to “nasty/rude” or the like comments. I think you are well within your right to delete and block harmful/nasty/rude comments. However, the hurt/anguish done to you personally, as the owner and moderator of this site, by reading them is unfair. The types of comments that border on personal attacks are beneficial to no one. On a happier note, while I don’t shop Walmart or designer/high-end stores, I very much appreciate you and Leigh showing us the spectrum of what is available and how items are styled. I do wish I could online shop at your fabulous boutique, though 🙂

  18. Pamela you are an inspiration to me. And I love your versatility in fashion, decor, and if the world didn’t have challenges, it would be boring indeed. 😇
    I’m going to Chico’s website for some petite spring shopping, hooray!
    Sandra Winfield

  19. Good to to hear you are progressing in PT. I enjoy and will keep reading your posts (ignoring rude comments).

  20. I’m so happy your PT is helping. I know progress is slow but it will be steady.

    I love the outfit on the woman at Marshall’s. She shows she’s confident, creative and happy. And thanks for the tip about their spring decor. I could use some (its 23 degrees this morning) and its worth a trip there this week.

    I’m so sorry about the hurtful and mean comments. Our mothers told us “If you can’t say something nice say nothing at all.” but I think the anonymity of the internet has broken down good manners and it makes me sad to see it here. At our age we should know better. The quote from the letter of James is so appropriate and one we all need to internalize. Like others have said we don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s life that causes them to strike out. When I feel hurt by someone it try to remember I can’t control what others do or say to me. I tell myself “don’t judge, forgive, and move on.”

    While I look at a couple of other blogs from time to time, yours is the one I chose to start my day with. I hope you and your family have a lovely Sunday. God bless you and yours.

  21. Good morning. You haven’t mentioned the reality of the state of your foot, so I am happy that you shared that your toe moved! Progress!
    That gal at Marshall’s is truly inspiring. I am already thinking about where I could look for a fun top like that in my colors!
    I think I am on Team Ignore the Grumpies for now. (Thank you for the mention of my garden analogy.) I would never stop reading your blog. Perhaps your pointed responses and this message today will give negative readers the chance to see themselves as others do and make a change in their mindset and etiquette. It amazes me that people feel they can be critical or give a thoughtless, hurtful opinion without being aware of how they present themselves. They should move on to another blog more in line with their interests or attitudes if they can get angry with a blogger that brings her readers pleasure. You do such a service to your loyal followers. I love looking at items high and low. I find such inspiration and it helps me decide what to shop for within different price points. Your blog is full of light, love, and joy.

  22. Good advice, Kathy. I believe our difficult economy and hostile world has affected people more than I realized until this week. Just this morning, I have blocked the first person and received the most vicious comments ever. I pray for them. For the rest of us…God’s mercies are new every morning!

  23. Hi, Pam. First, you look fabulous in the burgundy outfit. And…..we can ignore the grumpies. Your positive attitude and that of 99% of this group will overcome a few grumbles. I like the variety of your content. If someone doesn’t want to buy expensive clothes, they can take the inspiration and recreate the look with less expensive or thrifted items. It’s fun! Let’s keep having fun and keep smiling!!

  24. Oh Pamela…I have seen some of the negative comments and been saddened by them. But in keeping with your attitude of choosing joy, I just skim over them. Easy for me when I wasn’t the one they were directed at. Because I so thoroughly enjoy your blog and IG posts, I would never let a coward who uses the anonymity of a keyboard to spread hate turn me away. My heart just breaks for you that anyone would intentionally be cruel to someone trying to bring happiness into the lives of others. Please try not to let these negative people get you down! There are so many of us who appreciate you and all you do…focus on us!!!
    So happy your PT is going well! It really is a process. When I had severe plantar fasciitis I had to wear sneakers only for a year! Thankfully, sneakers are so much cuter than they were back in the day!
    The lady from Marshall’s is awesome! She put a smile on my face!
    Happy Sunday and keep being you!!

