Vote for favorite shoes over 60

shoes over 60

Happy Tuesday!  Today I am going to ask you to vote for your favorite shoes over 60.

I am talking about voting for your favorite STYLE of shoes over 60…what you wear the most.

Of course, I am living in one style right now (Brooks) until my foot fully recovers…but it got me to thinking about what my shoes over 60 will look like going forward.

Typically, shoes over 60 are more comfort focused…though not with all women…those precious ones with no foot issues…and I envy you! 

And, the good news is that many comfort lines are producing some very stylish shoes.

Now, I am going to give you three types of shoes, along with the new arrivals in these styles in slideshows.

Then ask that you vote for your favorite shoes over 60 in the comments.  What style do you prefer to wear most often? Do you think comfort first?

I did not include boots or booties because for some of us, winter is on it’s way out. 

And I will save sandals and espadrilles for warmer weather…we will do this again!

If you like and wear all three styles, then just let us know.

Hopefully, this will help many of you to know what is current… new styles in the shoes we wear the most over 60.


shoes over 60


Perhaps you will join me in a small celebration of the popularity of athletic shoes…they truly do seem to go with everything.

However, as with all these shoes comfort and style are vast.  Some feel “old” in this style of shoe.  

Here are a few new arrivals on the market…..

If you prefer to spend most of your time in athletic shoes, then vote below for this one and please explain why.


shoes over 60


Many women include ballet flats in their preferred shoes over 60, and comfort lines have heeded the call.

This year, the new arrivals reflect a big trend in Mary Janes (a style that comes and goes) but Is basically putting a strap over a ballet flat.

Another ballet flat trend is color blocking…the shoe you see here.

To catch up in ballet shoes over 60, here are some I found….

If you are one who likes to wear ballet flats the most, then vote for this style of shoes over 60 below.


shoes over 60

Talbots in the slideshow

Loafers come in many colors, designs, styles…and are lots of fun and comfortable for women of all ages.

A loafer can easily go casual or dressier, but are a step up in style from sneakers.

Today’s loafers include different colors, bows, buckles, two-tone, and are in all price ranges.

I use the expensive ones to know what is in style and then I shop my comfort lines, and more affordable lines.

Here are some new arrivals for loafers:

Do I have you dreaming of shoes?

Now, remember ….do not vote for one particular shoe…vote for your favorite STYLE of shoe…and if you want to mention a specific one that captured your attention, of course do that…..

I look forward to seeing which STYLE wins overall….Thanks for being here and make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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shoes over 60

As soon as I have the green light from doctors, I will step out in all three of these styles!


  1. I no longer think of style when I think about shoes. Five years ago I developed Morton’s Neuroma in both feet. The podiatrist suggested Hoka shoes but even they brought me no relief from the pain. When the podiatrist wanted to cut the nerves in my toes I knew that would affect the kinetic chain all the way up. A naturopath told me about natural, foot-shaped shoes with silicone toe spacers called Correct Toes. My toes and feet now feel great. I walk 6-7 miles 7 days a week and in the summer I hike Colorado mountains. And that’s what I still want to be doing for the rest of my life. (And I still want to dance Tejano style when I come to San Antonio!)

  2. What a great array of spring shoes you’ve gathered! I’m a big believer that shoe style should be dictated by clothing style (unless post-surgical, etc.) so it’s hard for me to choose one style over another. I don’t wear loafers because I feel they make my size 9 feet look larger. I wear ballet flats with my dressier outfits and Ryka athletic shoes with most of my casual wear. I need the comfort of Ryka’s after my unsuccessful foot surgeries, but I like the look of ballet flats so much better. The trend toward wearing athletic shoes with regular clothes makes a lot of sense, and you’re showing us they can look great. I guess if we’re voting based on looks I have to go with ballet flats, but they aren’t practical for much in my current lifestyle. Last year I invested around $200 for a pair of Ara ballet flats to run weddings, my first experience with this brand. Between the rehearsal and actual ceremony, I normally walk about five miles in 24 hours on uncarpeted floors, so they were worth every penny. I also wear Vionic and Van Eli comfort styles with dress clothes, but Rykas or Brooks athletic shoes for every day. I appreciate Linlee suggesting Correct Toes and am going to check them out – thank you!

