JJill Spring New Arrivals

JJILL spring new arrivals

Happy Thursday, ladies.  Today is a follow up to Monday’s post and includes JJill Spring New Arrivals.

Lorri and I both returned our curvy jeans to our local JJill locations.  She in North Texas and I in South Texas.

JJill does make it easy to do returns…especially if you are near store fronts.

Spring new arrivals were on display, so I tried on a few tops for you during my visit.

Also, I will include Lorri’s comments on a dress both of us noticed in store…she made the purchase!

So, here we go…JJill spring new arrivals have begun…..


JJill Spring New Arrivals

One thing to know about JJill spring new arrivals in store is that they do not carry most items you see online.

Every time I go in, I ask to see a particular item, and I am told that it is only online.

That can be a bit frustrating, but I guess on a business level, I get it.

Tops in Denim Blues are a trend for spring new arrivals, so I began with the blouse I saw on the display at the top.


For those of you looking for denim blue, this is a fun tunic-style top. 

JJill new spring arrivals

The JJill spring new arrivals are full of the polka dot trend!

This is shirt comes in five selections, but I am wearing the ONE-POCKET SHIRRED BACK SHIRT with dots!

It is 100% cotton and I nice fitting shirt.


JJill spring new arrivals

The sales associate in our location at the Alamo Quarry told me that this was the most popular top in the JJill Spring New Arrivals.

This is the EMBROIDERED SPLIT-NECK TUNIC, and looks great with white pants or jeans.

JJILL Spring new arrivals

This top is perfect for warmer climates, and has a cool, silky feel to it.

This is the JJILL WOODCUT JACOBEAN-PRINTED PONCHO…and you can see that it is a lighter green than it appears online.

JJill spring new arrivals

Now, here is a completely different shade of green…apparently all shades are a go.

This is the JJILL PLACED-PAISLEY TOP and it is a nice new arrival top for spring.


JJill spring new arrivals

The JJill Spring New Arrivals do include easy casual dresses.

This is the JJILL WEAREVER ELBOW-SLEEVE MAXI DRESS…perfect for when you want an easy, cool option for going out and about. I like how they styled it with a scarf.

JJill spring new arrivals

However, the dress in the JJill spring new arrivals that caught the attention of both Lorri and I is this one.


I like how they styled it with the belt and the cardigan…but it can be worn without both.

Lorri wrote in an email on Tuesday: “I took the curvy jeans back to JJill today, and was stopped dead in my tracks by this brand-new dress for spring: JJILL FLOUNCED-HEM MIDI DRESS. It’s a medium shade of navy with camel-colored dots edged in cream, so it works for us “autumns.”  It has a really interesting hemline, a v-neck and POCKETS!  It’s not too bare under the armholes and a regular bra will work with it. The fabric is a stretchy knit that I believe will pack well; in fact, I bought it to wear to my nephew’s June graduation in Charleston.  I have a camel cardigan and wedge sandals I think will match. Whether I belt it will depend on how I’m feeling about my waistline by June, but I think it can be worn either way.  My first thought when I saw it in the window was “I have to tell Pam about this dress!”  I need to get someone to take my picture in my dotted bow blouse, as well as my new dots and stripes items mentioned here.”

We would love to see a picture of you in the dress, Lorri!

Lorri also asked that readers share their favorite places in Nashville and Charleston to visit.  She will be traveling in spring to both.

I love the input she has provided for the JJILL posts.


JJill Spring new arrivals

I did find tops to try on this trip that were on the sale rack with additional percentages off.

I did not purchase this one but it would work for spring.

JJill spring new arrivals

I did purchase these two tops because of the color.

The JJill spring new arrivals, as other brands, are heavy in white white tops.

I wear this creamy off white and now is the time to get layering pieces at low prices.

So both of these came home with me for that purpose.

The only link I have is the JJILL PURE JILL LAYERING TANK in oatmeal heather.  Autumn ladies, this tank also comes in elephant gray called Greystone.

The remaining items I have to show you in the JJill spring new arrivals is to note that Linen is already on the scene. 

Here is a slideshow of some pieces you may want to know about:

Thanks for shopping with me today…and Lorri!  Let us know If you have any questions!  And make sure that you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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new spring arrivals


  1. Good morning. I, too, made a return at Jjill’s yesterday. I was so disappointed that the crème knit pants showed the tan (!) pocket lining and didn’t really lie flat on my body. The SA said there may be more creme coming in because the company noticed last year that it was as popular as white and sold out quickly. But… I did come home with the pale green linen top that you show as number 10 in your slide show. It is not quite that color. It appears on my personal color palette as ‘jadestone’ and is difficult to find. I am going to iron it and try it with a pair of rolled ankle jeans from last year. I may shorten it an inch if I keep it. I bought the petite small and was surprised to find it was the same length as the regular. That deep green top you modeled IS gorgeous., as is the navy dress. So nice to see less flounces. I usually look flat in navy but may take in a little camel sweater and see. If only Jjill had sales like Talbots. The prices are creeping up. What I paid for the green linen top is far more than I used to pay for their simple linen dresses not too many years ago. We have to make good decisions here! Thank you for helping us with that.