  25. I read a few blogs and look at YouTube before bed to help me fall sleep. The things that were said here last week were rude (and false/cruel in saying you were just throwing things up to take “commisssions”), but I’m used to seeing far worse, including full on rants. You have every right to defend yourself, and defend your life’s work (your blog). I thought you did a great job in your responses. As your readership grows, I think you will get more of it. I feel rudeness is increasing in real life also. I’ve decided I’m choosing to give people grace for the most part. People share such sad stories, and we went through a pandemic that turned us upside down. People are carrying huge burdens, and often have to work at hard jobs with unfeeling companies. Their financial situations might be very tough, and the green eyed monster might just be at the door. I’m fine with how you handle it any way you want to, but I will read regardless, and I don’t think so far there is any danger of negativity taking over your blog. Negative people likely don’t want to consistently read about faith and joy.

  26. The lady at Marshall’s inspired me too. She communicated that she took pride in her work and in herself. Thanks Linda!

  27. I LOVE your posts and nothing I read negatively from others will stop me from tuning in everyday! It is quite sad to me when someone finds the need to bash someone on social media and not have the decency to employ a filter on their words or just say nothing at all! I am here to support other women in this world and these comments are NOT supportive! I can only come to the conclusion that negative comments are generally from negative people. I follow a lot of women (some men) bloggers on many topics and this happens a lot to them and they have simply blocked the nay-sayers and announced on their blog that this will be their preferred practice to keep it safe and positive for the many others that follow. I loved that you posted about a new skincare line and how much you loved it…someday it might be in the cards for me to try it, but I certainly don’t need to scream it out on social media! I’m so appreciative of the work you put into finding things to show us when I probably wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. My opinion is to keep doing what you’re doing and block the negative people. Glad you are improving!

  28. I appreciate budget friendly options & the higher end options. I have both in my closet. I tend to just skip over the mean spirited comments. There’s no pleasing everyone as you certainly try to do. Please continue showing all options.
    Loved the lady at Marshall’s as well.
    Haven’t been there in some time so will be checking them out! Thanks for the info.

  29. Speaking as someone who has hit the “post” button before reading it through (which I apologise for), I may understand where the frustration comes from – I don’t think the writer is necessarily angry, but I can understand where a comment might be interpreted that way. I have since learned to keep my mouth shut and move along.
    You put your heart and soul into your blog, and reading it has become one of my daily delights. Thank you for all you do.

  30. I have many thoughts about this post today. I did not see the ugly comments or personal attacks you wrote about. I don’t always read the comments. I can hear how distressing the comments were for you. I’m sorry you are experiencing this.

    My first thought is don’t personalize the comments. Personalization is an unhealthy thinking style. Even if they made the attack using your name — it’s really not about you as you. It’s about something damaged or broken inside of them that allows them to write or say such hurtful things. Make yourself a sticky not that says, “don’t take it personally” and read it daily.

    This is why many bloggers hold comments until they can be moderated and why some comments get deleted before being published. I encourage this route. We don’t owe any reader to publish something they write that’s mean or hate filled – or a personal attack.

    Don’t get JADEd: don’t justify, argue, defend, explain. Make a sticky note with that also and read daily. A hard lesson to learn sometimes but ever so valuable when we are dealing with other human beings.

    You aren’t going to please everyone nor is everyone going to like you, your style, your products. The more confidence you show as the blogger, the more people are attracted to your site. Don’t try to go down the JADE path of why you present what you do. Just do it and give us ideas that you find valuable. Haters and the unhappy are everywhere and it isn’t about you as you. Their goal is to feel happy inside by dragging someone down but it never works. You, my dear, lift people up. Let that be enough.

  31. I hardly ever comment, and had to go back and read previous posts to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t see anything “ugly” or “angry”, just some negative comments about brands that may be considered expensive to some and not of the quality that we used to get. On the comment about “Team Overdressed”, I did take exception to that when you and a few others were being critical of women who were not dressed to your standards when at a doctor’s appointment. Having gone through many, many months of surgery, chemo and radiation, if not for my sister doing my laundry and helping me dress, I may well have been one of those women you criticized. Some days just getting out of bed and brushing my teeth took all my energy. We don’t know what others are going through “until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”.

