Honor the Moms with a movie and a gift

honor the moms

Happy Thursday, all!  Let’s discuss how to honor the moms with a movie and a gift!

Mother’s Day 2024 is in eleven days, and I hope to inspire you to make special plans to honor the moms.

My beautiful daughter and her three sons are the featured photo today….she is an amazing mom of three, very active, young men.

I so appreciate all she is doing to raise them to be strong, intelligent, and kind.

honor the moms

My, also beautiful, Daughter-In-Law is raising two daughters and a son and she is so impressive with her mothering skills.

I am confident that my other DIL will be equally as strong a mother to our grandson on the way.

It blesses me that all of my grandchildren are full of joy.

Each time I look in their faces, I am reminded to honor the moms.

So, please allow me to give you a few ideas for how to honor the moms in your family as well.

Make a plan now to say to them…You are important…You matter…Keep up the good work.


honor the moms

I saw this movie, UNSUNG HERO, last weekend, and was deeply touched for the way it pays honor to the moms.

This is a true story of a mom, faced with much adversity, and because of her determination, faith, and strength she gave her family hope and a lifeline to success.

I was convicted because her own mother kept encouraging her daughter to throw in the towel and give up on a family dream.

May I never say anything discouraging to our three moms that would limit their potential.  God forgive me if I ever have.

So, I encourage any one to honor the moms and take them to see this movie as reassurance of the critical role they play in a family’s future.


honor the moms

My granddaughter recently gave me this artwork of the two of us together…it is one of my favorite gifts ever.

The G over my head is for Gigi.  I am looking pretty good…don’t you think?

Mother’s Day gifts can come at all price points.  Just make sure it is something that pays honor to moms, and is something that will make her smile.

You can go to my SHOPPING PAGE and click on any of those retailers to get ideas, but I want to make sure and mention a few special one.

honor the moms

In our family, we have traditions with James Avery Artisan Jewelry…from my husband’s wedding ring to charm bracelets to honoring each special event with a new piece of jewelry.

I am excited to gift these beautiful FLORAL HOOPS to honor the moms this year.  Each comment on the website confirms how lovely these are.

honor the moms

If you want to honor a mom or grandmother, I highly recommend the Skin Tint by Brian.

This is the best makeup for any complexion…my faces flows in it and it does not settle in any wrinkle.

This is one of my utmost favorite makeup products.

honor the moms

Brian, the creator of By Brian, also sells a SMART SAME FOUNDATION KIT.

This will assist women with selecting the best foundation for them and the best color.

Some of you know that Brian is very hands on and ready to help his customers.

I wear the Skin Tint most days of the week and truly love the way it looks.

honor the moms

For those who may be shopping at their local SAS shoe store, for any purchase you make right now, you can receive a Mother’s Day gift.

It’s a surprise…so you have to stop by to learn what it is.

Naturally, any mom needs happy feet, so consider a gift card from SAS as a way to say you are thinking about them.

I hope I have given you a few ideas today for ways to honor the moms.  

Whether it is a crayon picture or something else, just make sure you honor the ones in your family…and hopefully you will be honored as well.

Thanks for being here today…back tomorrow with something fun! Until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post.

Please remember to shop with my Shopping Links found at the top of the page. Thank you so much to those who shop this way.  

honor the moms


  1. Thank you so much for the ideas, especially the movie. Would you recommend I purchase each daughter a movie ticket? I have 4 daughters and 1 daughter-law. (One daughter isn’t married yet) Maybe we all go together depending on their schedules.

  2. I think it would be best to go together and then discuss afterwards over a dessert. We should have taken tissues!

  3. Such a lovely post. Your daughter and her children are beautiful, as are your words. Sadly we don’t have a dedicated SAS store here. Have a lovely day.

  4. Thank you so much…I do believe we have great smiles in our family!

  5. My amazing daughter is mom to 4 beautiful children. I marvel at her energy, patience and beauty. I am certainly one very lucky Nana!! James Avery did not disappoint and my 12 year old granddaughter loved her charms and bracelet; her sister is excited to receive her’s when she turns 12 in December. So happy you inspired me for this tradition!

  6. Those are great ideas. I love James Avery jewelry and SAS shoes. Sadly, both my mom and mother-in-law have passed away. I don’t have grandkids yet but I look forward to that day. The artwork created for you is adorable and precious.

  7. Your comment blesses me! For Easter, I got the boys the leather cross necklace and engraved their names and A Bible verse on the back of each one. I have another one for another grandson’s graduation. James Avery has very special gifts for family.

  8. Thank you, Michelle. I pray that grandchildren are on the horizon for you.

  9. What a lovely family! You are so blessed. I am really tempted to try the Skin tint by Brian. I like a light coverage that I can’t feel on my face. Should I start with the sample package?

  10. If you know for sure you want the Skin Tint, then I would forgo the sample. I had highly recommend the Skin Tint…light, comfortable, glowing!

  11. Thank you for sharing the lovely family pictures. While I am not yet blessed with daughters-in-law nor grandchildren, I thoroughly enjoy my sons at this stage of career and life (29 and 33) and look forward to their visit home over the mother’s day weekend. It will, of course, be my first without my mother, but May has plenty to remember her and honor her by enjoying her traditions: she never missed a Kentucky Derby race, and we had a special meal to celebrate the day; then Mother’s Day; and a lovely reverie on the Indy 500 Race Day, complete with her favorite Midwestern treats. She was born and raised in Indianapolis.

  12. Beautiful traditions to honor her, Connie. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Beautiful daughter and grandsons! I love both pictures of them! You are so lucky to be close to them. My big family is spread all over the country and has never been close. I’ve been the matriarch of my family since 1997 when my mother passed. My sons do call me and I usually get a gift card, which I prefer to a guessed gift. The days of all those darling hand drawn pictures is long gone. My granddaughters are now receiving them from their young children. I get texts from them. It is a different world than mine was but I am grateful for selfies from any of them.

  14. This is off the subject but what happened about seeing Brain demonstrating his makeup products and how to apply them. I could not catch the scheduled one but thought there was a recording happening.

    For Mother’s Day I always receive flowers for the yard. Also receive lovely drawings from both grandchildren. My daughter-in-law is a middle school math teacher and I usually treat her to a massage. This morning my granddaughter is on her way with the other Grandmother to Universal Studios since she has just finished the Harry Potter book series. She has done this with all her grandchildren. A real treat for them.

  15. Hi Merrie,
    We have more with Brian coming up soon. I hope to share the details on Monday. We are planning several different videos and if you cannot make it the they will be available on Youtube. More specifics soon…I promise.

  16. Hi Pam,
    Your daughter and three grandsons are amazing, the boys are so cute and your daughter has a beautiful smile, and look at her long gorgeous thick hair. I know who she inherited that from. On top of it all she is an exceptional mother. Also your daughter-in-law is so pretty too, and her son is too cute. You both are blessed to have a great family. Look at YOU, no surprise.

  17. You are so sweet, Katherine. I am blessed. Thank you for being here.

  18. I try to cherish each moment. It will go fast as it did with my own children.

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