What do you love about you?

What do you love about you

Happy first Monday in the month of May?  Today, I would like to talk to you about YOU, and ask…what do you love about you?

I have discovered that this is an uncomfortable question for many women…however, I expected confident answers from women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s when I asked WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOU?

Yet, in my recent participation in local events, I found that many do not want to answer the question.

I asked a woman last week who appeared to be in her late 80s, WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOU?, and she said…Honey, I am too old to care.  It doesn’t matter.

Her answer made me sad…I believe to enjoy our lives we should know exactly what we love about ourselves and why we are uniquely created for a purpose.

It does mean putting in the past words that have hurt us.  Yet, when you confidently know the answer to WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOU? then words can no longer sting.

Blogging in this world today does develop a backbone, and I am grateful for that.  I am the one that gives hurtful words power, and I now, after almost 15 years) find them funny.

Let’s look at this closer, but I would like you to answer the question in comments today…WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOU?


What do you love about you

I saw this quote recently on Instagram and said a confident, “YES!”

As women, we are the absolute worse at allowing what others think to bother us and create discontentment.

However, when you know what you love about you…what makes you special…what brings joy…then you can be adamant that what others do or say will not affect you.

People have told me they don’t like my hair (often); they don’t like my style; they don’t like my faith; they don’t like my state…and on and on. 

Yet, I have learned to stand strong and not be what anyone else thinks I should be…if I do not have mass numbers because of this, so be it.

There are many things I would say if I were asked the question.

I also have areas that need work…we all do…but prayer is where I go for those.  It is also to humbly recognize the places we can improve.

However, this post is not about me as much as it is about you….I want you to have the same strength.


What do you love about you

There was a time in my late forties that I could not answer the question…WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOU?

And my clothing reflected that…I dressed sloppy, little forethought to what I wore, no makeup, and hair always pulled back.

When I began to prioritize me and give purposeful attention to my clothing and overall appearance and health I began to discover answers to the question.

I was now on a journey to discover my strengths and enjoy them.

Today’s outfit is completely, totally me.  Is it anyone else’s cup of tea…I don’t know…but I do know it is me.

One thing I like about me is that some days I lean more polished and classic; and some days I love a little funky creative style. I am not one note.

I recently purchased the EILEEN FISHER Organic Linen Delave High Collar Short Sleeve Cardigan in bronze…and I love it and will wear it often. 

I also wear these pants often…the TALBOT’S OUT & ABOUT STRETCH SEAMED BOOTCUT PANTS.  They are great!

I can justify the cost for me because of that fact that I will wear it often…and it works for me all year long and is in my color palette.

I know there will be some that look at this and say…it is too long…it is to boxy…it is too expensive…and that is fine, because I know… it is me.

What do you love about you

It has been so important to me to also encourage you to learn what is special about you…and how to say that with your clothing.

Making a list of the answers to WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOU? actually helps to understand what you want to say to others about you…without saying one word.

My posts…my advice on style adjectives…the many options that I give to you for shopping and what to wear…are all meant to help you be the most JOYFUL CONFIDENT woman you can be at this stage of life.

What do you love about you

Here is one more IG quote:  “You’ll never be everyone’s cup of tea, because you are champagne, darling. You are in a league of your own.”

You were created to be unique and special and one of a kind.

So, ladies, I ask you…WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOU?


By Pamela Lutrell


what do you love about you

Saturday I told about this next Zoom Event.  Two of my favorite people (and color experts) will join me and Brian Haugen to talk about what is best to wear on our cheeks and lips.

Many of you know that it was the fabulous Annie Castano from London who taught me that my best colors were in the Vibrant Autumn family, and she will join us from London.

Annie was the one who selected my lip colors when she took me from a cool palette to a warm.

Susan Blakey of unefemme.net has been a friend for several years and is now a trained color expert as well.  This will be a fun one.

To join in on Zoom, just go to this SIGN HERE LINK. Of course, invite anyone you like to the party.

The event is next Saturday, May 11, and the times are

  • 9:30 AM PT 
  • 11:30 AM CT 
  • 12:30 PM ET 
  • 4:30 PM BST. (LONDON!)


