SAS: How shoe shopping should be over 60

how shoe shopping should be

Happy Friday! Today, I am discussing SAS: How shoe shopping should be over 60.

Actually, this post should just say SAS is how shoe shopping should be….at any age.

However, since over 60 women have more foot issues…then I made it how shoe shopping should be over 60.

This is more of a public service announcement…I am not hired nor have been paid by San Antonio Shoes (SAS).

But, my need is great right now and the experience was exceptional…just how shoe shopping should be.

So, I wanted to make certain that I shared it with you.


how shoe shopping should be

I will not go through the entire story of my foot surgery.

You could catch up with the post where I announced the follow-up surgery…in a SUNDAY MORNINGS AT HOME.

My first reaction was…I will never wear sandals again!  

how shoe shopping should be

However, in Texas heat, that is a bitter pill to swallow. 

Once I looked closely at my feet after two months, I realized that you would have to be staring closely at my foot to tell there are only four toes.

With my desire to wear a sandal again combined with athletic shoe fatigue, I wandered into a SAS shoe store recently to look around.

I received much more than a look at new shoes…I received an experience of how shoe shopping should be.


how shoe shopping should be

I have been familiar with SAS for a very long time, and even toured the main facility and watched shoes hand sewn and constructed of top quality leather.

I encourage you to read about their company on HISTORY & HERITAGE.

For 48 years, they have been constructing perfectly made shoes for people who are on their feet constantly or have needs with foot issues.

They have come a long way with design and style.  When I was teaching, we called them nurse shoes and wished they would have fashions like they now have.

When I walked into the store, it was not long before a kind service representative came to my aid.

She listened to my desires and needs…then pulled out the shoe measuring stool and we went to work.

I was at SAS in the Alamo Quarry Shopping Center for almost two hours.

We looked at all types…different sizes and different widths.  She brought up swelling and how often I experienced it since surgery.

She knew what to ask and how to direct me.

how shoe shopping should be

I really wanted a ballet flat and they have a SCENIC BALLET FLAT.

She said, “I will bring it out, but do not believe it is going to work for you as your feet are now.”  Kind, understanding, but she was right.

That was when she suggested this gold loafer…she could tell I was into gold shoes.  Basically, rounded toe shoes are in my past.

I was amazed and pleased at how good this shoe felt on my feet.  She had me walk in it for awhile and around the entire store.

This is the SIMPLIFY SLIP ON LOAFER and it comes in 16 colors.  I will probably get another one down the road a bit.

how shoe shopping should be

I am grateful for her excellent customer service, because she helped me through realizing that most of my current shoes were no longer going to work for me.

While that was a difficult realization, she actually became a type of friend helping me get through it.

In a way, I was saying goodbye to ballet flats and flip flop styles…two types of shoes I have lived in.

She suggested a new slide in sandal that she liked for the adjustable straps at the toe and lower foot.

I ended up liking the COZY SLIDE SANDAL in Copper, and it is offered in eight options.

I believe for casual summer this will be an excellent shoe.  I will just take sandals one day at a time.


how shoe shopping should be

I saw this book afterwards at the grocery store…I am sure it is a precious story.

But, it made me think…perfect piggies are in my past…but I am choosing to embrace my imperfect ones and SAS Shoes certainly helped me.

I am convinced more than ever this is how shoe shopping should be.

It is how it was…and the stores that have kept this customer service based experience are the ones I want to support.

There were four other customers around me…all over 60…so I know we have an important target audience right now.

If you want to check out the nearest store front to you, then go to the top of the website and click on STORE LOCATOR.

For those of you not near a store, I encourage you to look over their website.  These are excellent shoes.  Go to NEW ARRIVALS….plus there are boots on sale.

I hope to be cleared on March 25 to be out of exclusively athletic shoes, and I will have these waiting and ready for me. 

I highly recommend SAS Shoes…how shoe shopping should be over 60.


See you tomorrow for the next 2024 Fashion Trend!

By Pamela Lutrell

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how shoe shopping should be


  1. This could not have been better timed – thank you! I had five foot surgeries in 2020 and only the bunion was a success. The others created more issues, and today the front half of my foot is numb, and stepping on the ball of my foot is excruciating. No more cute shoes, but it looks like SAS has come a long way since the days when my mama wore them. I would never have thought of looking at this brand if you hadn’t shared it with us – thank you! I need to find some shoes dressy enough for spring dresses but that won’t punish my feet and I will start that search at SAS!

