Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home


Good Sunday Morning, everyone!  Welcome to my weekly lifestyle post called Sunday Mornings at Home.

Sunday mornings at home is never the same, and always revolves around what is on my mind or happening in my world.

This weekly post began because Mr. B and I often go to church on Saturday evenings, and I grew to love Sunday Mornings at Home.

Today, I would like to share with you my thoughts on a topic which I believe affects all of us as we age plus give you a Bobby Flay update.

I also want to say that I hope all here who celebrated Passover had a wonderful, meaningful time with friends and family.

So now, please get a morning beverage and cozy spot and hopefully be willing to share your thoughts as well.

I love how this community constantly shares and learns from one another.



Sunday Mornings at Home

Of course, I am not actually cooking with Bobby Flay, but rather sharing my experiences with his cookbook and website, Bobby Flay Fit.

The biggest change in my cooking to date is that I am learning the joys of being a “pickler”…would that be a person who pickles?

You can see that I am checking off the recipes that are keepers…and the Pickled Red Onions would be one.

I have used them on sandwiches (amazing on a burger)…in chicken salad…and on top of meats such as salmon…they are sooooooo good.

Here is what you need:

1 1/2 cups fresh lime juice (and yes, I squeezed it all)

2 tablespoons of sugar

1 tablespoon of kosher salt

3 fresh cilantro sprigs

1 large red onion, thinly sliced

MY ADD-ON:  I added one thinly sliced jalapeno


In a small saucepan, add one cup of water, lime juice, sugar and salt and bring to a boil.  Cook about two minutes until the sugar and salt dissolve.

Remove from heat and add cilantro stems.  Then cool about 10 minutes.

Put the onions (and jalapeno) in a large jar with a lid and pour the warm brine over it then refrigerate at least four hours.  It is good for up to two weeks.

And I used mine off and on for two weeks…so good.

The best part about the cookbook so far has been the pickled recipes and spice rubs.  

I am learning more about flavor profiles and adding the depth of flavor in healthy ways.

Between the cookbook and the videos (I linked above), I feel as though I am in cooking school.  It’s fun!


Sunday mornings at Home

Now, let’s discuss moving forward in this second half of life with joy and strength.

The most difficult part of aging for me has been that pesky word, CHANGE.

I am not talking about changes like hair or wrinkles….this photo was my old professional cut.

Changes began to hit me hard in my sixties with changes to my professional work; changes as beloved friends and children moved to other places; and changes to our culture.

At times, I long for the days I taught high school with close friends either as employees or families raising our children together.

One writer calls this “Romancing the Past.”  (Not in a good way)

While memories are to be cherished, they are not meant to shut us down and stop us from living new ones.

It is not healthy to wallow in the memories.

As I entered 2024 with a determination to grow stronger, it was motivated mostly by learning to live with CHANGE.

I have discovered that this is a daily prayer, because each day seems to bring changes…ah, but also, opportunities.


Sunday mornings at home


Recently I remembered that book Passages by Gail Sheehy, originally published in 1974.

A couple of Sheehy’s quotes are worth noting:

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow.  If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”

“If every day Is an awakening, you will never grow old.  You will just keep growing.”

I like these words, and even at age 70, they motivate me.  

I have met people who think they are done at age 70, but I completely disagree with that…I think we are only done if we want to be done.

I believe I have shared with you that my mother, and mother-in-law reached a place where they sat and watched television all day and rarely left the house.

It did affect both of them with their overall health in negative ways.

That is a memory I use to motivate me.


Sunday mornings at home

So, I have made a new pact with myself.

Every time I am faced with change of any kind, I am going to immediately pray.

Next I will ask myself…what positive change can this mean for me and write down the opportunities that are there.

Of course,  it is fine to feel disappointment or sadness over change. 

It is good to allow ourselves time to grieve the changes, but it is not good to allow it to stop our own growth no matter our age.

I desire to live out my purpose, and to make a difference for my family and others as long as God wants me to.

That will mean I need to be better about the word CHANGE…and see it as growth opportunities. 

This topic reared it’s ugly head as another change occurred recently in my world right behind an opportunity, I believed was going to happen, ceasing to exist.

The two back to back blindsided me a little bit, but I immediately put my new plan into action.

And with hope, I am looking for new opportunities and positive growth areas.

The illustration I used in this post is by a talented young woman named Beth Briggs.

I have enjoyed her illustrations on Instagram for years.  She always inspires and makes me smile.

Now you can join me as one who enjoys her work at Beth Briggs.Com.

