What I wore for a special event

what I wore

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today, I will show you what I wore for a special event from the outfit to the makeup.

What I wore for this special event was not easy to figure out because of the recovering foot, but I was pleased with what I wore.

First I want to share with you a little about the event.  I had never attended something like this and it was a meaningful evening.

So, I hope you are comfy and ready to join me for what I wore to a special event.


What I wore

The event is called Dining in the Dark, and hosted by an excellent non-profit called VIBRANT WORKS which empowers people with vision loss.

Mr. B has been an active volunteer with Vibrant Works for several years, and recently was invited to join the Board of Directors.

This evening combined with their leadership workshops are designed to help the rest of us understand the challenges of living vision impaired.

What I wore

What I wore included a black-out mask which are in these little bags.

The intention is that we wore them throughout the night to develop empathy for the vision impaired and it was very much a challenge.

what I wore

The venue at our Witte Museum was lovely, and the weather absolutely perfect for a part of the evening to be outdoors.

I love to attend events at museums and enjoy the artwork which is part of the venue.

what I wore

The venue was spacious which was really necessary for the amount of attendees with seeing-eye-dogs.

what I wore

The women at the top of Vibrant Works are both vision impaired and incredibly inspirational.

They guided us through the meal…your protein is 6:00, your carb is 11:00, your vegetable is 2:00.

Cutting my chicken was the most challenging to me.  But, I moved very slowly because I did not want to spill any drinks.

We met many inspirational individuals as well. 

Vibrant Works has helped many discover careers or new careers…one has even begun a TV show with other people excelling through their circumstances.

This was a very special evening.


what I wore

What I wore was a little stressful for me simply because of shoes!  

I am suppose to be in my athletic shoes all of the time.  But, I decided to go with my leather slip-ons which have a little construction to help.

However, when I finally got home, my foot was very swollen and uncomfortable…and I sat often…on purpose.

With that explained, I knew what I wore would not be a dress as many women wore that night.

I always feel special in these Clara Sun Woo Kick Front Slit Pant, because they open and flow so beautifully.  These have been what I wore for many special events.

I found the sweater on a Chico’s sale rack…it is the one underneath this LEAF PRINT CARDIGAN JACKET, also on sale.

The sweater must be sold out online.  Knowing I wanted to wear black pants and shoes that also have a touch of camel between the black and white, I thought this sweater would work for what was in my head.

In that same trip to Chico’s, I fell for this BALLOON SLEEVE FAUX LEATHER JACKET, which is lightweight and will go with anything in my closet, including jeans.

With my Chico’s rewards, I received $15 off.

What I wore

Of course, what I wore included purposeful accessories.

The necklace is an oldie but goodie…One I was gifted years ago by a talented jewelry designer out of Dallas.

The NEELY & CHLOE LEATHER ZIP ZIP POUCH was a purchase in the Talbot’s Sale, and is still 60% off.  There are other bags still in this sale.

I love a little bag like this for my wrist during a special events when hands are best free.

It easily held my phone and glasses.  I did not wear my glasses under the mask.

what I wore

Besides what I wore and felt confident wearing, my favorite dress was on one of the board members…loved this print.

She looked lovely and said she found it at Macy’s.

I did not find this design, but found another design in a similar print….The ADRIANNA PAPELL WOMEN’S JACQUARD TEA LENGTH DRESS.

On the featured dress, she went with sparkles on her neckline rather than a necklace and it truly was a wonderful look.

Macy’s has so many nice COCKTAIL DRESSES, that I also highlighted just a few in this slideshow…..I know how hard it is to shop for weddings and special events.


What I wore

Of course, what I wore to a special event, included makeup which complemented the outfit and me!

After an online consultation with Brian of by Brian, I was ready to glow with my makeup he recommended.

His makeup is very soft and natural…and the key to all of it is the word LIGHT.

Brian taught me how to bring more light to my eyes.

It all begins with the SUPER RADIANCE SKIN TINT…if you use the 35% off code on just one item, I would go with this skin tint.  It is amazing.

I love to wear something like this that does not settle in the wrinkles.  With the 35% off, this is $44.20 and a little goes a very long way.

skincare by Brian

On the apples of my cheeks, I used the CHEEKY GLOW CREME BLUSH BLOOMING DAHLIA DUO. With the 35% off, this duo is $22.10

For a special event, Brian told me to rub them together just on those apples and not to slant them up as so many recommend.

The product that really lived up to it’s name was the WATERPROOF LIP LINER IN THE NEOPOLITAN COLOR which will last 16 hours.

Brian told me that if eating and drinking took away the lipstick, that the lip liner all over the lips would remain…and it did!

The lipstick color LAVISH OXIDE is a lovely evening color for autumns.  It feels rich and smooth on the lips.  It is the lip color in the front here.

With the 35% off, the lipstick is $22.75.

Brian sent four perfect colors and in the consultation taught me how to put them on with the lightest in a small triangle right by the nose and blended into the two other colors.

And, I am now a fan of the MAX DEFINING LASH MASCARA in NAVY.   With the 35% off, the mascara is $22.75.

Remember, a 30 minute consultation with Brian is free and he will help you with decisions about skincare and makeup. 

He is very kind and easy to work with. 

The free consultation offer will continue, but the 35% off your purchases ends today…of course, with the code: pamelaloves

Thanks to Brian for this special offer this week just for this audience.

The makeup was the perfect icing on the cake for what I wore.


What I wore

I also want to thank our friends and family members who attended with us, Jamie and John.

The theme of this night was the importance of shedding light on many who live in darkness.