  3. Good morning,
    Bunions have destroyed my feet. I wear sneakers. I found Hoka’s a few years back and invested in 3 pairs (different colors). The expense was worth it as I can wear these sneakers for extended periods of time. Loafers (wide) are my second choice when I don’t want to wear sneakers. Have a great day.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Linlee! What a great success story and San Antonio loves to dance and will be waiting!

  5. As I age, I want comfort, stability, and safety from shoes. I wear Brooks, New Balance, On Cloud; loafers—Cole Haan, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Born; flip flops that have support—Oofas, Clark’s. Style is important; however, I do not want to have to think about my shoes during the day, so comfort is critical.

  6. My favorite shoes are ECCO Soft 7 leather sneakers. I have them in 3 colors now. I have bunions so I need a shoe that’s not too rigid. They have good arch support. I can wear them all day. I don’t think of them as athletic shoes but that’s the closest category. When I’m in the season between boots and sandals I wear flats when I dress up but not true ballet flats. I need a tiny bit of lift in the heel as well as decent arch support like the Easy Spirit styles. I love loafers but don’t find them as comfortable. Looking forward to seeing you in new shoe styles once you get the green light.

  7. I am looking forward to it as well, Kathie! I cannot say enough good things about the Easy Spirit ballet flats…so comfortable and quality.

  8. I’m on team sneakers, both for comfort and also for my style adjectives, which include casual. The only ballet flats I don’t walk out of are Vivaia, the only loafers that don’t bother my feet currently are Vivaia, though I have shopping for soft tan driving moccasins on my list. I have sleek white leather sneakers (Birkenstock and can’t recommend enough), many colorful fashion sneakers (Hoka in multiples and my most-complemented footwear, but also some truly wild New Balance) and walking shoes (always, always Brooks per my podiatrist, who also likes New Balance). I prefer to show my interesting adjective in accessories, and I do like fashionable and sometimes even funky footwear. I’m also in the market for a metallic sneaker. Final thought: I think your money goes farther with a good sneaker. For any given dollar you spend, sneakers will be better made, more comfortable, and worn more often than just about every other comparably priced shoe. I do think it’s important in this category to have both sleeker options and more “crazy” ones in your closet.

  9. I’d have to go with loafers if picking from these styles. For dress shoes I wear heels, but for casual I’m more comfortable with a heel of an inch because flats aren’t comfortable for me. So I’d be most likely to be wearing loafers.

  10. I’m a loafers gal! I stopped wearing heels ages ago and now I wonder why I ever wore them at all. Ballet flats are dressier but I am more comfortable with a thicker sole. I always feel like I am about to walk out of the flats. I love Kate Spade and Cole Haan but they tend to be a little pricey. My sister and I have a joke between us that whoever dies with the most shoes wins!

  11. LOL…I will say that I have a pair of Cole Haan shoes that have been in my top favorites for about 12 years. They last and prior to surgery I wore them often, so the cost per wear is very low for me. They make a great shoe. Thanks Janette.

  12. I like the look of all the styles on different people, but the style I find most wearable for myself would be in the loafer category. I love mules. I don’t wear the heavier ones, but the flatter more trim line styles. Of course in winter in Kentucky, they’re not an option. I had bunion surgery on my right foot in 1990. It’s affected the metatarsal area around my third and fourth toes and finding comfortable shoes is an impossible task. I find that having the ability to have some “give” in the position of my foot in the shoe seems to make it easier to walk without too much pain. I’ve tried on Vionics but couldn’t tolerate the shape of the footbed. I plan to check out the Hokas because I’ve heard good things about them. Hopefully they could give me some relief.
    All that to say my vote is for the loafers category.

  13. Thanks for sharing, Cindy…loafers are so cute and there are many fun options, but I do empathize with you on the toe issue. I struggled with it for years, and will soon discover is my “shoe” life improves.

  14. My vote is for loafers. Like Janette I often feel like I’m about to walk out of flats, so I go for the covering over most of my foot. I have sneakers, but don’t have any I feel are really comfy—and I’m lazy and hate the extra step of tying the shoe when I can slip something else on and go. I have an old pair of Ecco leather comfort sneakers which I wear quite a bit, but again…..have to take the moment to stop and tie them. But for a multi-purpose shoe I’d happily go with loafers.

  15. For sneaker style shoes, I like Skechers easy slip on style. My favorite casual, sneaker like shoes are made by Bzees. Favorite style Golden Knit sneaker in Metallic Black. They are so comfortable and not clunky. I struggle finding ballet flats that fit comfortably, but I love the look. I want to add a pair of kitten heels to my small shoe wardrobe. I admire loafers on other women, but not for me.

