New Talbots tops for white jeans

new Talbots tops

Happy Monday, ladies!  Today, let’s look at new Talbots tops for white jeans.

Today is the final day of the 25% off Spring celebration at Talbots, so you can get all new Talbots tops (and everything else) on sale.

Recently, I purchased the HIGH WAIST RELAXED JEANS, since I needed a polished pair.  My older pair are frayed at the hemline.

These jeans took me on a quest to Talbots last week to see what new Talbots tops were in the recent collection and would go well with white jeans.

The lovely ladies at the Talbots in the Village at Stone Oak were ready to help me look at new tops.

So, here are the ones I want to make sure you have seen.


new Talbots tops

One of the associates told me she recently sent this top to her mother in New England and she loved it.

I can see why…it is a great new Talbots top, and one that is perfect for those who live in cooler climates.

This is the Stripe Collar Sweatshirt and it comes in blue and yellow.

new Talbots tops

Of course, a great way to cover your arms in warmer weather is to use a button down as a topper.

This new Talbots top in a stripe just says…IT’S SPRING!

This is the Cotton Button Front Shirt in the Spring Fling Stripe (comes in two versions.)

new Talbots tops

I wore the stripe over this Roll Cuff Johnny Collar Pullover in the color Sunlit coral.

This is already a best seller in the new Talbots tops, and it comes in five colors.

I can see why so many like it.


new Talbots tops

Here is another excellent choice from the knits in the new Talbots tops.

Navy is big once again this year.

This is the Three-Quarter Sleeve Crewneck Tee in indigo blue.

new Talbots tops

This top in the new Talbots tops is lovely with white jeans.

This is the Embroidered Popover in indigo blue and white.

It is a lovely way to elevate your casual for spring.

new Talbots tops

Another elevated casual top for your spring evenings out.

This is the Soft Satin Charmeuse Top in indigo blue, and is also available in bright tangerine.

It is a lovely top.


new Talbots tops

I am not the only one looking for ways to top off my Talbots white jeans.

There are several best sellers already in the new Talbots tops.

The top I am wearing comes in several colors, and features buttons on each side for a great slimming technique.

I am wearing the vivid mulberry in the Side Button Linen Band Collar Popover.

It also comes in spring moss (olive green) and flax oatmeal for those of us in the warmer color palettes.

new Talbots tops

The store did not have a size I could try on for you of this best seller in the new Talbots tops.

It is very pretty.  This is the Eyelet Boyfriend Shirt in pool blue, and it is also sold in black and white.

I think it makes for a wonderful spring and summer casual look with the white jeans.


new Talbots tops

Remember, this is the last day for the 25% off Spring Celebration, and everything is on sale.

Everything…shoes, jewelry, all.

This necklace caught my eye as I was leaving, so I wanted to show it to you.

This is the Chunky Links Necklace in capri blue, also comes in a bright pink.

Also, there are precious brooches for spring.  I really like the Sun Shower Brooch…such great design and colors.

I hope you have enjoyed shopping with me today for New Talbots tops for white jeans.  What is your favorite colors or prints to wear with white jeans?

I hope to see you tomorrow with something special.  Until then…….


By Pamela Lutrell

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new Talbots tops



  1. So happy to see you in sandals. The blue & white embroidered top looks fabulous on you. Happy Monday.

  2. Hi Pat…they are by SAS and come back tomorrow and I will have something special for you about SAS. Thanks so much.

  3. White jeans are fabulous! You look great, Pam. You can wear just about any color with them. I have a Talbots black and white plaid button-down that goes nicely. And……a gingham-type spring color top (like bright pink or grass green) is so fresh with white jeans.

  4. These tops are gorgeous. I love the popover with the side buttons; that would be great for weight fluctuations or to cover the midsection yet give some ease when sitting. I have those high waist, classic jeans in a medium blue denim, and they are the most comfortable, versatile pair I own.

  5. Do you buy white pants in a size larger than normal in order to not have to worry about the “see through” effect? You’ve shown us several tops that look great with your white jeans. I’m looking forward to getting out my white jeans and pants to try on with some Talbot tops I bought at the end of summer sale last year. Talbots always has such pretty tops in my petite size.

  6. Thanks Marcia…they had a cute gingham in store but not in my size. It would look great.

  7. I agree…they are very comfy. That top comes in a variety of colors for warm and cool women.

  8. I have never had an issue with that with Talbots pants. I bought these a size larger because I am larger…but on the road to going down. They do have lovely tops.

  9. I have been unable to comment lately but have been enjoying the style shows. You have on sandals and you look great! I am so happy for you. What a journey!

  10. I have two pairs the jeans in denim, and while they are not the most tailored jeans I own, they are amazingly comfortable. I’m going to get the white denim as well and am glad you like them. I want to try them on in the store, though, because I could go down a size in the regular denim and wonder how the white fit. I like the blue 3/4 sleeve shirt, although the sleeves look longer than that. I’m replacing some of my tees b/c they’re getting ratty looking. thanks for the try-on

  11. Thank you for the fashion show from Talbot’s. They are a favorite of mine. I have a similar linen popover top in blue that I purchased last year & love it. Have you purchased any of the johnny collared tops? I have had some in the past from various stores, & after a few washings, the collars want to curl, even though I don’t put them in the dryer. For that reason, I have shied away from any knit collars. I’m not sure if any of them were from Talbot’s or not. I’m just curious about your experience.

  12. I have not purchased those tops, Becky. Perhaps someone will see your question who has. I like the fit and have considered them.

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