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today's news

Happy Wednesday, ladies! It is time for my weekly lifestyle news roundup called Today’s News for Women over 50.

I search media world to find positive, helpful lifestyle news and curate it into one location just for you.

Today’s news is not meant to be political or concerning…but helpful and encouraging.

In my mind, I am curating an online women’s magazine…just for you.

So, let’s get a cozy spot and a morning beverage and look over today’s news.


today's news

The Cool Down: Gardening expert demonstrates simple method for growing ‘bushier’ basil plants: ‘Now I know’

Better Homes & Gardens:  Types of Paint: A Guide to Paint Finishes and Surfaces and How to Stop Woodpeckers from Destroying Your Home

Veranda Magazine: Oscar de la Renta’s Dominican Republic Home is Back and Just as Elegant as Ever

Architectural DigestStep Inside of June Diane Raphael and Paul Sheer’s Character-Filled Los Feliz Home


today's news

The Ethel: At 85, Here’s What I Know for Sure

Travel & Leisure: Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Hotel 1928 named one of 100 Best New Hotels of the Year by Travel + Leisure

Prevention Magazine:  These Home Remedies for Allergies that Really Work (I laughed out loud when I saw the first one!)

Yahoo: Here’s when people think old age begins — and why experts think it’s starting later     (Curious to hear what some of you think about this one!)


today's news

The Mediterranean Dish:  Custless Quiche with Mushroom and Spinach

Sally’s Baking Recipes:  Real Maryland Crab Soup and Prepping Freezer Meals and Snacks

The Kitchn: I Started Using a Reverse Grocery List — Here’s How It Works

GrandBaby Cakes:  Peach Cobbler Pound Cake

Plant Powered: 20 High Protein Lunches You Can Make Ahead

Eating Well:  Pesto Chicken Bake and Ina Garten’s Passover Menu is Golden

Good Taste:  9 Ways to use Tropical Fruits in Savory Dishes



today's news

Southern Living:  36 Pretty Spring Looks to Freshen Up Your Look Instantly

Yahoo:  Don’t be caught Dead in These Fashion Trends:  3 Things Not to Wear for Spring (I agree with all three!)

The Guardian:  Ignore the fashion naysayers, you can still wear a floral dress this Spring.  (I like the style of this writer…not clothing…but how she writes)

Our VIDEO of the Week was recommended by one of our readers, Brenda, who follows MM PERSONAL STYLING.

Today, Melissa Murrell is sharing how to develop a Spring Capsule Wardrobe:

Finally, in retail news TALBOTS FRIENDS & FAMILY FOR 30% off Everything officially begins for all today!

You know me…I am loving the greens currently at Talbots!  And I hope to have something special from Talbot’s for you soon.

That is it for your lifestyle news on Today’s News for Women over 50…as always, please leave your thoughts about what you enjoyed the most out of the news picks.

I will be back tomorrow with my shopping partner…so you can shop with Leigh & Me.  Hope to see you…until then…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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today's news


  1. I won’t be able to read today’s post until much later but I wanted to comment. I grew up reading my mom’s and my grandmothers’ various monthly issues with such pleasure. (Remember the Betsey McCall’s paper dolls?) I do subscribe to “Country Living” and “Birds and Blooms”. I just want to say that your Wednesday post is like having the best magazine published. Thank you so much for your curated news!

  2. That means so much, Deborah! Thank you.,,your words inspire me to keep it going!

  3. Good articles today. I agree on the writing style of the author on floral dresses. As for the article on aging, I agreed for the most part, especially the portion where the research said that as people age themselves, “old age” moves up in years. Some of it, though, not so much: a repaired knee is more “beautiful” than an unrepaired knee? Aren’t they just … knees? I know we should not be culturally so youth-focused, but I’m not sure we need to carry on with the “old is beautiful” stuff either (sounds like a way to market more products to me). Rather, I think we should appreciate every stage of life. “Old age” in general to me means a Medicare card. That’s not to say I feel old in the stereotypical sense, as I absolutely do not. As for the 3 fads, I have to say I like the mesh ballet flats, though I would not spend a lot on them. The barrel jeans make me shudder; while I’m sure they are great for some, they are firmly not for me.

  4. I agree with Deborah. Your news posts are fabulous. And I loved Betsey McCall. 😍 Thank you Pam.

  5. Melissa Murrell is my absolutely favorite online stylist. She truly does dress the “everyday woman.” Her Body Shape Master Class videos are top notch; she dresses women with a variety of body shape issues. I’ve learned so much from Melissa!

  6. I loved Betsy McCall too. Could barely wait for my mother’s magazine to arrive each month. And, most special of all, I had the same dress as Betsty once. White pique with a red dotted tulip for the bodice and the stem and leaves on the full skirt. I can remember it as clearly as I wore it that Easter. Great articles. I wouldn’t go for any of those fads. Mesh shoes are cute but ballet slippers don’t work on my feet. Barrel jeans!!! I can’t imagine them looking good on anyone as the skinny models look silly. Will watch the video during lunch. I’m up to my elbows in prep for the studio tour this weekend.

  7. I really love, love your Wednesday posts. I always find something that touches me in some way. At 77 I began to think , well, this is it, but no, this isn’t it, this is just one more birthday. And I’ll continue to move ahead, dropping those things that no longer matter to me and embrace those things that make me laugh, fill me with joy and give me reasons to get up each morning, watching my pups play and enjoy the everyday, mundane and continue to play and smile.

  8. I haven’t had a chance to read all the articles I wanted to yet, but I did take a quick look at the 3 fashion trends not to wear. All three get a very hard NO from me. They all fall under the “What were the designers thinking!” category. The Barrel Jeans did make me laugh, though.

  9. Hi Pamela,
    The 3 trends to avoid made me laugh…especially because I almost purchased a pair of shield sunglasses ha ha ha. It was a what was I thinking moment!
    On the plus side, I purchased the rose cuff bracelet in yellow goldtone featured yesterday! My mom is from Texas so…. 😉
    Thank you for all you do!

  10. Such a great selection. Thank you, Pam! It’s not surprising that as we age as a population, the definition of “old” moves farther out. Really interesting that men and women have different reactions. I love Linda LM’s comment about “old age” and a Medicare card. I find that doctors started treating me as old as soon as I got one. My husband’s doctor ignores all the Medicare stuff and treats him the way he’d treat a 40-year-old. Interesting that full retirement age is moving out as well. Love the side conversation on barrel pants. Another blogger wears them because they suit her gamin look, and she can pull it off.

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