  16. I thought I’d add my two-cents in case anyone needs another option. I found a Chaco’s shoe awhile back and they are the most comfortable for me, they have a molded arch support soul (I have a wider food and bunions-I don’t see that exact style on their website right now, though).

  17. My favorite shoes are my Hokas. They have kept my feet comfortable through a National Parks tour and they are pretty much what I wear every day. I have foot issues – bunions and hammertoes, swelling in the left foot and it can be difficult to find a pair of shoes that are comfortable all day long. I also like Cole Hahn and Clark’s. I find a sneaker or loafer easier to wear. Ballet flats are not comfortable for me. In November I visited the SAS shoe store in SanAntonio. I tried on several pairs of shoes there and ended up purchasing two pairs ( a sandal and a pair of black “dressier” flats). I wear the black flats often and they are the most comfortable shoes I have. They have good arch support for me and a wide enough toe box that my bunions and hammertoe are also happy.

  18. I don’t have foot issues, but I wear my Brooks walking shoes most days and love the balance they give me. My dressy shoe choice would be ballet flats or loafers as I don’t wear heels anymore. Comfort is my aim always.

  19. The styles have swung our way, I wear Reef flip flop sandals around the house, great arch support in otherwise low height soles…much like Vionic. I like vionic flats for office and church and absolutely LOVE the comfort of ECCO sneaker. They are lined in leather, have wonderful support and are so stylish too….pair of every color. Nope to any kind of heels, my hip and back don’t like those😂 GOOD LUCK Pamela
    Sandra Winfield

  20. Ballet flats cut with low vamp and major arch support are my go to shoes. I get a pointed toe, if possible. It’s hard to find a shoe that checks all these boxes. Few shoes that boast an arch support are sufficient. Overweight and short, most loafers and certainly sneakers do not flatter me. Because of my build they tip me right into frump. Darn! I need a shoe with few layers and embellishments. But, you’ve worn a type of loafer that may work for me. Not sure if it is a loafer or sneaker, though. It looks like a loafer in its shape, but it is cut from only one piece across the top of the foot. And, it has a thick, usually white, sneaker type sole. You wear multiple styles of shoes and look wonderful, always. I appreciate what you share and look forward to your post.

  21. My favorites of these are loafers and ballet flats. I can’t get on board with the “sneakers with everything” look. Sneakers look good on others, but for me, I only feel good in them if I’m exercising or attending an outdoor activity like a picnic with hiking, etc. Pam, you really rock your cute sneakers well after your surgery and you look fabulous. I guess I have a mental block. 🤣 I especially love the toe cap flats and slingbacks. Very Chanel!

  22. I wear New Balance sneakers for walking and exercise. I love ballet flats and own a number of different ones from Talbots to 3 pairs of old Tory Burch ones. The Tory’s have gotten me through many an occasion. Ecco’s are also good as long as they are not too wide. They make a few dressy, sneaker style ballet flats that can dress up casual wear. I wear Clark cloudstepper sandals around the house. I golf 4 days a week and prefer a hard, tie shoe for support and not a soft, sneaker style. At one time I modeled my feet in fashion magazines and at 72 my feet are still one of my best features but that doesn’t mean they don’t ache. I have broken metatarsal four times in the last 5 years because I walk ‘hard’. I have learned to always wear a good sneaker whenever I am around the grandkids because I know we will be walking somewhere. In this climate I wear sandals a lot so I am looking forward to that post!

  23. Athletic shoes for sure. I wear them almost every day. I like Saucony and New Balance but may try Hokas as I’ve read rave reviews of them. Anyone tried Kizik’s? I can’t tolerate flats. The only one that I might try is Everlane’s “glove” shoe. I don’t like loafers but am considering a pair with a moderate lug sole for an upcoming trip, where sneakers will be too casual for city outings. Unlike someone above, my travel wardrobe will start with my footwear not with my clothing.

  24. As I’m still recovering from my foot surgery too, I can only wear my Hokas which were recommended by my podiatrist who recommended either Hokas or Brooks. When trying both on, I felt the Hokas were more comfortable. If you are looking at Hokas, Pam, there are many different styles and while reading about them, I’ve most often read that the Bondi 8 style has the most cushion and is most recommended for people with foot problems. So far as other shoes are concerned, I cannot comfortably wear flat shoes because of one shorter leg so I need to have a shoe with a strap or laces, and will hold my orthotics. I’m looking now at perhaps the Mary Jane style with a bit of a heel like the Easy Spirit styles you’ve shown. I wear my short booties that zip on when going to dressier situations now because I always wear pants, and they will stay on my feet.

