Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at Home

Good Sunday morning, ladies.  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

We do have a few new followers, so allow me to explain that Sunday Mornings at Home is a weekly lifestyle post.

It is always different with some contributions from readers in this blog community, and what is going on in my own life.

The content is never the same.

Today, I bet many of you join me in shaking off cobwebs from losing an hour of sleep.

While I am glad to see longer days of sunlight, it takes me awhile to recover from sleep adjustments.

Honestly, I do not understand why we just do not leave it alone…but I digress.

So wakeup with a cozy spot and a warm morning beverage and let’s share Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

God has decorated Texas early this year with gorgeous bluebonnets everywhere.

I love the areas of the highway where the bluebonnets combine with bright orangey-red Indian paintbrushes…makes for a fabulous Sunday afternoon drive.

Do any of you take a Sunday afternoon drive?

My dad took us on the drives most Sundays and whether we wanted to go or not.

My parents looked at houses…they could not afford…and I looked at the landscapes of flowers.

The best part was that the drives usually ended at Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone.

Mr. B and I do not do this on Sundays, but I wondered if anyone here does.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Our home decor inspiration today comes from reader Audrey…who shares her springtime/Easter decorations with us.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Audrey, you have done a lovely job with your decorations.

Remember, any of you can send to my email your decorations, recipes, or style ideas.  The email Is Please send images with explanations.

Easter and Passover are so beautiful.  I would love to share more from those who decorate for the seasons.

I plan to have a few more spring decoration ideas for you tomorrow.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I told you that during my surgery recovery time I got hooked on the Food Network…which I never really watched before.

It is paying off big time and Mr. B is excited about it.

This meal was inspired by chef Bobby Flay, who cooks often with poblano peppers.

So I took a basic Chicken and White Bean Chili and turned it into a Roasted Vegetable Chicken and white bean chili.

As always, I think making my own chicken stock creates the best flavor.

So, I put a whole chicken in the slow cooker the night before, with two chopped celery stalks, a large chopped Sweet Yellow onion,  and 2 whole cloves of garlic.

I sprinkled a teaspoon of sea salt, with a dash of smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.  I cooked this overnight,

The day before I sliced two large poblano peppers, four cloves of garlic, and two yellow onions and roasted them at 400 degrees for thirty minutes sprinkled with cooking olive oil.

I let them cool and them put them in the refigerator.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Before church lasts Sunday, I shredded the chicken and carefully removed all bones.

Then it was so easy when I go home.  

I added in two cans of white Great Northern Beans and a medium bag of frozen sweet corn and cooked covered in stock for about thirty minutes.

While that cooked, I put the roasted veggies in my food processor and chopped them.

Then, I added about half of the shredded chicken (I save the rest to eat during the week), the roasted veggies, and cover with chicken stock.

It was served with sliced avocado sprinkled with fajita seasoning on top.  SOOOOOOOOO Good!

The Naan bread is all Bobby Flay.

He probably made his from scratch, but I used Stonefire Roasted Garlic Naan.  You can tell I love garlic.

He brushed it with olive oil, and sprinkled with Kashmir Garam Masala Spice.  I placed it under the broiler and almost left it too long.  But it was delicious.

I am a fan of this Indian spice (specifically a Northern India Curry Blend)…it includes Coriander, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cumin, Black Pepper, Celery Seed, Anise, Allspice, Cloves, and Sea Salt…in one bottle!

Out of all of these flavors, Mr. B picked out the Cinnamon. 

Over two days, we ate every bite.


Sunday mornings at home

When I selected the word STRENGTH as my Word of the Year, I really had no idea how appropriate that would be for me.

But, I am certainly building new strength mentally and physically.

Physical Training is going well and I have renewed hope that eventually I will return to the physical strength I possessed in my sixties.

In the picture, you see my kitchen counter push ups as part of a strength training exercise I do at home with the counter and with weights.

If you remember to do this every time you cook, and just go as low as possible while standing and push up from the counter it will help you when you need to get off a floor.

I try to remember the story of Solomon in the Bible.  After he requested wisdom, God gave him a “wise and understanding heart.”

The explanation of wisdom I like most, is that “wisdom is the ability to discern what is best and the STRENGTH of character to act upon that knowledge.”

