Update on new arrivals for spring outfits

update on new arrivals

Happy Monday, all!  Today, I have a couple of update on new arrivals for spring outfits.

We can call this update Shopping with Lorri and me, because our blog community member, Lorrie, purchased the same new arrivals.

I will give you her update on new arrivals, so that you have two opinions. 

Lorri lives in North Texas, and I in South Texas.  Though we have never met face-to-face I consider her a friend.

We often talk through the blog and email, and have much in common.

So, let us begin with our update on new arrivals from Chico’s and JJILL.


update on new arrivals

Our first update on new arrivals is about this CHICO’S TWILL FRINGE HEM SHIRT.

I liked it so much when I tried it on in store that I ordered it in Olive.  Lorri liked it so much she ordered it in the Olive and in the Ginger Rose.

However, she received her top first and sent a warning about wrinkles.

Her first email said: “Not sure if you have received the olive raw-edged shirt from Chico’s yet, but I wanted to give you a heads up.  I bought it in olive and the coral color, and was really excited to wear the olive one Friday.  It was badly wrinkled, so I tossed in a low dryer for about 10 minutes and then tackled it with a low iron.  You’ll need to iron it from the back side, as the fabric is synthetic and it got shiny even on the silk setting.  But that did nothing for the wrinkles.  I ended up using a thin tea towel as a pressing cloth and trying it with some steam.  After a lot of effort I got it looking okay to wear, but my seatbelt promptly wrinkled up the tail.  I love it enough to do all that work but wanted to warn you in case you might want to return yours.  I’ve never minded ironing, I just mind doing it and having a garment still look unironed, which I’m afraid this one does.  I got the shirts 25% off, so I’m keeping them, but I will have to be sure I allow time for ironing when I plan to wear them.”

But, later she said this:

“Those fringed-hem twill shirts from Chico’s are really cute, even though they wrinkle badly.  I am keeping the olive AND the coral colors, and may buy the ivory if it goes on sale.  Those seem to run small, though – I needed a 2 and I am usually a 1 in Chico’s. 

Lorri gave me permission to share on both of the items today.

For me, the top is true-to-size.  I am wearing the size 3 that I have worn since my surgery and I gained a little back that was lost last year.

I like this top.  The color is good for me…the fabric is cool for a warmer climate…and I did not think it wrinkled that badly…though there is some….mine came out in the dryer cycle.

I compare it to linen tops that would wrinkle way more and be for casual wear like this one is. 

If it pops up in colors I need going into spring and summer, I will consider purchasing another one.  The alabaster color is white white and I would prefer an off white.

I hope it helps you to hear an update on new arrivals from two of us.



updates on new arrivals

Lorri and I both ordered the new sizing from JJILL on the JJILL CURVY FIT SLIM LEG JEANS.

Lorri said:

“I wanted to report back on the JJill curvy jeans.  I normally wear a 10T in their regular cut jeans, but often have the waist taken in an inch or two.  I bought the new curvy fit jeans in both 8T and 10T, because I can wear an 8T in some of their styles.  I’m at the highest weight I’ve been in a few years, up about 12 pounds to 155.  I’m pear shaped, and usually my bottom is a size larger than my top.  So I tried on the 10’s and they seemed to fit comfortably, but had no excess room in them.  I ripped off the tags and wore them to a doctor appointment this morning.  I was home in less than two hours and was horrified to catch a glimpse in the mirror.  They stretched out in the legs and thighs to the point I can pinch over an inch on the side seams.  Now I don’t know whether to keep the 8’s in hopes they might also stretch, or just take them back.  I’ve never had their jeans stretch like this, and I’m really disappointed, as I paid full price. Have yours arrived yet, and if so, how did they fit you?”

I cannot say that I have a better report.

There is no picture of me in the jeans, because the fit was so bad.  This really surprised me. I have always liked my JJILL jeans and pants. 

But, since I have gained a few inches, the jeans I recently tried were a little tight, so I thought the curvy fit might work.  It was the adverse effect.