  25. To begin, when it comes to shoes and having worked for Orthopaedic Surgeons at one time I learned ‘no footwear should have to be broken in, for comfort’. With that said; from a casual wear standpoint and the three types given, my first choice are loafers with a slip-on flat (not necessarily a strap style) running a very close 2nd. As to their elements for wear ability and aesthetics prefer a demi wedge molded heel ‘n sole with more of a square toe box for both or a more dressier pointed toe with a defined heel and low-cut upper vamp for the latter.

  26. What a great post today! Love those loafers and the athletic shoes. Ballet flats are cute but I have a high arch and very narrow feet. So flats and, unfortunately, plain pumps – I step right out of. My go to daily is the athletic shoe, I’m partial to Vionics because of the insoles. However, to save money, I purchase the Vionic inserts and they work just as well.
    I’ve been looking at loafers for the past few months and loving the different styles. Looking forward to more shoe reviews! Have a great day.

  27. I’m like Kathie: my favorites are the leather lace-up Ecco Soft 7 and Cole Hahn type sneakers. They are sleeker and work better for me with my everyday clothes than my beloved Brooks-for-exercise sneakers. Both the Eccos and Cole Hahns last for years. Between the two brands, I have white, pewter, dove gray, metallic light gray blue, and dusty pink. My go-to travel shoe is a pair of navy weather-resistant, breathable Geox pull-on sneakers that I love. I wear flats (with more arch support, structure, and padding than the usual ballet flats) and loafers too, as long as the comfort is there.

  28. Wow, I am so grateful for all the great suggestions, especially for problem feet and toes. I used to wear everything, but my go-to favorite was always about a one-inch kitten heeled pump. Due to my hammer toe now, any elevation tilting me forward results in terrible blistering and pain for days afterward. SO, when sensible, you will find me most days in a simple tennis shoe from Easy Spirit, with an ample toe box. My preference, however, would be for the ballet flat style. I have and wear Vionic in this style, but can only do so for an evening out or brunch, etc. At home, I wear my Clark’s flip-flops for easy on and off since we only walk barefoot in our carpeted rooms.

  29. I’m fortunate not to have foot problems (although the rest of me is falling apart) – my favorite look is pointy-toe flats, although they’re harder to find lately. I’m not a big sneaker fan – my feet feel claustrophobic in them for some reason, but Pam, you look adorable in yours. Flip flops in the summer, and my favorite (old) Teva sandals for walking miles at a time. I’ll be on a Danube river cruise this summer, and am trying to decide what footwear is best suited to the cobblestone streets without having to resort to sneakers. Any advice is appreciated!

  30. Oh my I didn’t really care for any of the sneakers, ballet flats, loafers shown. Maybe a few of the Talbots, but for me I need a pointed toe. I’m not fond of the new Mary Jane style, I remember those from many years ago, no square toe….. My go to sneaker brand is Cariuma, so comfy, and Converse ballet flat slip on sneakers…loafers, I go for M. Gemi from Italy, their shoes are so beautifully crafted. The loafers, and driving style shoes are gorgeous. I have bunions and have learned to size up, I bought stretchers from Amazon and what a difference. But the shoe review was very informative, there’s so much out there, I think we all need to find our style, brand and go from there. I do love ankle boots for winter, here in California, I can get away with that style in the winter……..Have a wonderful day!!!!

  31. In general, I’m on team ballet slippers, especially when going out. Nearly all of mine are made by Vionic since I have plantar fasciitis. I did purchase their new square-toe Klara slipper in silver since it’s a bit more on trend than the round toe ones I have. I’m not a loafers fan, but I do like the Vionic Kimmie. It’s labeled a sneaker, but it almost looks like a loafer. I have it in the sand suede, which I have worn much of the winter up here in North Texas, and am ordering the white leather version shortly. Who would have thought that finding workable shoes for those with foot problems would be such an issue for us Boomer gals, but here we are! Thank you so much, Pam, for your fresh and relevant blog; I look forward to reading it each morning.

