A discussion of style over 60

style over 60

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Welcome to a mid-week discussion of style over 60.

Before, we discuss style over 60, I must thank my significant other, Mr. B, for the beautiful flowers!

Instead of turning to street style today, I decided to share with you a style over 60 presentation and see what you thought.

I never think about my age when I dress each day.

Most of you know that I dress with style adjectives…what do I want to say about me with my outfits each day.

My personal style adjectives are polished, approachable, creative, joyful, and current.

I believe this is a much better way to style me than a one word description…rather by controlling messaging…I think through, what am I telling the world about me?

Recently, I saw an interview with Trinny, a woman I know several of you enjoy, and it was on style over 60.

So, let’s look at it and then discuss the content…..


Let’s focus on Trinny and her models.  Trinny is about to turn 60.

  1. What do you think of the outfits the models are wearing?
  2. For each model, what do you believe that outfit says about the woman? What adjectives would you use to describe the looks?
  3. Would you wear anything here…please share why?

For those of you in your sixties and above, please describe the outfit you wear which gives you the most confidence.

style over 60

style over 60



style over 60

style over 60

I believe these outfits are good examples of me…Pamela-style.

I think they speak my adjectives and reflect the creative spirit I look for in my wardrobe….yet, they are not over the top.

I hope discussions about style over 60 will help all of us in building a wardrobe of outfits which evoke confidence.


style over 60

Mr. B and I went out last night…more about that tomorrow.

Last weekend, I gave the grandchildren their Valentines.  My granddaughter loved the addition of three little silver hearts to her charm bracelet…which she was wearing for church.

Thanks to James Avery Artisan Jewelry for gifts that a personal to the recipient.  

style over 60

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I will talk about makeup tomorrow, and Monday’s Post was the skincare discussion.

Does anyone have special Valentine’s Day plans tonight?  Would love to hear…..

Thank you so much for joining in the discussion about style over 60 today…I look forward to reading your comments on the Trinny interview…..until then…


By Pamela Lutrell

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style over 60



  1. Of course ladies should wear what they like.
    I’m retired and live in the Midwest.. I wouldn’t wear anything modeled especially the clunky shoes with the coral dress. The makeup on all models looked great although the bangs on model #2 would drive me crazy. Model #3 the blazer button looked ready to burst and her pants were soooooo long. Interesting for sure

  2. I also noticed those things that MP3 above noticed, but I was interested in what each woman wore. I have not bought a long dress yet and really liked the one the model wore as it was more straight than full. Just yesterday I was looking for a jumpsuit that would fit my 5’2” frame because I really enjoyed wearing them many years ago. I noticed the pretty heels which are too high for me, but I still liked them although I very rarely wear heels anymore especially after my foot surgery. I was especially drawn to the red and white “ ladies” sweater than seems to be trending now. I bought a black one and have considered a black and white one, but now I’m thinking I’d like a red and white one. I hope you and Mr. B have a joyful Valentine’s Day. My Mr. B and I will stay home today as he recently had cervical neck surgery and is still recovering.

  3. I hope he is recovering well, Celia. We went out last evening and will not go out tonight…too many crowds! Thanks for your comment on our topic too!

  4. It was nice that the clothes were not too expensive, but I agree with MP3. Model three outfit was way too tight, when a blazer barely buttons and shows back fat, it’s too tight! And I don’t know about the rest of the ladies but a jumpsuit just makes me nervous because of bathroom issues. (I’m old!). Can you imagine dragging it off your top and trying to keep all the fabric off the restroom floor? No thank you. And I do wish Trinny would stand still instead of swishing, even though her skirt was kind of cute and meant for swishing..
    My favorite outfit is a dark navy and white stripe LL Bean top, tucked in with a nice belt,worn with a navy Tommy H blazer and jeans or nice pants. It works either way and reads, to me, as dressy but sporty casual. Heels make it dressier, sneakers make it grocery shop look. I never wear prints other than stripes or small geometric pattern like foulard, as they always feel too busy to me. Just my own preference.

  5. Loved what Trinny said about knowing what she doesn’t like now. I can relate to that. My favorite outfit was the red dress with the sneakers, so chic. I liked the longer length!

  6. Thanks for joining in Susan. Sadly, I cannot wear a jumpsuit for the same reasons…and with my curvy figure they are not flattering. But I need easy on easy off!

