SAS footwear for spring keeps me moving

SAS footwear for spring

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today, I am sharing how SAS footwear for spring keeps me moving!

And for me, still in foot recovery after two surgeries, it is truly a celebration to have SAS footwear for spring.

I recently shared with you about a visit to a local San Antonio Shoes (SAS) store and the excellent customer service I received. (See SAS: HOW SHOE SHOPPING SHOULD BE OVER 60)

The wonderful people at SAS were so impressed with YOUR responses, they invited me to be a SAS partner!  And I am so pleased to accept.

Later in the post, I will share with you the gift they have just for YOU, the audience of over 50 feeling 40.

But first, let’s talk SAS footwear for spring!


SAS footwear for spring

Two things have given me the confidence to keep moving this spring in sandals….the beautiful selections of SAS footwear for spring…and colorful nail polish!! A winning team.

SAS is dedicated to high quality comfort shoes handcrafted with the softest, highest quality leather. 

The brand is perfect for the challenges of women’s foot issues over 50.  And we have discussed here how so many of us have challenges with our feet.

Once you put SAS shoes on your feet, you completely understand why so many wear the brand.

SAS footwear for spring

I have not worn sandals with a strap in the back for years, but the experts at SAS convinced me to give it a try and I am so glad they did!

I have learned that SAS craftsmen are masters of perfectly-placed, adjustable straps.  They often have Velcro and play a big role in the fit of spring sandals.

The navy sandal from SAS footwear for spring that I am wearing everywhere is the NUDU HEEL STRAP SANDAL.

 This sandal is crafted with a beautiful design, a cushioned contour insole, and a shock absorbing sole.  It is truly the most comfortable sandal I have ever owned.

Again, the straps hit me right where they will mask the surgery on my toes still in recovery.  That helps me with confidence to wear sandals.  Something I originally feared was in my past. In a warm state like Texas, it is so important to wear sandals during high heat times.

The first day I wore the NUDU sandal was to go run errands, but when I came home, I kept them on because of the comfort.  In the past, I was known for changing shoes the minute I walked into the door.  I have been wearing these until bedtime.

Also, there are eleven beautiful colors and styles of this sandal.


SAS footwear for spring

Sitting for a couple of months during early recovery right after foot surgery was so difficult for me…as women over 50 we need to keep moving.

SAS spring footwear keeps us moving and I am very thankful to this company for providing footwear which comfortably tackles our foot challenges.

SAS footwear for spring

Several of you noticed me in this pair of SAS spring footwear while out shopping last week.

I love these shoes….the SIMPLIFY SLIP ON LOAFER in SUNSTONE.

This is going to be such a perfect timeless shoe for me.

The gold compliments my wardrobe and it is an elevated look for casual styles.

Shoe design includes a soft padding that completely wraps around my foot with a removable cushioned footbed.  I showed you the inside of the shoe so you can see the difference in your other shoes.

With SAS footwear for spring, I will not be sitting home…rather out and about to enjoy the incredible spring weather and activities.

SAS footwear for spring

And, you also asked about my beautiful metallic sandals yesterday.

These are the Cozy Slide Sandals in Copper…a perfect color for any wardrobe, but there are eight options.

I am so thankful that SAS footwear for spring keeps me moving on the job for you!


SAS footwear for spring

SAS can tell how much this audience loves the brand, so they would like to thank you with a gift just for you.

From today through April 26, you will receive $10 off your purchase at checkout with the code SASPAM10.

 If you are shopping in store, then simply show the sales associate my blog post with the code in it and she will honor this in store through April 26.

 This is a great way to have happy feet for warmer weather as it begins to heat up going forward.  I am completely confident in saying that this will make a huge difference for you to be able to enjoy spring activities and travel.

I know many of you love gold in this audience, so I encourage you to look over the stunning color SAS just released called Soft Gold.


 Owning high quality footwear for spring is more important to me than ever before.  I also believe paying for that quality is worth every penny.

I purchased three pair before I began working as a SAS partner and it is money well spent.  I will never put poorly made shoes on my feet again.

Remember, the customer service is excellent in-store and you can use the online store locator to see how close you are to one.

I will be back soon with more from SAS, and I am happy to help you with any questions you may have.

When our feet are happy, we will……………….



 By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am a partner with SAS for this sponsored post.  The words are my own.

SAS footwear for spring


  1. I used the store locator on the SAS site to see if there was a store near me and, of course, there is!! I say of course because I live in an area where many retirees settle and there is no shortage of comfort shoe stores. I’m famliar with the brand because my mom wore them for many years but I never thought of the brand until you started blogging about them. I remember the salespeople being especially attentive with my mom. My feet are long and narrow with plantar factisitis and, like you, I live in a warm climate where sandals are necessary. I’ll be headed over to the store today! Thank you, Pam!

