Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

Happy Sunday!  Welcome to my weekly lifestyle post called Sunday Mornings at Home.

One of you said last week that this post reminds you of “random thought” posts and I suppose that is true, because it is always different.

For this Sunday Mornings at Home, I want to take a moment and just be thankful for the beauty of the season.  I love to hear all of the birds chiming in as I step outside in the mornings…even if it is humid.

We have been blessed with enough rain that San Antonio looks glorious in greens and flowers….I am thankful.

And I hope you are as well.

Today’s Sunday mornings at home is mostly in my kitchen.

So, grab a morning beverage and cozy spot and let’s see what was happening in my kitchen last week.


Sunday mornings at home

I was actually pleased when Mr. B told me that he was helping with a group chili cook-off at work.

He works for one of the largest companies in the country, and hasn’t done many things like this…so I was glad to see him be a part of making the event happen.

He really got into creating a theme and taking it forward…(and I do love the jalapeno lights he brought home.)

However, right after he said he overseeing his group area, he told me that he needed cornbread for 100 people.

Sunday mornings at home

That is what I did all afternoon last Monday.

It wasn’t in me to just do my regular cornbread recipe, but instead I roasted jalapenos to add plus corn and cheese.

I am not sharing the recipe because it came out more as a cake…and I prefer the crumbly, buttery cornbread.

But, you can see in the first photo that people ate it.

It was an act of love and support for him…and we need to do that occasionally.

Sunday Mornings at home

 The day before that, I had made for us this delicious cast iron pizza featuring spinach and artichokes.

Of course, some of you will want to make the crust gluten free, but this is a keeper…it is delicious and he liked it…which he rarely likes something with no meat.

Sunday Mornings at home

This is the SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE PAN PIZZA….and I followed the recipe.  The third cheese I used was Fontina (loved it)

I have also thought of other ways to use the spinach pesto…first time I made pesto with spinach.

My grandmother’s cast iron skillets have gone from her on an East Texas oil lease to my mother to me….and one was the perfect size for this dish.

I did coat it in olive oil and the pizza popped right out.  The crust was excellent.

Highly recommend.


Sunday mornings at home

I am one of those who plans ahead for events….especially when decorations are involved…I hate missing out on what is in my head for decorating.

In case some of you in the States are that way as well, I wanted to show you that KOHL’s has put out a section of patriotic decor for Memorial Day and July 4.

Sunday Mornings at home

If you want to see prices online, click here at KOHLS PATRIOTIC DECORATIONS.  (I love the Home of the Brave Doormat)

San Antonio is known as Military City USA and I do want to thank Kohl’s for their support of the military.

Sunday mornings at home

This is a big celebration week here as all of the main Fiesta events happen this week…three major parades and festivals…it is one celebration after another.

That is why James Avery Craftsman Jewelry even has a VIVA FIESTA charm in honor of the San Antonio event.

I have had family in this weekend…join me tomorrow to see why…but that is why this Sunday Mornings at Home is a bit shorter than ususal.

Let me just ask…what is the most recent thing you have done for a family member to show your love….I think we all can be inspired by those stories….so please share…then…


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Good morning! Lovely post. The cornbread, made with love, as well as the pizza, look scrumptious. As far as ‘made with love’ , this week I sent off a shower gift package for my cousin’s pregnant daughter’s shower. I included a bright and cheerful zipper pajama with yellow daisies from Little Sleepies, my favorite book for children, The Jolly Postman, and knit booties from my grandmother’s (her great grandmother) knitted items box (she died 40 years ago but I have held on to them for this purpose). I water colored a special card of birdies. Although I am unable to attend the shower, I will be there in spirit, and I hope that her great grandmother’s spirit will be appreciated. Have a good day!

  2. I’m making a very special Passover dinner for Monday evening using old recipes ( I’m not Jewish). But suddenly I’m bombarded with interest from friends. What does this symbolize? What’s on the seder plate? What is the purpose of this or that? Etc. Lol.
    It’s a lot of work and planning but my husband will enjoy this night. And others attending will too.