  7. Thanks Susie..that is the fun of being older…that we begin to dress for us and not for others.

  8. Happy V-day. Wearing a suit gives me confidence, but being retired, I have no need for one. Nice jeans and a blazer (or suit jacket) are my going-to-lunch look. I’m not a fan of really long pants (too short), and they’re an invitation to fall if you’re older than Trinny. I like the jumpsuit but know it would sit in the closet. None of the shoe choices appealed: clunky or pointy toes …

  9. As a retiree I’m most comfortable in jeans- I own many! I like to wear white longish sleeve. tees or white shirts and some jewelry along with a blazer or long cardigan if I’m running errands etc. But, when going to workout I have some nice yoga pants and tops and tees too. That’s me at mid 70s.
    On the video I think the first woman in coral looks like a fun relaxed person with lots of confidence. The second woman is comfortable in her skin- has a cool look about her. I like that too. Well the third woman is beautifully dressed right down to her shoes, and I hope she’s as happy and comfortable as the first and second women…..not certain of that.

  10. I agree…not certain of that one. I also wear jeans more than anything else. Thanks Paulette.

  11. First of all, I had about a 4-second time delay because of the accents….took me a moment to understand what was said. Outfits – meh. Agree about the blazer on number 3…she couldn’t button any button but the first and the other buttons wouldn’t even meet – lol. Love to read more comments.

  12. I enjoyed Trinny’s commentary and the fact that the women were modeling moderately priced clothing. All three models had fabulous makeup and looked fresh and the clothing selected was ageless. But I wasn’t impressed with the styling of the outfits. Model #1– I would not have paired the clunky trainers with the long coral dress which was stunning on the tall willowy model. She looked confident and elegant and just a little sassy in a good way. Model #2 — I almost didn’t notice the outfit because of the woman’s bangs! Hard to come up with any positive adjectives about the total look. Model #3 – The outfit might have been nice but it did not fit her at all. It was way too tight and the pants were so long as to be a tripping danger. I thought she looked insecure and frumpy, Would I wear any of these? No. I’m too short and curvy for a long clingy dress. Many years I had a denim jumpsuit just like the 2nd outfit and remember what a pain it was getting it off and on in the bathroom. The suit is too frumpy. The other clothes at the end were OK but none my style or colors. And a huge not to the stiletto heels. The photos of your style on the other hand a are great. Actually I feel quite confident in what I put on today for Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday services: trouser jeans, red merino cowl neck sweater & faux snake boots and my fabulous red wood coat. Happy Valentines Day.

  13. I enjoyed the video, but outfit 1 was too vivid for me, outfit 2 would make me feel like a garage mechanic – though I think jumpsuits in other fabrics would be terrific, and outfit 3, as noted above, was ill-fitting as modeled, which was perhaps intentional as part of the proud-body movement. Just wouldn’t be how I would size it for my own curves, as I prefer a softer, more modest look. I am looking for Approachable/Friendly as my top objective. I turned 60 last July, and here’s my favorite outfit to say “60 & Friendly”: dark wash jeans, any color pastel blouse, cream colored cardigan, hair pulled loosely up and back, simple hoops, comfy flats and a cute purse. My husband and I took a drive about an hour north on Sunday for our Valentine’s lunch at a gorgeous winery – King’s Estate – which looks very much like a French estate winery was airlifted and plopped right into the green surrounding evergreen forests of our southern Oregon. Then last night enjoyed a big Fat Tuesday (annual) party with our wonderful neighbor-friends. Jambalaya, crab cakes, mufaletta sandwiches, Hurricanes, and King Cake (my contribution this time). So much fun!

  14. Oh my…I want to hang out with you! The winery sounds stunning. Thank you for describing your favorite outfit right now!

  15. Happy Valentines Day, Pamela! Your flowers are gorgeous. I liked all the outfits. I would wear any of them. I really like the bright color on Model No. 1. The bright shoes with the jumpsuit are fun. I am a classic dresser, but one of my adjectives is FUN. SO, I really like the way they mix conservative with a fun pop. The denin shirtdress on the first model behind the screen would be my choice to feel most confident. I love the straw bag she is carrying for fun.

  16. I think the coral dress looked good on the model. I’m sure that she is confident and maybe like me needs trainers for bad feet. As I am 19 years older and 5’2” and 20 pounds heavier, I couldn’t confidently wear that dress. I liked the jumpsuit but can’t wear for same restroom issues. The suit was too small and too long in the pants. I prefer all of the clothes that you modeled as your confident style. They would hide my thickened waist. I haven’t tucked anything in for decades because of it. My husband asked me to marry him 31 years ago today after I had come home in the morning from a 12 hour night shift at the hospital. He had been up reading The Bridges of Madison County all night.

  17. Congratulations on the landmark in your relationship. A great way to end a long shift. Many outfits are styled these days with trainers…even with healthy feet!

  18. This was fun. I liked the denim looking dress on the 4th model but all of the high heels would be uncomfortable and not for me. I also liked the asymmetrical closing skirt on the 4th model. I agree that the 3rd model looked a little stuffed into the suit. That always makes one look heavier than need be. The model was not overweight, but the suit just did not fit. The first model’s corral and silver combination were great! Not sure I would wear trainers with it, but hey! Better than the uncomfortable high heels. I also loved the first model’s short silver bob hairstyle. Each of these ladies appears confident and happy, and that is the most important look to have.