I have been blessed with the wisdom of medical professionals to help me recover, but I must develop the strength of character to act upon what they tell me.

Thus, I do my best to focus on my “at home” workouts given to me by the doctor, so that I can speed up this recovery.

Fatigue has been a battle, but I am listening to what they tell me…“just focus on your physical strength for now, and then focus on your weight.”

There was a concern that I am not eating enough calories for what we are doing.  

Instead of fearing the weight, have the strength of character to follow what they say….build that physical strength back first.

BUILDING STRENGTH is where I am right now and I know it is so important.

I know this got a bit long…thank you for being here…and, of course, comment on Sunday Mornings at Home….now…


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home


  1. I’m so excited to see your bluebonnets coming up already! None here in north Texas yet, but I’m driving to Temple tomorrow to see a friend, and perhaps that’s far enough south to see some. Thanks to Audrey for sharing her beautiful Easter decor. I especially loved the lambs. Easter is so early this year, but perhaps it won’t be too warm to hide chocolate eggs-LOL. I appreciate the timely reminder that we have to ingest enough calories to build strength before we can work out hard enough to lose weight. I gained 15 pounds in December and January, and it’s coming off very slowly. You’ve inspired me to make a pot of beans and season them more creatively than I usually do. I also found some cilantro-lime rice at Costco I’m excited to try. Sunday blessings to you and all your readers!

  2. I have tried the cilantro lime rice at HEB and it is so good. Thanks for the reminder about it. I hope you see bluebonnets on your drive!

  3. I do not do on Sunday drives, but go out to lunch almost every Sunday with church friends. It is my favorite tie of the week. One of my friends and her husband try to do something each Sunday afternoon that they have never doe before. I love that idea.

  4. In Southern California the wildflowers are beginning to come out as well. They call it ‘the bloom’ here and it attracts people who pull off the freeways to click some photos. I grew up with 4 siblings and it was enough for my parents to drive us to church nevermind take a leisurely drive to the countryside! LOL! I am struggling as well to get back to healthy eating; why is it so easy to fall into bad habits such as snacking at night? I’m going to try the chicken in the slow cooker; good economical idea as well.

  5. Sunday drives were a part of my childhood too and often ended with an ice cream treat too! We hardly do that on Sundays anymore but I think it’s because we are retired and take drives to the countryside or seashore anytime we want to. We are pretty close to ocean beaches so it’s a short drive but always invigorating!
    I once watched the Food Network but no longer, and Ina Garten was my favorite! I have several of her cookbooks and actually use them, something I can’t say about others I own.
    I’m envious of your beautiful roadside flowers already blooming beautifully! Ours will be out
    later in Spring… patience I guess.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  6. When my son and his family lived in Texas I loved seeing the bluebonnets. We used to go for Sunday drives with my grandparents.

  7. The cilantro lime rice at Costco is great! Pam, I agree with you that taking time to infuse flavor really makes a difference in cooking. I often roast vegetables and whole heads of garlic, even when making soup, because it enhances the final result. As for your weight loss, there are times when that is a priority and times when it isn’t. Just do the best you can, and concentrate on recovery. I have a friend in a similar situation with foot surgery more like what I had, and her doctors also told her recovery should really be her only health goal at this point. Even though I’m eating very healthfully, and on a low calorie plan, I’ve only lost a couple of pounds in six weeks. So frustrating! I’ve heard as you get closer to your goal weight, it slows down (I still have 20 lbs to go). I do find it easier in losing weight to stay out of the kitchen and not surround myself with food culture, but everyone has different perspectives on this, and all can be valid based on the individual. But of course, losing weight, as you wisely point out all the time, is not the only health goal we should have.

  8. My Forever Strong journey so far: In December my protein level dropped below range. Since I eat whole food plant based I added more beans, tofu, nuts and seeds and a vegan protein powder. In January I read Forever Strong along with some others on this blog. I began tracking my protein on the free version of My Fitness Pal. I learned about more than just my protein intake. Dr.Lyon is right. More protein brought satiety. Still I wanted to overeat. Since I wasn’t hungry I was able to explore why. I am embarrassed to say I want to overeat due to boredom, procrastination and a desire to treat myself. This mindset continues to be my biggest challenge. My exercise was pretty good, but I have added more resistance training. My lab test this week showed my protein is now mid-level. I have lost 6 lbs. I am aiming for 8 more. This community helps me so much!

