Top off jeans for spring at Chico’s

spring at Chico's

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today, join me for ways to top off jeans for spring at Chico’s.

I know from this audience that you love your jeans and ways to top them off for spring.

So, let’s look at ideas for spring at Chico’s…where spring is in full bloom!

I stopped by Chico’s at the Quarry to look over more tops for warmer weather…and topping off jeans is key for me.

The day I was there the afternoon temperatures already hit 91…so stay cool is the message for me.

So, let’s look over what I saw for me…and you…for spring at Chico’s.


spring at Chico's

There are two stars for spring at Chico’s…one Is floral…and one is Verdant Green.

This shade of green is lovely and got my vote of approval.

The jacket is too heavy for me, but I thought some of you may want to see it…an elevated way to top off your jeans.

This is the RUCHED SLEEVE BLAZER in black and green, and also has matching BRIGITTE FLORAL ANKLE PANTS.

I own a solid color in the ruched sleeve blazers and really like this style!  I recommend it.

I did take home the SPUN RAYON TANK in Verdant Green to wear as a layering piece. 

I like the V neck design, the fit, and the polished look for this tank.

spring at Chico's

I also took this piece home and it says spring at Chico’s with both stars.

I will wear it often through the warm weather…and I did size down.

This is the FLORAL PONCHO…and one comment was said that it was not olive green, but it does not come close to olive green…the Verdant Green is very pretty.

With the navy, cream and even lighter blue colors included it will top off any of your jeans perfectly.

spring at Chico's

This is top is called the SATIN EYELET TOP.

I do not know why they called it satin…it is not.  

I like to have easy tops like this to toss on to meet a friend for lunch…or even wear out to casual events. 

I found it to be very comfortable and easy…so I also took this one home…are you getting that I will be very GREEN this year!

There are also matching bottoms with the SATIN EYELET HEM CULOTTES.  I did not purchase those…but am still thinking about them!

spring at Chico's

Spring at Chico’s is overflowing with VERDANT GREEN DESIGNS.

This tee is too big for me, but I wanted to show you the many ways for casual ideas to top off your jeans for spring at Chico’s and in a non-floral design.

This is the ABSTRACT EVERYDAY ELBOW SLEEVE TEE….and it is generous in sizing.

Travelers spring at Chico’s pieces also include verdant green, but it is paired with black in the prints.

spring at Chico's

I love this tweed jacket and it is such an elevated way to top off your jeans.

It is not heavy at all.

But, for my curvy figure at this time, it is too short in length…but for everyone else, it is lovely….and comes in Petite.

This is the TWEED JACKET.


spring at Chico's

I am in the camp of enjoying the sleeve embellishments that Chico’s has done in the last couple of years on tee tops.

I like to wear them for an easy way to elevate my jeans and with great comfort.

I own one from last year similar to this one.

This is the APPLIQUE SLEEVE TEE in navy, and it also comes in a lovely Parisian Purple and White.

spring at Chico's

Spring at Chico’s includes several styles of tie-front tops.

This is the classic navy print called FLORAL TIE-FRONT SHIRT.

I think it looks best styled with white jeans over the dark wash. 

spring at Chico's

There are many floral options for those of you who love to wear spring flowers.

This wildflower print comes in several styles from tees to blouses.

I am wearing the TOUCH OF COOL FLORAL SMOCKED TOP….and it does feel cool. 

spring at Chico's

The easiest way to wear the print is with a simple tee.



spring at Chico's

There is so much to see and try on for spring at Chico’s and I could’ve been there for hours.


I always see something on the way out, and this jacket in the wildflower print was something I wish I had tried on for this audience.

This is the FLORAL COTTON STRETCH TOPPER, and they style it to top of jeans.

Chico’s stylist have paired it with light wash jeans, and the NO IRON STRETCH WILDFLOWER 3/4 SLEEVE SHIRT.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few ways to top off jeans for spring at Chico’s...there will be more arriving soon in store…so I will return.

But, the few pieces I selected for myself will help me bloom this spring!  


By Pamela Lutrell

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spring at Chico's


  1. I love the floral ruched sleeve blazer in black and green on you and I love seeing that green is still a trending colour. Also,I cannot believe you are getting such high temperatures already.

  2. I know…so sad. But we have a little cool front coming through this weekend! Thanks Julie…Happy Thursday.

  3. Love all these green toppers especially the wildflower one as it’s not so bold. I think I’m leaning to an Autumn palette too as I’m drawn to greens, creams and golden hues.
    It’s in the mid 70’s here in Georgia no high humidity so all are perfect to wear now.