  19. I was more drawn to pieces in the final segment than what the models were wearing. I agree with others that the outfit on the last model was poorly fitted & the shoes were impractical for those of us with aging feet. I am most confident in simple classic styles that fit well. Items like jeans or trousers with simple tees or shirts with a blazer or a sweater. I have short leather jacket in burgundy that my husband bought me that I always receive compliments on.
    Kudos to Mr. B for the lovely flowers & thank you for sharing them with us.

  20. I really enjoyed that little video, even though the outfits I liked the most were the wrong colors for me. The bright coral dress I would love in a deep autumn marine or olive with a few inches lopped off to make it midi. It had nice lines. I notice many British women wear maxi length for everyday. For me it is too much fabric, which is what I notice first. The model was lovely. I didn’t care for the other two outfits for reasons already discussed. The ladie’s sweater was cute but I am weary of seeing it. I live in colored jeans, knee length cardigans or short jackets, simple tops. I like quiet minimalist first layers often with a snazzier third piece or outer layer. I would like to try on a pair of platform sneakers. My eye kept going to Trinny’s rack- I wanted to see the green coat. I loved her outfit although I would never wear black. I need to watch her videos more often. She is fun. When I notice a well dressed woman, I never think about her age. I think about her overall appearance and confidence. The ladies and gents of Advanced Style and the older strollers on Milan’s streets blow me away. ❤️

  21. This is interesting. I’m not concerned with being “cool”, but can appreciate those who are striving for that. Personally, I think the “trainers” really wrecked the whole look of the coral dress. That might be because I prefer quiet elegance and that dress and shoes look like trying very hard and missing the mark. I am cognizant of my age when shopping, I do consider it so that I don’t come off as looking “off.” This is not saying I would ever feel comfortable being frumpy, because that’s not who I am. But I think we have to be aware of all aspects of ourselves…be it body shape, age, best colors, personal style expression, lifestyle, all of it. For example, yesterday I was shopping for a new handbag, and believe me, it’s a chore because it has to be spot-on perfect. I noticed that I was aware of certain styles that would look childish for a woman my age, and look for (and found), a proper for me, classic bag that works with my style messaging. We have to really know ourselves and not try to be or change into someone else. As we get older, I think this becomes easier.

  22. Great Advice, Karen. We do need to really know ourselves and not change into someone else. And it does get easier with age. Tomorrow, you will see that I did not wear a dress to a cocktail event (as most women did) because of the shoe factor. I can only wear certain shoes right now, so I did my best to make it work with pants…you will see all that tomorrow!

  23. I liked watching Trinny and I liked the long dress on the first model, I would definitely wear that outfit, even though I am much shorter! I liked the jumpsuit and it looked good, I have several jumpsuits and always feel comfortable and feel I look good in them. Some of the selection of clothes afterwards I would wear but especially loved the straw bag with the circular handles. I also liked Trinny’s outfit and would wear that too. I think fashion is a little different here in the U.K, not better or worse, just different.

  24. Hi Gill, I would love to know what you mean when you say that. I always love the street style videos from London. Are American women more casual than in the U.K. Would love for you to explain your comment? I think we all would be interested.
    Thanks for being here.

  25. I feel so sorry for model number 3. I’m not sure I would trust Trinny to dress me. The very least she could have done is left the jacket open. I would guess that they didn’t because the jacket was too long, too long waisted ( thus the bumps in the back) and she had her hand on her waist to take away from the fact that the sleeves were way too long as well. She also had problems walking in those heels but were needed or she would have been tripping on the pants. It’s always easier to dress a body with no lumps and bumps and when everything is in proportion. Oh to dream. I look forward to tomorrow’s cocktail event.

  26. I agree with you, Linda. I would not have walked out like that. If Trinny has never experienced curves herself, she may not get it.

  27. Even though I come from the old school of thought ‘if not nice, best be left unsaid’; IMHO (and sharing similar sentiments with other commenters) I feel as a style influencer Trinny missed the mark in dressing these three women namely in accordance with their body shape. On that note; the last grouping in fit and proportion was at least an improvement. Last but not least; can’t say there is a specific outfit in my wardrobe that gives me confidence but am more aware of what doesn’t with ill fitting garments on top of that list.

  28. Trinny is about authenticity and being vibrant at any age or size. What she makes each woman shine in whatever suits her and her personality. Clothing, hair and makeup are a means to that end. Celebrate, don’t denigrate. That’s Trinny. Congratulations to her on embracing 60+ life.

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