Refresh Home Decor for Spring

spring home decor

Happy Monday, friends!  Today I share how I refresh home decor for spring.

This past weekend was lovely with refreshing spring breezes and it inspired me to also refresh my home decor for spring.

My goal is always to lighten up a few areas and allow those refreshing breezes to blow through my house.

It is also spring break here, so my 7-year-old-granddaughter is going to help me clean out a huge closet today….and she volunteered!

This is one of those areas under a staircase, and all six grandchildren have enjoyed it as a “clubhouse-type-hideaway.”

But, it needs a good cleaning and Gigi needs to move out some of her stuff.  So, it will be a busy day and I am blessed to have her joining in.

But first, allow me to share with you what I did this past weekend.


spring home decor

In between Christmas and March, I leave out pine cones and a few fall springs of color.

For home decor for spring, I put away the pine cones and add some lighter spring touches…and that is why I headed to Hobby Lobby.

You might remember that my dining table was decorated with this bowl full of pine cones and oranges.

I replaced those with a touch of faux greenery and peonies.

Hobby Lobby was hosting a 40% off spring decor. 

If I had purchased these flowers separately, they would have been double the cost.

However, I found a SPRING BUNCH full of flowers including all of the peonies and just bought the bunch at 40% off and then cut off the ones I wanted with my wire cutters.

I may use the remaining flowers on a Fiesta Wreath.

spring home decor

Hobby Lobby did have beautiful spring wreaths, but I decided to spend my budget in other ways.


spring home decor

I took the magnolia wreath hanging on my front door and added two magnolia flowers just to brighten it up for spring home decor.

spring home decor

During the winter, my real Boston Fern was up by the front door, but I had to move it occasionally to water and to receive sunlight.

So, I purchased a fake one…which I believe looks very real…and put it by the front door, and moved the real one by a porch bench.

It is subtle spring home decor, but I do like it.  I purchased three more faux greenery and will show you in a minute what I did with it.

spring home decor

My final purchase at Hobby Lobby was this fun little birdhouse pillow, which replaced the pine cone pillow I had in this spot.

I love birdhouses and the colors were perfect.

I did change out a few other pillows I already owned for cream colored ones.


spring home decor

It was actually a television commercial to refresh home decor for spring that sent me over to KOHLS.

The commercial informed us that Kohl’s has expanded home decor, and I did discover some interesting and fun items there.

spring home decor

The yellow bird represents the variety of outdoor SOLAR LIGHTS at Kohl’s.

spring home decor

My spring home decor must include a lovely aroma to greet anyone who walks into our home.

The way I like to do  this is with the NEST DIFFUSERS.  I turn the sticks over in the mornings.  You can see that my winter aroma is about done.

They are safer than candles and are constantly working…and still last a long time.

So, I am so glad that Kohl’s carries these, and when I am ready I think I will go with the Bamboo…but it is hard to choose.

These are also great gifts.

spring home decor

Besides your spring home decor, you might also refresh comfort for spring in a lovely floral pajama by Simply Simply Vera Wang. 

Lots of choices are blooming!

spring home decor

The only purchase I made on this trip to Kohl’s was to refresh my home doormat.   The colors In this one are perfect. 


Oh yes, I also made some Easter Basket purchases when I went by the Holiday displays now at the front of the store…I love how they do this now.


spring home decor

You can see by the empty pots that I have so much work to do in our backyard.  I have not made it to the nursery yet.

But this rod over our table was purchased last fall at Anthropologie….and I love it.

For Christmas, it was decorated with holiday greenery, ivy, and holly, and branches and the solar lights.

Over the weekend, I replaced those with faux greenery from Hobby Lobby, and left the branches and solar lights.

I love to see it in the backyard after dark…remember my design aesthetic is cozy, French country…more traditional than modern.

I encourage you to occasional look at Anthropologie Home Decor for fun ideas you do not see anywhere else. I don’t think my table rod is available any longer.

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I really appreciate the support.

Please share you ideas of how you refresh home decor for spring…or share your pictures with my email.  I share those photos on Sundays.

Now, go out into this day and…………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

home decor for spring



  1. Hi Pamela!
    I am also getting the spring decor started. You made some beautiful choices! You also reminded me to change out the accent pillows in the living room. Right now I am working on the dining room. I have a new tablecloth with a Swedish floral print. It’s very cheerful and welcoming. If you were in CA I would invite you over for dinner! 😊

  2. These are some beautiful suggestions. Up here in Michigan we still have a inch of snow on the ground…a dusting which hit us on Saturday night but I have put up my silk forsythia wreath and overlaid it with a hand painted Easter bunny. You have inspired me to add more touches. I am also cleaning and sorting through closets and find it to be quite time consuming but worthwhile. I’m saying goodbye to some things that have served their purpose. Thank you for the inspirations.