Sunday mornings at home

My conclusion today is that I do not know what the future holds for me, but I do know who holds It!

I will not allow changes in my life to shut me down…there is too much to learn and too much to enjoy.

I hope you will take this journey with me…how do you deal with all of the inevitable changes which come after 60?

Tomorrow, I have something fun to share that I am so blessed I get to do at age 70!  Come back and see what it is.

Until then………………….


(Cause when you are smiling, the whole world smiles with you)

By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home


  1. Pam, my grandmothers both died at 77 which is my current age, and they did spend their last years sitting or in bed for the most part. I too am determined to not spend the rest of my life that way. I go to yoga fusion twice a week, and work with balls, bands, weights as well as yoga moves and the different poses that entails on the mat. I am the president of our local Woman’s Club which is always involved in something. As I have aged, I realize that I have to be more careful when I am doing common things like using stairs or standing on a stool, but I don’t let obstacles stop me. I am determined to remain strong and moving, but realize at my age there are difficulties to be faced. I too pray often and often say that I do not know how people without faith and prayer get through those times of life we all face.

  2. A perfect message on this beautiful Sunday morning – I certainly needed to hear it. Pray first – not your spouse, friends or Google, prayer! Thank you for always inspiring your readers.

  3. Beth Briggs is very talented. I just emailed her asking if she would consider doing a series with older women—same Bible verses, same great fashion, same wonderful energy, but with women who are older and not quite so slender. I would love to gift my friends with prints like that. What do you think?

  4. I love the idea, Linlee! Maybe she will…I really like her work. I am glad to see you reached out to her.

  5. Thank you for sharing how changes hit you hard in your 60s. I’ll be 62 next month and have been struggling with a lot of changes lately, particularly at work. I’m finding that a new boss is creating more stress than I want to deal with at my age….I intended to retire from my position at 65 but now I’m not sure I can hang on that long! As one who has always struggled with change, you’ve made me realize that a new job may allow me to learn more, make new friends, and become healthier (I’ve fallen into the habit of putting candy in my mouth when I’m stressed). You’re right—we are only done if we want to be done!

  6. Try a new approach, Cathy, with an eye to recognize new opportunities where you are. Then after awhile you can give it a better assessment about when to retire. Just take it one day at a time…and see what each day holds. I wish I had watched the stress eating closer…it is a regret.

  7. I so love your Sunday posts, and again today you have hit the nail right in the head. I suddenly realized that I have done what I swore I wouldn’t do: sit down in front of the tv like my Mom did.
    So every day I try to motivate myself to get moving. My home had become a disaster area stuffed with junk I no longer need or want. So each day I do a little(?) more de-junking.
    And as I clear an area, my mind becomes clearer. Praying that I can keep moving with the help and support of God.

  8. I find some changes daunting and some exhilarating! I retired 2 years ago and still find myself floundering at times. The change, particularly, in my social life has been tough. There are times when I feel lonely. But not having to deal with the daily work routine has been amazing. I try to focus on the positive things in my life but if I’m honest that doesn’t always help. I try to keep physically active which is so important. My mother had a stroke at age 64 which limited her mobility immensely. I want to keep fit and active for as long as I can so I don’t end up in front of the television in my coming years! I take inspiration from so many of the articles featuring older woman that you recommend here and I thank you for those positive reminders!
    We can’t stop change but I agree that how we handle it makes all the difference!
    Happy Sunday!
    Linda Ann

  9. I am here to support you, Rhoda. I need to do the same thing this summer. So let’s set a goal together to finish the summer clutter free.

  10. Thanks for sharing Linda! Your thoughts are exactly what my thoughts have been at times. Seeing friends and family move away has been the hardest for me. But, thankfully they are still there to occasionally connect with…We can all do this and move forward living with joy one day at a time. I hope to be that encouragement for you.

  11. I feel like I roll pretty well with change, but of course this year so far has thrown me some big ones. While I was in the hospital, and feeling a little sad that I couldn’t have my mother’s support now, instead I had her night nurse, a young woman with motherly ways and the most tender heart. She remembered Mom because of the night visit she and the team facilitated for my dad to sit with her. We were able to connect about how meaningful that had been, and I was so grateful to have this nurse-angel care for me. I didn’t want these changes, losing mom, full-on care for Dad, dealing with a health emergency myself…but, I love the reminders such stressors give: that I am loved, supported, part of a beautiful community of friends and neighbors.

  12. After all you have been through this year, Connie, I am blessed to read your reminders. May we all have blessings when we go through difficult changes.