Then we were encouraged to take that light and share it with others.

It was a joy to share it with these two, and now I share it with you.

Just a little reminder to help the visually impaired when you have opportunities to do so.

Thanks also goes to VIBRANT WORKS San Antonio and all that they do to make a difference.

I am thankful every day for my health and the eyesight I have.

Of course, leave your comments or questions on What I Wore…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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What I wore


  1. You look so pretty in your outfit. I especially like the Chico’s jacket but wish it also came in a black or blue since I never wear anything beige or tan. And your necklace is beautiful…truly one of a kind. What an interesting evening you must have had! I’ve read about restaurants where you are served in the dark which I’d think would be quite unique. Thankfully you were told where your food items were located on your plate. Since I have worn glasses and/or contacts for almost 70 years, I’m very aware of vision problems, but know I’m blessed to have had corrective lens of one kind or another throughout my life. I’ve often thought how different my life would be if I had not had my glasses and contacts.

  2. Good morning, Celia. It was wonderful evening. For those who wear this color, this is such a fun jacket!!

  3. Thank you, Pam. We have several special events coming this spring and summer and looking a lot at your postings featuring shoes and party dresses or pants that work well. I usually yes look at casual clothes but this takes some extra time. Appreciate your sharing what guests where as well as the footwear — need to be comfort in those cocktail events, including the dressy-casual things like wedding welcome parties and fund-raisers.

  4. I know your outfit was not your first choice, but you look lovely. What an important cause to be part of and experience. I would have liked to taken advantage of Brian and his generous discount but this was not a week I could set aside time and thought for it.

  5. Pam, you look stunning in your chosen pieces- really gorgeous! I d never have noticed your feet if you hadn’t written about the shoe you selected.
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Such an interesting event. I think that too often we take our health and things like eyesight, speech and hearing for granted when we should not. It’s such a good idea to give participants at the event an idea of what losing sight feels like. I truly admire people who overcome these obstacles when it is their reality. I know a few such people and have a great deal of admiration for them.

  7. Hi Deborah, I am pretty sure his free consultation is always available. Then you can decide with information if you want to buy.

  8. They were so inspirational! Truly incredible people determined to make the best of the life they have. Thanks Karen

  9. You looked great! It was interesting that in SA, just as in Ohio, you see everything when going to these events, from super casual to really dressy. On my first cruise, I really stressed about the dress code on the formal nights, and then wondered why, as every one of us wore dressy (or technically lingerie in my case) black pants and something sparkly or silky on top, well accessorized. I think those Quince silk or cashmere tees would do the trick in many instances with a statement necklace or shoulder dusters. I hope you are not going to “cheat” anymore on your doctor’s advice :).

  10. I will not cheat! I just returned from morning PT and there was a little progress! I am encouraged and will behave! Thanks Linda.

  11. The event looks like it was spectacular, and perusing the web-pages at your museum, what a fascinating venue. My mother suffers from macular degeneration, so I am intimately familiar with vision loss and the resulting struggles. Thankfully, she receives injection treatments every other month that are meant to halt the progression of the disease in her one ‘good’ eye. I am her seeing-eye-daughter wherever we go, and so proud of her for still wanting to get out there, even as her world has become rather wobbly and dark.

  12. I know she is thankful for you Connie. This did help me realize what it is like when the world is dark. Family and friends are precious to those with vision loss.
    I hope she is doing well.

  13. What an amazing event! My husband gets shots in his eye every ten weeks to prevent the loss of vision in his right eye. My best friend has already lost the vision in her right eye. Thankfully, she still has vision in her left. She is 77, single and doesn’t have family to care for her if she becomes totally blind like her sister did. Vision loss is the most scary thing for me as reading, coloring, seeing my mountains are extremely important to me. Thank you to Mr. B and you for working on this issue. You really looked lovely in your outfit and your makeup is so natural and youthful. Brian does a good job with you. I’m fortunate to have my Swedish mother’s complexion and need only slight lip gloss and a touch of pale pink on my cheeks. That’s it. I never wear foundation or eye makeup. I consider myself very lucky as I have to put my money on my white and silver hair. I also love Chicos jeans. They fit me well and I am comfortable in them. I’m sorry you suffered with foot pain because of the shoes you wore. I wear only Skechers with my very painful arthritic feet. I have a pair of silver and white sneakers that I wear for a little bit of dressier events. I’m a cool summer and mostly wear greys, blues and pale neutrals. But get a lot of ideas from you and Leigh Ann. I’m a busty, narrow hipped petite about ten pounds overweight. So hard to fit. Thank you for your hard work.

  14. We need to have events such as this to give us empathy for those whose lives are different than ours. I know all too often, I forget how truly blessed I am. You & Mr. B set good examples for us. Your outfit looked great.

  15. Thanks Becky. My husband was raised by a father who lost a leg when he was 18 and I do believe that gives Mr. B empathy for others. Sadly, I only knew him a short while before he passed. We are truly blessed.

  16. Spending my Saturday night catching up on the posts I missed during a busy week! I loved the outfit you put together for the museum event, and what a great cause to support. You look absolutely radiant, and just as well dressed as any other guest, even those with much dressier footwear. It’s so much fun to see what people wear to this sort of thing, as I rarely attend them now that I’m retired. I would have really appreciated having your example when I went through foot surgery in 2020, but there were fewer events to attend due to COVID, and we were still working from home. Your entire outfit was perfection, especially the jacket and necklace. Your hair and makeup were the perfect complement to the outfit, and I know Mr. B must have been proud to escort you!

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