Spring Chic Outfits: Navy & Cream

spring chic outfits

Happy Tuesday, ladies.  Today I am discussing spring chic outfits in navy & cream.

While stuck in a chair at the first of the year, I was looking over spring chic outfits and lamenting they were mostly black & white.

Since I am a warm Autumn palette, I no longer wear black and white…and then it hit me…that navy & cream are just as chic when styled together.

At that point I decided that going into spring my spring chic outfits would be mostly navy & cream.

And I have really enjoyed styling these two colors together.

So, join me today as I show you what I have been wearing and what I found on the market for everyone else.

Let’s look at spring chic outfits in navy & cream.


spring chic outtfits

The majority of my spring chic outfits in navy and cream have featured a cream topper over a column of navy.

I do this to slim down my style.  I know I keep telling you that I gained weight over foot surgery and recovery.

That extra weight is in my hips and thighs…that is what inactivity will do…especially over the holidays!

So, I wear this column of navy for slimming reasons and because it will slim my style around the hip and thigh pesky areas.

The only piece in this look that I can link to are the CHICO’S PONTE SIDE STRIPE FLARE PANT

I love these pants…I actually wore this outfit to church on Sunday.

There are many navy tops currently on the market with more ready to go to stores.

Here are a few navy tops currently on the market that. you may want to know about…..


spring chic outfits

Toppers for your spring chic outfits, if you are a warm palette, are best if they are off white.

This non-white color has many names…cream, natural, bone, ivory…etc.

But, I think these color are chic and so much richer and lovely for spring chic outfits.

White Is not our best color if you fall into this category with me.

I am wearing one of my favorite jackets from Banana Republic that is cream with flecks of tan in it.

Here are some more toppers currently out there….

spring chic outfits

My jewelry today is by a Texas designer, Susan Shaw.

I picked up a couple of selections last year during wedding time.

The necklace is the BLUE & WHITE MARGARET NECKLACE  which looks nice with navy blue outfits…and the bracelet is the MIXED MEDAL CROSS TOGGLE NECKLACE.

You might click one of these links and spend some time looking over her lovely designs.


Spring Chic outfits

There are many ways to use options to step up your game with spring chic outfits.

The creamy tweed with denim is one option…I posted about it in HOW I ELEVATE JEANS WITH TWEED.

Another option is to pair your navy tops with cream on the bottom.

Here are some lovely cream colored pants currently available….


Spring chic outfits

Of course, spring chic can be spoken in many ways.

But, never fear fellow Autumn ladies…do not lament that the chic style of black & white is not in your wardrobe.

But, rather…rejoice…over the beauty of navy and cream together…this combination makes for gorgeous spring chic outfits.

Thanks for joining me today for Spring Chic Outfits: Navy & Cream…let me know if you have any questions….and make sure that you…


By Pamela Lutrell

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Spring chic outfits


  1. As a winter, I’ll be wearing a column of navy with a white topper but you’ve shown me several navy tops I like and some jackets in colors other than cream or ivory that I like. I’ll also be wearing columns of black with white, but admiring those of you who can wear cream and ivory. It’s such a calming color to me, much more than the stark white. You look lovely, Pam, in your navy and cream.

  2. You look so chic! Navy is my favorite neutral. It looks pretty with so many other colors. I have cool coloring but still like cream. Classy!

  3. Well, you are singing my song today! Both in style and color. Navy and ivory or camel have been my core, go-to neutrals since early in my “wow! I’m a blue autumn!” days, and I’ve doubled down on them for spring with my now very limited wardrobe. This year, I need to get maximum mileage out of every piece. Last week in Chicos I bought a breton-type stripe top in navy and ivory, and today I shopped your slide show for that shorter navy poplin blouse, also from Chicos. A few weeks ago I bought the sea salt flares. Well done, Pam. You are showing us where to spend to get a very chic, somewhat classic, but still very updated look for spring.

  4. You look great in the column of navy topped with the cream jackets. You are so lucky to be able to wear navy. I’m an autumn and decidedly warm so true navy is not in my palette. It flattens me as much as black. Marine navy is recommended but its nearly impossible to find. I love navy and find that I can still wear it when its in a stripe or pattern combined with one of my good colors like tan or green, as long as the navy is not next to my face. Cream is also tricky for me. My hair is nearly white and many of them are too light & bright now. For instance the Talbot jacket in photo 1 is too close to white for me. I’m thrilled with I find them with enough warmth. Seeing the cream item next to pure white helps. In the 2nd slide show the color of NYDJ pants is clearly warm enough for me. J Jill often has oatmeal or some other warm beige-off white that works. So many cute style shown today. Happy Tuesday.

  5. Thank you for this! I wear cool colors but white is a horrible color for me and I have been lamenting that I cannot wear it because it looks so classic. Now you have showed us that cream and navy is as good as — and maybe better than — black and white! Now I will keep my eyes open for cream as well as navy. It is interesting that not all cream colors look good on me — I have to pay attention to the undertones of the color to get a good light tan/cream/ivory.

  6. You are right, Kim. Cream comes in many versions! I tried to put in the slideshows the ones I thought were the prettiest! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I really like these looks. What I like is they are casual and I love the color combination.

  8. As a winter, I do wear black & white, but I also like navy with white. I have also found that I can wear certain shades of cream as long as they don’t have yellow or brown undertones which makes my complexion look sallow or muddy. There were many looks in your slide shows that I really like.

  9. I love the casual creamy denim jacket but none were in petite. Regular sleeves hang over my fingers. Same with the pants in the slides. I usually have some options at the Chicos site for petite but not in the cream trousers. I’m busty as well so have to be careful with the pocket flaps. They tend to roll and stick out on me. I love your cream tweed topper with the column of navy. Even though I am a cool summer, I can get away with some creams over navy. My fluff is in my waistline not my hips. It is always something. You are hiding your fluff well!

  10. I personally like the navy and cream better than the black and white for myself. Thanks for sharing great pieces.

  11. any alternatives for the wide legged trousers and jeans? I am petite- very petite- and the “new” wide legs make petite ladies look wider and boxier: a look we want to avoid. Your color combinations are very pretty!

  12. There are many slim leg alternatives, Reba. Talbots has petite versions of slim let pants. I will do a slideshow for you in Saturday’s post, but know there are lots of slim leg versions..it is not all wide leg.

  13. Hi, I know this is a day late, sorry! I really like the pin stripe wide leg crops with the solid navy top in the last picture on your Tuesday post. I was not able to see where that outfit is sold, can you fill me in? Thanks for all you do & your inspiring posts!

  14. Late to the party, but I wanted to join in the celebration of navy and cream! Like many warm autumns, I struggle to wear navy, but I like it. I’ve had good luck pairing navy with tan or camel, like the navy dotted dress we found at JJill. Since your “sand trend” post I’ve also been experimenting with tan and ivory. A navy top with white denim will probably always be a “go to” outfit for me in the summer, even if it’s not my most flattering option, but I’m glad to have more ivory options. Those “barley” jeans we both got at JJill last year are going to be in heavy rotation this spring, for sure!

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