The jeans seemed to be sized a whole size smaller.

Also, I love slim leg jeans and these were not. slim leg jeans.

So, our update on new arrivals for this new product is…do not pull off the tags too quickly….try them first.  Mine will be returned this week.


new update to spring arrivals

Well, ladies,  I am proud to announce a new arrival to soccer…my talented, 9-year-old grandson!

It was fun to have our whole family gather to support him this weekend in a tournament…though It was also incredibly cold!!

We are wimps when it comes to cold down here…and it was windy and cold on the sidelines.

But, a Gigi has to do what a Gigi has to do….show love and support.

And his team WON!  Tournament Champions in their age bracket.

Let us know what questions or comments you have on today’s update on new arrivals!  And always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Please remember to shop with my Shopping Links found at the top of the page. Thank you so much to those who shop this way.

update on new arrivals




  1. Congratulations to your grandson and his team on their soccer win. And bravo to you for braving the cold to cheer him on.

    Thanks for the honest reports from you and Lorri. I had my eye on the Chico’s blouse but was concerned it would be too long on me. Now that I see it on you I know it would be more like a tunic on me. BTW, it looks great on you. Hopefully like good linen it will relax a bit after a few wash cycles. I give my linen a very brief time in a barely warm dryer than hang and no need to iron. Sorry the J Jill curvy fit was a bust. I recommend their high rise straight leg jeans. They have an easy fit through the hip and the leg opening is not as wide as some other brands. I tried them all last year and J Jill had the slimmest straight leg. You might want to try them when you make your return. Happy Monday.

  2. I was so happy to hear that Lorri found the Chico’s shirt small as well. I tried it on yesterday and my usual size 2 was snug. I left the store disappointed, thinking I’d had a long, chubby winter. Whew! It was so cute and comfy, but the wrinkling issue might be a dealbreaker in my going back and trying on a 3.

  3. Hi Kathie. I like JJill jeans a lot and wear them often. I was surprised that this one did not work, but I know they have great options. Thanks for being here!

  4. Oh, geez. We have very few stores here that I rely on . Jjill is one of my go-to’s when the color works out. (They are tricky, often cooler or dustier than the catalog teaser.) They have knit pants in a few colors. I ordered the creme on line. The usual small regular were huge in the store, and that is my usual size. I had them send the petite small, which fit fine but the pockets don’t lie flat. I paid full price and am contemplating a return. The problem is they are just what I need for the beach. I have to stay covered up. These I could roll a bit and feel comfortable with my light weight tops. I thought about sewing the pockets ( sigh, who wants to give up pockets in a knit pant), but full price on a non-perfect pant? They have few sales on current merchandise now. I have been looking for creme knit in the right weight for a few years now. So your comments about the Jjill jeans plus this make me nervous. Quality! Sorry about the cute jacket. I am glad that I am good in that department. Kudos to the soccer team. Laughing about your weather. It is 24* and feels like 12* with wind chill, but a beautiful sunny day!

  5. It is nice to honestly know about both the Chico’s shirt and JJill jeans. I’ve found that JJill pants run large on me even in my petite size. And I really need a .5 size in Chico’s which is rare to find, but I do like that shirt with the fringe. As I’ve sat through many, many cold, windy, rainy soccer games watching our now high school grandchild play since he was four or five, I’ve often wished soccer season was during a warmer time of the year. I bundle up for the cold and have sat through many games over the years. Active grandchildren get us up and out often, but we all love to see them “doing their thing”!

  6. I love to see them doing their thing and this weekend certainly got me up and out, Celia. That is a very good thing!
    On a side note, I do like this shirt!

  7. The wrinkling is really not that bad…but does exist, Tess. If want no wrinkles then it would be a dealbreaker. But, the material feels cool and wonderful to wear. I am glad you tried it on though.