  32. I so enjoy your blog Pamela and am sad to see that some people feel that can say whatever they please with nasty comments. The blog is for ladies with varying fashion styles and most of us shop at any number of retailers offering different price points. I like having those choices and you working to showcase all those products. Please do not get discouraged by that. Continue to do what you are doing and binging all of us great content and a lot of joy to our day. Your blog is a bright spot in my day. Blessings!

  33. Leslie, I apologize for any misinterpretation. Team Overdressed became a whimsical, tonge-in-cheek way for some to acknowledge that looking our best helps us to feel better and stronger no matter where we are going. There was no criticism of others, but a desire for us all to be confident and feel our best one day at a time. I have had many days since November that I look like I feel…yucky. But I dress with confidence as often as I can because it does help me to feel better and help me have hope that I will get better. I know that is psychological. Since there are some who did not get the fun of team overdressed…I will not use it again. But I want the reader to know who came up with it that I completely get her intention. Life is short…let’s live it with strength and joy every day!

  34. As hard as it may be for you, ignore the ugly comments. Chances are, as others have said, they are unhappy in their own life and take it out on others. They easily hide behind their device screen, spread nastiness, chuckle rudely, and hit the sent button. That’s the big downside of social media, blogs, etc. We all see it, don’t we?
    I enjoy reading your blog each day. Do I like every piece of clothing you show us? Of course not, that’s what makes us individuals! Keep on with a smile on your face. The very large majority of us appreciate you.

    I done always care for your

  35. I really like that you give us different price points and show us ideas. That is what they are ideas and suggestions. To think that someone makes cruel remarks because of this is shameful. There must be something going on in their life.
    You put a lot of time into this and I thank you for that. I don’t always read every post but I do like the variety.
    Also I just love the outfit on the lady at Marshals. Good for her.

  36. I too have made knee jerk comments about an item of clothing that on reflection probably would have been better unsaid. However, never ugly, rude, personal and certainly never challenging the integrity of the poster. I have simply stopped reading/watching anyone I felt was inauthentic. Absolutely love the “weed the garden” comment; we are all responsible for ourselves. I trust you will know the difference between an honest opinion and someone spreading hate. LOVE the style of the Marshal’s employee.

  37. Hi Babs, I have done this for 14 years and deleted many comments. I was calling attention to the fact that the comments were angrier than I have seen before and I wondered why and if it kept others away. I am not jaded…but will continue to react if someone lies about me.

  38. Dearest Pamela, I am so sorry to hear about the negative comments. I tend to scroll past them when they become angry. I appreciate the difference of opinion when simply stated like: I wouldn’t wear that particular style because of some body type or personal taste. I do that myself, but at my advanced age, I just don’t have the time or energy to indulge in someone else’s anger.
    I love reading your posts, especially the Sundays at home. You include so much interesting and informative content. You do what makes you happy and if that includes deleting hateful comment, so be it.
    I’ll still be here reading and thoroughly enjoying your posts. Have a beautiful day.

  39. Hi Pam, I enjoy looking at all price points, but LOVE to see the high end clothes. I do my window shopping with you. Since I am committed to capsule wardrobes, I tend to buy quality, not quantity. My taste has changed over the years and I am now retired, so my fashion revolves around casual but chic clothes and comfy of course. I like to try new (to me) brands and return items that aren’t “perfect” for me. As for the negative comments, I say delete them, life is too short to clutter my brain with other people’s nastiness.