  32. Thank you for such a great variety of choices. But none of those styles resonate with me. I don’t care for round toe, though the style is more comfortable. Pointed style for me. I prefer a less clunky looking sneaker. I like the Cariuma brand of sneaker and Converse ballet style slip-ons. M. Gemi makes gorgeous shoes, well crafted and comfy. I do have bunions, and purchased a great shoe stretcher from Amazon, makes a difference. I do like ankle booties, comfy , and stylish…some of the Talbots are cute, but maybe a bit too stylized….aging feet are difficult to accomodate, thanks so much for showing so many choices. (this might be a duplicate reply, I had one and it disappeared)

  33. I also vote for Ecco Soft 7’s. They are my very favorite sneaker-type shoes. I have the metallic slip-ons and a couple of pairs of the lace-up sneakers, and I wear them all on repeat. They’re comfortable right out of the box and I can wear them and be happy all day. I realize that they can be a bit of an investment, but they’re good looking, very well made and last a long time.

  34. Slip-on sneakers are my go to shoes. Brands I wear include Walking Cradles, Easy Spirit, Ilse Jacobsen, Clarks, and a few others. I currently have 7 pairs and plan to take two light weight pair to Italy this summer along with a pair of Clark walking sandals.
    Blessings, ladies!

  35. My lifestyle is mostly casual, so athletic shoes or sneakers are my usual choice. I prefer Skechers but have been investigating other brands. When I want to elevate my look a bit, I wear loafers. Because I have arthritis in my feet, ballet flats don’t really work for me. They almost always land right on the joint of my big toe & upper foot which is painful. I will be looking for something a bit dressier for my granddaughter’s wedding in December.

  36. Loafers with jeans, unless there’s a lot of snow on the ground or it’s icy cold out. ( Like now) then boots or booties.
    Of course when I walk daily or head to exercise classes, it’s trainers!

  37. Because my 79 year old feet have neuropathy and arthritis, I have found that only Skechers in several styles fit and are comfortable all day. I found I have to buy 6.5 wide for most of day and 7 wide for evenings. I prefer slip on style because tie shoes seem to come untied for me. Also difficult for me to tie with severe arthritis in hands. The Skechers you showed were pretty ugly and they have so many cute comfortable styles like the Go Walk Joy ones I have in all colors. When I was working 12-14 hour shifts as a nurse, I wore SAS tie shoes in white. That was before they allowed sneakers in white. Their sandals were comfortable also. Comfort is number one for me. I would like to try some Brooks for walking the dog. Hokas just don’t seem to fit me unfortunately.

  38. I wear a size 11 slim. I have a narrow foot and very narrow heel, so cute shoes are hard to find. I can’t walk barefoot on a hard surface, so if I am home I’m in Birkenstocks. My lifestyle is casual so sneakers work best. I can wear heavier socks with sneakers and the laces help keep my foot in the shoe as slim sizes are almost impossible to find. New Balance and Dansko fit best. For church or a dressier occasion I look for more of a loafer style as the higher vamp helps them stay on my feet. Ballet flats don’t work at all. There is never enough cushioning or arch support.

  39. You are correct, Pam. After looking at today’s variety, I guess I now have to admit that shoes are important to me and a large part of my wardrobe investment. Although gladiator sandals, brogues, and short boots are my favs in some seasons, I know those categories are not represented here. I do have (too) many shoes in these three areas presented. Today I am wearing lug sole Born loafers with bronze metal across the top, but also have Easy Spirit orange ‘alligator’ leather penny loafers, Talbots classic suede loafers, and simple Charix leather dark lime slip on loafers. I have a medley of colored sneakers ( slip ons and ties) that I wear mostly for walking or around the house; most are in knit to accommodate a small bunion. (Favs are Remonte , Olukai, All Birds, Merinos, etc) I rarely wear them with a dress or skirt, but I do have them in an array of colors in my palette. Living at a beach, and near a city with cobbled streets, they do offer comfort and stability. I have ballet flats in bronze, creme, and marine blue with toe caps. All are several years old and the marine blue I leather painted. ( Naturalizer, French Sole, AGL) . I haven’t reached for them in the last few years. I will try this year. The Mary Jane’s are not my style but I have seen more feminine types rock them. I have many shoes that I thought would work and don’t (Rothy’s are one brand-so cute and deep brown and pointed; I could wear them to a party. Another brand is Sole Bliss ballets in olive. My feet just walk out of them. Again-beautiful to look at.) I have a large variety of brands: Naots, Reiker, Softt, Beautifeel. Some expensive ones are winners, some are not. I am really excited about your exploring footwear, Pam. I guess, even though it was 7* this morning when I got up and we have at least 3 more months of staying warm, I will have to wait until August for you to explore fall/winter shoes! Oh , the shoes that caught my eye were the deep green Nikes (loved the color, not so much the shoe) and the creme Boden Snaffles. . Would like to try a pair of M. Gemi. Great post! Lots of brands mentioned. Going down the rabbit hole!

