Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy Sunday morning, ladies!  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home.

This is a weekly lifestyle post where I share a little of this and a little of that…rarely is It the same.

I hope to inform and inspire you in Sunday Mornings at Home.

So, join me here at my kitchen table and let’s discuss what has captured my attention from last week.

I so love having you join me for Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday mornings at home

My favorite recipe from the past week for me and Mr. B was Shrimp Tacos.

Bobby Flay has taught me so much about spices that I am applying what I learn from him to other recipes.

The base of my Shrimp Tacos was this recipe… MELS KITCHEN CAFE SHRIMP TACOS.

Sometimes I take recipes to the butcher at my favorite grocery (HEB) and allow them to recommend the shrimp for what I am doing.

It is so nice to have them pick out the best (there are rows of different shrimp)…rather than standing there attempting to do it myself.

Sunday mornings at home

The key to this recipe are the two sauces.

However, now that I am tolerating more spice, I found the the Cilantro Lime Avocado Sauce to be a little bland…so I hit it with a 1/4 teaspoon of the chili/garlic sauce. 

Then I took this one and stirred it into a Cabbage/kale mix from the produce section…rather than put both sauces straight onto the shimp.

It worked well mixing it into the cabbage.

The other sauce is delicious with a perfect amount of spice.

I served it with jalapeño rice….really good.  I just used the Jalapeño Rice Cups….which is really good.

The only other difference is that I am fresh grinding my spices now…as taught by Bobby Flay.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I loved receiving this picture from reader Kathie this week of her puppy Cocoa.

I have two golden doodle gran-dogs so I know what special pets they are.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Our Tuxedo is much smaller but loved so much by us…we tell him every day that he is the best dog ever.

Kathie reminded me to remind you to send me anything you would like to share with the rest of this blog community.

So many of you have shared home decor, recipes, outfits, and now pets.  Just send what you would like to share to

I love to hear from you and I know the rest of this audience does too.  Kathie, thank you for sending your precious Cocoa.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I loved so much appearing at two local retailers last week to model their summer clothing.

While at Talbots, this petite woman captured my attention.

Though quite small in body stature, she had styled this long topper over leggings with a short length top underneath it.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Her accessories of pink and bronze perfectly matched her look…and she looked great.

I know some petites shy away from leggings and long toppers, but on this woman it totally worked.  I apologize that I do not have a picture from the front.

This is a good outfit for shopping…comfy and well coordinated.  

I am invited to appear at another retailer this week…more later, San Antonio ladies.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Please remember to sign up for this fun Zoom Event that will happen next Saturday on May 11.

This should be a lot of fun and I am honored to be with this exceptional group of color experts.

Just sign up here.…no cost…just information and a laugh or two.

Sunday mornings at home

Don’t forget JAMES AVERY ARTISAN JEWELRY for special occasions this spring.

I have gifted pieces for Mother’s Day, graduations, ballet recitals, baptisms…any special moment.

I love that some of you have joined me in building charm bracelets for granddaughters!


Sunday Mornings at Home

I saw this on Instagram…author is unknown.

It inspired me and I hope will inspire you as well….“we are survivors,  we are warriors in the quiet.”

Important for me to remember: “even if our bodies aren’t what they once were, they carry our souls, our courage, and our STRENGTH.”

I just might put that on a plaque for my office!

Thanks for joining me today for Sunday Mornings at Home…leave any thoughts you may have…and I will see you tomorrow…until then…


By Pamela Lutrell

I am so thankful for everyone who shops with my SHOPPING LINKS, at the top of this page.  I so appreciate the support.

Sunday Mornings at Home


  1. Great post. Love the recipe and the inspirational quote! And Cocoa is darling. Dogs bring such joy. I love it when your Tux sneaks into the photos.

  2. Good morning! Thanks for your thoughts, Pam. Cocoa and Tux are beautiful. And……I want to thank Pam, Deborah and Lorri for yesterday’s answers to my questions about what to wear with olive green. What great ideas and you have really opened my view! This is a great community of people to chat with. Happy Sunday to all!

  3. Are you able to buy fresh shrimp since you are so close to the gulf? I have a few shrimp dishes but I always use frozen shrimp since fresh is not available. For my shrimp tacos I use a bag of small shrimp that I buy at Walmart; the colossal shrimp at Costco are the best for shrimp cocktails. Growing up in a restaurant I learned how to peel shrimp at a very early age and I am so grateful I don’t have to do that anymore!

