Old Navy Early Spring Picks with Leigh & Me

Welcome to a Fashion Friday with Old Navy early spring picks with Leigh & Me!

Because we have heard good things about Old Navy Early Spring Picks, Leigh Ann & I decided to return to the store and check it out for ourselves.

We were pleased with what we found for quality affordable fashion picks at Old Navy during our trip by one of the locations.

Old Navy has many excellent picks for those of you looking for plus size options and for colors that span all the palettes.

So, join us and see what you think of our Old Navy early spring picks.


Old Navy Early Spring Picks

Of course, we stopped by Old Navy to see the early spring picks for really one word…affordability.

I hear you…I know that we all are going through challenging economic times and that it does help to have trusted brands where we can shop quality affordable fashions

We decided to look at the fabrics, the feel of the fabrics, the seams, the fit and the styles very closely when we chose our favorite picks.

This is casual clothing, everyone, and comfort is also key.

The Spring Sale prices are pretty amazing with some as low as $6, $8….etc.

Old Navy early spring picks

In today’s top photo with Leigh Ann, and in this photo, we are both wearing the Old Navy Boyfriend style tops.

And both of us selected the boyfriend tops for a top pick for casual style.  

Leigh Ann is wearing the LINEN-BLEND STRIPED BOYFRIEND SHIRT in the blue stripe…there are more options.  She is wearing a size small.

These tops are often styled as toppers with a knit tee underneath and its versatility makes it a best seller.


These pants gave her a very flattering, comfortable fit in a size Medium.

I did not try on pants (again, the sneakers and my current foot make it difficult to take on and off), but I tried on the OVERSIZED BUTTON DOWN BOYFRIEND SHIRT in the color called white lillies. 

It comes in nine colors, and is 100% cotton poplin (which surprised me with it’s softness).  I have on an XL.

I plan to try a linen boyfriend shirt and will let you know what I think…but Leigh did like the one she tried a lot.


Old Navy Early Spring Picks

The Old Navy Spring Picks still include items for cooler weather, so we wanted to show those of you in cooler weather this jacket.

Leigh Ann is wearing the TIE-WAIST JEAN UTILITY JACKET FOR WOMEN in a size Small.

This is a well-made jacket…you would never know that it is Old Navy and currently on sale.

Old Navy Early Spring Picks

She styled it with the HIGH WAISTED PIXIE SKINNY ANKLE PANTS in an auburn color…comes in ten colors and she is wearing a size 8.

Just click here at PIXIE SKINNY ANKLE PANTS to see all of the options.  Leigh Ann believed they definitely deserved to be a top pick.

Old Navy Early Spring

She also wanted to try on these pants, because her daughter-in-law loves them for work as a kindergarten teacher.

She says they wear well…look great…and give her the mobility to get down on the floor with students and stand with the pants still looking good.  She highly recommended this pant.

It is the HIGH-WAISTED LINEN BLEND STRAIGHT PANTS FOR WOMEN in the color called baked bronze and currently $28!

Leigh Ann is wearing the Small and also liked them.  

Her top is the TEXTURED DOBBY TOP FOR WOMEN in a small and the color is called Sea Salt.


Old Navy Early Spring Picks

My early spring picks included stripes and I was impressed with the quality of this blouse.

This is the SLUB-KNIT TEE SHIRT FOR WOMEN in the red stripe in XL.

I tried on the red but saw the Earth Brown stripe and believed it to have more of an elevated look.

Old Navy Early Spring picks

Obviously, the oversized styles are trending, and this particular blouse looked nice.

This is the LOOSE CREPE BUTTON DOWN SHIRT FOR WOMEN and is on sale for $15!

I think this would look great buttoned at the top, and worn with faux leather leggings and ballet flats.

A very chic style for Old Navy, and there are many ways to style a blouse like this.  The color Is sea salt and it also comes in pink.

Old Navy early spring picks

I was going to leave this out once I knew what it is…but here is my story.

I saw this short little top and believed it to be a type of topper over a blouse.

When I tried It on, I liked the way the style looked. 

However, when seeking to link to it, I discovered this is a legitimate top (shirt) and there are comments complaining about the short length.

But know, if you like it, it comes in four colors and can be worn over another top if you want to.  

The sleeveless style and the length would keep me from wearing it as a top.

However, I believe It is a best seller because the fabric and design create a comfortable nice fit. 

Stop laughing…and look at this DOLMAN SLEEVE UTILITY TOP FOR WOMEN.

Old Navy early spring picks

I am very interested in the OLD NAVY POWERSOFT ACTIVEWEAR….and I love the apple cinnamon color though it is on its way out.