  4. Just last night I watched one of the videos filmed in a Chico’s store where different outfits were modeled with the emphasis being on green items. That verdant green is certainly pretty and Springy, but appears to have more yellow in it than blue so not a good shade for those of us who are winters. However, it is a good and fresh color for you Autumns. On the Chico’s video last night the women kept saying they had never worn green but were so happy with the items they modeled. I’ve always liked green as it is the color of nature which to a biology major like me is a big part of life, but I’ll have to go see this green in the store.

  5. I walked away from Chico’s with all verdant green…I love it. I will go look at the video. Thanks Celia

  6. I appreciate you scoping out Chico’s! Whenever I go to my local store I find them so overwhelming and I could spend hours trying things on. This Spring/Summer I am targeting specific needs and will try to stick to what I need versus what I will buy because I just like it! Definitly feeling the economy and I am more mindful of my clothing purchases. We are still in the ’70’s here in the California desert but next week’s temperatures are projected to be in the high ’80’s.

  7. I think Chicos absolutely knocked it out of the park this spring after a few years where I found nothing. I can’t seem to stay out of there :). I’m not usually a fan of prints, but that wildflower one is really beautiful. And I’m glad you left with some of that green. I find as a blue autumn, it’s a little bright for me (it’s ok, just not my best), but I’ve never seen any shade of green on you I didn’t think was great. In fact, I think of it as your signature color. I’m finding, with a very limited wardrobe this year, that I can make do with very few bottoms if I have some interesting tops.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Linda. I am certain that all of us are doing our best to shop smart. Since the readers know their individual budgets…I just put out the information for you to shop over.

  9. I agree with you, Linda. I do think green in many different shade is my best color…and I do love it. This verdant green is so perfect for spring and just beautiful.
    They did knock it out of the park with so many options.

  10. Pamela….a WIN WIN with the first photo. For you, it’s very elegant and so so flattering. Please buy it for yourself🥰

    I’m going online to chicos…💃🏻

  11. A lovely style show. I am happy you found great additions for your wardrobe. As a deep autumn, everything looks a bit bright for me. I will have to stop in. I need to straighten out my closet, revisit summer clothing in a spare closet, and see what I really need. When our warm weather doesn’t begin for a few months, it is difficult to even try summer items on!

  12. Thanks, Pam – what a great array of new looks for spring! My coloring is similar to yours, and I’m excited to see that green is having a moment. All the options you showed us looked good on you, but that green eyelet blouse is extra special. The matching pants would elevate it even more – hope you get those. Do you think that fabric would travel well? I also really like the navy top with white designs that ties at the waist. Is that print a true white or more ivory? I’m envisioning it with the “barley” jeans we both got last spring from JJill. I can’t believe how early spring is upon us, but I do love seeing everything turning green and blooming, in spite of my allergies. It probably feels “early” to some of your readers to think about spring/summer pieces now, but here in Texas we’ll have them in constant rotation very soon. I need to do a deep dive into my spring/summer closet and figure out what’s going to work this year. I always buy a lot of items on clearance at the end of a season and store them, so I’ve probably got some happy surprises waiting for me!

  13. I understand. We started summer last week! Spring does happen but it is a short season though beautiful here.

  14. I will roll up the top and see how it might work for travel. Stay tuned. The white on that blouse was more of a soft cream than stark white. I hope to do the warm weather closet dive this week.

  15. Our weather is all over the place! It is sunny and 58 degrees now and we are expecting rain turning to snow this evening. It is still windy here too in southern Colorado. I love Chicos but green, yellow and orange are my worst colors! I’m a cool summer and any shade of blue is my best color. I love the flutter sleeve in thin knits for summer as our spring will last about 2 weeks when it does get here. We then will get hit with 90s for about 4 months, even 5 months in the last 2 years. Pam, you look terrific in the verdant green tops. They look very comfortable and cool for the hot weather.

  16. Pam, that green is fabulous on you. The floral poncho is especially stunning. Good idea to snap up a few pieces while its having its moments. I also watched the Chico’s online fashion show yesterday and decided to check out verdant green in person. I went armed with my color wallet and was thrilled to see its one of my very good colors. I love their spun rayon sweaters. I wear them 3 seasons and they are very useful for A/C in the summer. So I picked up the tank and a matching cardi. I’m ready for St. Paddy’s day. I was so impressed with the wildflower print and highly recommend it to anyone who wears floral. They had the black floral jacket & matching pants on a mannequin and it looked so sharp I was almost tempted. I was pretty impressed the the overall selection at our store. Then I came home & put away my heavy sweaters and serious boots.

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