2024 Fashion Trends: Blue & White

2024 fashion trends

Happy final Saturday in April, all!  Let’s keep our discussion of 2024 Fashion Trends going and look at Blue & White fashions.

Every Saturday since January,  I have shown you the 2024 Fashion Trends so you understand what you see the most of when you shop.

Adapting a few trends to our looks, helps us to be fresh and current with our style.

Many of you have pulled some of these trends from the back of the closet to the front upon learning this year the clothing is in style.

So, let’s focus on a combination we have seen before but is now officially in the 2024 Fashion Trends: Blue & White.


2024 fashion trends

I think this display at JCP caught my attention because it included three of the 2024 fashion trends I have featured.

The first trend is today’s blue & white trend; the second is monochrome outfits; and the third would be the vest.

I found this in the Liz Claiborne section and JC Penney’s. 

The print is actually called white tile in this LIZ CLAIBORNE REGULAR FIT BLAZER.  (The pants are: LIZ CLAIBORNE STRAIGHT FIT TROUSER in the same print)

You should know that THE LIZ EVENT goes through May 12 with up to 50% off some styles.

Since blue & white is in the 2024 fashion trends, we see the mix in many stores from gingham to stripes to tile prints.  Here are a few in the slideshow:


2024 fashion trends

For those who like dusters, JJILL has just added this PURE JILL LINEN DUSTER in the color Sandbar…great for warm palette ladies.

Also, because JJILL is often on trend, here are some blue & white options:


2024 fashion trends

Eileen Fisher’s new BRONZE color will take many of us Autumn-palette ladies through the entire year as it is in the 2024 fashion trends.

I love this color! Here are pieces at Dillard’s EF Bronze.

2024 fashion trends

I saw these bags at a boutique and was able to locate them on HSN, where they are currently on sale.

Of course, I love the brand name DESIGNED FOR JOY, but they are lovely bags in three colors…though no trend here, I decided to share them with you.

They are a distressed leather and if you click through on HSN, you will see other styles that are also on clearance.

Remember for your first order on HSN, use the code HSN 2024 to save $10.

There you have it, all in one post, the cool palettes of blue & white to the warm palettes of bronze.

Thank you so much for joining in today…discussions on these 2024 fashion trends have been excellent reading each Saturday…hope to see you tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

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2024 fashion trends


  1. Such beautiful pieces of apparel this morning, Pamela. Thank you for sharing them. There’s nothing more pleasant than blue and white even though I lean towards the bronze in my closet.

  2. I also lean toward the bronze, Deborah…but this year the lovely blue & white prints are drawing me in. Have a wonderful Saturday!

  3. Happy Saturday Pam! Yes to all that are featured today- from the blues, which I just wear nearly every day to the neutrals- duster over a cool tank, with cropped jeans. Thank you too for your inspiring message every day!

  4. Thank you for yours, Paulette. It inspires me every day to read the words of the blog community here. Glad you enjoyed today’s post.

  5. Blue and white is such a lovely combination, and one I’m wearing today to meet friends for lunch. I bought a no-iron bright blue blouse from Chico’s recently and will be wearing it with my white pants…if I can still fit into them. Like you, my waist has become thicker during these months when I struggled to walk after surgery. Such pleasant weather lately here in South Georgia; not too hot and not too cool.

  6. Blue and white in the right print I would enjoy wearing!! I also love the neutrals!! I’m too well endowed to wear a vest!!

  7. Blue and white is a beautiful combination. A cool and soothing look. I’m not sure I could pull off that wildly colored pants suit in the opening photo, but it would be fun for a tall lady.

  8. I love blue and white. I’m wearing my blue and white in the form of a hospital gown today, following an urgent gallbladder surgery! So thankful to be in good hands, and back to a place of healing after considerable pain this week. I will be wearing flowy tops as I recover.

  9. Oh my, Connie! I hope you are improving well. My goodness you have been through a lot. I will pray for healing and rest.

  10. Thanks Marcia. I would love to see that on a human just to know what it looks like!

  11. Always feel that a blue and white combination looks so cool and refreshing. Also as playing catch-up; want to extend my congratulations to your son and daughter-in-law re their happy announcement and that in due time you will the proud Grandma of another little boy. -Brenda-

  12. I wear blue and white nearly everyday. Blues, light grey and cool neutrals are my colors. It is great when my color palette becomes popular and clothes are readily available. It looks like the autumn palette is also available.

  13. I am surprised at the autumn colors just released. I saw a terracotta at Talbot’s yesterday!

  14. I’m on board for the blue & white trend, especially royal or cobalt blue. It is a year-round favorite for me. I wouldn’t wear a bold print outfit as pictured because it seems a bit overpowering for my simple taste, but the jacket with a white tank & white or black pants would work for me. For myself, a duster is a bit too much as I am short, but I’ve seen taller ladies looking great in them.

  15. Connie, I was so sorry to see that you’ve had yet another setback. Prayers for your quick and comfortable recover! I don’t wear much blue, other than denim and classic navy and white/cream pieces, but I’m getting some great ideas from that EF bronze collection. I think those pants or shorts may be exactly the piece that is missing from my travel wardrobe for Charleston in June. Wish I could just buy all the pieces shown and make that my summer capsule wardrobe! For those who love navy, the Talbot’s navy cotton “popover” embroidered with ivory feathers that Pam linked in her post on 03/25 and wore again in the 04/16 post has become a standout in my spring rotation. Every time I wear it I get multiple compliments from complete strangers, and it washes well. I was worried about the 3-D embellishment after washing, but it is fine. I did have to size up because it is not very generously cut at the hem, but I’m so glad I splurged on it. Talbots has everything 30% off through 4/29 in case you want to try it.

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