A little Tuesday fashion fun

fashion fun

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today let’s have a little Tuesday fashion fun!

As I was researching for the news this week, I came across a couple of videos I wanted to share as fashion fun.

So, I will share the first one in this post.  I often discover fashion fun even if I cannot wear what is being promoted.

I really enjoyed the one I have for you today.

So, let’s dive in and have a little Tuesday fashion fun….


fashion fun

The weather is stunning in South Texas…it is spring break here…and the birds are singing.

So, I am really enjoying the FLORAL PONCHO I recently purchased at Chico’s….makes me smile with the beauty of spring.

Until I can get back to the weight I was prior to the surgeries, I like the ponchos…which hide and float away from that pesky middle.

I choosing to be hopeful that I will get back to where I was.

I am wearing the poncho over the SPUN RAYON TANK in verdant green.

I have already told you that I am super into this shade of green.

fashion fun

I am also seriously considering this dress…though I have not ordered it yet.

This is the POPLIN PLEAT SLEEVE POPOVER DRESS…and it also comes in a lovely shade of lilac.

fashion fun

I also wanted to show you this display I found at Chico’s over the weekend.

We had a great discussion on Saturday in the 2024 Fashion Trends: Tailored Vests...so I thought you might enjoy seeing how it was styled.

The vest is the SATEEN STRETCH VEST.  I do love this English Cream color and hope Chico’s brings us more options in this color.



I stumbled upon this video, Closet Confessions: How I Style Old Clothes with Trinny and really enjoyed it.  (sometimes I just like to listen to them talk!)

It is a bit long, but fun to watch her go through old clothes and decide if they can be salvaged.

Trinny is 60, and very thin.  I cannot wear what she often wears, but it was inspiring and helpful to me to watch her go through this process.

Sometimes, we need inspiration to look at old clothes with new eyes.

Let me know if you enjoyed the video and perhaps what your takeaway was.

Also, was there one thing about her style that stuck out to you…there is for me…I will share it after I see if anyone else noticed what I noticed.

That is it today for a little Tuesday fashion fun!  Let me know if you enjoyed…and hopefully you will join us tomorrow for Today’s News for Women Over 50.

For those of you in snow and cold, have hope…Spring will come.


By Pamela Lutrell

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fashion fun


  1. I felt Trinny was trying too hard to make these clothes work. As in, she kept them, but she has hundreds of items in the closet and “storage,” so is she ever going to wear them? She will just have to revisit them again. Still, it was fun. I do agree with trying different jewelry and changing the neckline by wearing something underneath. I got a giggle as she described her style as classic … I could just imagine her at the supermarket standing next to someone in straight jeans, a simple button down, and a pair of sneakers, and Trinny in that glittery vest, with the transparent skirt she removed the lining from, and silver boots, explaining that she herself was a “classic”. I’m not sure what you saw, but she is seriously into 80s bling, multiple layers, and street style juxtapositions. I do watch her sometimes, though my own rather sporty style is definitely a polar opposite, because she is so entertaining, and I often watch fashion just to see and appreciate different perspectives.

  2. You heard something I didn’t, Linda. I would not call her classic at all. What I noticed is her coloring and though I do not know what a professional color expert would say, I do not believe any of these clothes to be her best colors. I would love to know her color type and see her wearing it.

  3. After watching her “at work” I get the feeling the clothing items are more like toys to be played with than items to be actually worn. It’s like watching a kid take apart a perfectly built Lego structure and using all the bits in different and maybe bizarre ways. Were her outfits really wearable? They would have you stop in your tracks to look at them in the window of a shop, but then walk on again knowing that the outfit is not for real wear, but an idea of pieces put together. Sometimes with all the different pieces thrown on she looked like someone who was traveling but didn’t want to use a suitcase so wore everything at once. She’s entertaining certainly, but she actually most of the time looked liked a candidate for her old show “What Not to Wear”. Very fun to watch the video and see if some of the ‘unsafe’ to our usual way of thinking ways might help us as we look at what we have collected in our closets.
    Thanks, Pam

  4. I love the way the green poncho looks on you—very slimming, and the color is fabulous. I too like green. I am short—5 feet— and while I love the look of the flowing silky ponchos, they just overwhelm me. I will watch the video, hopefully tonight, when a bit of personal time becomes available.

  5. That was fun, but there is no way that anyone in my town would go out like that. She has so many clothes, she could never have enough days to wear everything. It would be fun to have someone come and spend a day trying things on and making outfits though, and maybe I should try it myself before the next closet clean out. I do have things in the basement that are many years old and I cannot get rid of and they come out once in a while. When friends tell me to get rid of stuff that has not been worn this past year I often regret some of them later, so therefore tend to store them for later. I pulled out a winter coat that is 20 something years old and wore a few times this year… simple grey wool with fur cuffs, and it fit in with the current style… so…
    That Chico’s green topper is so pretty, a great find.
    Love that green popover dress but with shoulder problems lately would never get out of it if I did get it on.