  4. Wonderful inspirational post. Needing it this morning as I keep one eye on the local weather and the other on the water Accumulating in my yard. So far so good, but many of the folks in the area are experiencing water like we had during Harvey. Seven years and here we go again.
    Really enjoying the trunk show and the bright colors for spring and summer.

  5. I have never thought about the blessing of having fresh shrimp. I will be more thankful for it now…and it probably is due to the proximity to the Gulf.

  6. I did not realize you are in the Houston area. Will pray for safety, Rhoda.

  7. I like what you said about we are silent warriors. The inspirational quote is a really good one. Definitely going to try the recipe. Looks easy and good. Some things I like.
    I tried to comment about the Chico’s visit but I have been having a hard time with your website jumping around. While I am commenting it will just jump to the beginning and I lose everything. Anyway I really liked some of the outfits you posted and will definitely check them out.

  8. Thanks, Paula. I know occasionally there are commenting challenges. Usually during high traffic times. But that you for being here!

  9. What fun to see Cocoa’s picture here. She is a very good puppy and being a puppy she is keeping me busy. Luckily my 2 year old Lab mix, Coffee, is helping with the training. The shrimp tacos look delicious. I’ve printed the recipe and will make it soon. Tomorrow I’m having gum surgery so I may need to be on soft food for a few days. Interesting Inspiration piece. I remember being in a step aerobics class with a bunch of women around my same age when I was around 40. Some older ladies in their 60s or 70s came by on their way from pool aerobics and made a comment about us being so young and advised us to never quit working out. I didn’t think of myself as young at the time. But of course I was. I’ve traded step aerobics for yoga, walking and some strength training but I took their advice and never quit. Happy Sunday.

  10. Good for you, Kathie! Keep it up and I hope your gum surgery goes well! I love your pet names…Coffee and Cocoa!!

  11. Pam, as a petite woman, I was struck by the petite woman you pictured having such a large handbag on her shoulder. I’ve always thought that something I put on my small body should not overpower me so I’m careful about tops, earrings, ruanas, purses. I know that big purses apparently are currently a trend but I cannot convince myself to buy one as large as hers. Do you think I’m off base here? I might add that I’m also old at 77, and when I buy a purse, I want it to be usable and long-lasting. BTW Loved the shrimp taco recipe and especially the sauces. Will be making them soon.

  12. Of course you are not off base for you, Celia. Go with the sizes that you are most comfortable with. I do see many petite women carrying larger bags. They like it for them. Don’t worry about the trends or what others do but go with what you like and feel most comfortable carrying.

  13. I love the dog pictures! We have a chocolate Havanese that is a rescue from breeding at even 9 years old! How cruel! We have had her for 6 months now and she is a delightful addition to our family. Our cat Molly takes exception sometimes but even she is accepting our Trix. The put together woman shopping looked great from what I saw. Her color sense is excellent. I love your quote, especially because I’m 79 and became disabled about ten years ago, changing my whole active life. I dress with comfort in mind, function but also style. Thanks for this community Pam. Those in the flooding areas our prayers go out to you.

  14. I love the photo of Cocoa, who looks ready to have a conversation with us. Of course, your Tux is adorable. The plant on your kitchen table is beautiful. Thank you for sharing that inspirational quote. We all need to remind ourselves that we bring a lot to the table of life. Because you often show us photos of ladies who are just out & about, I have been taking more time to notice & admire those I encounter. I stopped at the post office a few days ago & met a lady whose style was impeccable. She was wearing an animal print blouse in tones of camel & fawn with fawn-colored slacks & gold sandals. She accessorized the outfit with understated gold jewelry & beautiful smile. I don’t know what her day held, but she looked ready for anything.

  15. I love this, Becky…I especially love that I have inspired you to watch other women around you. We learn from one another and can certainly be inspired by others. You not only were inspired by her, but it also seems you were inspired by her confidence.
    That is great…and you got every detail.

  16. Absolutely…it blesses me that we can get more praying over the needs. Thanks Sydney.

  17. Tux is adorable! Do you still have your beautiful cat? Your blog is delightful and I really enjoy reading it. I was also born in 1953 and will be 71 on the 15th. Thank you for all the positive encouraging posts!

  18. Happy early birthday, Sarah. Yes, we still have Madeline the Cat. Thanks for being here.

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