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Happy Wednesday!  Back by popular demand, Today’s News for Women over 50!

This will not be a long version of today’s news, but hopefully an interesting one.

I appreciate all of you who have given your comments on these posts.

The majority do like to see fashion on Wednesdays, however, I also want to acknowledge those of you who miss the Today’s News posts.

Today’s News for Women over 50 is a lifestyle post I produce, where I curate headlines from around media world that I believe may be of interest to you.

I only cover lifestyle news and avoid anything negative or political.

About today’s news, I did receive a request for recipes.

So get a comfy spot and a warm beverage…it is gonna be a good day with today’s news.


today's news

Plant PoweredVegan Cabbage Soup

Taste of Home: 88 Easy Vegetarian Recipes Ready in 30 minutes or less and How to make best German Pancake

Sally’s Baking Recipes: Simply Sandwich Bread

Food Network: Greek Chicken and Orzo Pasta Salad Recipe

Southern Living38 Vintage Side Dish Recipes Grandma Always Had on the Table

Good Taste with TanjiFin-tastic fish feasts to reel in flavor and flair for Lent

Tea Time Magazine: Gluten Free Cherry Rose Scones

My French Country Home French Onion Soup by one of the world’s top chefs

Eating Well: 22 High Fiber Winter Vegetable Sides


Today's News

Business Insider: 5 easy ways to start following the MIND diet for longevity and brain health and A 106-year-old who gardens gives her advice on living a long, healthy life

Healthline: Habits to form now for a longer life

Today Show 20 best arm exercises to tone your triceps, biceps, and shoulders


Today's news

Victoria MagazineA lifetime of welcome: Mayhurst Estate

Better Homes & Gardens: Box Pleats are Making a Comeback and 5 essential tasks to prepare your garden for a gorgeous spring

Southern Living: 2024 Porch Trends will make your porch the favorite room in your house


Today's News

And the new category for Today’s News for Women Over 50 is ….TRAVEL….

My French Country Home: Discover the most enchanting region in south France: Provence

Architectural Digest9 striking hotels on cliffs


Today's News

Let’s round out today’s news with another little fashion video from Youtube, specifically for women over 60 (who are always over 50, right?)

I would love to know your thoughts on this type of presentation is it helpful just to show pictures of outfits…did you receive Inspiration? Which look was your favorite?

That is it for Today’s News for Women Over 50…this is the first of these posts for 2024!

Would love to know your thoughts….thank you for being here and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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today's news


  1. Loved the video! The jeans, the blazers, shirts, belts, even the women themselves all looked so American. Yet the backgrounds were not necessarily American. They all looked so confident. I want to be them!

  2. What an inspiring way to start my day. Thank you for these compilations of such varied articles, I always learn at least one new thing.
    As for the video, each outfit was well put together and the women looked confident and approachable. The red blazer, white top and black pants stays in my mind.
    Thank you for giving us such food for thought.

  3. Thanks for the post. Loved the video, loved the clothes: nearly all the women wore blazers and tucked in tops. There seemed to be two necklines: either a plunging V, often worn with a scarf or jewelry around the neck, or a turtleneck. And, as Linlee said, there was a whole lot of confidence. Many were more heavily made-up than what we generally see here in the daytime. Now to the recipes …

  4. Love the shake up post! Wednesday’s were my fav so thank you for revisiting the format occasionally. Seeing all the Jean styles was fun, classic looks are my fav. Happy Wednesday ❤️ Judy

  5. Interesting video. The outfits were inspiring. My favorite was early on. Jeans, a jean jacket and blue shirt. I’m more sporty than classic but I love a classic look especially for church or going out in the evening. Did you notice that almost all the women wore their shirts tucked in and almost always with a belt. Even when they were not wearing a jacket. Not a single tunic type top in sight. I know from photos I look best with a tucked shirt, belt and a jacket or vest over it all. I struggle with this because I don’t have the figure I had at 25 or 45. My waist is thicker and I have a tummy. Yesterday I wore jeans, a tucked top belt and very arty long vest to a meeting and got tons of compliments. BTW, just a note that the models were posed and most of the background were photoshopped. Nothing wrong with making it look like international street scenes. I though it was very well done.

  6. I also struggle with tucking in, Kathie. My middle is fluffy and tucking in often calls attention to it…so I understand.

  7. Thanks for the great variety of articles, Pam. The video provides lots of inspiration. I love the jeans with pops of color, like red and bright yellow. The jeans/blazer look is classy. These ladies are casual yet put-together.

  8. Enjoyed the article on 38 Vintage Side dishes. Everything looked delicious. It brought back food memories. Did anyone else grow up with individual molded Jello salad with a dollop of mayonnaise at special meals?😄
    I enjoyed the outfit presentation. They all look so nice and gave me some ideas.