What do you love about you

Come join me…I just might ask you, WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOU?

See you tomorrow…

Sunday Mornings at Home


  1. Good morning Pam! Well I can answer that but to start, you’ve hit on the number one characteristic I admire in myself, and that is Im true to myself – I’m the same person whether I’m in a formal setting or in a personal or more casual setting.
    I’m a fairly competent caregiver, having cared for both my parents in their elder years ( mom lived to nearly 101 years old)I’m patient. Last week was my husband with a horrid body infection ( leg/foot) that might have been deadly. Scary, but tried not to show it. That’s me! I just DO what needs to be done.
    Last thing I love about being me- I’m quiet when I need to be, a good listener. I don’t pass judgments.

  2. You remind me of my friend Leigh Ann, Paulette! She has the same characteristics. Thank you for sharing and being an inspiration to us all!

  3. I think I want Paulette to be my friend! I think we have a lot in common! Her frequent comments are always spot on!

  4. I agree, Jane! We have some amazing ladies in this blog community…now tell us…what do you love about you?

  5. I love that, even though retired, my community asks me to give history and cultural lectures. I love that my friends ask me to help them purge and organize their closets. I love that I have a circle of friends that suggest we do impromptu outings and tea breaks. So, I guess, I just love getting up in the morning.

  6. Well, I think it’s hard for women, even if we are aware of our self-love, to broadcast it, lest we be viewed as self-centered. I love my inquiring mind, my accomplished jewelry-making, my leadership ability, tolerance, and determination. I love my devotion to children and education, and my sense of responsibility.

  7. And deep within all of that, Kathy…we find a woman who is hopeful, optimistic, educated, organized, and loyal. Thanks for sharing today!

  8. Awesome…thank you Linda. Self love out of control is pride and not healthy. But, avoiding self love is damaging to our strength and joy. Today, we seek that healthy balance so we do not get depressed and look down upon ourselves.

  9. What a good post, Pam. While our styles are quite different, I come back here time after time because of your sincerity and thoughtfulness. I’m sorry you’ve had to put up with all of the negative comments, however, you gracefully dealing with them shows your strength of character and that you choose to continue on. I appreciate my strength (although sometimes wish I had more softness) and my thoughtful wisdom. I think our faith (in God) really helps us look back on who we have been and see how He’s faithfully refined us over the years.

  10. Pam – on another subject, I’m admiring the slacks you have on with the gorgeous EF cardigan…. you did not include a link….please do.
    I guess what I like about myself is that I survived after being married to an alcoholic for 35+ years and managed to start over at age 62….get through bankruptcy (while working two jobs), earn a pension, (still work occasionally), and be proud of what I’ve accomplished from the age of 62 till now (age 82). Sometimes I look back and think “wow!” But, people don’t know about my “past life;” they see me as I am now.

  11. Many years ago, a superior wrote my work evalutaion and she described me as the piano player on the Titanic calmly playing as panic ensues. I admit that is what I love best about myself as it has been my strongest strength in work, family and social situations. I also like my strong intuitive sense; my daughter used to believe I was part witch when I could evaluate people and situations!

  12. Thank you for asking about the pants, Margie. I just updated the post and included the link from Talbots. You go on my list of heroes. You inspire others who have lived this difficulty that no matter our age, we can persevere and thrive. Thank you for sharing.

  13. That is a gift from the HOLY SPIRIT, Linda…called discernment and has nothing to do with evil witches. You are special to possess that gift….add it to the peace you have in difficulties and it is so admirable.

  14. Every blogger endures negativity. I just shake my head now and pray for the people who find their purpose in hurting others. Yes, Kim, God has created us and refined us in HIS HOLY fire to experience all that He has for us. Now, what do you love about Kim?

  15. Oh Pam, such a beautiful column to start the week! Despite my many flaws, I do love my kind and generous nature. I love making and sending cards to friends and family just to brighten their day. I love the life my husband and I have crafted together, we are a duo of synergy!