  13. The biggest change for me to accept was becoming disabled. It happened slowly, suddenly I wasn’t stable enough to ski down the mountain safely. I was falling. I couldn’t ride across the state on our tandem anymore. Instability hit me like a hammer, then came the pain. Then all of the things I loved to do were gone. But I am still me. I’m still energetic and fun. Why me? But grief happens and I have worked through it. The TV doesn’t go on until the new at night. I still walk the dog either hanging onto my wonderful husband’s arm or using my rollator, Charlie. Charlie has given a lot of freedom back to me. Yes, I have to rest more but there is nothing wrong with my mind and at 79, it can still grow and expand. I read, I listen to Audible books. I color with pens and soft core pencils as I cannot hold an artist’s brush and paint anymore. I find new interesting things to do when something is taken away. My husband is my rock and I love him more everyday. My little dog brings me joy and laughter the minute I open my eyes. I enjoy your blog everyday with my breakfast. It is a fun feminine way to start my day. As you would say if a door closes a window will open or something like that. I’m happy and my rural mountain life is good.

  14. Change can be either good or something we dread. I feel when we get older change is hard. I do believe as you do that prayer is very helpful. This was a good read this morning.

  15. What a wonderful post today and encouraging us to look at change (especially the ones we didn’t wish for) as an opportunity. After a sudden life changing loss I saw a wall plaque in a store window with Jeremiah 29:11 which gave me the courage to move forward rather than giving up. Ten yearater that plaque is still hanging in my studio and I look at it each day to remind myself that God has given me a future I didn’t plan on but its one I thank him for each day. I had to be willing to participate in his plan. At 75 I still have a passion for life. I take a yoga class 3 times a week, spend time on my art, gardening and bible study. I walk each day with my dogs. I get out with my friends several times a month. I make sure we have nutritious and interesting meals so I will definitely try your Bobby Flay pickled onions. Thanks for introducing me to Beth Briggs. What lovely work. I was too busy to reply to your blue & white post yesterday. I love blue with white but can’t wear these anywhere my face. But I ordered a pair of blue & white gingham crops from Chico’s today. On sale and used your link. too .

  16. I love that the plaque still hangs in your studio. I believe it is important, Kathie, for all of us to hang on to what inspires us and motivates us to maintain that passion for life that you have at 75. May it always be there.

  17. My life underwent a major change when my husband passed away 16 months ago. I went from being a caregiver to being alone for the first time in my life. Prayer has always been a big part of my adult life, & at least twice now in this season, I have felt God telling me to pause some of my big plans. Since He knows best, I have followed those feelings. Like you, I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know who holds it, & I trust Him to guide me no matter what.

  18. He will guide you, Becky. And you are so wise to listen and obey. There is always a time we are told to be still.

  19. As one who has always been resistant to change of almost any kind, today’s post and reader comments were particularly meaningful. Thanks to Connie for sharing the story of your nurse; I can only imagine how comforting it was for you to reconnect with her, and I know that was no accident. I’m signing up to join Pam and Rhoda in some serious decluttering. I’ve needed to do this ever since I retired two years ago, but adding a layer of my mama’s things, now topped by a layer of my best friend’s mama’s things has me feeling like I’m suffocating in too much stuff. I also want to encourage Cathy R. to be open to new work opportunities. so that you no longer feel trapped. I had planned to continue working for a large state university until I hit 25 years, which would have coincided with my 65th birthday this summer and provided a great deal more retirement income. The combination of a new boss, a hostile office manager, my mama’s declining health and an ineffective dean had me doing a lot of stress eating, but finally found me taking a leap of faith and retiring just two weeks before I turned 63. God showed up and provided for me in some ways I never anticipated, and I can never be thankful enough. Like Linda Ann, I sometimes feel lonely, but I try to use those twinges to call one of my widowed friends, plan a day trip or to take on a new volunteer activity at my church. I hope Linlee’s request to Ms. Briggs is successful, as I want the “She prays with confidence” print. but would love for it to more accurately reflect my life stage. Thanks to Pam for introducing us to yet another talented artist whose creations truly spark joy! Your comment on knowing who holds the future is a good companion thought to my mantra: “I know that I am not in control, but that I am deeply loved by The One who is.” May we all move forward into whatever challenges we are facing this week with more faith than fear.

  20. What a great post! Your reference to Gail Sheehy’s book Passages brought back memories of the 80’s when I met and spent some time with Gail. I had recommended her to be a speaker at our local college and found her to be a fascinating woman. She was well received by those in attendance at her lecture. Sadly she passed away in 2020 but her books continue to be popular. Have you read any of her other books?

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