Pamela Lutrell in Chico's print pantsOf course, we love to shop with girlfriends, but I have also enjoyed shopping with you virtually on this blog (we’re girlfriends, right?) as we look at clothing and discuss what works or doesn’t work for our over 50 fashion and style. It is always fun to shop with those who will encourage and help us to step out of our comfort zones to do a new bold thing. 

These are the Chico’s pants YOU recently talked me into buying and I am so glad you did.  They are a great pant and were on sale at a great price….and just a little out of my comfort zone when I tried them on.

Over 50 Feeling 40 after Chico's sale

Here is what reader Connie said about me pictured in these pants in the Chico’s dressing room, “I just checked and those pants are a great price on sale! I have similar ones from Chicos that are smaller links and don’t find them limiting at all. I wear them with a gold lurex sweater set, a black sweater, a golden tee and black blazer with a large black necklace and also with a long black tunic and gold chains. Pam, order them online now! You are just too fabulous in them….I am a bit of a shopper’s enabler.”  You can see all of the comments in the post Tips for Shopping January Sales.

Connie, and her enthusiasm, sealed the deal!  They are still on sale, though the sale price has Increased from last week’s special clearance prices.  I am wearing them with a Chico’s top that I have owned for awhile, but am just now wearing again since beginning to lose weight.  

 I have also featured some of the brave, stylish women of San Antonio who are not afraid to make bold choices with their style.  Let’s start with Linda in her fabulous printed leggings.

Pamela Lutrell features a brave desicion

Next, meet Barbara wearing a dot print blouse with a dot print jacket!

Pamela Lutrell with brave style decisions

Milady is a rock star from work.  She loves sustainable, thrift shopping and pulls her looks together with courage and creativity.  Meet Milady here.

Pamela Lutrell introduces Milady with sustainable style

All three are stepping out of their comfort zones to wear something different and bold.  These are the type of women I like to go shopping with…they may have the eye to see something I don’t and encourage me to do a new thing.  So, thanks to Connie and all of you who encouraged me to go with this pant…it is fun and I will get my cost per wear lower with it…because it was on sale for a great price and I am a Chico’s Passport customer that delivers an additional 5% off and free shipping!  Woo Hoo!


Today, we are going to look at Sharon…who sent more than five adjectives, but she made me smile.  I am trying to take into consideration the whole list, so let’s see how I do with inspiring Sharon and women like her who want to communicate with their style that they are Current, Classy, Confident, Comfortable, Relaxed (I think we could combine comfortable and relaxed), coordinated, calm, fun, and vibrant.  I would recommend you drop the list, Sharon, to current, classy, comfortable, fun and vibrant.   I know this is me and may not be you, but I would rather communicate to the world that I am fun and vibrant over calm.  I think when you communicate these five in one look, you will be confident…it is the end result of dressing true to your personal messages.  Let us know here what you think of this evaluation!

Also, if there is anyone else you has decided to make some bold statements with your style in 2020, please share with us what you are considering!


By Pamela Lutrell

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