SAS Shoes for spring: craftsmanship, comfort, & style

 SAS shoes for spring


Hello, friends!  Today, I have more to share with you about SAS Shoes for Spring: Craftsmanship, Comfort, & Style.

But first, allow me to remind you that through April 23 you can use the code SASPAM10 at checkout in store and online for a $10 savings on all SAS shoes for Spring.

SAS shoes for spring have made it possible for me to walk into a new season with a smile on my face.

I now run to the store location to see what is in and to visit with the customer-service-focused staff. 

Such a pleasure to have the attention they give to their customers. They have given comfort to me with my special foot needs.

So, join me as I show you SAS Shoes for spring and why you need to check them out.


SAS shoes for spring

Since I live in the same city as the San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS) headquarters, it has been easy to visit the location where all of the shoes are made by experienced craftsmen working with top quality materials.

On my last visit, I was fascinated with the shoemakers and the attention given to each pair.  I even was able to see up close as a woman completed a pair for a child.

My experience with SAS has confirmed to me that when I wear their shoes, I can trust them to be the best comfort shoes available.

Since my foot surgeries that is more important than ever.

I plan to come back this summer and bring my daughter who has begun her own bunions in her 30s.

She is one busy mom and working woman and needs to have comfortable feet.


SAS shoes for spring

I also am a busy woman and need that comfort to be constantly moving.

SAS Shoes for Spring provide for me the comfort needed to be on the move either as a working blogger, or a mother, or a grandmother.

SAS shoes for spring

On the days when I am looking to be cool and comfortable, I have enjoyed these COZY SLIDE SANDALS in rust.

And most of you know that these complement my wardrobe well.

I am a big fan of the straps with Velcro for a better fit on the foot.

SAS Shoes for Spring do straps right.


SAS shoes for spring

There are so many fun styles for SAS Shoes for Spring that it is hard to make decisions as to which to buy.

I am a new fan of the FUNK ACTIVE SLIP-ON LOAFER.

 Recently, I purchased this cute striped one made specifically for San Antonio shoppers for Fiesta celebrations.  They are so cute that I plan to wear them all summer.

But not only are they cute in style, this shoe is super comfy. 

SAS shoes for spring

My next SAS purchase will most likely be the FUNK ACTIVE SLIP-ON LOAFER in Blue Jean.

I love this look!

SAS shoes for spring

SAS has done such a great job to up their style game for women, men and children.

The sandal selections are so much fun if you are shopping SAS Shoes for Spring in sandals.

The following shoes are on my wish list…..

SAS Shoes for spring


SAS shoes for spring



SAS shoes for spring

This new VOLLEY Y-SLIP ON SANDAL is on my list for Father’s Day gifts…perfect for the pool, beach, and after workouts.

And, of course, there is a WOMEN’S VOLLEY.

SAS Shoes for Spring

After a visit to the store, I added this FLOAT SLIDE SANDALto my shoes.  Love the comfort and style.

For those of you able to wear wedges, there are some beautiful options.

Just click here SAS WEDGES FOR SPRING,and don’t miss the gorgeous blue in the BALTIC COLLECTION for warmer months…so pretty.

I want your feet to be as happy as mine are for spring…so consider SAS SHOES FOR SPRING when you need more craftsmanship, comfort, and style.  We can move and do much more in the nicer weather when our feet are in great shoes.

And use the savings code SASPAM10 through April 23…now….


By Pamela Lutrell

 Disclaimer:  I am a SAS Partner compensated by the brand, but the words are my own.

SAS Shoes for spring


  1. Thank you for another great shoe post! I love those Pier Heel Strap sandals, but have no idea how I can choose between the olive green and the rust/metallic ones. That is a significant expense, but foot comfort is priceless. If I decide to splurge I will definitely use your link and code. Of course, if I got the rust/metallic ones I would need that gorgeous purse… I’m going to stop by my local store this week and get measured. For what I’ve spent on several less expensive pair that didn’t live up to my expectations, I could have had two pair of these.

  2. Hi Pam,
    A few weeks ago I purchased 2 pairs of shoes from SAS, a pair of Embark walking sandals and the High Street X sneakers. I have to wear closed toe shoes for work and wore the sneakers all day without my feet hurting. (A first for me in a very long time.) The sandals are for weekends. The customer service was great, she spent over an hour with me trying on shoes. I’m thinking of ordering another pair of the sneakers in white for work. I just to have to justify the cost in ny head, but as Lorri stated we spend a lot more on less expensive shoes that we don’t wear. Thanks again for introducing us to this brand.

  3. I think you will enjoy the store experience, Lori. Your feet deserve it and you will be more active with SAS which keeps us moving and healthier in the long run.

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience, Betty. So glad your feet are happier at work now. Having customer service like SAS offers in store made such a difference for me…and you too!

  5. These are great shoes with many styles; they are on the pricey side but they last forever. Also, on Black Friday it’s always buy one, get one half off. A couple of times a year they send $20 coupons.

  6. Great shopping and knowledge, Pamela; you always make me feel that I am with you. I love the olive Pier sandals. I need to switch out my shoes to see what I have from last summer. I still have one pair of boots in my closet. I didn’t dare pack up all. I think I am safe now! By the way, I loved the tonal video yesterday. I need to watch more of that gal’s. So many tips!

  7. And with my code you get $10 off through the 23rd. Your feet and mobility are worth it!

  8. I’m planning on a trip later this spring up to. Colorado Springs to the SAS Store. I wore their shoes for years until the store closed. They were great for wearing working in the ICU on my feet for 12 hour shifts. Plus they had a wonderful 3 strap sandal that I loved. The construction on Hwy 115 up to the city is holding my husband back from driving me up for shoes. I want to have my feet sized again professionally at the store. It is gloomy today and 41 degrees. We may get more snow on Saturday night. It is still April in the Colorado front range mountains.

  9. I’m glad to know that they offer a wide width. Since I had foot surgery in 2021 that left foot requires a wide width shoe. We don’t have a store nearby but there is a store that carries this brand about an hours drive from where I live. I hope to get by there soon and try some of these on. Thanks for featuring this brand.

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