2024 Fashion Trends: Tailored Vests


2024 fashion trends


Happy Saturday!  Welcome to the next 2024 Fashion Trends: Tailored Vests.

Every Saturday since the new year, I have featured a 2024 fashion trend on Saturdays so you know what will be featured online and in store.

Today’s 2024 fashion trend is tailored vests and yes, they are everywhere and you do see them in a variety of colors.

Let’s discuss this trend a bit, before you discount it completely.

I know some may think it too young…and some may think it for professional wear only.

However, there is a discussion to be had for women over 50.

So, let’s get going and continue to look over the 2024 fashion trends.


2024 fashion trends


Menswear items are among the 2024 fashion trends, and there are women who like the look for casual/retirement wear.

I wear blazers and jackets over a variety of tops with my jeans…one of my favorite casual styles.

When I saw this, I thought it might be a great tailored option to the tanks and camis I wear so often giving me that polished look I so enjoy.

However, fit is everything, and right now I have not found one with a fit I liked.  I am returning one I ordered online, and would need to try on more in the stores.

For me, I need to take time to find that fit if I am serious about the tailored vest trend.

I also desire to wear just the vest with a long necklace under the blazer…but some of these are very low cut.  

If you are wearing one of these right now, please share how you style it.

There are some lovely selections available in this 2024 Fashion Trends post… here in the slideshow…


2024 fashion trends

Leigh Ann and I went out shopping last week and saw some of the featured 2024 fashion trends in the stores.

She was quick to show me the polka dots available in this store.

Many of you are getting ready for spring by shopping here…and I so appreciate it…here are this past week’s best sellers….

2024 fashion trends


2024 fashion trends


2024 fashion trends


2024 fashion trends


These are pieces that many of you have purchased…not just a few.

That tells me this audience is more into the classics than the trends.

But, I think it is fun to understand the trends and what you see online and in the stores.

I am like you though…my purchases have been more classic than trend.

With that observation made, I thank you for shopping with my Shopping Links and slideshows.

It helps me to keep on keeping on….







I hope your Saturday is fabulous and that I will see you tomorrow for Sunday Mornings at Home….

If you have any comments on today’s 2024 fashion trend, then please voice them…..


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2024 fashion trends


  1. Another great post Pamela! I wear my vest just like the 1st photo. Sometimes I add a pullover sweater loosely tied around around my neck. I think the trick is to wear the vest with total confidence! Lately, I’ve been wearing my vest with a nice button down shirt beneath it. The shirt has slightly billowy sleeves. I don’t button up the shirt completely, I leave space to fill in with a great necklace or two. I hope you get a vest for yourself! 😊

  2. I love the vest and blazer look in the Talbot’s brochure. Also, it’s good to see the new trends in your stores as I am sure they will be here in Australia later in the year. I don’t know if I would wear a vest though as low necklines do not suit me generally. I hope you find one that you like and suits your needs.
    Enjoy your weekend. It’s a long weekend here and it’s very hot.

  3. Thanks for sharing how you wear it, Sandra. I really like the look and it works with bold or simple jewelry!

  4. I might try one on over a tee just to see what I think, Julie. Also a couple of designs have a smaller V.

  5. I have been wanting a vest for so long. The last time I had a couple was in the 90s; I wore it (usually opened) with a man’s tux shirt. Sometimes when teaching we would have a ‘crazy dress’ day. I would wear one with a loose shirt and one of my husband’s ties knotted loosely. I don’t want it necessarily fitted. I want to layer it over a T and then under a caramel boyfriend linen blazer that I bought last year at jJill. I love the menswear vibe. Colored jeans and my brogues = happiness. I should go to Goodwill or Nordstrom Rack and look in the men’s department. Happy Saturday. Thanks for the great post.

  6. Yes I’ve seen fashion vests in many stores- everywhere, in a variety of fabrics too. I just haven’t found the fit that flatters. I tried sizing up but it was too large through the upper shoulder and the back looked loose despite fitting the chest area. I know this sounds strange but I just didn’t care to wear something so bumbling wrong. I’m usually not that hard to fit with my tops but the particular vests I tried on just missed the mark. Yet, on the mannequins and models online they do look pretty good.

  7. I am drawn to menswear and always have been. I guess that is why this appeals to me and my “polished” style adjective.

  8. That doesn’t sound strange at all, Paulette. I don’t think any of us should wear something ill fitting. It would just stay in the closet. Sounds like you are making good decisions to me.

  9. I have always avoided vests for the same reason; I could never find one that fit me properly. I have a short waist and generally do better in petite sizes. Maybe we should be looking for that clothing article in the petite department, Pam.

  10. When I was still teaching, I often wore vests and had a big collection. However, during a closet clean out about two years ago, I gave most of them to Goodwill. Isn’t that often the case…you hold on to something too long, finally give it away, and then could use it. I like the way these vests look with no sleeves underneath though I would never wear them sleeveless. Like you, I would wear a jacket, sweater, topper of some type over the vest. An interesting trend to investigate.

  11. That is why I included styles in the slideshow that are also for sale in petite and I also included plus size for one of the them. We all fit things so differently and you may be right that I need to try that direction. My busty girls do pose a challenge for this trend! Thanks Mary.