  40. Great topic Pam. I have had success with Born (love their clogs and sandals), Clark’s, Vionic, and some Fly Londons. For loafers with a little platform, I like Madewell and Cole Hahn’s. Unfortunately, ballet flats make me look too short, though I Iike them. I have found some nice dressier shoes at Talbots—usually a great buy when on sale. I love shoes, but at this stage, comfort is priority

  41. I will only vote for the ones you listed, so first loafers, the dressy ones, second because I walk and play tennis, athletic shoes for sports and occasionally for casual outfits.

  42. Once I had plantar fasciitis and was introduced to Brooks, I have never gone back. I do love my designer or “fancy” shoes for special occasions however I rely on Vionic for everyday life, their ballet flats and loafers serve me well as I am terrified to go back to that pain that took about a year to fully pass. It is so interesting to me how folks presume flat is best but if there is no support like so many ballet flats, it will catch up with you.
    By the way, I enjoy your blog and topics you address and like others stated earlier this week, you do you and if folks don’t agree, move on to check back tomorrow, no need to be nasty. I may be older and wiser but I just don’t have the tolerance necessary for it. Take care, keep progressing with your rehab and I always look forward to your posts.

  43. I’m way past 60 and I will wear almost any style of shoe, including heels. I like statement shoes. I spend most time in athletic shoes. I like the fit and comfort of Brooks and the wild colors (I only want wild colors). I like Saucony & Sketchers too and I wear Rykas for Zumba. I walk, hike and spend lots of time at the gym so I have always got athletic shoes that are in good condition. When the cushion and support lag, I relegate them for gardening and such. I’ve got some sparkly Betsy Johnson athletic shoes that are cute with skirts or sun dresses. You didn’t ask but I love UGGs boots. My favs have fur and Swarovski crystals. What is funny about all this is that, somehow , the biggest tomboy ever morphed into a woman with over 100 pairs of shoes in all sorts of offbeat styles and colors. Those snake-print shoes are super!

  44. Hmmm. This is sort of challenging. I wear sneakers, Asics, for walking and working out at the gym. I wear a Clark slip on around the house. I have loafers that I do enjoy. I also enjoy a low heeled (1.5 inch) pump for dress up, so I guess I am all over the place. The heeled pumps are only for Church and not for much walking. I also have a pair of step-in Sketchers which I find tilt me forward a little, but they are comfortable enough and easy on and off. I also love a dressy (bows etc) flat in the warmer months. So keep showing everything!!!

  45. Day-to-day I wear Hokas. My trainer turned me on to them and I love them! Even if they are somewhat ugly. LOL For dressier occasions (church) I wear flats or loafers. Vionic are a good fit, altho pricey. I do love my Birdies! I can no longer wear any kind of heel (76 years old and bad knees), yet I can’t seem to part with my 3 remaining pairs. How crazy is that?!

  46. A P.S. to my earlier comments:
    On your recommendation I bought Easy Spirit ballet flats but have yet to wear them. I have high hopes for them and will let you know.

  47. Sneakers for me! I still work in the counseling office at a small high school. I am on my feet and running around often. Many days I get in 10,000 steps while at school. I have several pairs of sneakers and can style them most days. Love the idea of the other two styles and wear occasionally but sneakers keep me going! I just love the retro styles too.

  48. I’m more of a loafer kind of gal. Something comfy and casual with support. I wear a Narrow width and have a very difficult time finding shoes without a really expensive price tag. Naturalizer have narrow but are NOT comfortable. I usually head for Clarks and have to order online. No one who carries Clarks in my area (Washington state) have narrows. I also like the Keds that come in patterns/florals (I can get away with a medium width in those). I wear Vionic inserts in them for comfort and support. Dressier shoes are very hard to find and I usually end up with something that is just basic as those of us with Narrow width feet usually don’t get much of a choice in footwear, frankly.

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