  2. I believe SAS can help you, Lorri. They also have dress shoes for dressier events. Enjoy shopping.

  3. I am so happy to read this. I had the same experience at the SAS shoe store when I visited my son in San Antonio last November. I ended up purchasing two pairs and love both of them. They are a perfect solution for my not so perfect feet. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. I’m sorry you have to say goodbye to some of your favorite shoe styles. Luckily there are brands that are offering cute shoes for those of us with foot problems. So few stores have knowledgeable staff. I’m so glad your SAS store was able to provide the kind of customer service you need to negotiate your transition from surgery. I know you will find shoes and sandals that make you happy. I look forward to reading about more of your finds.

  5. I have been through three surgeries on my right foot all by an excellent surgeon, but my foot was very stubborn. I know it seems like forever when we are waiting for the foot to heal and get back in shoes. You will get there, and all the surgery and recovery is worth it. I am going to look at SAS. Thanks for checking them out.

  6. Unfortunately, after 2 foot surgeries (including having a big toe tendon moved to support my Achilles tendon), flip flops had to go out of my life too. I winced because I had expensive ones I just gave away. They were a go-to for me too, and I had so many colors/styles. But life goes on, and luckily, there are a lot of choices now. By all means, wear sandals. Just like our imperfect bodies, our imperfect feet are fine and good and well-earned. I would urge you though to go slow. Many of the shoes I bought early in recovery were ultimately too big.

  7. For some reason I thought that SAS had gone out of business! But I’m so glad for you and those of us who need comfortable shoes that they are still going strong. Years ago I had several pairs of SAS loafers in different colors and wore them daily while teaching. Now that I realize they are still making those good shoes, I’m excited to investigate their products. I really liked both the loafer and slide that you highlighted.

  8. Thanks Linda. I am going slow. Just needed a couple of non athletic options.

  9. Thanks Celia…glad I ended that rumor for you. Still there helping those of us who need a great shoe brand.

  10. SAS is the best shoe company! My mother would not have been able to walk around if we hadn’t found her a special shoe at SAS that accommodated her bunions. You should go to their factory store, Pam. First of all, you can go on a very interesting tour of their factory to see how these shoes are made. Secondly, it is so wonderful to see how well their employees are taken care of at this company. It is truly a model for how all companies should be run. And you can get some nice discounts there!

  11. As soon as the snow stops, I am going to the SAS store near me in the Denver south metro area. They are all new to me and I can’t wait to see what they have for me. Thanks so much!

  12. You must be a clairvoyant. Spent over an hour in my favorite shoe store yesterday and did not find what I needed. There is a SAS within 10 miles of my home. 🤞🏻🤞🏻 I had no clue. Great PSA! Thank you Pam.

  13. I have a small narrow foot and have only bought comfortable shoes and sandals to avoid past pain and discomfort. Clark’s and Birkenstocks work well for me. I have a pair of SAS Relaxed – Walking Sandal in amber (“nun” shoes) that are at least 15 years old and look like new. They are super comfortable and, now that you have reminded me, will be the best pair, along with waterproof boots, to bring to Ireland in the fall. I anticipate a lot of walking. I highly recommend SAS. Maybe I will look for a new pair in a pretty color.

  14. Years in ballet pointe shoes in my teens and 20s have destroyed my feet (pain began in my 50s – I’m now in my 60s). When my podiatrist ordered an MRI, the tech came out half-way through the MRI to ask if I’d been in some kind of horrific accident years ago. When I told him, “No. Pointe shoes.” he just shook his head and went back in his booth to continue the MRI. I am grateful you were a candidate for reparatory surgery; I am not and will have to medicate and endure. Proper shoes have been a MAJOR priority for me in the last 10 years and I will be sure to give SAS a looksie. Thanks for your post and enjoy a (relatively) pain-free stride, my friend!

  15. I have been to the factory…I mentioned it in the post. Thanks for sharing about your Mother.

  16. Enjoy your visit to the store. It makes such a difference to get real customer service.

  17. They had lots of nice colors, Maggie. And will get you ready for a fabulous experience in Ireland!

  18. Wow, Michelle. I hope you can find relief and yes…check out SAS for help. I just got home from PT and hopefully closer to a variety of shoes.