  6. Yes…she does look like a kid having fun with her toys…but that makes me smile! Thanks Carol.

  7. Hi Diane…I think the next time I clean out, I will take time to ask in front of the mirror if there is something different I can do with it. That would be a fun post, but I just did a closet clean not long ago, so it may be awhile.

  8. I really enjoyed Trinny. One thing that helped make so many combinations was that she worked with a palette of black. I think that a cohesive color palette is helpful regardless of what colors I choose. The other thing I really enjoyed about Trini is that she was having fun with the clothes. That is something I hope to remember. Life is often so serious. I can always change my outfit if I don’t like it.

  9. One of the reasons I enjoy writing about fashion is the fun! I enjoy incorporating the fun into my own style with my style adjectives.

  10. Very fun and entertaining! It’s interesting to hear her ideas, like making a dress into a top or cutting off the gold mini dress into a bomber jacket. Everything looks better on her than on the hanger (something we all need to remember). I see that Trinney is just as confused about her closet as I am, though in a different way (smile).

  11. Fun and entertaining to watch, but so many pieces! My goodness, she’d be bored to tears in my two closets! Except for just too many blue jeans in all shapes, a single pair white jeans and one pair natural jeans (a.n.a from JC Penny),my closet is mostly tops and jackets. My closet of older pieces is nothing compared to hers. I think the video had great entertainment value!
    Chico’s has gone all out featuring green! And You look so good in that “new”green!
    Pam, that capelet or short ruana is just stunning! I hope you get to wear it frequently.

  12. I have only been able to view the first half of Trinny’s video, but already I have learned what to do with pesky collars not working for my face shape. I tried on an $$ textured jacket in a good neutral that I have not worn for years but I have held on to despite the small round collar doing me no favors. I turned it in. Voilà!
    She is a character! Who would not like to have a Trinny in their lives? She wears what she wants, ignores any color or style restraints, and makes me smile every time. She teaches us to think outside the box.

  13. Pam, I agree with you about the colors — most didn’t seem to suit her. Honestly, I watched only about five minutes of the video. I didn’t like the clothes, and Trinny is so manic that I just wanted to have her do a timeout and perhaps some meditation LOL. I find M.M. LaFleur has some great fashion insights on their blog … for example, wearing a sweater over a dress to make it look like a top and skirt, which was one of the things Trinny proposed. I love your look BTW.

  14. Trinny is a very colorful personality but I also think she would look lovely in a bit of color. Everything looked grey and black to me on her and did nothing for her lovely complexion. Surely she would have had her color palette done professionally at some point. I do wear grey but in a very pale shade. Of course, I am 19 years older and have mostly white hair! I am no longer thin as she is and I would guess much shorter. It is fun to watch her go through her hundreds of clothes. I didn’t like the bathrobe look dress she put on at all. Nothing she did to fix it worked. If you have to work that hard to wear something, then it should probably go. More color Trinny! Love the green on you Pam! I’m jealous as green looks ghastly on me. Fun blog today!

  15. Love the shade of green on you Pamela that you are modeling. As to Trinny; though I do appreciate that she has a tendency to lean towards unusual fabrics; she is ‘not’ one of my favorite style influencers however do agree with her message in this video (as I interpret it), that re-purposing of clothes as well as accessories can be a rewarding exercise. -Brenda-

  16. She seems to have a lot of thrift items. I do have pieces I hang on to for a long time and perhaps they need different vision!

  17. That was the main message for me, Brenda…and I enjoyed watching her get there!

  18. Your floral poncho is really lovely. The drape is very flattering and the color loves you. You might want to watch Chico’s FB video from last Wednesday to see a woman model that popover dress. They showed a lot of green that day which was a refreshing change from the usual black, more black and for a change black with white. LOL. Fun video very reminiscent of an Carrie Bradshaw going through her closet with her friends. The sheer skirt especially. Trinny is entertaining and creative. I wondered about her lifetyle since a lot of the items looked more like costumes than clothing. And so much black. I guess its part of being in the fashion world.

  19. I guess so…I was surprised with her coloring she would have so much black.

  20. I enjoy Trinny and her combining pieces to give a new look. I have to remember she does it for inspiration for others. I do, however, if I haven’t worn it for sometime, I will consider giving the clothes to the various services that help those who have limited budgets.

  21. Great idea, Audrey. Yesterday I donated a couple of my daughter’s evening dresses for high school girls who need prom dresses.

  22. This was fun and inspiring in some ways. I liked her use of the knit drop shoulder vest over a dressy blouse to make the whole look more sporty. It is good to hear from both Trinni and her staff about ideas and suggestions. Her very long, dragging on the floor pants were driving me a little nuts. Also, I don’t think I could last in those pointy shoes for more than 10 minutes. Kitten heels tended to give me a backache. She is a person often on camera and the public eye, so her large wardrobe is perhaps needed. Thanks!

  23. Nothing like being over soooo over the top and not having the vaguest clue that you are! Who cares – she has fun with her wardrobe and so should we.

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