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Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50!

This is a daily lifestyle feature where I curate news into one location to make life easier for you!

I look for interesting news around media world that you may have missed and be interested in reading.

This is mostly optimistic lifestyle news…I occasionally see something I think you might want to know but may have missed and it is not optimistic.

But…I cover no politics or social news…you get plenty of that in abundance.

Sometimes I have only a little for you…and sometimes a lot!

So, get a warm morning beverage and a cozy spot and let’s go over today’s news.


today's news

French Country CottageCreating a Cozy Home

Veranda:  This Greek Revival Home Might Just Be the Prettiest Outdoor Space We have Ever Seen


today's news

Recipe Tin EatsVeggie Burgers

Martha Stewart: 22 Lemon Desserts That Will Brighten Your Day, From Cakes to Cookies

The Little Blog of VeganHealthy Blueberry Oat Bars

MagnoliaA Collection of Breakfast Recipes by Joanna Gaines

Eating Well:  16 Delicious Spring Skillet Dinner Recipes


today's news

Global English Editing: Women who are truly happy in their retirement usually adopt these 9 daily habits

Sci Tech Daily: New Study: Shining a Red Light on a person’s back for 15 minutes can reduce blood sugar levels (A discussion with your doctor should happen about this study)

Today Show:  Why Am I Always Cold?  9 Possible Medical Reasons and when to see a doctor


today's news

Smithsonian Magazine: The Surprising Origins of Fried Green Tomatoes | Arts & Culture

The Discoverer6 American Lakes that are better than a beach and 5 Cities Easy on Your Knees

Southern Living23 Southern Traditions we want to Bring Back



today's news

Who What Wear: The Burgundy Bag Trend is About to Dominate 2024 Dressing and 7 Extra-Polished Street Style Trends Every Fashion Person Wore in Milan

CNN Business: How America’s once great department stores became a dying breed

Fashionista: The 47 Best Accessories We Spotted in Milan Fashion Week Street Style

Youtube Highlight Video:

Of course, after the video, I have a slideshow for you of …..WHITE JEANS…..

This is all I have for you today, ladies.  I hope you found something in Today’s News for Women Over 50 that was of interest to you…let me know with comments and any questions.

Also, make sure that throughout this day, you……………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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today's news


  1. Thank you, Pam, for all the interesting articles today. I’ve printed out several of the skillet dinner recipes. They look quick to prepare and knowing they are from Eating Well they will be healthy. The picture of Lake Michigan could have been the path we took to the beach when we lived in Charlevoix. Good memories. Interesting article about the closing of department stores. And I loved the wisdom in the Southern Living article and the one on daily habits for happy retirement. It made me feel good that I can check all 9 boxes. Happy Wednesday.

  2. So glad you found so much to enjoy, Kathie. Let us know how your recipes work out!

  3. Lovely combination, Pam. I want to tour that Greek Revival house…..or live in it. 😁 Love the burgundy bags. Those Magnolia breakfast recipes look interesting. Thank you, and have a spectacular day.

  4. Lots of fun stuff this week, especially on the fashion side. I was surprised that the street style in Milan featured so many small-medium bags, when I keep reading that totes are on trend. I noticed a lot of socks there too. I have been spotting a return to visible socks (and even pantyhose, but not going there), and this winter bought myself a few new, colorful pairs to wear to liven up what is a pretty pared down wardrobe right now. I’ve been wearing them in high contrast to my outfit, and enjoying the look a lot. Finally, I’ve traveled quite a bit, and can say emphatically that Lake Michigan is gorgeous, uncrowded and unspoiled, especially the more north you travel (Traverse City is marvelous, as is the Petoskey area, so much so that luxury cruise ships now go there). In fact, the lakeshore in northern Michigan is my favorite place on earth.

  5. I had to laugh at the article about the amazing outdoor space that first described the indoor space. It related that there was an impressive collection of 70’s furniture, and I have to say me too!

  6. Thanks so much, Linda, for more about Lake Michigan. I have traveled often within the U.S., but there are still so many places I have not been. This sounds lovely.

  7. I enjoyed the article about southern traditions. I saw photos that looked like me, my parents and my grandparents. There are some traditions that should not be brought back, however. My husband grew up in a barrio in San Antonio (the West Side). His life was happy there, but not so much outside of the barrio. There were sometimes signs outside of some businesses that said, “No dogs or Mexicans”. You can see a photo of that in the Institute of Texan Cultures in downtown San Antonio. I try to be very careful with nostalgia. We don’t always remember everything correctly. As for my husband…he found a way out through the Marine Corps. There was opportunity there. He advanced from Private to Major.

  8. Thanks as always, Pam. I loved the habits for happy retirement. I liked the burgundy bags and recall that you said merlot was a 2024 color. However, I found all these handbags too dark for summer. I already have navy and black handbags I love, so I’m looking for color and straw/rattan/etc for the summer.

  9. Well, of course, no one would want that attitude brought back…but it was not a tradition. It was a sick mentality. Traditions are something very different from history. I am so glad he moved past that time and excelled. We love the Marines…and of course we love the Hispanic heritage in San Antonio. Celebrating that is a tradition here.

  10. There will be lots of the straw and rattan…some of my favorite handbags. I recently purchased one in the Red Door Sale at Talbots that was sold by them last year. I will be using it soon.

  11. White jeans video was interesting. I was surprised that most looks showed the top tucked in and many showed a cognac/tan belt. Sadly, I don’t tuck things in anymore. The looks with a “third piece” like a jacket or trench or cardigan and the looks with different colors were great inspirations.

  12. I also do not wear the belt and I had just arrived at a comfortable place to tuck tops in when I sat down for two months and inactivity has brought some curves back…so I understand how you feel Kim. Not all of us can do the tuck in with a belt…but we can still have fun!

  13. Enjoyed several of the news articles but my favorite was the French Country Cottage, enjoyed the rooms and found a few ideas for decorating.

  14. Thank you for the work you put in to find these articles. I especially like the 9 daily habits for happy retirement & 23 southern traditions. I was pleased to see that I am doing several of the habits & am working on a few more of them. I think I read comments on the lack of manners nearly every week. I really liked the video on white jeans. I can shop my closet for many of those looks so that helps the budget. I always appreciate new ideas for wearing what I already have.

  15. Thanks for the range of news you found and I am very curious to try the veggie burger recipe after I convert it to metric. The burgundy bag trend is one I can get on board with and I loved seeing the accessories from Milan Fashion Week.
    The French Country Cottage article was delightful and it reminded me that creating a home that feels inviting and warm is the most important thing for me. Different textures and layers are very important to me in home decor and I love mixing old and new decor items.
    I found the video okay but I preferred the videos seeing “real” people out and about.
    Always a delight to read what you find.

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