I ordered the HIGH WAISTED POWERSOFT CROP LEGGINGS FOR WOMEN in the Nebula Color.  I will report back after I receive them.

Many of the Powersoft styles are sold out in the sizes many of us would need.  Hopefully, they are about to re-stock with spring and summer options.

It does get hot & steamy when working out in Texas.


Old Navy early spring picks

Here’s just a reminder on early spring picks from a GiGi.

Old Navy is a great place to find a gift for grandchildren or surprises for Easter Baskets.  

I always take time to peruse the Children’s Department.

I hope you enjoyed our visit to select Old Navy Early Spring Picks…just let us know if you have questions.

Yes, there were items not worth to go into the picks selections, but what we found impressed us.  Here are a few more…..

Now, make sure all weekend long that you………………………..


By Pamela Lutrell

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

And remember to send your recipes, home decor or street style from where you are with pictures to over50feeling40@gmail.com. 

Send to email and do not try to put in comments! YOU are the best.

early spring picks

Have a relaxing weekend…and I hope to see you tomorrow.


  1. This is what some women have requested. I try to feature all price points. I do believe we selected a few items here that would live through multiple seasons. But I get what you are saying.

  2. Respectfully in response to the comment about these tops being disposable… some may not last long but I have worn various tops from Old Navy for years. One of the best hoodies I had came from Old Navy.

  3. My daughter and her twins (5 years old) find some really cute and current styles at Old Navy. Inexpensive dressing for growing families I’d say. I do like the tops you’ve shown us. Pam you look great in that layered outfit.
    Disposable as Elaine suggests? I guess that after one year or one season, my grands have outgrown the clothes no matter the price/quality level anyway….

  4. Thank for sharing that Jean. I do believe that the items we selected as picks have staying power…we looked closely at them.

  5. Grans do grow…I think many of the options for kids are very cute. This is a way to stay current and not spend big bucks with adult style. When you get to be my age, I do not know how important it is that the clothes last for years and years…(I am smiling as I write that!)

  6. When it comes to hot weather clothes, most don’t have longevity in my closet. They get stained under the arms and also around the neckline from tinted sunscreen. Washing them more frequently also shortens their life. I have a grandson in the smear and drool phase, and I need something I don’t worry about when I visit him. So there is still a place for clothing like this in my wardrobe. That said, I think we need to be careful with our choices, as so many people wear this kind of clothing exclusively and you see yourself coming and going. For basics, I look for higher quality fabrics. But for trends, fun pieces, and sultry weather clothing, these look like good finds.

  7. I also have tops and bottoms from old navy that I have worn for a couple of years, I appreciate that you show different price points as much as I would love the higher end clothing it just doesn’t fit it in my budget so it’s nice to see affordable fashionable clothing.

  8. I noticed that Leigh tried on regular length pants. Was that because she did not find petite length in the store? I haven’t been in an Old Navy in years because I do not live close to a city, but when I used to go shopping for our boys many years ago, I remember not finding petite sizes in the store. I’m wondering if that choice has changed. I’d like to try on the soft-looking, wider-leg pants in a less expensive choice just to see whether I like them or not. Many of the styles are sold out in the petite sizes online.

  9. Old Navy is my go to for jeans. They have talls in most styles. They hold up well. I also like their linen blend pants in the summer.

  10. It’s fun to see you and Leigh Ann shopping at Old Navy! Two weeks ago I needed some items to keep in my camper and decided to check out Old Navy. I was very surprised at what I found. I purchased some joggers and a 1/2 zip sweatshirt. I find them to be well made. I wash and then hang to dry 90 percent of my clothes so they last a long time.
    I also have found that no matter the price point some pieces of clothing are well made and some are not.

  11. That is so true. There were pieces we could not put a seal of approval on! But we were pleasantly surprised to see many we liked.

  12. My favorite jeans come from Old Navy. They last for years. It’s a great place to get a trendy piece if you want to try it out a certain trend. I love the kids section as well. Cute stuff for the grands.

  13. I own several pairs of the linen blend pants from previous seasons and find them quite durable and comfortable. I have bought jeans here many times in the past and appreciate the extended sizes and choice of inseam lengths.

    I’m taking a break from this brand now, after an item purchased online turned out to be an unwearable disaster. The two halves of the garment seemed to have been sewn in different factories and probably were. Pockets at different heights, out by several inches? Really? ON needs to step up its quality control. This item never should have left the factory, let alone be shipped to a customer. Returned!

    I caution everyone to visit the store in person to try on before buying. My local store does not carry my size, so I’m out. This wasn’t the first misstep in ON quality control, but it was the last straw.