  2. Thanks for another great try on. No wonder the embroidered blouse is so popular there. It looks very San Antonio and will be perfect for your Fiesta celebration. Last year I found an embroidered top on the sale rack when they had an additional discount and thought why not? Turns out I love it. The quality is excellent. The polka dot dress is darling. Navy washes me out otherwise I’d be giving it a try. Hope Lori will send a photo. Happy Thursday.

  3. Hi Deborah, It is so interesting how different the colors can be from reality to online. I also noticed the prices are creeping up….everywhere!
    Let us know how the blouse works out for you.

  4. I hope Lorri sends a photo too1


  5. Thank you Pam—great selection. I love the navy dress with dots, which also is available in petites—and it has pockets! Also like the sandals the model is wearing with it in the website photo.

  6. I think the only thing I have kept from JJill recently are the authentic fit jeans in black. Their tops and dresses always make me look bigger, I think. I’m just not comfortable with the aesthetic of slightly boho, and need more structure in a garment than they usually provide. Talbots suits my shape better. I like the navy dress, but just bought a similar shape dress with sleeves (!) and pockets at Macy’s. I will belt it for sure, and the material will be good for travel.
    Thank you for your reviews and try-ons! They are really appreciated.

  7. I was drooling over my new catalog yesterday, and also dog-eared that navy dress. It’s fun to read about Lorri’s shopping in tandem with yours and I would agree that I hope to see photos as well. Happy Thursday! 💕

  8. My frustration this trip, Susan, was that so many made me look larger. However, I have recovery weight on me that needs to come off. So my struggle is mostly with me!

  9. It was fun that we just happened to connect on this. I am so glad she was open to sharing her experiences too. Thanks Connie.

  10. Pam, I know you have said you’ve gained some weight, but it is not that apparent, I don’t see it as much at all.. Some of the tops make everyone look larger, it is not an issue only with you! As a person who has sewn many of their own clothes in the past, I can say that tops with set in sleeves and a little shape, maybe a dart in the bust here or there, (like your Foxcroft) are much more flattering on almost every body than gathers and prints. That’s not a boho shape though, and I can see how many people are attracted to it.

  11. I love the “best seller” green embroidered tunic on you. Lovely! I’m not connecting with JJill this spring, and I’m wondering if I really just don’t have my sizes correct there. But very few of the offerings I saw in my store (quite well stocked) got me excited. Talbot and Chicos so far have appealed to me more. But I do love the quality of JJill linen, so I will certainly be back as we head into summer.

  12. Has anyone worn JJ shoes? I like the look of the driving moc and the sandals for that matter.
    Pam, would love it if you find packable, travel dresses … to wear out to dinner, not to travel in,

  13. Thanks for the encouragement, Susan. I have gained quite a bit of weight…most notably in my hips and you can see more from behind. But, I know I have to slowly get back into this and do what the doctors say. It is amazing how quickly things change when you are immobile for a couple of months.

  14. JJILL does carry shoe brands that are excellent brands and not their own brand. I like BORN shoes and they often have them. You can search for reviews of the shoe brands and learn a little more.

  15. I have pretty much given up on jjill. It’s been awhile but on my last visit I found they were still showing flower print tops…which I would never, ever have worn.
    I am not a young woman by any means but I’m not willing to settle for boring and/or frumpy.

  16. Pam, you look terrific in these two blue blouses/ shirts you model for us. I also thought you wore the flattering yellow and ivory pieces (tops) very well. I wasn’t sure if the Autumn palette included blue and yellow but believed that ivory was your color! I hope you brought a few of these home for Springtime!
    As an aside I can’t see a weight gain since your foot surgeries.

  17. I only brought home the ivory pieces that were on the sale rack. Everything else I showed was for the audience. Thanks Paulette. The weight gain is there.

  18. Your comment is a little harsh, Ann. but I get what you are saying. I feel old and frumpy in most floral tops and that is why these did not come home with me. But on the right woman many of these would look good. I do not know what your style adjectives would be but sounds like what JJILL is showing would not speak them.

  19. Thanks for including my comments on the new JJill items, and I hope your readers find them helpful. When I mentioned Nashville and Charleston I was actually wondering what locals wear in those areas. I’m not used to being in places that have well-defined seasons, rather than “almost hot, hotter than last week, and “the only thing between here and hell is a barbed wire fence.” My greatest fear when getting dressed is wearing something that’s not appropriate for a situation. That matters even more to me than looking overweight in my clothes. I know no one really cares what anybody wears these days, but deep-rooted insecurities last well beyond their reasonable expiration date. My mother was obsessed with being thin, and also with my weight so I still hear her saying “If you gain one more pound you’re going to have to turn sideways to get through the door.” (I was a size 8 at the time, by the way!) Like you, I’ve gained some weight in the past few months and the thought of sending photos to share with your readers is uncomfortable. But you so generously share photos with us in all types of situations, even when you feel you don’t look your best and I hope to follow your example. Thank you for creating this comfortable space where we can share our wardrobe concerns and insecurities as easily as we share a new collection at our favorite store!

  20. Love your comment, Lorri. You expressed here feelings so many women deal with. Bless you!

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