  8. I bought that CHICOS fringe shirt in the cute flowered denim version and found it runs really small. Small and tight in the upper arm and really all over! I don’t want to go up a full size so i think I will pass on it. I do buy a LOT FROM CHICOS, it is one of my favorite retailers. I cannot wear their pants. I have an apple shape, carrying weight in the stomach and have wide hips so the legs on the pants are always huge even if the pants say “slim”. I find J Jill styles do not fit me well at all. I stay away from them. I almost exclusively wear INTRO bran pants from Dillards. they have a lot of stretch for me.

  9. I also tried the curvy fit jeans from JJill and had to return them. They are not as high waisted as they should be,run small and the bottom of the jean is not straight,it actually flares out! I was so disappointed. Their high rise straight leg jeans fit my waist,but were huge in the legs. I ended up with the high rise jeans in cream and blue denim with the big roll cuff on the bottom. The cuff can be undone,it is just tacked to the jean. I can can adjust the cuff to where I want it.
    As for the Chico’s shirt with the fringe,I ordered the size 4 and it is too tight in the bust,so I am returning it. It runs about a half size too small. ☹️

  10. Sounds like your experiences were the same as ours, Denise. I was so sad about those jeans and my experience was the same as yours.
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. JJill used to be my favorite store, but now that I’ve lost weight, I thought the general fit didn’t seem to suit me any longer. I had had high hopes for the denim knit hooded tunic, and it looked like a sack. Ditto almost everything I tried on, and I left with nothing. Now I’m wondering if they are just in one of those troughs that retailers seem to occasionally cycle through. As for jeans, I’ve had the best luck with Talbots’ classic straight leg. They stretch, accommodating my puffy tummy, but don’t become another size upon wearing, and they are not a wide leg at all.

  12. When I was there recently, I really believed they had made great grounds in the area of FIT. Things seemed to not be as big and oversized. I am only disappointed so far with this one pair of jeans and I wanted to report on it because it is new.
    But, when I return these, I will try on some new arrivals and assess what I think. Recently, what I wear the most in pants is Talbots….so I hear you Linda.

  13. the shirt, the jacket collar, the brooch, all bring the focus to your neck, maybe a long necklace and light color pants would balance out the photo

  14. Congratulations to your grandson and his team! It’s such fun being a Gigi or Gram, as I’m called, and watching from the sidelines or in the stands as we did for years in freezing-cold hockey rinks all over New England and the Northeast. No one presently is involved with hockey and in in one way I’m glad. I’m thawing out!
    Thanks to you and Lori for these JJillReviews.
    Ironing is not my favorite domestic chore plus I’m already hard to fit in pants. Thick waist with narrow hips/ thighs. I use Stacy London’s advice about fitting the largest area and it’s off to the seamstress we go!

  15. Tess’s comment had me chuckling! I’m certain to remember I might need to blame a long, chubby winter for anything ill-fitting! ☺️ My mother and I have a favorite sweets shop at the coast called The Chubby Li’l Mermaid, so that’s the logo I pictured. I love that we have a fellow reader, Lorri, as a field reporter for today. Congratulations on the big soccer win! ⚽️ We lived and breathed soccer for many years with my youngest. I recommend picking up the little hand warming packets from any sporting goods store. Shake them up and put into your pockets to re-heat between clapping!

  16. Thank you for your opinion, Jo. A long necklace would interfere with the fringe on the shirt which goes along the buttons. I know I have a 70 year old neck, but that is who I am. I love this brooch and think it adds a nice touch to the outfit.
    Thanks for joining in.

  17. That is what I thought these pants would do, Paulette, so I was really discouraged to find out that they didn’t. It is a challenge for those of us with curves, and often we need to do what you do and follow Stacy’s advice. I know hiring a seamstress adds more cost, but great fit is everything. Thanks for mentioning Stacy’s rule.

  18. I remember those packets, Connie…I wish I had thought of them. I am thawing out today and I only did a couple of the games. The ones who did all of them will need longer time to thaw. We have not gone out to the windy cold soccer fields in a while…but it was so worth it.
    I am a Chubby Li’l Mermaid after sitting for so long! But determined to get back to where I was. And…I LOVE HAVING FIELD REPORTERS!