  40. Negative comments by readers won’t make me stop reading your blog. As you focus on joy that is what I take away from your blog and not negative commenters. Thank you for bringing your perspective & blog to us

  41. I don’t think you should change anything with your blog provided you can overlook the negative comments. I enjoy reading your blog for the focus you have on all your reader segments and also for the diverse and engaging subject matter. As with most blogs I follow, there are posts that may not interest me. I skip that day; not fault the writer for addressing the topic. My mom always said, you can’t please everyone all the time. For me however, your blog hits the mark most of the time, so you go girl!

  42. I love the lady at Marshall’s! Looks like a sweetheart of a person, confident and happy in her job. As to the occasional negativity from certain readers, I agree it is hurtful, not just to you personally, but also collectively – like when somebody says something ‘off’ in a gathering, and the whole room suddenly goes quiet for a beat. That small response can act as a tiny shock or reminder, socially, to keep it nice. In this virtual forum, it is much harder to effect. Wish we had an auntie figure 👵 who could step in at those moments with a simple visual, like the 🙊 … signaling it’s going a bit off the rails. Whatever you do or don’t do, your core readership is here and solidly supportive.

  43. Unfortunately, we are living in times where hateful, hurtful behavior is getting more common. Ignore the stupid,ignorant people.
    I would definitely block the worse comments. Your choice but you are doing a wonderful service for us. Much appreciated. Boo, hiss to negative people.

  44. I find your blog uplifting, helpful and always kind. Negativity and angry rhetoric has been around for a very l long time no matter the economy or political climate. Those who feel they must lash out of otherwise spout negative comments are usually unhappy people, unhappy with themselves, and not you. Its very sad that you of all people have to bear the brunt of their mean commentary.
    I think you have a perfect right to delete their comments with a warning ( advice) to re- think how their words are hurtful! To take their inner frustration out on you and your blog is entirely out of line.

  45. First of all, I hope that you know that the person who left the first negative comment on the Old Navy post was NOT me even though we share the same first name! Personally, I’m not bothered by negative comments on your blog. As bloggers, I think we have to be open to comments that disagree with us and we must also recognize that some people simply don’t know how to express their disagreement politely. I would not want people to feel that they can only comment on my blog if they agree with or support what I say. On the other hand, I would not accept any comment that attacked me or another reader. I would definitely filter those out.

  46. Loving your outfit and the merlot color on you Pamela and feel that the woman in Marshalls indeed embraces her own style. As to the subject at hand regarding your blog; I personally enjoy reading other’s comments as IMO much can be learned from them as well however I do have little tolerance for outright nastiness that sometimes is applied under the guise of constructive criticism which it isn’t. To conclude and with that said, I feel since you are the owner of your blog and no differently if it were your home, you have every right to defend it in any way you feel viable. -Brenda-

  47. It’s your blog and you have every right to block negative hateful comments . Just post a rule that kind criticism of fashion is fine , but negative hateful comments, will be blocked period .. You wont lose your core readers . Jennifer connolly has said the same i believe … no one needs to take abuse. . Or turn your happy blog into a negative read …🥰🥰

  48. I knew it wasn’t you! I am pretty familiar with regulars email addresses. As I said many times today, I am open to constructive criticism and often encourage it…because again that is how we learn. However, I am not open to attacks on my character and going forward will not post them or reply to them.

  49. Interesting comments today and I don’t want to add more. I would, however, like to thank Babs for her counsel. I find myself sometimes taking things too personally. For me it does end up to be unhealthy thinking. I have my own sticky note up now with the JADE acronym. So many wise women here!

  50. I must say that I think a blogger who blocks all the “negative” comments is insincere, as she is portraying her taste as pleasing to everyone, and that is not honest or realistic. I no longer read those blogs. There can be discussion about why someone wouldn’t wear something or shop at a certain store. I am interested in hearing everyone’s point of view. Not everyone in my book club likes the same books. That would be boring.
    Personally, I find the christian references out of place. In this country, each person has the right to worship whatever deity he or she personally selects, or none at all. One shouldn’t assume that all believe in the same god.
    Thank you for considering all readers as individuals.