  9. People do the same here…pull over for the photos! Snacking has been my biggest problem…but gradually getting away from it. Have hope!

  10. I envy your proximity to the ocean! But very thankful for my many blessings. Welcome to the Sunday drives with ice cream club!

  11. So sad that being out of the kitchen helps but I know you are right! I do cook less as it heats up around here and I cook lighter. Thanks Linda. I am hopeful!

  12. Linlee! Your story here helps me so much! Thank you for this encouragement. I also use a plant based protein powder in the mornings and sometimes late afternoon. Yes! We will be forever strong! Thank you!

  13. I never tried to make my own broth. But it makes sense and very cost friendly. If you’re making a dish that needs chicken anyway you then use everything. The chili recipe sounds really good. Someone mentioned cilantro lime rice. That sounds really good. Where in the grocery store would you find that?
    Take care and get your strength back. No flowers here in Wisconsin this time of year. We always headed to visit family in Texas in March but can’t this year. I miss the green of spring.

  14. Sunday drives–I was just thinking of them myself. My grandfather used to love to drive out to the country on Sundays. He would let my sister and I tell him which way to go. It was such an adventure. I still like to get “lost” sometimes. Back then, we could be out of the city (Columbus, Ohio) in 20 minutes. Now those country roads are built up with shopping centers and apartments. Those Sunday drives are a lovely memory.

  15. Do we go for a Sunday afternoon drive, no but my husband grew up in a home that it was a requirement to take a Sunday afternoon nap, and he still does it.
    Our community trees and plants are blooming and we so enjoy looking at the creation around us while driving to appointments, etc
    We are so thankful your recovery is helping to build your physical strength, blessings always.

  16. Our best grocery called HEB carried this rice with all the other rice in that section. I use one that is in a microwave bag and sometimes reheat it in a skillet with cooking olive oil. I also will occasionally freeze my broth and use it for many dishes. I cooked fresh spinach in it yesterday. So much more flavor than store bought broth!

  17. That is what has happened here as well, Theresa. Even drives to our Texas Hill Country is not as relaxing. There is construction on freeways and all around San Antonio. But we do have beautiful parks!

  18. I think my husband grew up in the same family! Sadly in the family I grew up in the Sunday nap was taken during the sermon! It was so embarrassing if my dad began to snore.

  19. The bluebonnets are such happy looking flowers. Here in western NC the fruit trees are blooming and the daffodils are continuing to bloom. The birds are busy and we have to fill the feeders every other day. I love Audrey’s decorations. Her house is lovely. She’s inspired me to try something for spring this year. We also roast our veggies and in summer we grill them. It brings out so much flavors. We make our chicken stock in the instant pot then I use it to make soup. I’m so glad you encouraged us to build strength this year. I returned to my TRX exercises in January. On Friday I attend a balance-strength-stretch class at the yoga studio. Last Friday I graduated from 5# to 8# weights for all but the shoulder presses. And later that day I was able to carry a 30# sack of dog food downstairs without having to put it down. So I’m sticking with it! Happy Sunday from cold but sunny NC.

  20. Your speaking of Sunday afternoon rides reminds me of those delightful childhood memories when all six of us would pile into the car and riding around looking at Daddy’s fields, exploring gullies, fishing off the train trestle, swimming in the creek. We were always hungry afterwards but lived out in the country and any small stores were closed so we went home to get something to eat. I remember how delicious those vanilla wafers or Graham crackers were if Mama remembered to bring some in the car. Your Texas bluebells are beautiful and I’d love to see them in person. And your soup looks delicious. I love to watch the Food Network and have used many recipes as well as techniques I’ve seen there. Thank you for your daily thoughts.

  21. Congratulations Kathie! Returning to TRX and moving up is huge…so proud of you. You have inspired many of us today! Early last year, I could lift those bags, and now I am even more determined to lift them again!
    Thank you for sharing.

  22. Your Sunday afternoon description, Celia, took me into a country painting. I love it including fishing off the train trestle…I see overalls and bare feet! Thank you for the smiles.