  19. In the past, I have had great difficulty finding comfortable shoes until I discovered SAS a few years ago. The service and expertise doesn’t compare to any other shoe store. Thank goodness we have a SAS store in Victoria B.C.!

  20. I have only wonderful things to say about SAS customer service and SAS shoes!! I have been buying SAS shes now for ten years now and I have a closet full of shoes I adore!! They are comfortable and nice lookng! I have several major foot problems and I can only wear flats so I had to get very serious about my shoe shopping many years ago. I highly recommend SAS shoes!!

  21. Thanks, Pam. I’ve never heard of SAS, but it turns out that there is a store about 45 minutes away. I’d like a good walking sandal for a trip in June. Apparently, some Walmart’s sell them, but I want the customer experience you received.

  22. The customer service made a huge difference for me. She talked me out of shoes I thought I wanted and pointed me in a better direction. It was so helpful.

  23. With my arthritis problems, it sounds like the SAS store is the place I need to go, & even though I live in central Indiana, there is store just a few miles from my house. My older granddaughter is getting married this coming December, & I have despaired of finding a dressier shoe that is comfortable. I am hoping that they will be able to guide me. Other stores nearby also sell SAS shoes, but I think I will visit the store for a proper fitting. I’m glad they were able to help you so much.

  24. So glad you have a store nearby, Becky. You will see more variety in their stores. Plus the customer service.

  25. Pam thanks for sharing. I need to take another look at SAS. I was a RN years ago so my images SAS shows was very different!! As yet another with foot problems- plus a narrow width – shoes are hard to find. I made my peace with letting go of certain styles but it was hard! I finally told myself – shoes were a season when I was working etc I needed them. I have been able to find styles that work now and I look everywhere! Do you have a Marmi’s there? They offer some great styles other than just fashion too.

  26. Yes, we do have a Marni’s. I have not been in a long time. But the SAS styles now are not what they were. So glad they decided to make new designs!

  27. Hi Pam, great timing on this post. My work had our Gala (fundraiser) last night and after
    10,000 + steps of running around my already bad feet were ready to fall off. I had such leg and back pain as well. I just checked and there is a SAS store in my town and an outlet about 45 minutes away. I had never heard of them before. Based on your and other readers reviews, I’m going to check out the local store. I’m glad I did not purchase a new outfit for the Gala, I shopped from my closet. Now I can spend that money on new summer shoes from SAS. Thanks for the review.

  28. And when our feet are happy, we are happy! I am so glad you have a store and outlet near you. Enjoy!

  29. We are a SAS family. My husband and a daughter both wear their shoes. Their issues are both different and comfort was the need. So glad for your post today.

  30. After many years of frequenting a near by ‘comfort’ shoe store that a friend of mine from junior high manages, I recognize the importance that your sales assistant provided for you. She listened, she shared her knowledge, she comforted, she recommended. You left feeling better and can digest your limitations as well as adjust to what is ahead for you outside of the realm of sneakers. I would say, after all you have been through, that you have accomplished so much and made a new friend. We are all on this journey with you!

  31. I wore SAS shoes for at least 20 of my nursing years! Now I need them more than ever with arthritis and neuropathy in my feet. The shoe store I went to in Colorado Springs closed a number of years ago so I also thought they were gone in Colorado. The store locator found one about 60 miles from here. My husband listened to me about their shoes and asked if they have men’s. I’m so glad to hear about these wonderful shoes again! Thank you Pam for this recommendation on SAS shoes. After the snow is gone, we plan a trip up to the store.

  32. I have been sorting through my shoes this week. The high heels that I no longer wear are on their way to someone else. I’d forgotten about SAS in my city, although my extended family shops there. What a pleasant surprise to see their new styles. Perfect sandals for a summer holiday that involves a lot of walking. Thanks, Pamela.

  33. I have bought SAS shoes in the last two years and have enjoyed them. I have the Simplify Slip-On Loafers in Antique Wine and love them. I wear them to work and they are so comfortable.

  34. Thanks for sharing. SAS sure has changed like the newer styles. Years ago we took my mom there as she had such narrow feet and all shoes were so wide but SAS could fit her. Too bad they don’t have a SAS in Tucson,knew I shouldn’t have moved.

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