  51. I smiled when I read that your big toe moved. Going through physio is hard and the small triumphs are exciting. Good for you. As for the comments, there have been a few times where I have been so upset for you that I wanted to bite back, then took a breath and realized that maybe that action would incite more, so I backed off. You are entitled to block the hate, there is a difference between that and a negative opinion on a topic, no need to be abused on your own blog. I do tend to respond to the JOY and if I cannot afford an item, or don’t like a look, that is my issue. I personally get some interesting info to search for a similar look in my area. When there are stores that you love, and I cannot order from due to location and shipping, I would never think that it had anything to do with you…. Just wish Quince shipped to Canada… hahaha
    Also, your faith is YOUR faith and you are not pushing it down anyone’s throat, that is the way you live.
    I am not going anywhere.

  52. Regarding negative bloggers, I just ignore them. Some people are very negative and that’s just the way they are.. I noticed earlier that someone made a comment about team overdressed. I didn’t comment at the time, but I found that to be rather upsetting. I have a complicated life with a son that’s an addict. I know many women have lives with much greater challenges. I just know from me that I try to look my best, but some days are hard.

  53. I agree with all of the comments above. I love your blog and read it every day with my breakfast. There isn’t anyplace for personal attacks in comments. I vote to just delete but also don’t take to heart. Jennifer Connelly just said she would be deleting nastiness. I prefer to ignore mean spirited comments but you have the right to delete. You are in essence inviting us into your home. I don’t always like some fashion but I say why. I just don’t understand why people think they can attack someone because they disagree.

    I love your comfy Merlot outfit! It stands the test of time. Congratulations on movement in your great toe. That is big not small. It is difficult to limit yourself to five minutes out and five minutes back out on a beautiful spring like day. Standing in front of the stove cooking is more painful than walking ten minutes. Maybe pizza for dinner?

    I love the lady at Marshall’s store. She knows who she is and dresses with confidence.

    I will continue to read and enjoy your blog Pam. You lift me up everyday, especially when I am having a bad pain day. I also read all of the comments. I find them helpful and informative. Keep being yourself and doing what you think is best on your blog.

  54. I follow a handful of bloggers for a variety of reasons but all share one thing in common, a positive, upbeat attitude about the vicissitudes of life. Your fashion words are not my fashion words, the climate you live in is different from mine, etc. But, I love reading your comments and have especially enjoyed your Wednesday compilation of interesting articles. If some people want to be grumps, they should take that someplace else! Thanks for your hard work putting together your lovely blog day after day, and week after week.

  55. Pam—while I did not like to read the negative comments you have received, they do not affect me regarding how I respond to your blog, and the information you put forth. You are the most positive blogger I read—and as a caregiver to my husband for more than 10 years, I so appreciate your positive personality—so full of joy. You encourage me to keep going in the same manner. Also, your honesty is refreshing. I look forward daily to see what you have for us. I like it that you show us both expensive and less expensive brands.

    I imagine that the negative comments come from those who are angry with themselves for reasons unknown to us, perhaps envious that so many of us enjoy your contributions. They want to make others feel as miserable as they feel—I venture to say that is their life-long attitude. At almost 80, I have met many people with such behavior, and have learned that the problem is really with them. Yes, and they can hurt others—I have been there. But with age, I have learned that it is best just to pray for them, that some light comes into their life.

