Spring outfit ideas for women over 50

spring outfit ideas

Happy fashion Friday!  Join me today for spring outfit ideas for women over 50.

I understand that many of you come here looking for spring outfit ideas for women over 50.

I have a brand, Tuckernuck, for you to consider and will explain my reasons behind today’s spring outfit ideas.

But, I have certainly been out and about this spring…from the Little League fields to Fiesta Events to gathering content for you.

Confidence when I go out is important to me so my spring outfit ideas were styled with confidence in mind.

So, let’s discuss some spring outfit ideas and see if I can inspire you with new thoughts.


spring outfit ideas

I have already confessed to gaining weight over recovery from two recent surgeries.

I have many clothes in my closet that I am working to wear again with confidence.

However, while I wait for this to go away again, I needed tops for my different denim spring outfits which provided confidence for me to leave the house with a smile.

A friend pointed me in the direction of Tuckernuck for my spring activities and I have been very pleased.

My cost per wear is going lower and lower with these tops because I wear them so often for a variety of events.

spring outfit ideas

My favorite Tuckernuck collection is Pomander Place.

The tops are exceptional quality and flow from the middle area so nicely…without being too long, as many tops like this are.

I believe Tuckernuck tops provide elevated spring outfit ideas.

Though Tuckernuck is not particularly targeted toward us, I have discovered spring outfit ideas for women over 50 in this collection.

Every single time I go out in my Tuckernuck Tops, I receive complements on my spring outfits.

Also, my spring outfit ideas include many colors, and sleeve treatments with Tuckernuck Tops.  They offer a variety of color and prints for all palettes.

Not to mention…you can have style adjectives from classic to dramatic which Tuckernuck tops will speak.

The striped top I began this post in is the POMANDER PLACE BLUE STRIPED SELENA BLOUSE…and it has a lovely sleeve detail which is youthful and feminine.

I also like the high neck…it is comfortable with a touch of drama.

The second top, which I wore to a Fiesta event, is the POMANDER PLACE NAVY FINLEY FLUTTER SLEEVE TOP.

This is my current favorite Tuckernuck top.


spring outfit ideas


It is important for you to know a few things about Tuckernuck.

First of all, it is easy to return items and I have returned a few (which were dresses).

They have a big tag on the garments which says that tag has to be on the garment if you want to return it.

But I received a rapid refund after returning a garment to them.

The sizing does trend a little smaller, and there are no petite or plus size options.

However, If you wear Misses Sizes and you are looking for something different from the traditional brands we often look over, then spend some time with Tuckernuck.

Here is a slideshow of a few picks you may want to consider:

There are three very popular brands with this audience and the prices at Tuckernuck are comparable to those brands.

While I have not seen Tuckernuck sales like the others constantly have, they do post markdowns and those are worthy to watch.

Just check out the SALE tab at the top of the website…I have linked it here under SALE.

Hopefully I will lose the weight again and Tuckernuck Tops will provide me with great re-sale value due to the name and the quality.

For any of you looking for spring outfit ideas for women over 50, consider trying Tuckernuck tops.

I am a fan…and I think some of you will be as well.

Thanks for joining me today….I will be here tomorrow with 2024 fashion trends…until then,


By Pamela Lutrell

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spring outfit ideas



  1. Pam, thank you for modeling something I’m trying hard to assimilate: the ability to accept today’s body and dress it beautifully, while working toward the bodies we would rather have. Each of your outfits is so flattering and appropriate for the occasion, from the baseball field to your recent fashion show. Just as you steered your style away from the voluminous wraps you used to favor, you have pivoted once again to choose outfits that work better with the body you have today. You always “put your best foot forward,” as my mama used to say. I’ve been ordering and returning a lot lately due to the unwanted twenty pounds I’m carrying, but your posts encourage me to keep looking for the unicorn items that make me feel confident at my current size. I’ve been ordering something out of almost every collection you’ve shown us, and while I do have a lot of returns, there are some pieces that are instant attitude boosters for me. Whether I’m running errands, meeting with a prospective bride, attending a grandchild’s spring program or working in my church food pantry, I want to exude the same joy and pride in my appearance that you do. Thanks for being such a great role model for us!

  2. Hi Lori, I believe you have touched on something here that is very important. If we dress, the body we have with confidence in mind then we are much more likely to leave the house with a smile on our face. If I am confident, then I don’t think about what I am wearing but rather about the fun I am having.

  3. I enjoyed this post, Lori’s comment, and your subsequent comment. What a perfect way to look at why we want to look our best. It is a great way to explain to someone who comments to me on always being “dressed up” which in my mind is “looking appropriate” at all times. I love it: “If I am confident, I don’t have to think about what I am wearing but rather about the fun I am having”. That is a great Pam truism.
    Love the cut out cuff shirt!

  4. I’ve never ordered from Tuckernuck but am tempted after seeing the second shirt you modeled, Pam – very flattering! You mentioned that they run small – did you have to size up? I usually wear a large but am wondering if I’ll need and XL.

  5. You look so beautiful in the evergreen top. I’m going to do some looking around on Tuckernuck`s site. Thanks for letting us know about the sizing.

  6. I love Tuckernuck and also J McLaughlin, which I find to be similar in asthetic and quality. They fit my adjectives super well. I love that their shirts do not have to be tucked in, as even with a large weight loss, I can not, as you would say, go out with confidence in a tucked shirt :). We all have body challenges and fluctuations. But the fact that we read your blog suggests to me that we care about ourselves, and we all look -extremely- nice when we leave the house!

  7. Love these styles, but as I’m 5’ tall I’m not sure they would work for me. I noticed the lovely green top is 100% polyester. I haven’t tried anything in that fabric in years as it always felt suffocating to me. Has polyester changed so much that you can comfortably wear it in a hot and humid climate? I look forward to all that you share…and I love your current hair style as it is so very flattering!

  8. Lori, your post really resonated with me. I love the idea of a unicorn piece that shows who we are inside. Pam, you look lovely in these Tuckernuck tops especially the green one. I’m confident you will get back to your pre-surgery weight. Until then you have some lovely things to wear that are true to your adjectives and also flattering. Happy Friday.

  9. Pam, this is what i like about your posts. That we have a particular body and should dress to feel good with what we have. There are many ideas out on how to dress and we have to remember what might look good on someone else might not necessarily look good on us. Believe me i have made many mistakes. But so far your suggestions are right on for me.

  10. Hi Tess…sorry it took me awhile to join in. The second shirt is pretty full, so you may be just fine with a large in that one.

  11. The green shirt feels great! I love that shirt.
    Thank you on my hair…I don’t get warm in that top.

  12. While I don’t usually like puffy sleeves, the blue & white stripe top you’re wearing appeals to me. As you noted, it is feminine without being fussy. While Tuckernuck doesn’t offer plus sizes, I did notice they do have extended sizes which would likely encompass the lower end plus sizes that I sometimes wear. I am usually an XXL or 1X. The extended sizes go up to XXXXL, so that might work for someone like me.

  13. I love the Tuckernuck clothing you have shown, especially the top in Hunter Green,which looks stunning on you. I checked out their website and unfortunately they do not ship to my country.
    Best wishes for your weekend too.

  14. Just completed browsing Tuckernuck’s website and they definitely have some lovely pieces and hopefully in the near future we here Canada will be able to order from them. -Brenda-

  15. You look amazing in the blue striped top! I love all the tops you show here but unfortunately Tuckernuck does not ship to Canada.

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