What I wore to begin Fiesta San Antonio

what I wore

Happy Fiesta Friday!  The two-week San Antonio event officially kicked off yesterday, so here is What I Wore to begin Fiesta San Antonio.

Fiesta events are usually during warm, humid weather and it can be a challenge to dress for outdoors…which the majority of the events are outdoors.

I do not believe I will be at many this year, but I definitely began Fiesta the same way I have for the last several years and can share what I wore with y ou.

It is rare that I go full blown Fiesta-style, but often what I wore to events will focus on the accessories.

I told you San Antonio is a colorful city.

So, join me to see what I wore to begin Fiesta San Antonio 2024.


what I wore

I liked this look and wore it the entire day…everywhere I went I received a compliment, so overall I felt very good what I wore to have a nod to Fiesta.

I have been shopping for spring off-white jeans, and thankfully, Chico’s offered several options.

I decided to go with the English Cream color, because it is such a rich, lovely off white.

I bought this pair in a recent sale.  These are the Girlfriend Jeans, but the English Cream version is sold out.

what I wore

I also looked at other off white colors…that are nice.

If you also are looking for off-white, consider the PETITE CROPPED SEEDED WIDE LEG DENIM.

what I wore

I also like the color smokey taupe and would like to have it in my wardrobe for fall.

These are the PETITE GIRLFRIEND FRAY HEM in Smokey Taupe.

I realize I just linked two petite pants, but they do come in misses sizing.

My navy top today Is another blouse from TUCKERNUCK.

This is the NAVY FINLEY FLUTTER SLEEVE TOP and I really, really like it.

My cost per wear will be low on the Tuckernuck tops I have added to my wardrobe, because I am wearing them often.


what I wore

What I wore for Fiesta Day 1 said CELEBRATE with my accessories.

I have owned this embroidered handbag for several years now and it is my Fiesta handbag…I take it out every year just for this occasion.

My nails are OPI nail color called  “My chihuahua bites.”  The link is to Walmart.

I have had the necklace for a while and love it, and  I showed you my shoes yesterday from SAS, FUNK ACTIVE SLIP-ON LOAFER.

Since I decided Coco Chanel had good advice about removing one accessory before wearing too much out, I removed a bracelet which also had many of the same colors in it.


what I wore

Our family typically begins Fiesta with the children’s parade at a well established pre-school.

It is fun to watch my grandchildren parade with their bikes and scooters decorated as colorful as any Fiesta parade float.

what I wore

It is pretty cute and full of smiling parents, grandparents and siblings.

what I wore

The Fiesta head garments are alway so pretty and fun.

I did not wear one because of the humidity…it makes my hair really big and fluffy…one of these would not stay on!

Beginning Fiesta 2024 full of festivities with a children’s parade is the best way to start in my opinion.  This school has done this parade for 49 years!

Next week’s parades are some of the largest in the country.

Monday night is a river parade downtown…followed on Friday by the largest parade coordinated and overseen by all women, The Battle of Flowers Parade…and the night parade called Fiesta Flambeau ends this year’s Fiesta.

San Antonio knows how to Fiesta.

I was happy with what I wore and look forward to next week….please ask any questions you may have.

Tomorrow I will be here with a 2024 Fashion Trend…hope to see you then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Loved how you accessorized your casual outfit adding a pop of color with your jewelry, bag and shoes all reflecting the vibrant colors of the San Antonio Festival. You looked great. Sounds like a wonderful festival!!

  2. Fiesta sounds so fun! I too celebrate with my accessories. Especially because I have little need to dress up frequently, for several years I’ve been adding shoes, bags and jewelry for wedding guest outfits and formal nights on cruises.

  3. Hi Darlene…an XLarge…they do run on the smaller side but this top has room in it!

  4. Pam I love everything about this outfit. The flutter sleeves are so cute & I love that it covers the upper arm. Appreciate the other off white jeans too as I’ve been looking for a pair.
    I think accessorizing with the bright colors is a great idea since I’m not comfortable wearing bold brights but would definitely accessorize with them!

  5. Thanks Susie! I love this blouse for the way it covers my arms and how it floats away from my pesky middle section! So glad I decided to get it!

  6. Pam, hi! What you are wearing would be my style too. Love navy wuthvehute or cream or ivory. So smart looking! And your accessories are keeping with the colorful holiday feeling! Beautiful too.

  7. Thanks Paulette! It is an understated Fiesta style but still acknowledges the events!

  8. What fun! I love when you share pictures from your Fiesta season! Tonight I am hosting a little Fiesta de cumpleaños 🎂 🪇 for a dear friend, complete with a special menu of south-of-the-border dishes he loves. We have traveled in Mexico often with these friends, but they have not been back since before covid and miss it, so I will create it here in my home tonight. I will be wearing my dangliest earrings and casual, but colorful, clothes. Ángela Aguilar and Natalie LaForcade’s beautiful soundtracks in the background.

  9. What an amazing friend you are, Connie! You have given me an idea to do the same thing. Love this!

  10. I love the way you accessorized your Fiesta outfit. Very classy and festive at the same time. The school event was precious. What a fabulous festival for San Antonio. Hope the weather isn’t too sticky. Enjoy!

  11. It will be for most of it…but it is every year. Something we are accustomed to. Thanks Kathie!

  12. I imagine that you dressed up your bike for the kids parade when you were in elementary school. This is a fun and annual celebration. We have the Blossom Festival the first week of May here in our little town. The children dress up their bikes but also their pets for the parade. It is pretty chilly and grey today but warms into the 70s next week. The trees are all blossoming now. The climate has changed and caused the trees to start earlier than when the Blossom Festival first started. We only have one big parade but there is a rodeo, a carnival and vendors in the park with all kinds of art and homemade things. It is a small town version of a festival in the spring. Your outfit is perfect and I love your accessories for the festival!

  13. I love small town festivals! So much fun. Our Fiesta is so big and many tourists come in for it. While I love atmosphere, at heart, I prefer the small town festivals!

  14. I like the idea of letting your accessories speak for you. Since I am a simple classic lady, this appeals to my esthetic. It’s always fun to watch the grands do anything. I love your nail polish. Wouldn’t you love to be the person who chooses the names for the colors?

  15. Yes! I tell my nail tech that all the time! It would so much fun to create those names! Thanks Becky

  16. The Fiesta sounds like a very special time. Your outfit was just right, loved the floral tote. I always loved the children’s parade, such fun.

  17. I loved your handbag! It is perfect for the fiesta.
    What I want to know is how those 5 petal paper flowers were made for the wreathe and some of the other decorations. I looked on pinterest and didn’t see that style.

  18. That purse is Fiesta PERFECTION! I love your outfit and much prefer that style over the head-to-toe bright florals many people choose. You are wearing your clothes, rather than them wearing you. I hope you’ll tell us all about all the events you attend. Fiesta is one of the most wonderful, unique things about your city. One of these days I hope to make it down for the Battle of the Flowers Parade, and I already have a Johnny Was top I call my “fiesta top!”

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