Oh…how I wish I could go back to
my days as a young mom and right the mistakes I made.  So far, I am
pretty pleased with the parenting decisions Mr. B and I made…but, taking care
of myself would definitely move up the priority list!
Sandals: Ross
To say I was overwhelmed as a
young parent is an understatement! 
Therefore, it was easiest to pull back my hair, wear no makeup, ratty
shorts, oversized T shirts, and occasionally step in and out of the shower very
quickly… after all there was no telling what the three little darlings might do if
I wasn’t paying attention! 
I got the scarf idea from Jill of Every Thing Just So!!  Wear it as a bracelet!
Red Bracelet is from InPink.com
Unfortunately, years later, I have
learned that a quick brush through the hair, just a little make up, and a skirt
or dress are just as easy to pull off as the grunge/comfort look.  Part of my journey which led to this blog was that it took until I
turned 50 for me to see that it was Pam-time! 
 I am grateful that my only
parenting regrets so far involve neglecting  myself…and I am grateful to be having so much fun
with the rediscovery over 50.
But, as we approach Mother’s Day,
if you know a young mother who is putting herself on the shelf…encourage her to
take just a few moments for mom each day…to eat right, exercise, and pull on an
easy dress or fitted clothing when she goes out…she will feel more like smiling each  and every day.
For years, I left dresses out of
my wardrobe…now, it is fun to bring them back!!  I told you Monday that I hit the BOGO sale at Lane Bryant and purchased the first dress you saw HERE….today is the Second Dress which I needed for a function this weekend…both averaged about $43 each!  I also added a belt and topper from Chicos– purchases-past to this dress.

  Several commented on my black jackets and suggested different colors etc. I agree with you all…but have no funds to go get different colors, so for now, I will go with the black…I am just not confident enough to go sleeveless..need to do some weight lifting!

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