  56. So much to ponder and a lot of wisdom from other’s comments. I’ll just add a couple of random notes if I may.
    1. People actually do lose their filters as they age, although this happens quite late in life. I took my mom to brunch once and we were near the ice cream line. She said quite audibly, why do fat people always eat dessert? My kids hid under the table. Fortunately, people were pleasant about it.
    2. There are more than 2 groups of us; in fact, I think most of us are in the middle: Chico’s, Talbots, AT, Quince, etc. Going up or down in price point always gives us ideas.
    3. I have commented on price points and think that’s ok b/c it gives you insights, but another blogger asks people not to talk about price, and you can certainly do that.
    4. Perspective can be a two-way street. I read that someone was unhappy that you ran errands in the F&E fleece set. I’m not, but I get this. Another blogger owns multiple over $1K handbags. Great for her, but enough to stop me from using her links for the most part.
    5. I don’t know if it would help with the nasty person who attacked you, probably not, but you might consider stating at the outset when it’s a sponsored post. This gives your community a frame of reference. Psychologically, if you endorse a brand, I give it more attention, but it might be enough for folks to reserve comment.
    6. Email really has no tone, so I think some comments that you take negatively are generally not meant that way. Virtually all of us would not try to hurt your feelings. Everyone has bad days: your being upbeat with your foot issues helped me manage my down broken ankle days. But, I definitely had down days.
    7. As everyone has said, it is YOUR blog. You get to decide what gets printed and what doesn’t.

  57. Thank you for your wonderful blog and for the very positive comments expressed here. I am always saddened when people’s comments are less than tactful or fair-minded, though hearing different opinions is never a problem. When it comes to downright nastiness and mean-spiritedness, I would block those comments. I would also advise that you can forgive the meanies, but also set very strong boundaries such as blocking them. Some people will have to be “loved from afar” as one psychologist I read put it.
    So glad you are making progress in the PT. I am always interested in all your posts for the shot of happy and interesting they are. Keep up the positive work.

  58. Oh, Pamela! I am so sorry for the negativity that has been directed at you personally and your blog. Having discovered you by chance, I am always so pleased by your information and comments. I really appreciate the combination of details about your life and style advice. Your style of writing is so thought-ful and thought-provoking, that I constantly desire more. Never have I felt that you want to insult, take for granted, or ignore any portion of womankind. You simply are too caring. There are many fractious people out there who seem to believe we are all entitled to their negative opinions. I remember the addage I was taught as a child “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!” I am 72, dealing with the typical aches and pains that affect many of us seniors. Still, I am dedicated to not looking my age, or at least not frumpy or dumpy, and I feel your blog will not lead me astray, wether you are spotlighting vendors way above my budget or within Social Security funds! Please do not take the recent negativity to heart, read, shake your head, and continue what you do best! Thank you for every day that you put your heart out there!

  59. Pamela,

    Please keep on giving all your ideas, thoughts, and faith and fashion. I look forward to your blog every day!
    Thank you for all that you do!!!!!😃

  60. Sorry for any negative feedback! I love the mix of your offerings — yes, at times we want to splurge or invest in classic everyday or special-event outfits worth the cost, but appreciate a budget mix for something easy and fun that doesn’t break the bank. Keep up the mix! It’s what makes your blog different and special!

  61. I certainly wouldn’t stop reading your blog because of something someone else said. I know that they do not represent who you are. I appreciate your efforts to make this a positive & peaceful place. I sometimes think the relative anonymity of the internet makes people says things they wouldn’t in a face-to-face conversation. I also think that some people like to “stir the pot” so to speak, but attacking your character is NEVER okay.
    I’m so glad that you are making progress with your PT. Every step, no matter how small, is a step forward, so bravo.

  62. Pam, I so enjoy reading your blog. Your fashion tips give me ideas no matter the price points. I choose to buy plants and yarn over clothes since retirement and I find it fun to shop my own closet seeing how I can put items together differently. I love seeing you back to sneakers over “the boot.” I have to admit that I don’t always read the comments, so I am quite disappointed to read that some of your readers are being rude. Why can’t people just move on or not post if they vehemently disagree with something! Personal attacks should be blocked.

  63. I enjoy when you share the high-end as well as the modest price items in your post. Please continue to do so. So sorry for the readers who choose to be ugly, when I read those messages it makes me sad. So glad most readers are positive and share items Blessings always

  64. So glad your toe moved and there is PT progress. A friend and I were texting yesterday about a site created for beauty has suddenly attracted so many hateful, ugly remarks for absolutely no reason. We were baffled. Same here. Your blog is so uplifting, and it is one of the first things I read. Keep up the good work. Remember the enemy tries to steal our joy. The Marshall’s employee is fabulous. I am exciting we are getting a Marshall’s store in the next town, just 10 miles from where I live. I appreciate you.