  14. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality of Old Navy’s sweatshirts/hoodies and joggers. A Zella hoodie I purchased had pilling within a few wears, while after two years, Old Navy’s still look great. The dynamic fleece ones are my favorites.

  15. I prefer to shop ON in-person. I find that sometimes their sizing isn’t the same across different items so it’s good to try things on. That’s not such a sacrifice for what are generally good value prices.
    IF they don’t have an item in the color or size I think will work for me I’ll try it on in what they do have and then order it when I get home.
    When you shop someplace like Marshalls or TJ Maxx the clothing is often one-off, and it’s not possible to get other sizes or colors. With ON there is more inventory and you can do that.
    I like their Active wear, the leggings and tops, they hold up pretty well and often have features you see in the pricier lines, like mesh inserts in the legs.

  16. I live in rural area as well so have to shop online. I have never bought anything from ON or been in the store when up in Colorado Springs. Thank you for the fashion show. I like Leigh Ann’s outfit with the linen blend striped shirt. I also like your choice of the red striped knit top. The brown stripe is more elevated. Thank you for offering those of us on very tight clothing budgets something fun, casual and comfortable. Those are three of my adjectives.

  17. So nice to see you and Leigh Ann out and about as a shopping team and I too am smiling as agree with you Pamela ‘when you get to my age, I do not know how important it is that the clothes last for years and years’ regardless that I consider myself a selective purchaser. On that note; I have shopped at Old Navy for my growing grandchildren in the past and only last year purchased a 100% linen (halter top) jumpsuit for myself (for casual wear) and was totally impressed with its quality in fabric, workmanship and maintenance comparing it to, two shirts that I purchased afterwards from one of its sister’s stores at a ‘much higher’ price tag. In other words; it was much softer in feel yet more opaque, laundered beautifully with no shrinkage and had minimal wrinkling properties so was a far better investment IMO. As to the two shirts; they will be going in the donation bin. Case closed …. ☺! -Brenda-

  18. I always appreciate your honesty as well as your endeavor to present a variety price points, Pam. It is up to us shoppers to weed the garden!

  19. When that line popped into my head, Brenda, I just sat here laughing…at age 70..what does it really matter!!

  20. I have found that Old Navy blouses & shirts do tend to be oversized, so I sometimes size down in them. I have a few of their shirts that I have had for quite some time, so I wouldn’t call them fast fashion. I appreciate your effort to bring us some less expensive options especially for very casual wear. As I have mentioned before, I come from a very frugal background & find it hard to pay $$$ for items that I will be wearing at home for my daily living.

  21. Happy to see some Old Navy fashions featured! Like some of the other ladies here, I have ON pieces that have lasted for many years. My two fleece lined hoodies get a lot of wear and are still in great shape! Maybe it’s because I’ve been sewing for years so I know fabric and construction, and pick out the better pieces? I don’t know, but ON definitely has a place in my wardrobe.

  22. Thanks so much for this post. I have recently lost 30 pounds and literally have almost nothing to wear. I need some quick and easy and inexpensive options to wear now! I love the fact that Old Navy offers petite sizes online and you and Leigh Ann have shown some great options.

  23. In general, I’ve had good luck with Old Navy garments, although you do have to be discerning about fit and fabric. I still wear a few hoodies and sweatpants that I bought for my 36-year-old daughter when she was in junior high. In contrast, I’ve bought plenty of items at Nordstrom that only lasted one or two seasons. Although most of my wardrobe these days comes from JJill, the availability of tall sizing at such an affordable price point is what keeps me coming back to ON for a few summer pieces every year. Those pixie pants are great, but run really small! I wear those in a size 12 even when most of my bottoms are 10’s. Their Rock Star jeggings are a mainstay in my casual wardrobe, and I have a ten-year-old dress striped dress in an ottoman knit that looks current. I also have quite a few of their tanks and camisoles that I wear as undershirts in the winter months. As others have mentioned, I also wear their tees for “Gigi clothes” so I have inexpensive wash and wear options for adventures with the grandkids. Even those tend to last three to five years, which is good in our hot climate that almost guarantees deodorant stains. Thanks to you and Leigh Ann for checking out their current selections for us. It’s fun to see how current trends like striped shirts are available at so many different price points, and it’s always fun to see you both modeling different sizes.

  24. Hi, Pam —
    I work out every day, and have had very good luck with Old Navy activewear, and also Target All in Motion activewear. I wash it on the delicate cycle and hang to dry. My daughter is a plus size petite and appreciates the size range. available at Old Navy. I also like Gap for jeans, and Banana Republic for fashion, and they are all related.
    Personally, I have been successful so far in my no-buy pledge this year. I have too much and hope to retire this year, and therefore need even less!
    Happy weekend!

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