  9. Kathie, they’re not just posed models but actually completely fake – FYI, that video is *all* AI-generated images! (it says so right at the bottom of the video description itself). Just wanted to share in case anyone else felt it was a bit ‘too’ polished. This brings up an interesting point on how AI can be used as a tool in fashion though – if you plugged in certain clothing items (such as clothes you already own), could it give us suggestions on what to wear next? Food for thought!

  10. Mmmm it’s cold outside today but sun is shining- a scones kind of day! Thank you for including a gluten free recipe. I have no heavy cream or roose extract but will get those items and will attempt this recipe!
    Pam, thank you!

  11. Great post. French onion soup is just about my only deviation from my vegetarian diet. I don’t have it a lot, but I love it and have made it a time or two. The travel articles made my feet want to wander.

  12. I enjoyed the story on Mayhurst Estate which reminded me of how very much I used to love my subscription to Victoria magazine. Would love to stay at their beautiful b & b, pet the goats, meet their family. The video is great. I have no idea if any of it has been helped along with photoshop or AI or any of that…doesn’t matter to me. I most related to the white jeans, white shirt, pale khaki blazer, although there were several striped tee outfits that also caught my eye. Happiest photo was of the two friends with sunglasses, which reminded me of a pic I have from a trip a few years ago with my best friend.

  13. Love, love, love the newest format for Wednesdays! Awesome. Enjoyed the video, lots of classic looks that resonated with me. The healthy living section was not only entertaining but very informative.
    Thank you for another Wednesday morning wake up! Keep it coming!

  14. Thanks for the great ideas on what to wear with a blazer. The outfits are polished and classic. The age of the women made it easier to visualize me wearing these combinations. I’m definitely going to be wearing my blazers once the weather warms up.

  15. LOL! Yes on the jello…my mother made all of the old Jello trends! Thanks for a smile Lorraine.

  16. I haven’t discussed AI yet, Zaeobi, but many bloggers are using it. If you feel like you have read words before, it most likely is AI. I put in a blog post recently to Chat PT and it was all AI generated. It is frightening to me what all this does. We are beginning to see it more and more.

  17. I thought of you when I saw this recipe, Paulette. If you make it, please report back how it tasted. I would like to know and consider making it as well.

  18. I am wearing them now and enjoy it so much…enjoy yours too, Judy when your weather warms up.

  19. Lots of wonderful reading material here today. Particularly enjoyed browsing the Grandma’s vintage side dishes with a few made with potatoes, being one of my favourite comfort foods. Also good to know that box-pleated bed skirts are back in home decor as it is something I have often made and found worth the extra effort to do so, when desiring a coordinate. i.e.: With the window coverings etc. As to the fashion video today as a few others pointed out noticed as well; tops were semi to fitted plus tucked in (no tunics), bottoms were basically slim in cut, jewelry kept to a minimum, handbags were constructed and regardless that they were Al generated (☺) some also wore wonderful smiles.

  20. I liked the exercises for arms and shoulders. I need to get that going again. A good reminder. The video felt aspirational to me. As I’m 79, way over 60 those slim days seem over. I was aware that all pant and jeans were skinny, they were wearing heels and belted and tucked in tops. I can’t do any of these comfortably. I loved the hairstyles and the blue Breton shirt with blue scarf and wool coat. Very attractive women in all the pictures. AI generated still must have used real women to capture their images.

  21. Thank you for curating these articles. I know it takes a lot of time to do the research.
    I loved the video. These ladies were brimming with confidence. What stood out to me was how polished they are looked. I barely noticed the jeans because from their hair to the blazers to the accessories the ladies looked like they cared about the message they were sending. This is something you have emphasized for us, & these ladies displayed it. I took away so many ideas from this video, & the best part is I can shop my closet. That’s a win for sure.

  22. this was fun I was feeling a little bad about how great the models all looked. I know, I know, don’t compare, but it was good to realize there was AI involved enhancing perhaps a bit. I love the classic styles shown.

  23. Loved the mix of articles today! I liked the focus on jeans, which zi wear constantly. I saw many inspiring photos, but couldn’t put my finger on the strange vibe that I was experiencing. Now I know. Perfection?? Yes, AI. I am not a fan, it is frightening in ways other than fashion presentations. Before I realized it was AI, I was going to comment that we see lots of photos and slide shows from you regularly. I miss the movement of clothes in the street scenes, but I can always look for those on my own. You gave us a great ‘news’ day-food, fashion, decor, etc. So much research on your part! Thank you.

  24. I enjoyed the video. Unlike the usual street scene ones, it gave you time to really look at each outfit. I did feel that it became a bit tedious when it started showing the same outfits on repeat though. One of my favourite outfits was the one at about 0:41. That’s definitely something I would wear.

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