  65. It’s not just on fashion blogs, my daughter tells me it can get ugly on sewing and knitting blogs. As I live in Canada most of the clothes that you show are unavailable to me so generally I don’t look for the price, I look for the ideas. We certainly don’t have the choices you do. Just keep smiling and delete the hateful ones

  66. I love reading and seeing the variety of styles and brands you bring. I work at a school with a pretty casual dress code. I love getting ideas for outfits that reflect my personality but also, I hope, are giving an image of being approachable to the students. ( in a high school counselor/records office)
    I feel like we can all learn from things, such as activities we do not actually participate in, music that’s not our favorite, etc….so we can have intelligent conversation, genuinely compliment others when it is important in their lives. Why not have this same idea with fashion. My best friends have totally didn’t style than I do and that is wonderful that we are at a place in life we can appreciate it.
    I teach little in Bible class, I remind them often that God gave us TWO ears and one mouth for a reason😊.
    I love your blog and can ignore ugly comments but it does bother me when I know it hurts you. You are an inspiration to me.

  67. Having had a busy week I have not read the angry comments but am appreciative of the range of posts this week. I think you have the right to edit or delete any posts which you find offensive or upsetting. Just as we now see in every medical office there is a sign that says fowl language and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. In having to filter the comments I’d say three strikes and you’re out. If you’ve had to cut three posts I’d block that person’s email and not subject yourself to their views. As to the lady in Marshall’s I’d say ‘creative’ is definitely one of her adjectives. Also here’s to wiggling toes!

  68. From now on, Linda…I will delete and not respond to personal attacks. If it is constructive criticism, I will post as I always have. But when someone goes after my integrity or personal style, they will be blocked. Someone was blocked yesterday for the most vicious comments I have ever received on my personal style. What was funny though, is that they hated my dress with feathers….I have no dresses with feathers…so maybe they confused me with someone else. No feathers in this wardrobe! LOL

  69. Pam, it always makes me sad and a bit defensive on your behalf when comments are critical, but I so admire the grace and good humor with which you respond to them. As others have already said, people can disagree without attacking you, your style or integrity personally. I think the anonymity of the internet combined with a general climate of dissatisfaction in our country since COVID contribute to that, but I try to live by Thumper’s rule: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!” Although most of my clothing in retirement is mid-price (JJill, Chico’s, Nordstrom Rack, etc.) I love seeing the higher end brands for inspiration and ideas. We lost our Nordstrom store in Fort Worth during COVID, shortly before I retired, so I rarely buy higher end stuff these days. Many of those purchases were impulse buys in-store. I loved how Nordstrom smelled, and the live pianist ours featured, and knew many of the sales staff. It was the ultimate shopping experience, and I was spending $3-5K annually when I was working. No excuses now for that level of excess, but I so enjoy your posts featuring their merchandise. There are some topics that don’t speak to me, and I just skim those posts. You are the most authentic, genuine, kind-hearted blogger I follow, but you get to set your own boundaries. When you feel a reader crosses the line I think you have every right to block them, just as you do to write about whatever topics you choose. You make no secret of the fact that your faith is central to your life. With all due respect to Julia, if she doesn’t want to read Christian-focused content (which is completely her right) she should stop reading your blog, rather than ask you to edit your writing to suit her belief system. I so appreciate this positive safe space so much I now comment using my real name, something I rarely do on other blogs. It feels like I’m chatting with friends when I read the majority of your readers’ comments, and I learn so much from other viewpoints. A blog that never exposed me to any new brands, products, thoughts or opinions would be incredibly boring, and I hope you won’t feel pressured in that direction. On a brighter note, I was so excited to see that your toe is moving! I remember the first time I could move mine after surgery, and that is a HUGE milestone! Continued prayers for your ongoing recovery.

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