  16. I love this, Lisa. I bet your cards are a special blessing to others!

  17. Intriguing question, Pam! First, what I love about YOU is you are genuine and real–in your adventures, your struggles, your ability to teach and brighten lives, and in your faith that with God all will work out. I love that I am curious about the world [hello Google]. I understand everyone has a unique story. I love that my life circumstances–good and bad, and ability to navigate boundaries–have increased my awareness, empathy, and ability to help myself and others in practical ways. Lovely blog to begin the week.

  18. Thank you Char for your sweet affirmation, and I love the way you describe uniquely you!

  19. I love most of all that I’m a young soul, Pamela! I love learning new things and traveling and having new adventures, just as I have my entire life. I, like you, approach my days with Joy. I take care of my body and I love “dressing up” every day and feeling good in my skin. I love that I recently helped my granddaughter pass her college statistics class. Most of all, I love that I’m kind & considerate and possess a strong Christian faith. Thank you for asking this today; it was really fun and a boost to my self-confidence to think about this this morning!

  20. So glad it blessed you, Niki! And I am blown away that your could help your granddaughter study for a college statistics class…you go girl!

  21. So interesting! I am lucky to have been the child of fashionable and social parents who loved and believed in me. I love that I have been ‘flexible ‘ with my wonderful husband, living in at least 9 different locations (one foreign country for 5 years) , raising 3 wonderful thoughtful, independent, and loving children along the way. I love that I could bond with middle school children and teach them so much more than literature and grammar along the way. I love that in my retirement I was able to expand my art, writing, and editing more seriously and continue traveling. I am a curious life long learner, have several circles of friends, many from childhood as well as recent, who enjoy me as much as I enjoy them. I love that style has been in my blood since I can remember, I have close friends who enjoy it as much as I (great for gabbing) , and a stylish NYC MIL who raised a son that supports my interest. I love that I can participate in a group like yours, Pam, with like minded people that I would love to meet (San Antonio 2025 or 6?) or email. Thank you.

  22. And I love your comment, Deborah. We have learned more about each woman here today and it makes me smile. I hope meeting you next year will be on your calendar when you come to San Antonio.

  23. I think the reason many of us having trouble saying what we love about ourselves is because we were told as young girls not to “toot our own horn” as it was prideful. I was reminded at my women’s meeting on Saturday that Jesus instructed us to love our neighbors as ourselves, & if we don’t love ourselves, we cannot love others. What I love about myself is that I am smart, have an unshakeable faith in the Father, Son & the Holy Spirit & have a positive attitude.
    As to the Negative Nellies, sadly, we live in a world where too many of us feel the need to be unkind to others, but we must remember love & kindness will always win.

  24. Yes it will, Becky. God created everyone of us and appreciating His talents gifted to us is a way we praise Him and practice thankfulness. That you for sharing.

  25. I’m curious about everything. I read constantly and love stretching my mind and beliefs. I’m a survivor of an abusive marriage. I have inner strength. I found love again and got it right this time. I learned to love little things in my life after my health failed and I need a mobility device to walk outside. I appreciate all my memories of skiing down mountains and riding on the back of our tandem across many states here. Yet here we are now and I still look forward to each day. I have gratitude for my Swedish ancestors for good skin and pretty silver and white hair. I’m grateful for a good sense of color and ability to use it throughout my life sewing my 4 son’s clothes and then their children’s clothes. I’m practical, very organized and I laugh easily. I love easily and tend to believe the best in everyone I meet. I’m 79 but still look forward to the future building on the life lessons that I have learned.

  26. I just wanted to say this was a good subject. Definitely something to think about.
    I also wanted to say I do like that outfit your wearing.

  27. Thank you, Paula! Would like be to know what you love about you!

  28. Thank you Pamela, what a thought provoking question! What do I love about myself? I’m very strong, I have overcome my challenges. I’m also very open minded but steadfast in my opinions. There may be more, but I’ll think on that question now and nurture it.
    I love your outfits and your blog! Thanks for the shoe advice too!

  29. You are welcome, Tamara. This will be known as shoe week…I have more coming this week on shoes.
    Thanks for being here.

