2024 Fashion Trends: The Bow Blouse

2024 fashion trends


Happy Saturday, friends!  Welcome to our continuing study of the 2024 Fashion Trends featuring today The Bow Blouse.

I began this look at 2024 Fashion Trends last month with the intention of helping us look current with our style, and understand what we will see most from brands this year.

So far, our 2024 Fashion Trends featured have been:

2024 Fashion Trends: Windowpane Plaid

2024 Fashion Trends: Light Wash Jeans

2024 Fashion Trends:  Merlot

2024 Fashion Trends:  Polka Dots

Today’s 2024 Fashion Trend is the bow blouse.

Let’s take a closer look.


2024 Fashion Trends

2024 fashion trends

2024 fashion trends

Some of you may recognize my favorite Italian boutique from Instagram:  martinelli.roma.

They have provided several style tips for bow blouses in the 2024 fashion trends.

One of the reasons I enjoy watching higher end fashion is for inspiration of how a trend can be worn in fun ways at lower price points.

Of course, the most beautiful bow blouses I have seen to date are higher end.

Just take a look at this slide show to see what I mean: (I wish I could locate the one in today’s feature photo at the top, but I could not find it.  I love that gray windowpane bow)

Though all of these looks are exquisite, I for one, think a bow blouse looks great with jeans.


2024 fashion trends

This display is from Kohl’s and the blouse is in this next slideshow.

They obviously styled it with a faux leather skirt and long cardigan.  A bit more casual than some of the higher end styles.

2024 fashion trends

I have enjoyed my Quince Washable Stretch Silk Tie Neck Blouse in Ivory so much that I ordered another one in navy…I have an outfit in mind for the second one.

A bow blouse is another way for me to express my style adjective “Creative”.  

It fits nicely with all of my style adjectives of polished, approachable, joyful, current and creative.

It could also speak to those who want to communicate feminine, classic, current, interesting, dramatic messaging.

I really like them with jeans best and will try to get a picture soon of one of those outfits.

Here is a slide show with more affordable pricing in it that the blouses above:

I hope you are enjoying the 2024 fashion trends, and ideas for how to keep your style current this year.

If any of you have bow blouses, please share your style tips for how you wear yours?

Do you prefer prints to solid colors or like both?

I hope you will share, and then go out and always…………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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2024 Fashion trends


  1. I’ve always loved a blouse with a bow at the neck. I particularly like the black and white window pane one you featured in today’s post. Although I think I would pair it with a nice pair of black or white pants instead of the denim.

  2. Of course, it would look lovely with the pants. I wanted to note that these blouses can be worn for casual up. Thank you so much for starting us off today.

  3. The last time these came around, I had a navy satin bow blouse I loved. I might or might not indulge, but only because I’m on an extremely low buy. Otherwise, I’d definitely order one from Quince. That said, I think a little goes a long way if you are more minimal or sporty like I am. I am not looking for bows everywhere, such as on shoes, jackets or jewelry. It’s a fun, dressed up (finally!) trend though, and one I certainly prefer to pajamas worn all over town. I was wondering if the gray windowpane one you featured but can’t find might in fact be a silk scarf. I have several long silk scarves lingering in my closet and might experiment with tying a high bow and wearing it with a sweater.

  4. I like the polka dot and window pane prints. I love the look of a bow blouse, they look sharp and add interest to an outfit. However, I don’t find them flattering on my petite, busty, curvy frame, they add way too much bulk. I’ve tried leaving the ends loose and tying in a soft, drapey bow below the bust, and still don’t love it on me. BTW Pam, would love to see you shop and do try-ons with a plus size friend. Especially since Talbots, J.Jill, and Chicos are size inclusive brands.

  5. My oh my. I had the Ann Taylor blouse, gathered neckline, puff sleeves and rushed cuffs with the bow tie. I just can’t remember if it was in the 70’s or 80’s. LOL. I always find it a challenge to tie them neatly and to keep them from looking wilted by the end of a wearing. Would love to know if you have any hints.

  6. I will look for a solution, Linda. When I am out I find myself refreshing the bow in the restroom, but when I worked in a professional setting, I remember pinning it from the back with a tiny closed pin.

  7. Sadly I have no neck “real estate” for a bow blouse. (Can’t do neck scarves either). Love the Italian outfit styling. Great inspiration for styling my closet

  8. One of my very favorite early career blouses was a dropped tie pale yellow blouse. If I found anything even remotely like that again, I’d buy it in multiples. The ones tied right at the neck don’t feel right for me, probably same reason I avoid turtlenecks. Your carousel had some pretty choices, but I notice many blouses now are finished with elasticized sleeves rather than a buttoned cuff. I’m sure that’s more cost effective, but I prefer a traditionally finished wrist.

