Review: Floerns Women’s Affordable Blouses

affordable blouses

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Today I have a review: Floerns Women’s Affordable Blouses.

There have been many requests lately for affordable fashion options, and a couple of you wanted to know more options on Amazon.

So, I tried one brand…Floerns Women’s Affordable Blouses, and have a review for you today.

I realize there are many brands on Amazon, and I will not be able to try all of the affordable blouses…but we will begin with one of them.

My goal is to be completely transparent with my thoughts.

So, let’s get going today with this brand for affordable blouses for women.


affordable blouses

When I first received this Floerns Women’s Floral Print Bow Tied Lantern Long Sleeved Blouse from Amazon, I did not think I would keep it…more about that in the cons.

However, I have now worn it more than once and have decided to keep it around. As a prime member, I only paid $28.99 + tax (no shipping costs).

In this round of affordable blouses, Floerns offers 23 prints and gives women many opportunities to have fun with the bow blouse fashion trend in interesting prints.

Now, is this my first choice of blouse…no.  I prefer the beauty and feel of the Quince washable silk blouses or silkier ones.

But now that I have this, I will wear it.  There are many things that do not get that distinction, but are sent on their way.


affordable blouses

It looks great under jackets and toppers and has a straight hemline which looks good without tucking in.

The bow can also be tied in different ways such as I did here.

I do like owning one or two affordable blouses with the elasticized sleeves because I can pull them up to elbow length, ballon them over, and have a nice look in warmer weather.

This particular print caught my eye because it has colors that complement my overall wardrobe.  But for the ladies who wear black, the BLACK FORAL and the Khaki are pretty cute.

Yes, this is fast fashion…but for many these affordable blouses can be fun fashion.


affordable blouses

These affordable blouses are 100% polyester and if you prefer soft, organic, sustainable fabrics…this is not it.

When I first felt the blouse, I thought I could not wear it because of the way it felt….similar to crepe paper.

But, after wearing it to go out and about for several hours, I came home and decided that it works. 

It was comfortable and I believe will machine wash well…though I have not yet washed it.  It does feel undestructable, so I will add fabric softener to see if that helps.

I do recommend that you size up for the best fit. These blouses run small, but some of the prints are available in sizes for plus size ladies.

It is an easy way to elevate your casual style and to give you affordable selections for a special event when your budget doesn’t allow more.

My experiences, so far, is that Amazon purchases are easy to return…I do this at my local Kohl’s Amazon Returns Desk.

I hope this gives you all the information you need for affordable blouses with bows.  I am enjoying styling this current trend.

I will do my best to review other brands of affordable blouses, but this gets us started. 

Also, I told you I would not be purchasing many prints this year…I actually knew once I said that, I would find prints that attracted me.

But, this is the first one so far…and there is one more print on the way.  My sale purchases were solid colors.

I will only purchase just the right prints which speak my creative and joyful adjectives.

Thanks for being here, ladies for my review of FLOERNS affordable blouses….doing my best to bring you all price points and offerings…because, we are all unique and not the same…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Interesting to see your review on the Amazon purchase. I have never bought clothing from Amazon because I always read about size inconsistencies and easy or not, I really don’t like the hassle of returning things and typically donate what doesn’t work. I think, on the positive side, this is a good way to test out a trend that we might be on the fence with. A less expensive item is easier to part with if it doesn’t work over time, if that makes sense! Like you mentioned about prints, I’m on the fence with many of them, and also with the bow type blouses, though I used to wear them years ago and think they look cute with jeans especially, like the juxtaposition of dressier with casual. I think you mentioned that previously. I appreciate the reviews that you do, and thank you for giving the honest assessment!

  2. Thank you for your assessment here, Karen. This is a way to have fun with a trend that is a step up from a knit tee. But going this direction does come with “challenges.” I appreciate what you said here.

  3. The blouse you’ve selected looks cheery and layers well as you point out. I simply don’t order clothing through Amazon anymore. (I do purchase books from them occasionally.) Just too many inferior items, poor fit, wrong size and horrid fabrics. I go into stores. I’m retired and have the time to do so.
    I’ve just begun a very positive relationship (?) with skin care line Biossance including the resurfacing serum. I’m getting so many compliments on my skin in this past month!
    If it weren’t for this, I’d give Brian a try but right now all is good ( except for the snow, wind – blizzard outside my door). It’s piling up fast!

  4. I understand, Paulette. I have had similar experiences with clothing from Amazon. If I had not been encouraged to review this line, I probably would not have. Now, as I said, that I have worn the top, I will continue to wear it. But not my first choice. I hope you will appreciate that I am helping Brian and working for him. His line is superior and I just want to focus there for right now. Remember, everyone, the online zoom consultation is FREE and you do not have to accept what he teaches you, but you may be surprised at what you learn.

  5. Because of weight loss, everything I purchase is “fast fashion,” because of how short a time something remains in my closet. On Black Friday, I purchased some thin, solid-colored, almost tee shirt type crew neck sweaters from Amazon Essentials at the recommendation of another blogger. They were $18 (normally about $30), have been great and are some of my most worn items because they are so basic. They are too big now, but I plan to purchase more of them next fall. Otherwise, I’m not into Amazon fashion. The little bit of it I’ve seen on others seems to feature prints I find garish, I think maybe to hide the fact that they are cheaply constructed out of inferior fabrics. Your piece is fun, and if you are truly going to wear it (it sounds like it would be sticky in hot weather), I think it’s fine. But I just bought two Chicos elbow length tees in abstract prints for $9.98 each on final sale (my local Chicos has stuffed sales racks). That is my preference over Amazon.