  30. In answer to your question what I love about myself. I am confident my friends feel they can come to me if they need to talk. I have had a couple of my friends tell me that they feel they can freely talk to me about anything and I don’t judge and I will keep everything
    I guess I love that I am reliable and caring.

  31. The thing I love most about myself is that ‘I always try.’ It doesn’t matter what the subject, whether it be caregiving, cooking, loving, shopping, working, child-raising, etc., I always try. Now the amount of time trying varies a lot, especially at age 75, but I’m willing to try. The second thing I learned a long time ago, is not to be concerned about what people say or what they think. I’ve never known opinionated people to want to contribute to my well-being or my life, so I have just mentally filed their thoughts under ‘unimportant’. By the way, your hair is to be envied, your faith so precious, and your clothing individually yours. Thanks for caring about your readers! You’re real!

  32. Thank you so much, Kathye. You are an inspiration. When we try and keep learning we are more likely to be young at heart!

  33. I am kind and nice — people like me. I take joy in small things and have a good sense of humor, which I find essential. I am intelligent, thoughtful, and curious about the world. I listen well. My children and friends ask for and value my opinions. I am organized and work hard to get things done. Thanks for asking.

  34. I think some are hesitant to say what they love about themselves for fear of being thought of as braggadocios. However, good self-esteem doesn’t lie or brag. I don’t care what people think about me: I’m a bit “out there” and I love it even if others don’t. I love that I am creative and enjoy doing creative projects with the local museum, my family and on my own. I love that I am easy going (usually) , patient & I love that I ALWAYS stand up for myself. I love that about 15 years ago I decided that I was going to be a super-fit senior an I did it, though it is the quintessential work-in-progress! Ok there ARE many interpretations of super-fit, but, according to my interpenetration, I am there! I don’t care what others say, you have great hair!

  35. Thank you! I am jealous you are super fit! I wish I could say the same!

  36. Looking very chic Pamela! As to your question; the positive traits of my INTJ Personality (reference Myer Briggs) are those that I embrace and love regardless they do invite challenges, as are often misinterpreted and are rare for a female. (Whereas for the negatives; correction is a work in progress.)

  37. First of all, I love everything about your outfit today. Though your style is usually more colourful and flamboyant than mine, that outfit is definitely one that I would wear. I also love the quote, “You’ll never be everyone’s cup of tea, because you are champagne, darling. You are in a league of your own.” How delightful!

    And now, to the very thought provoking question… what do I love about me? I love that even after 70, I continue to see personal growth, especially in the area of self-confidence. I love that even in retirement, I have found a number of ways to use my gifts and passions (especially teaching and writing) to benefit others. I love the fact that in spite of serious health issues (cancer, diabetes, etc) I’m able to be physically active and enjoy life and I’ve been able to maintain a positive attitude most of the time. That is definitely a blessing from God, not something I’m able to do in my own strength!

  38. Hi Pam,
    A great question. First YOU, you have a heart as big as Texas. You are the real deal. I like your entire outfit on you today, it looks so good on you. I’ve always felt if someone says negative things about another person they do not have a song to sing in their heart. I’m happy to hear that you have reached a place in your mind and heart you can dismiss those comments. Good for you, because it’s not always easy to do right?
    Me- I’ve been told the following: kind, loving, friendly, generous, sensitive, giving, assertive, determined, ambitious,
    artistic, creative, supportive, funny, I do not judge people, positive, a good and faithful friend, my word is my bond.

  39. I love this, Katherine. You are bold in knowing what you love about you and I wish we could meet some day!

  40. Great post – thanks. I love how adaptive I am, and that I have the confidence to reinvent when needed. To suit myself of course, no-one else gets a say!

  41. I adore the outfit you are wearing today! The thing I like best about me is my smile. My grandmother was a very chic stylish Southern Belle. She always told me that a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. She was so right. I try to smile at everyone that passes by. People are drawn to a great smile. Even little children.

  42. Perseverance and determination: they go together and that’s what I love about myself right now. I don’t give up easily.

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