  2. Our local SAS store closed which i fiubd strange as it seemed to be busy each time i took my husband shopping there. Both parents and my husband found comfort in tgeur shoes. After seeing thus years selections I’m impressed by the look! And you look cool abdcomfy in your newer pair.
    ( Also liked the look of those suede loafers!)

  3. I am enjoying wearing all the ones I pictured here, Paulette. You can use my links and code to order shoes for your husband too!!

  4. I recently ordered SAS sandals, not knowing anything about the brand, and I’m so grateful that I tried them. My WW feet are fussier than before, so I needed comfort over style. Glad to see some cuter styles.

  5. I’m glad they reached out to you. I thought your write-up was authentic and positive!

  6. I am looking for a comfortable sandal/shoe to wear, as I suffer from plantar fasciitis. I am wondering if anyone with this condition has experienced relief with these shoes.

  7. I hope someone has experience here. I have been told by the brand that this is one of the issues they can help. If you are near a store, Anne, you should go talk with them about it.

  8. So glad you found cute sandals and shoes that are comfortable and best of all, good for your feet. I have a narrow heel, high instep, bunions and need a wide toe box. When I find footwear that works for all of the above I usually buy multiples. The SAS store in Asheville has closed but I will look for them in other stores. I like those loafers a lot and that’s a style I have the most trouble finding. Happy Tuesday.

  9. The loafers are great and worth checking into. I am going to get them in another color as well. I cannot offer the savings code if you find SAS at another brand retailer, but I can offer it for online and in-store. Hope you can find SAS styles that work for you. Thanks Kathie.

  10. You have highlighted some great choices! And there are many more. I have always preferred sandals with a heel strap and/or an ankle strap so that my toes don’t have to hang on to the shoes and so they don’t fall off easily! The ones with straps are more comfortable for my activities, though, to be honest, I would much rather just slip on my shoes without having to fasten a strap.

  11. I suffer with plantar fasciitis. My podiatrist told me that laced up supportive shoes are the only way to go. I bought black shoes that look like runners. Now I need some lighter coloured shoes. SAS are the best for me.

  12. I’ve been wearing almost only SAS Shoes for the last at least 15 years!! They are the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I’ve found and the styles are classic!!! You will never regret buying SAS Shoe’s!!!!

  13. I am so glad I tried these with the straps. You are right it helps the fit and they are super comfy!

  14. Pam, I am rejoicing to see you sporting all these great new spring shoe styles! I can only imagine how pleased you are to be able to wear sandals after your surgery, and these all look great. Thanks to your previous post, I found an SAS store in my area, and have been intending to stop by. Now that we have the incentive of a discount, I will definitely try their current styles. Like you, I have banished poorly made footwear from my closet, so I’m gradually replacing all my “go-to” styles. I loved the navy feather top from Talbot’s so much on you I just purchased it, along with three other tops! If we have to live through summer in Texas, we deserve to look as cool and crisp as possible, right? We have so many reasons to celebrate during this Holy Week, and I hope you and your family will enjoy all the blessings Easter brings us.

  15. Thank you, Lorri! I wish the same for your family. Just show your SAS associate this blog post with the code in it so you can get the discount!

  16. While these shoes are not my style I immediately thought of my mom and came across something on the website that may interest other ladies. My mom is 93 and diabetic and was recently given a written prescription for diabetic shoes. I noticed on the SAS website that there is an entire section of Medicare approved shoes for diabetics. So I called our local SAS store for more information and yes Medicare will cover these shoes but SAS will not submit the paperwork so the customer will need to submit the paperwork for reimbursement under Medicare. My mom is on Tricare for Life (for retired military) so I’m not sure how it would work for her but maybe it will work for others! I will also mention that for my plantar fasciitis I have good luck with simply using heel inserts in my shoes. Basically I cannot wear a flat shoe but need a bit of lift in the heel and these work for me.

  17. My husband and daughter both wear SAS shoes. I will mention the sandals to my daughter, they are so attractive. Thanks for sharing

  18. I have worn the Embark sandals for several years to hike in and for all day walking/ running around. I absolutely love them! They look just as nice as the day I bought them. Glad to see them featured in your blog!

  19. Though they do ship internationally, I wish they had stores here in Canada as the processer they use is not one of my favorites (Boarder Free) as ‘too many hoops to jump through’ both in delivery and returning so next trip to the States hopefully will source out a store. Last but not least; am so happy for you Pamela that you are finding footwear that works for you. -Brenda-

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