  3. We are blessed to have our immediate family close and I think being there for them when needed is a sign of love. We had a family dinner last Sunday celebrating our youngest son’s birthday but I think he appreciated more that we took him shopping on Friday because his mother-in-law had a heart attack last week and our DIL was with her in another city with their one car. The hugs we share with our grandchildren on Fridays after school fill their hearts, I hope, because they certainly fill ours and we’ve been doing this since picking them at day care and one is now 12. Yesterday I returned some laundry to my 95 year old mom who is still in her own home and cut her hair ( which I learned to do during Covid ). She also was very appreciative but again I think I was the one who was filled with joy by being able to do it.

  4. I too prefer the crunchy cornbread, but yours still sounded delicious. Totally agree sometimes we just do what we do to support those we love. My most recent sign of love is, when we go visit our grandson, we truly babysit for a few days (vs visit), so our daughter-in-law can garden or do something else relaxing. This means we follow his schedule, prepare his food, change his diapers, and cook and clean up from the adult meals too. Since our son works incredibly long hours, she seldom gets any time for hobbies. I remember as a young mom, having no responsibilities for a day or two just meant so much.

  5. Hi, Pam. Your cornbread looks fantastic, and that spinach pie! Perfection! I try to bless others in 2 ways. The first is listening to them. In this busy world, we don’t always take time to just be with someone and listen. We are often talking too much and thinking of what we are going to do next …..and we are not honoring the person with our attention. I’m guilty of this. Number 2 is to bless them with food. Anyone having a rough time will welcome a hot dish, a dessert, a loaf of bread, etc. Attach a cheerful card with freezing or baking instructions. These are simple things, but make a difference cause you are truly giving of yourself. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  6. Your food looks delicious, as always. I feel like I am living in a season of giving; this is a chapter of my life where every loved one has needs I feel called upon to answer. Most recently, after cooking all day to throw a special friend a birthday Fiesta on Friday night, I then spent all day yesterday running laundry, deep-cleaning the kitchen, cooking for, and visiting with my father. Since my mother passed at the beginning of March, I spend chunks of nearly every day with my dad. These are my acts of love for him, and for her, as she asked me to take care of him. My husband loves me by stepping in when needed, and happily eats over at dad’s house, when I know he misses our cozy suppers for two at our house.

  7. I love this, Deborah. I am sure whether now or later her great grandmother’s spirit will be appreciated.

  8. The sedar dinners we have attended with friends have been so special…I love the traditions and how they even speak to me as a Christian. We love the Jewish traditions and love Israel.

  9. Your comment is so true in that giving love blesses the giver as much as the recipient…and sometimes more. We just completed a huge family pancake breakfast at our home…and now we have kissed them goodbye for a little while longer. Not all could join us, but they were missed and these times when we are all together are so precious to me. Thanks Linda.

  10. I remember those days too…I wish I could do that for my daughter more often..those breaks are critical.

  11. Thanks for sharing, Marcia. Listening…without a phone in had or nearby…becomes more and more rare. Listening is a great way to show love.

  12. I feel like your mother would be very thankful and appreciative of all you do for your dad right now. May this time be full of joy for both of you, Connie.

  13. Our week was quite different. On Wednesday of last week, our oldest daughter and her husband arrived early evening. On Thursday morning they began painting our home. So, I made meals, ran errands, moved stuff, etc. For each breakfast I made something special, i.e. monkey bread, French toast using chocolate chip bread and almond flavoring in the custard batter, crescent rolls with cream cheese, orange zest and almond flavor, etc.
    On Tuesday morning we said our goodbyes, everyone exhausted!! Now we are waiting for the contractor to put in the new flooring.
    Enjoyed your post again today, the many activities of the fiesta days are amazing. Enjoy each one.

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