  3. We have a big job ahead of us…I hope to make it fun…and I am so glad to have her help.

  4. You are so welcome, Mary. I have many home plans for the week that I desire to accomplish…here is hoping that we both get things done!

  5. Hope I’m not repeating my comment. My first one disappeared as I was adding my name. Just a word about your spring refresh and inspiring me to do the same. I just looked at my plants outside our front door and realized they are covered in pine pollen as it is covering everything here at the moment. I did get my hummingbird feeder cleaned and filled this weekend as a friend said her hummer is already back. I need to refresh a wreath and put on the door like yours. Good, refreshing ideas this morning!

  6. I love that rod from Anthropologie. About 10 years ago, I bought some draperies there for my guest room/study that had a print of books. I get more compliments on them than most of the things in my house. And Nest has the best fragrances! You can’t go wrong with bamboo. It’s fresh and, unlike all the cupcake-type fragrances out there, does not make me hungry.

  7. That’s what I need! A scent that doesn’t make me hungry! Thanks Linda!

  8. I love your spring decor. You’ve inspired me to hang my spring themed wreaths even though today is very chilly. And to start looking for a new mat for the front door. We had the front door refinished and porch repainted last summer so a new mat is in order. Have fun with your granddaughter tackling the under the stairs closet, You may find some forgotten treasures there. Happy Monday.

  9. It’s always fun to refresh things for a new season. My favorites are Fall & Christmas, but I do a few things for spring & summer. I also saw the Kohl’s commercial, & it piqued my curiosity. I will head there sometime soon. I agree about having special scents to greet myself & others when they come in the door. I did treat myself to a small bouquet of fresh tulips from the grocery store. I need to do this more often as I love fresh flowers.

  10. Hi Pam! It is still chilly here but the snow finally is gone from the north facing backyard. There is still quite a lot on the mountains. Spring is still at least a month away here. Maybe you will get me in the mood with your new choices. Enjoy spring cleaning of your closet with your granddaughter.

  11. I live in the Upper Midwest. It is a visually ugly time of year. No flowers or greenery yet. The Christmas decorations look pretty sad and no one has decorated for spring yet. When the snow melts everything under that beautiful white blanket looks dingy, indeed. Over the weekend I bought a bright wreath for my front door. Maybe others will get the hint!

  12. Our weather is more like late Fall then early Spring so suspect if anything like the past few years, we will probably have a week or so of it then go right into Summer. Do appreciate though your inspiration Pamela and will make a choice from the collection of wreaths that I have for the front door, to dress it (now that our Xmas decorations are down). As to the ‘beautiful white blanket that now looks dingy’ that Lily describes, we here in Canada call it ‘snirt’ … ☺. Last but not least, have fun with your Grand Daughter but don’t over extend yourself and be sure to rest that foot of yours. -Brenda-

  13. This was exactly the inspiration I needed to get serious about spring decor! I will confess that I still have my nativity scene and collection of mercury glass trees out, but there’s no denying that it is time to fix that. I’ll have a lot of time with my grandcuties this week, while their parents take one-on-one “Yes Day” with each of their three, leaving the other two with me. Only one of mine is well suited to projects that involve anything breakable, but I plan to refresh the playroom and break out a few new puzzles and art projects so the two left behind each day aren’t sad about it. I recently stopped into Kohl’s to spend the Kohl’s cash I accumulated during the post-holiday sales and scored some amazing deals. I’m so glad you got me started shopping there again! The updated stores are so much nicer and even the clothing departments seem easier to navigate. I’ve focused on home decor, buying mostly things for the old home I hope to purchase in the coming year. My best find so far was a pair of green velveteen throw pillows that exactly match the Pottery Barn Christmas quilt I got this year, at a much lower price than the matching pillows. I also bought a clock to freshen up my office, a gorgeous quilt that I can use in my present home and some recycled green glasses that I love. It has cooled off again in my area, but still feels like time for the spring things to come out. Thank you for being such a positive source of good ideas and inspiration!

  14. This was just such a fun post. I love that we all are doing “women’s stuff” and making our houses ready for a new season. Do you think that Mr. B. (or other husbands) notice all your nice touches? My husband notices, but whether he thinks they make our environment cheerier or not is anyone’s guess. I’ll switch out pillows/pillow covers and add new doormats. I’d like a spring-to-fall wreath but have competing priorities at the moment.

  15. Mr. B notices Christmas decor…rarely does he comment on other seasons. I will let you know if that changes.

  16. Enjoyed the post today. I need to refresh the outside but rain and freezing temperatures have delayed some things. So soon

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