  9. Wow. Some of these blouses look like works of art. The bow blouses are not for me at this stage of my style and life, but they are delicious. The black and white one from Amazon is so dramatic and the fabric design looks incredible in the photo. When I was in my 30s/40s I had a lovely classic sheath that had a structured small bow in back at the top of the zipper. That would be my style. Your Quince piece looks great, Pam. I am happy that you find it workable with your adjectives and wardrobe. From the Quince blouse that I ordered for spring, I am sure that it is well made. I love this little series on current styles and hope to see it continue. Also, I love peeking into the Italian boutique!

  10. You might find the Talbots blouse in the slideshow. I showed the blue one but it is also in pale yellow! In a warmer climate like where I live, I like the elasticized sleeve to pull up and balloon out to look short sleeved, but I prefer the chic look of the cuff.

  11. It has been fun to research this series and give ways we can look current. One of the fun things about fashion. Thanks Deborah!

  12. The bow blouses were definitely part of my work wardrobe back when but they are no longer in my closet ….i have seen them in stores recently but have yet to purchase one. I think I’m connecting this style with my former self, not me today.
    Yet, you’ve mentioned wearing this blouse style with denim and will think about it….

  13. Right now I am dressed to go to brunch with Mr. B. I am in jeans…a bow blouse… and my trench coat…and, of course…my new normal sneakers. The blouse elevates my jeans and adds a touch of fun!

  14. I wore bow blouses back in the day with blazers & suit jackets but currently, don’t own any. I will admit when I first saw they were making a comeback, I wasn’t really on board with them, but they are growing on me. I am still not a fan of the very large bows, but there were several in the slide shows that I truly liked. I can see where this style would elevate jeans to a higher level especially in the satiny or dressier fabric. I generally prefer the solid colors, but the windowpane blouse was appealing. One last thought, after so many years of ultra casual oversized clothes, these blouses are welcome change to something more classic & refined.

  15. I love a bow blouse. It’s classic. A solid is my favorite and looks great with dark wash or black trouser jeans, as well as dress pants.

  16. I wore silk bow blouses with my business suits back in the 70s and 80s. I had several colors and thought they softened the look of the business suit.. The ones you’ve showed us indicate the style is again on trend. There’s quite a range in the size of the bows and most of these are very lovely. Some are quite dramatic and make a strong statement. I prefer solid colors to the prints. Also the scaled down bows and ties of the more affordable versions. Its one of the styles I like to see on others but not one I will adopt. My style is more minimalist. I prefer a blouse with a plain v-neck or a mandarin color. When the the large, long & lovely scarf trend caught on ages ago I invested in several but never felt comfortable wearing them. More like they were wearing me Another trend I admire on others but doesn’t work for me. I’m really enjoying this discussion about current trends

  17. I, too, remember bow blouses back in the day but am off them now. Back then, I commuted on public transportation. Now, I would walk (which is fine) or be in a car, which is not so good b/c I think I’d wreck the bow with the seatbelt. Maybe tie the bow on arrival? I like the Talbot’s ones, which seem more casual, and the AT ones because the bow is smaller or higher up or off-center. When all’s said and done, though, a little too frou-frou for my life now.

  18. Why oh why did I get rid of a splurge bow blouse from YSL from the 70’s..I think I might have been able to wear it today. That being said, I do like the window pane. I have a cute silk halter top that has a long, long tie for around your neck, I tried it with the bow in front instead of in the back. Will try it again when the weather gets much warmer. These would be more special occasion wear.

  19. I am with you, Nancy…kicking myself for getting rid of things I would wear now. I am so enjoying wearing these blouses to go out and about.

  20. My only bow blouse is beige with small black polka dots, purchased at LOFT about ten years ago, but I can check off two trends in one piece! I also have a thin blush v-neck sweater with sheer chiffon sleeves and a bow at the neck. I typically wear these when I want a conservative and elevated look, such as an initial meeting with a prospective bride and her mom. Normally I pair them with a black pencil skirt, but sometimes wear them untucked over black dressy pants with ankle boots or black jeans with black flats. I don’t usually give much thought to trends, but am really enjoying this series and thinking about new ways to wear things I already own!

  21. That is actually one of my goals for the series, Lorri…to help us rethink what we might already own. Have fun with it.

  22. Though not one for bows (or ruffles), do like them on blouses and for versatility do prefer the former with a removable ‘tie’ (on a convertible neckline) however did purchase one two winters ago (from Sézane/plain winter white/georgette blend/sheer sleeves/lined in bodice/perfect for 4-seasons) to wear to a function that was paired with black satin dress pants with a cummerbund/embossed velvet blazer that added femininity to the equation. As was attached and blouse tucked in ; left open the top two buttons and softly single looped it. With appreciation of the links and do love the striped jacket on the mannequin. -Brenda-
    P.S.: The top outfit I believe is from the Alberta Ferretti /2020 Ready To Wear Fall Fashion lineup.

  23. In honor of the amazing bow you showed I finally learned how to do a reverse image search. The gray windowpane blouse is from the Alberta Ferretti Fall 2020 collection. *scurries off to search 2nd hand websites*

  24. Hi Mary, you join Brenda as being my field reporters to discover these things. Thank you so much!

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