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Hello, friends, and welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50!  I am constantly reading and curating news headlines just for us, the amazing, strong, women over 50.  I only ask that if you read something here that makes you want to change up your personal health, then please speak with your doctor before make major changes.  That is the prudent thing to do.  We have some good reads today (especially for those not into the big football game), so let’s get started.

Pamela Lutrell finds beauty tips for women over 50

I thought we would begin with an interesting article about beauty for 2020 that recently ran in Harper’s Bazaar in the UK.  Within this article, they write that a large percentage of women our age don’t feel “seen.”   Read 13 Beauty Tips that Will Dominate 2020 and let us know what you think.

Pamela Lutrell on plastic surgery and young ladies

I have mentioned before that I know an alarming amount of young women in their 20s and 30s participating in botox and plastic surgery.  Read SELFIES, and SELF CARE ARE LEADING MILLENNIALS TO GET MORE COSMETIC PROCEDURES. It is important that we stay informed and know how to counsel the young women we know.

Pamela Lutrell with travel warning from the CDC

I am certain that this audience is filled with constant travelers and you may be planning or preparing for trips now.  Please stay informed about the Corona Virus and how it is spreading.  The cave here is meant to represent bats because that is where some medical researchers believe it originates (not specially in caves, but with bats)  Here is the latest on the corona virus from the CDC.

Pamela Lutrell shares news on exercise

I heard from a few of you on last Sunday’s post that you are beginners when it comes to exercise.  So, another article from Harper’s Bazaar caught my attention.  You might enjoy  EXERCISE FOR BEGINNERS.  (Don’t let the attractive girl in the tights on the article page discourage you!)

Pamela Lutrell reports that garlic is health for the liver

I liked this food article because I already do several of these things…finally!  Read about FOODS THAT CLEANSE THE LIVER.

Pamela Lutrell on Today's News for women over 50

Finally, I saw this article and it hit home because for years as a teen, I hid my emotions while still at home with parents.  I believed the consequences went to college with me and later may have affected my health.  See what you think when reading SUPPRESSING YOUR EMOTIONS CAN BE INCREDIBLY BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.

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Now, I am not going to suppress my own emotions and joy at the slide show below.  Because the news today is random…the slideshow is random.   Please enjoy, thank you for being here and as always………………………




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