  23. Like Paula, I miss the green of spring. It warms here into the 50-60 degrees then it drops and snows. That is March in Colorado at 5,300 ft. In altitude! We have green pet turf in our small backyard for our little Havanese, Trix. That is our only green here right now. I’m disabled and exercise is rather limited to short dog walks. I do the same wall away push ups when my hands will let me. I’m up 5 lbs. and dinner rolls are my downfall. I don’t snack but I eat too much bread and it has given me a bread belly! My husband is vegan and he prepares his own meals. Of course he is thin and strong at 82. It is hard for me to eat enough protein other than meat or eggs. I don’t care for beans and garlic, onions and peppers kill my stomach. So hard to make little tasty meals with a bad stomach. My mother had the same problems so I was raised on bland meals and learned to cook that way. Good luck on your physical strengthening journey Pam. It sounds medically appropriate. Muscle is heavier than fat so don’t worry about your weight on the scale. You may gain weight in muscle mass but the fat cells will start to melt away.

  24. As a family growing up, we always went for a Sunday drive with my mother singing ( she was a professional singer with a band and our Dad played the trombone.) There was six of us total and sometimes we all sang. We loved it and sometimes we would drive so far we had to find a motel room. We saw a lot of country that way. We lived all over the United States and never found a State we didn’t like. There is something beautiful about any place you live. My Mother’s famous saying is: ” Opps, the oven needs cleaning, guess it is time to move.” I have so many happy memories of my parents, sadly there are both in heaven singing away.

  25. I did not grow up going for “Sunday drives”, Sunday was church day (Sunday school, church and then youth group and night church in the evening). So, not much time for leisurely drives in the countryside, more’s the pity.

    However, as an adult, Sunday is a “down” day to do what I like. So, about once a month my husband and I drive to the country. We generally have a destination in mind—like today we drove about an hour and a half outside of the city we live in, to see if we could find a series of Burma-Shave style signs I recently read about. It snowed this week, but enough of the snow had melted that you could see the green field grass peeking through the snow and see the leaves of the daffodils, tulips and hyacinth poking through the ground.

    I always enjoy a Sunday drive. We don’t have to hurry to be anywhere and if we see something that interests us (like a local diner serving hot lunch, an antique shop or a country church), we stop. I understand why parents in the 1950s & 1960s would load children into the car and journey out—it was a way to unwind and passively remind everyone to quietly observe the beauty of the natural world around them. I look forward to our Sunday drives!

  26. We went on Sunday drives after church, lunch and my dad’s nap. If he slept too long, my mom would take us for long walks through the spring or fall woods. Drives did often end in ice cream. When I was very young, we often went driving with my aunt and uncle and cousins. That was extra fun. Audrey’s decor is beautiful.

  27. I loved your story, Merrie. How awesome it would be to have a mother singing on Sunday drives! Be thankful for those wonderful memories!

  28. My Grandmother liked to go for a drive. We’d swing out to her farm and check on the crops. We’d look at the corn, alfalfa or the beans to see how they were doing. We’d get a Dairy Queen or a hamburger. Rainy days were a blessing – good for the farmers– unless it’d been too rainy 🙂

  29. My grandparents also had a farm in East Texas! I would make mud pies with eggs from the chickens.

  30. Pamela, your mention of Sunday drives has prompted me to respond.
    I am about the same age as you and grew up (and still reside) in the Dallas area. My family took Sunday drives almost every week and often ended up at Dairy Queen for dip cones, or at Shakey’s Pizza for dinner. Sometimes we would make our way, via a random scenic route, to visit relatives in the area.
    My husband and I also have enjoyed the Sunday drive tradition in our 40+years of marriage. Now, we often take my dad on drives when we visit him each week, but it’s now a weekday drive.
    The Bluebonnets are also making their appearance along the roadside in our area and it is always a glorious sight to all Texans! The Paintbrushes are never far behind, and not much can top the beauty of those two flowers mingled together! Throw in some pink primrose and little yellow flowers and that is Spring to me!
    I always enjoy your posts. Hope your foot continues to heal well and you are stronger every day.

  31. Thank you so much, Giavanna! I love your comment and had completely forgotten about Shakey’s Pizza. Made me smile. Most of our Sunday drives were in North Texas around Wichita Falls.

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