  12. That happens to me all of the time…I so often regret moving something out too soon. Thanks Celia.

  13. I love the vests, but I find for me, I do better with a very lightweight fabric. The lining and stiffer fabrics of the nicer brands do not conform to my shape well and I think make me look thick(er) in the middle. I would suggest, if you want to wear it alone under a jacket, to buy a modesty panel. I have several I picked up on Amazon for when I was teaching and had to be super careful of cleavage. They are just a knit or fabric triangle (some lace-trimmed) with two tabs or snaps, that snap over your bra straps, get tucked into your vest or top, and fill in that tiny bit of low neck.

  14. When I discovered that vests were on trend again, I kicked myself for getting rid of a couple that I enjoyed wearing back in the 90s. I was fortunate to find one in a thrift store awhile ago that fits well though.

  15. I like vests. They fit my one adjective—sporty. (Sometimes I have an adverb and an adjective—elevated sporty. Ha!) I would not wear a vest alone, however. Not only are they cut too low, but the armholes are too big. Some, like numbers 4 and 8 in the slideshow, have a big droop at the bottom of the armhole. The one you are holding might also have that. You are right. Fit is everything.

  16. I love this look. I wear vests often but haven’t had a fitted menswear style in a very long time. I wore them with a business suit back in the day. In the 90s I came across one in cotton knit, tee-shirt weight, but made like a business vest. I bought every color and wore them until they wore out. The fit is crucial so I am hesitant to order one without trying on. I looked at the slide show and paid close attention to the tailoring. Most of the less expensive vests have little or none. The denim vest from the Gap and the linen one from JCP caught my eye because of the princess seaming which is usually flattering. I wish either was available locally but I may take a chance on one. I’ll pass on the more expensive ones because I don’t think I could justify the cost per wear. I hope you find one that fits you perfectly.

  17. I had to give away my vests (years old) because I’ve “outgrown” them in the middle (thanks to menopause). I used to wear them all the time and love the look. Don’t think I’ll spend anymore time/money recreating the look as fashionable as it might be.

  18. I love elevated sporty! That is a good style adjective phrase. The armholes you point out is a good observation.

  19. Everyone hear points out such good observations…I hope the comments are read. I did not notice princess seaming!

  20. I’m the outlier here. Vests like this look unfinished to me, as if I’d forgotten my shirt. They do no favors to aging arms and chests either. I have several British vests that look more like a tank top, which can be worn over a button-up shirt (my favorite) or alone. Typically, these are soft knits, have a crew neck, and a finished bottom. Good luck in your search.

  21. Do own a few vests for winter wear that I pair with either sweaters or shirts but will be passing on them for summer wear and if going sleeveless will opt for a blouse or tank top. However if I were to style one for the warmer season; to add a little femininity and/or to fill in its plunging neckline I might choose a lace trimmed, (lingerie weight) camisole or a removable dickie just to peek from under it. -Brenda-
    Footnote: For a removable dickie one can always use just a piece of lace attached with double-sided/removable garment/body tape.

  22. I like the look of vests, but fit would be crucial for me as well. I have a curvy figure & can’t imagine myself wearing one without something underneath as most of them do seem to be pretty low cut. Many of them also be fairly short with the bottom open, & I really don’t want my mid-section exposed.

  23. The search part is for fun, Maeve. I really would be surprised if I tried one that fit me and was reasonable.

  24. Not for me as I am a busty, fluffy waisted petite woman. I can’t see a vest flattering my figure. The women that look good in the vests are flat chested, very thin and young. I am none of these so I will pass on this trend.

  25. I love vests and am glad to hear they might become more available. I feel best dressed when I can add a jacket to my outfit, but the climate here prevents that most of the year. But I can wear a vest over a top like it was a jacket and feel like I’m wearing a complete outfit. I purchased one last year that was designed to be worn as a top by someone much younger. It’s a dark cream color and I wore it over a white tee with light wash jeans. That felt like an outfit, not just pants and a shirt. I hope vests will be popular for a while.

  26. I have always liked tailored items that lean toward menswear, so when the longer vests came out a year or two ago I bought one in a wool boucle knit, and another a sweater knit. This post has me trying to remember which closet holds and black and ivory menswear-style vest that might be light enough weight for this time of year. I cannot imagine wearing it buttoned up as a top, but am thinking of trying it open over a 3/4 sleeve black or ivory tee. I’ll pair that with black jeans or casual pants. If I were to wear it with dressier pants I would probably swap out the tee for an ivory button-down shirt and add a scarf for a touch of color. I liked #17 in the slideshow, the longer vest from Banana Republic. I may start stalking that online and try to snag it when it goes on sale. I really enjoy the Saturday “trend” series, as I don’t tend to follow them elsewhere. Thanks for yet another post of great ideas for trends we can easily incorporate!

  27. If you find a vest you like, your tailor might be able to take it up at the shoulder seams. I know men’s and women’s fitting is different, but my husband has a few vests for professional wear and very often the part from the shoulder seam to the buttons, is too long. This alteration also takes up the armhole which is often too deep as well. It’s not a difficult alteration and it makes a big difference.

    Maybe leave the tags on your vest and see if the tailor thinks altering will help, so you won’t get stuck not being able to return a vest that doesn’t fit.

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