  6. This is a good color on you and radiates joy. I tend to wash all Amazon purchases twice before wearing to get the chemicals out. That papery feel of the fabric when you opened the bag may be all those chemicals or sizing. It’s enjoyable seeing your choices from a variety of retailers or sellers.

    I will purchase some cotton clothing from Amazon or American brands but like you said, most require sizing up. I read the reviews first. Some show photos after washing and the item falls apart. I’ll be interested in your experience after washing.

    I’ve had some good purchases on Amazon and some clunkers. My best shirt purchase is a cotton crinkle fabric, short sleeved, collared, 2 chest pocket blouse by “Chigant”. Thinner fabric and machine wash cool, and dry a little in the dryer, then hang to dry the rest of the way. Much stiffer when it arrives but wash those sizing chemicals out and it softens up. Good for hot Texas summers.

  7. Thanks for sharing your tee, Linda! I also hit the Chico’s sale racks! Good time of year for that.

  8. Good morning. I have had good luck on Amazon with fleece lined leggings and cable cardigans (in my best colors!) that I wear around the house in the winter. Thank you for showing the blouse and being honest about it. Bow blouses are not for me, but I enjoy looking and listening to everything you present. Also, I am trying to focus on quality (Quince) this year, a topic you have discussed, but I am open to a piece of less quality if it appeals to me and is a fun addition. Although I am a Paula’s Choice fan when it comes to skin care, I am really looking forward to your possible presentation with Brian. I saw Une Femme work with him a few times. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he is a hoot. There is always something to learn!

  9. Good point on washing first, Babs! I should’ve done that. Will look at the brand you recommended!

  10. Some of the viral lounge sets from Amazon are great at home wear. (I’m pretty hard on home wear because they are washed frequently.) I’ve purchased 3 sets and all are 100% cotton. As we all know fabric content makes the difference. Amazon and Target are my go-tos for trying trends.

  11. I find that Amazon clothing is sometimes inconsistent with sizing and quality. But,it is also a way to explore trends at a reasonable price. I do most of my shopping at Chicos,JJill and Talbots and try to take advantage of sales as much as possible. I also have had some pretty good luck with brands like Old Navy and
    Kohl’s etc. Being a plus size woman it is difficult to find fashionable clothing of good quality at an affordable price.
    Thank you,Pam for being so inclusive of all price points!

  12. Pam, you look cute in your print bow blouse. I understand what you mean about feel of a fabric. I love soft feeling fabrics and would have trouble with a crepe paper feeling one. I have purchased cotton leggings and cable boy friend sweaters from Amazon. I have switched to Chicos Sale wide leg jeans so they require different shorter length tops. I usually find good sales from Kohls, JCP, and LandsEnd for tops. I prefer cotton as it is cooler than polyester. I have also found cute tops from Nordstrom Rack. I have to buy everything from online so it is sometimes difficult to tell about sizes. I always read comments. This is aside from topic, but I had to return 4 different little post surgery suits for my Havanese dog before I hit on the right size and quality from Amazon. The return cost was high for what I was sending back in a small padded envelope. Free shipping doesn’t mean free returns. She is doing great on her 4th day post spay surgery and I highly recommend the knit suits instead of the cone of shame. My vet agrees.

  13. Thanks for this reminder, Sydney that some do not offer free returns. That is true. I saw a news article around Christmas that many gifts were donated rather than returned because of those charges!

  14. The blouse is cute, not my style. I normally don’t shop clothes on Amazon, but last year I had a wedding in Arizona and needed a dress and shoes, and didn’t want to spend a small fortune at Nordstrom. I did find a very cute halter high,low dress and comfy dressy shoes, that worked perfectly. The entire outfit was probably under $70. I just elevated it with my good jewelry and a designer clutch that I already had. I liked it so much the outfit went on a cruise with me. I believe shopping on Amazon does require a close read of the reviews and sizing. As always, I enjoy your reviews and that you are taking the time to purchase, and model the clothes……

  15. Interesting and honest review. Thank you for reviewing clothes at a number of price points. With one exception the only clothing items I’ve purchased on Amazon have been shoes in brands I know and trust. I did purchase an inexpensive cardigan another blogger raved about. I probably should have returned it as I’ve never worn it. The color is a bit off though not terrible. The buttons are terrible and I should replace them then maybe I’ll wear it around the house. Lesson learned. I shop at a couple local boutique as well as J Jill, Talbot’s and Chico’s and occasionally online with Macy’s and Nordstrom. I watch for sales and only pay full price if the garment is really special.

  16. Hi Kathie, one of the things I look for first when I am thrift shopping are beautiful buttons! I have found fun ones on $2 items and enjoyed moving them to a garment I loved. Sometimes we can really make a statement but changing out the buttons. You might try this with that cardigan!

  17. Thanks for the tip Pam. I will make a point of looking a thrift shops for items with good buttons. You are so right about good buttons making the right statement.

  18. I found some beautiful ones on an old dress in Goodwill. They made a jacket look super expensive in my closet that I paid little for. Have fun with it!

  19. Sounds like many of your readers think Amazon only sells, cheap polyester clothing items. All price points are available there….even designer.

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