  19. Interesting. I was at jjill last week and purchased the authentic slim fit ankle jeans. In the store, I was happy with the fit. In fact, a customer in the fitting room even complimented the fit. However, in wearing them yesterday, I noticed they had stretched out so much that I thought maybe I should have sized down. 🤨

  20. Paulette, you and I have the same problems with jeans! Only there isn’t any seamstress here to fix the baggy hips and thighs! I can’t sew anymore due to arthritis in my hands. I can wear Chicos trouser style jeans in a 2P or 12P. I’m 5’2” and run 138-141 pounds. My hourglass figure has turned to almost a rectangle. My waist is 34-35” depending on bloat. The only slimmer fit jeans I found are Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in high rise straight leg jeans from JCP. I have 3 colors. The size chart isn’t giving the amount of easement that is put into the finished garment. That easement allow me to wear a size 12 petite. All of our great grandchildren live in Arizona and California. We live in Colorado so have never seen any of their sports activities. You are very lucky for your closeness to the young ones. It was 17* here night before last and is 56 this morning heading for 60s! Yay!

  21. That is tough, Sandy. A little stretch helps but sounds like too much. You should call their customer service and let them know.

  22. So glad for the win for your grandson!
    I don’t shop at either store because of fit, but it was good to have the dual shopping experiences, hope you do it again

  23. A big congratulations to your Grandson and his soccer team for their win and so happy to learn that you are experiencing progress with your PT. As to the subject of today re fashion pieces; so appreciate the ‘thorough review’ on them as personally speaking I find ordering online to be more and more of a challenge that can come under the umbrella of quality (fabrics/workmanship/sizing/maintenance etc.) to the return policies of many retailers where living in Canada often requires not only extra expense but jumping though several hoops. -Brenda-
    Footnote: We are experiencing a balmy 10° F right now which is ideal for those who ski however skating on North America’s longest water-way skating rink (being Ottawa Ontario’s Canal) is currently closed as not frozen enough.

  24. When the opportunity arises, I am happy to do this with any of you. It just happened naturally and Lorri was willing to share her thoughts. Thanks Audrey.

  25. I think everyone is experiencing interesting weather. We already have our famous Texas bluebonnets beginning to show up and it is very early for that. My trees out my window are budding. I hope this does not mean that we will have an unbearable heat like we did last summer. At any rate, stay warm Brenda!

  26. I wasn’t surprised that the JJill jeans stretched once I checked the website for the fabric content. They are listed as 70% cotton and 14% polyester. That combination is likely to stretch. A better combination uses a much larger percentage of cotton plus spandex. I know manufacturers are trying to keep prices reasonable, but if polyester is included, it needs to be much less, like 2-3%. These days, my policy is to wear new jeans for 6 hours, tags on. If they don’t stretch alarmingly or otherwise create fit problems, I’ll keep them. Otherwise, the store gets them back.

  27. Oh my goodness, I’m reading today’s post at bedtime because I worked at church today and felt behind on personal stuff all day. What an honor to be included in your post! I hope our feedback helps your readers! JJill has been one of my go-to stores for years; in fact, I think I first found your blog through an old JJill post. Their merchandise continues to be hit or miss, but I probably keep 2/3 of the items I buy. I also buy a lot of their pieces on eBay at greatly discounted prices. I returned the curvy jeans today and told the store staff in detail what my issues were. I also intend to write an on-line review to spare others the inconvenience we experienced with this trusted brand’s (hopefully temporary) departure from quality denim. Isn’t it fun to see the grands enjoy their sports experiences? That trophy is nearly as big as your grandson, and as another Gigi, it tickled me to see how proud he was. Both my granddaughters play club soccer year-round, but there are several new indoor arenas in the DFW area where they play when it’s extremely hot or cold – what an improvement over all my years either freezing or burning up as a soccer mom!

  28. An indoor arena would have been so welcomed! Thanks for helping out to review these items, Lorri!

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